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  1. success with adderall
  2. Barr Generic 20mg IRs LESS Effective Even with Increased Dosage?
  3. Been taking Adderall XR 60-75 mg /day for a week with little/no effect
  4. Adderall and Alcohol
  5. Bad to have PE class after taking adderall?
  6. Experience with Teva/Barr "brand" IR? Is it the same as the their generic?
  7. Can't sleep on XR
  8. Adderall, and Acne?
  9. "If Adderalls not working, then you don't have ADHD"
  10. Adderall + Tums
  11. Adderall
  12. Why wait?
  13. No difference at all.
  14. Reason to switch to Adderall
  15. Adderall Has no Affect
  16. Massive headache & Dizziness after second XR dose
  17. Sandoz changed inactive ingredients!!!
  18. Workout Supplements
  19. What is brand name??
  20. Adderall IR
  21. How does behind-the-pharmacy-counter Sudafed affect Adderall IR 30mg that I'm taking?
  22. Adderall dose question
  23. Is there really any difference between brand-name Adderall and generic Adderall?
  24. How to properly ask for adderall?
  25. Adderall Sleepiness?
  26. Adderall & Nightly Wine
  27. perplexing headache issue
  28. What the f*** just happened here....
  29. Adderall and Humana drug coverage Part D, don't use Humana
  30. First post, new side effect, numb mouth?
  31. Generic Adderall Brand Review from 7 years experience.
  32. Am I addicted to adderall or doing something wrong?
  33. Two different adderall prescriptions from two different doctors...
  34. Weight Loss
  35. Dexedrine/Concerta to Adderall?
  36. Desperately need advice, 25 y/o son on adderall since 12, days he skips angry
  37. Adderall and Insurance
  38. Switched over to Eon/Sandoz from Barr 3 weeks ago - just now noticing differences?
  39. Adderall withdrawl
  40. Insurer's not covering more than 30mg of Adderall XR?
  41. Adderall acne from Barr?
  42. Adderall Techniques.
  43. Is there an appropriate amount of time required to be spent on a specific dosage?
  44. What happened? 5th day with no effect?
  45. Switching Psychiatrists?
  46. More than 30mg?
  47. Inadvertantly chasing "the high" - Your ability to focus
  48. Moving -- How to continue prescription?
  49. Switching to xr?
  50. Adderall withdrawl - everything's gonna be aight
  51. Need Advice: Stopping/Restarting Adderall
  52. Adderall XR Anti-Trust Class Action Lawsuit Information
  53. Increasing dose for fatigue?
  54. Health Insurance and Brand-Name Adderall.
  55. Dexedrine/Concerta to Adderall XR success finally!
  56. Has anyone experienced Amphetamine Psychosis?. Please describe.
  57. What Time Should I Take It?
  58. Adderall availability in Europe
  59. Chest pressure. Again.
  60. Less Adderall absorbtion due to irritable bowel syndrome??
  61. Benefits of Vitamin B-12 or B-50: How do they interact with Adderall?
  62. Adderall gave me my life back.
  63. Adderall not working
  64. First day on Adderall questions
  65. Started Adderall a Month Ago - Headache Question
  66. Been on Adderall for 2 months: an Adderall side-effects update
  67. Started on 40mgs now at 75mgs
  68. New to Adderall here - what to eat before? Plus other questions!
  69. Loneliness and apathy
  70. Looking for the Pharmacy price calculator???
  71. Recommendation?
  72. The Comedown (New to Adderall)
  73. "Rush" - even on XR? What's with this?
  74. Adjusting to Adderall?
  75. XR 2x daily?
  76. Switching from Dex to Adderall...
  77. My mom's perfume sprayed all over the container my adderall prescription is in is it
  78. My Experience; side effect questions
  79. Does Adderall help you with distractions?
  80. A sad feeling
  81. Week 1 - Monster post
  82. Do You Think I'm Addicted?
  83. My school wants to ban all Adderall use
  84. 2nd Week of Adderall and Getting Cranky
  85. 2 scripts
  86. Adderall+fiber pills
  87. Itching: Adderall or Something Else?
  88. New Generic Approved
  89. Bloating and Discomfort with my adderall
  90. Honeymoon period, then crash, on Adderall?
  91. does adderall cause dry mouth for anyone else and does it go away ever?
  92. Light headed when standing since taking adderall
  93. What to eat to avoid the loss of Adderall's effects
  94. Adderall withdrawals lasting WEEKS
  95. could a lost prescription be reissued
  96. adderall xr advice needed please
  97. Severe restless legs out of nowhere on Adderall?
  98. Magnesium and its effects?? Tolerance??
  99. Im stuck on what to believe is "true"....
  100. The "Brand Name" Vs. The "Generic"?
  101. Adderrall first experience
  102. Generic Adderall IR being reformulated???
  103. My First Two Days w/Adderall - Input?
  104. Am I a potential addict?
  105. Constantly falling asleep
  106. Adderall works great for 2 days then sucks
  107. not enough in the dose?
  108. Taking a two day break, anybody else get these sometimes?
  109. Panic Attack on Adderall
  110. Considering quitting Adderall
  111. max dose
  112. adjusting to adderall?
  113. Adderall making my eyes heavy
  114. Comedown question
  115. Adderall and Sexual Probs
  116. Questions about taking my Adderall
  117. Adderall Acne Possible Solution: Saw Palmetto
  118. Does Adderall affect b12 absorption?
  119. prescribed 60mg xr a day. need help on dosage question.
  120. What sports have Adderall banned to use?
  121. Morning Fatigue
  122. Do all Costcos still carry sandoz IR Adderall?
  123. Filling Adderall script a few days early
  124. Should I expect Adderall to motivate me a bit on a regular basis?
  125. Completely new to Adderall - What should I be feeling?
  126. Going from Adderall XR 15mg x1 to x2 a day
  127. New to Adderall..advice?
  128. SEVERE side effects to Sandoz, help!
  129. Dosage??
  130. I don't like feeling guilty for taking Adderall, Anyone Relate?
  131. Different doses of adderall IR in morning vs. afternoon?
  132. Difference in Generic Teva/Barr Amphetamine Salts (adderall) IR this Month?
  133. Wow. Too much relaxation from a stimulant?!
  134. So whats the root to all of this?
  135. Don't care to take Adderall anymore
  136. Adderall makes it harder to focus sometimes??
  137. Adderall what to do about vasoconstriction?
  138. Long term adderall use not for add
  139. Head and sinus pressure - Someone answer this I am PANICKING
  140. Thinking about asking my doctor for a prescription addition...
  141. Adderall ER
  142. Halving pills?
  143. going from 20mg XR to 30mg IR 2x a day. What to expect?
  144. Adderall perscription
  145. Awe+some news! New Adderall XR genenric manufacturer~ACTAVIS
  146. "Euphoric" feeling
  147. Started working night shift (3rd) stopped taking adderall
  148. Feeling better with out Adderall
  149. Pharmacy refused to fill new script/dosage increase?
  150. Adderall Related Acne?
  151. Told Docs I abused Adderall
  152. Adderall XR - how fast does it work?
  153. Brand name adderall?
  154. Trouble with adderall ... Questions help please
  155. Questions About Adderall XR & IR
  156. ADDERALL Is Helping Me Get My Life Back...
  157. Adderall and Thailand
  158. Am I doing this right?
  159. Adderall and Drug Testing Question
  160. Just got my script filled only to be surprised by a new generic by Activis
  161. Irritability causes/fixes
  162. Likely Returning to Adderall Temporarily
  163. Sex drive
  164. What's a good mouth guard??
  165. Does adderall make you ignore certain body functions?
  166. Keep Adderall in a Hot Car?
  167. What kind of Generic is this???
  168. An Article about abusing Adderall
  169. Adderall saved me from getting in an accident.
  170. What do you take when adderall XR wears off?
  171. My Adderall and working out?
  172. Finding XR dose balance?
  173. Adderall dosage and side effects.
  174. Different Generic Manufacturuer =\
  175. Does Adderall Have an Adjustment Period?
  176. Sense of calm and now...jittery and distracted again?
  177. Just diagnosed and prescribed Adderall XR 20mg
  178. adderall advice please!
  179. Adderall XR Less than the Sum of its Milligrams?
  180. Adderall after nose surgery?
  181. Advice on how to get a refill (new script) filled significantly early?
  182. My medication doesn't work unless.....
  183. Constricted Pupils on Adderall? Please Help Me Figure This Out
  184. started taking a new antiacid to counteract acidic foods, thoughts?
  185. Newly Prescribed Adderall XR
  186. Started 15mg IR Adderall Today, don't feel it working.
  187. Adderall XR changes in formula and quality
  188. I'm weary and lethargic. Drainedd.
  189. First time INS has denied early hard copy script
  190. Adderall XR generics and its effects on libido
  191. Large Rant about a recently diagnosed 18 year old with ADHD.
  192. Asking for an afternoon IR boost
  193. adderall and OCD?
  194. Seriously considering dropping Adderall :/
  195. How to find the right dose?
  196. Adderall IR or XR?
  197. 48 hours
  198. Adderall dose/effect?
  199. Adderall Tolerance - What next?
  200. Adderall XR (new generic on the market)
  201. Adderall and motivation/drive.
  202. What happens if you take more than prescribed??
  203. Proper spacing between supplements?
  204. Most common Adderall IR dosage?
  205. TEVA USA adderall xr
  206. Dosage advice
  207. How long does XR last on you?
  208. Adderall works and is amazing for me
  209. Just wanted to say Hi, and tell you about me and have a question.
  210. Day 1 on adderal
  211. Help please!!!
  212. Some Tolerance Questions
  213. Just Diagnosed and have Questions
  214. Hi guys , first post on here
  215. Yes, another CorePhaarma-TEVO thread
  216. My medication (Adderall) Experience so far.
  217. corepharma adderall
  218. Will I be able to handle Adderall (side effects)?
  219. grinding my teeth, at night, like mad?
  220. Will urinary side effects be worse on Adderall than on Ritalin?
  221. Adderall dosage vs. changing/adding meds to improve focus
  222. Day 3 - 15mg Adderall once a day
  223. What will happen if I take 1/2 10mg Sandoz and 1/2 10mg Corepharma at the same time
  224. So Tired and Sleepy on Adderall Though I'm Still Able to Concentrate
  225. Questions about prescription in Virginia
  226. Actavis Adderall XR Experiences Thread
  227. OCD since Adderall!
  228. Should I switch from Adderall to another medication?
  229. how long does adderall withdrawal last??
  230. Adderall IR v. XR question
  231. Getting Adderall IR and XR Cheap?
  232. Are symptoms normal for Adderall XR?
  233. Adderall XR weird side effects
  234. Just lost a dear friend, and I'm not crying. Is it the Adderall?
  235. Adderall - High heart rate/BP, Beta blocker possible?
  236. Metallic taste in mouth
  237. Is Adderall supposed to make you this depressed?
  238. Is 120 mg adderall per day too much?
  239. Adderall IR (Barr) 15mg, heart rate goes up when med wears off?
  240. Blood pressure increase
  241. (USA) 2012 Official Adderall IR/XR Pricing Reports
  242. Adderall Abuse
  243. Adderall dosage question
  244. Adderall 5 mg IR
  245. Adderall 20mg XR with Adderall 10mg IR Booster
  246. Generic Adderall Brand Questions
  247. Adderall XR: Dosage too high? Does this sound typical?
  248. New diagnosis...started on Adderall XR
  249. Adderall-did not show up on my drug test!?!
  250. 24 years old, doctor prescribed adderall