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  1. Adderall making me sleepy??
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  3. Nexium & Adderall...I'm confused
  4. Generic Adderall IR Sandoz Lactose Monohydrate
  5. Restarted Adderall after one year
  6. I feel super motivated on only 5mg of Adderall
  7. Two doses of Adderall + Citicoline = kidney pain?
  8. adderal dependance
  9. Strange Experience: Adderall + 5HTP
  10. Sleeping all day despite high dose (120mg) of Adderall IR
  11. Adderall and pets
  12. Glad my doctor convinced me to try
  13. From vyvanse to adderall
  14. what could have caused my reaction to 20mg generic adderall xr?
  15. Quick Question
  16. Adderall is great, but what do I do about the nausea?
  17. Serious ADHD, Need Medication Success stories from ADHDers. Please Help
  18. Aderrall Is Not Always Used To Stimulate And Wake You Up. I Use It As A Sleep Aid
  19. Am i taking too much adderall?
  20. Didn't Take Multi-Vitamin Today!
  21. Do you get kidney pain when on Adderall?
  22. I have one Adderall pill to last me for a week. How can I make it last?
  23. Switching dosages, brands, and maybe to XR
  24. Pain in stomach/lungs on adderall
  25. So tolerance finally happened. Advice please.
  26. A lot on my mind
  27. Adderall tolerance - do physical symptoms decrease?
  28. HUGE generic XR co-pay, help?
  29. Starting Adderall/Weaning off Citalopram
  30. Combat anxiety?
  31. It might not change
  32. What is a normal dosage for adderall? how should i ask the dr for what i think works
  33. Suppressed Appetite
  34. Adderall is the best so far
  35. First day on Adderall, Need advice.
  36. Started 10mg of Adderall Today
  37. Sweating profusely on Adderall XR generics?
  38. Bad experience with new med
  39. Proven Ways to Get Adderall Cheap!
  40. Should I try a lower dosage?
  41. Severe insomnia after 1 month.
  42. Q on filling new RX different dose same MG pill
  43. how can i get my adderall ir to not take so long to kick in?
  44. I am That! ^^
  45. Night terrors....
  46. What causes the whole super social aspect and does it go away?
  47. Are you worried about the future of Adderall?
  48. For those all too familiar with missing a nights sleep.
  49. Adderral
  50. What happens chemically in the brain when adderall wears off?
  51. Weight loss on Adderall.
  52. Having some issues; Fourth day on Adderal 20mg Extended Release
  53. Don't feel like myself and memory problems?
  54. How do the scripts work?
  55. Circadian rhythm Amplified by Adderall?
  56. How to cope with generic Adderall XR
  57. Kmart Surprise
  58. Am I the only one who NEVER gets anxiety from stimulants?
  59. 10 mg adderall xr
  60. Adderall suddenly causes extreme fatigue after 1 month of steady use - Help me...
  61. Newly Diagnosed and Confused
  62. Another Q about adderall xr
  63. What's going on? Feel very weak. Any tips?
  64. How can i tell if its working?
  65. Started my meds
  66. Sensitivity to sound...
  67. Name brand adderall?????
  68. Adderall "Buzz" and making ADHD worse?
  69. Adderall question? Newbie.
  70. Side Effects of Adderall
  71. Being put on Adderall and relationships...
  72. New Adderall XR User-- Did I take too Much?
  73. When did you move on from Adderall to another medication?
  74. Parents giving me a hard f time...
  75. Adderall and Personal Identity
  76. Adderall causing me to overthink things?
  77. Adderall ir Corepharma vs. sandoz success
  78. Where to find Sandoz?
  79. Will it Get Better? - Adderall Side Effects
  80. Should I find a new doc?
  81. A couple newbie Adderall questions
  82. Quick dosing question
  83. eating on adderall
  84. Adderall XR 20mg - should I ask for IR in addition?
  85. How long will Adderall be in my system?
  86. wanting to switch to adderall....doc won't let me! help!
  87. Dropped twice a day XR and did IR.
  88. Adderall, Magnesium, Calcium, and mood
  89. Ever have days where Adderall makes you feel like hell?
  90. Adderal, Caffeine & Smokes
  91. Horrible week, is it Adderall? Should I give up?
  92. Do I need to up the dosage
  93. Pain in the *** even legally getting refills
  94. Too much Adderall changing what i value most?
  95. First week on Adderall-side effects, dose?
  96. Nasty Adderall side effect or stomach bug?
  97. How to lessen Adderall-Related Mood Swings
  98. Feeling like you can't take a deep breath-How to fix
  99. not feeling anything??
  100. Less made me feel like TRASH!
  101. Adderall Lucid Dreams
  102. Busted XR capsule
  103. I need advice...
  104. First day of Adderall from Concerta, dosage advise needed.
  105. New XR generic?
  106. My doctor upped my dose
  107. Adderall XR Appetite Change
  108. Is the shortage over???
  109. Days in a row
  110. do things fall apart quick when out of meds?
  111. 1st day of adderall
  112. Mixing IR Generics
  113. Adderall Questions
  114. Cant find Sandoz. Why? Barr Good?
  115. Adderal XR on the market
  116. Prolonged ringing/muffled ears/really light-headed?
  117. Anyone take Adderall XR 20mg twice daily?
  118. I feel MISERABLE.
  119. Confused about meds
  120. Adderall Day Recovery-Vitamins Before Bed
  121. Just Got First ADD Rx of My Life Today and Questions?
  122. Help! Newly diagnosed with questions!
  123. Just started Adderall XR
  124. Adderall IR duration/crash
  125. Switching from XR to IR
  126. Psychiatrist think I'm drug seeking
  127. XR wears off too early, should I take a second XR? Or something else?
  128. Newly Diagnosed Adderall XR stomach cramps
  129. Adderall suddenly stopped working?
  130. Can i mix my adderall in water?
  131. Adderall and Urine Incontinence
  132. Extreme Depression 10 hours after Adderall - Is it normal?
  133. Adderall IR and XR Medication Guides
  134. Questions after taking adderall IR for a few months now.
  135. Adderall Preventing Food Cravings
  136. I am Devastated.......Could it be the adderall ?
  137. BlueCrossBlueShield Texas and Adderall coverage?
  138. How long to wait till after taking Add IR before intense exercise?
  139. Post Nasal Drip
  140. how can you switch adderall generics?
  141. Question about breaking up my 20 mg IR tablet...
  142. Teva monopoly in Buffalo, NY
  143. Adderall alternative what a joke!
  144. Adderall and insurance for generics
  145. Splitting Adderall XR?
  146. New to adderall
  147. on 10 mg xr don't want to take ir--- help
  148. If you take more than one dose of IR
  149. Adderall XR and weight loss?
  150. What are some of the highest doses you are on?
  151. Valium & Adderall
  152. Barr vs. Corepharma-intense experiences
  153. can i pour out the adderall out of a capsule and drink it with water?
  154. First Week on 20mg Adderall XR
  155. Help me?!
  156. Can't Find Sandoz Anywhere
  157. Taking supplements with adderall xr
  158. Going back on adderall
  159. Substance Abuse->Anxiety/Depression->ADD->Adderral
  160. Low dopamine!
  161. My First Week on Adderall and QUESTION...
  162. Adderall and My Water Intake...
  163. Adderall ACNE...Kindly Comment (Help) If You Can...
  164. Having trouble taking adderall
  165. Adderall dosage issues
  166. Penis Problems!
  167. Euphoric reaction questions.
  168. Lose effect while doing number 2?
  169. Stopped this on my own.
  170. Adderall XR and light-headedness
  171. Adderall help for add innatentive
  172. Calamine Lotion for Adderall related acne
  173. New member with some questions
  174. Actavis version less effective?
  175. Stopping Adderall
  176. corepharma 10mg...not working
  177. Adderall is expensive!
  178. Visual Snow/Visual Static and Tinnitus from Adderall?
  179. How fast do you build tollerance?
  180. Non-itchy Red Rash
  181. Shortage still???
  182. Does anyone else find that Adderall doesn't do anything to clear out their mind?
  183. Brand vs Generic debate - provider prospective
  184. adderall making me emotional??
  185. Newly on Adderall I can't eat
  186. Adderall XR and needing an afternoon 'booster'
  187. Adderall-related fatigue?
  188. Getting Nervous
  189. Anyone here take adderall/similar with restless leg syndrome meds? (Mirapex, requip)
  190. Should I take enough adderall to just last me through school day or should I take
  191. Quitting
  192. Makes me edgy and angry?
  193. Crazy adderall symptoms, scared out of my mind!
  195. Please help me with Adderall
  196. Adderal XR/General Questions
  197. How To Get The Most From Your Adderall
  198. Loss of libido on Adderall
  199. Question about Afternoon Booster to take with Adderall in am???
  200. Any tips on making my IR last longer? ( sry long post )
  201. Is adderall xr the cause of shoulder and upper arm pain?
  202. My experiences
  203. just wondering
  204. Traveling to Japan with Adderall
  205. Challenge: The best Possible Adderall Intake Process!!!
  206. New Here, I have a few questions
  207. is it okay to take adderall when youre sick?
  208. 2nd Drs Visit and great acne product...
  209. Shortness of breath?
  210. Switching to Kaiser and I've been prescribed for 4+ years
  211. Anxiety on adderall
  212. Strange question
  213. days off adderall and sensitivity
  214. New to Adderall..... have some questions to be answered!!
  215. Increased Dosage, Altered Side Effects
  216. 5mg Generic Adderall Questions
  217. How Adderall Became The It Drug Of The 2012 NFL Season
  218. Just started Adderall
  219. Moving to Beirut and freaking out
  220. Adderall and Paxil ?
  221. Can someone help me with my adderall?
  222. Coping with ADD and help with treatment
  223. P90x and adderall help
  224. Experiences on Adderall
  225. Dangit! the med I like the least works the best?
  226. Weening off adderall?
  227. adderall and high blood pressure
  228. Heres What helps me with my late day IR crash...What helps you?
  229. does adderall affect your dopamine levels?
  230. Antidepressant's and Adderall
  231. Jitters, Anxiety and Nervousneswith adderall after almost two years
  232. Adderall / frequent urination
  233. Recent diagnosed and looking for an average price
  234. Adderall Dosing Issue
  235. I just paid $158 for generic adderall!
  236. Adderall Anxiety/"Tenseness" Problem
  237. Suddenly Adderall isn't working? Plus TERRIBLE side effects??? :(
  238. Is this true? Hyper/Irritability?
  239. Blinking
  240. Effecting my life and medicine causing Issues
  241. Will we ever see a generic price drop unfold with the generic XR
  242. TEVA brand not affective?
  243. quick question.
  244. Doctors are refusing to prescribe Adderall
  245. Adderall and Zinc supplement?
  246. New to Adderall....seem to be having a lot of problems
  247. Help with adderall ?
  248. Boost drink, and adderall?
  249. Is This The Best Addition to Adderall!?
  250. Serotonin/Dopamine boost from brown rice protein?