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  1. Switching from XR to IR
  2. Does withdrawal really exist?
  3. not feeling effects of adderall
  4. Adderall IR 20mg --> Adderall SR 20mg as of Today
  5. IR 2x vs 3x per day
  6. Quick Refill Question - Walgreens 24 hrs
  7. How often do you take a drug "holiday"?
  8. I have been on Adderall for over a decade..
  9. Do I have ADD? Or am i just popping for fun?
  10. Help with drug cost
  11. Complete tolerance after 8 Days?
  12. having add and starting adderall
  13. corepharma vs. barr - whats your take?
  14. the confusion over supplements
  15. swollen upper lip hives-adderall XR!
  16. Weird late night effects
  17. Adderall help- when is a dosage is too high or low?
  18. Dosage for kids
  19. Incompetent Doc has me completely flipped
  20. Questions? before meeting with pdoc
  21. Just a note: Adderall is not meth
  22. MDs using Adderall
  23. Adderall suddenly causing nausea?
  24. Adderall
  25. Capca (??) Generic Adderall
  26. generic adderall not work as well?
  27. How to best take Adderall IR before a "major" exam?
  28. So sleepy.
  29. Effects on creativity?
  30. Newbie Adderall please HELP
  31. Splitting 20MG XR into 2 x 10MG XR?
  32. ADDERALL STOPPED WORKING MONTHS LATER, cant find anything like this, please help me
  33. How to talk to doctor about increasing dosage or switching
  34. Switched from two 5mg Barr to one 10mg Barr. HORRIBLE SIDE EFFECTS ENSUE.
  35. Negative for Adderall on 5 Drug Tests
  36. New to Adderall and side effects
  37. How much does a generic 15mg XR pill cost?
  38. is adderall superior?
  39. Problem with Adderall XR not working?
  40. Aderall Kills my sex drive
  41. Note to self: Don't climb steep slopes!
  42. Coming off Adderall for good? (Eating clean?)
  43. Should I switch to adderall?
  44. Adderall Makes Me Have to Urinate Frequently.
  45. Adderall & Insomnia
  46. How long before expiration?
  47. Adderal XR not working for me?
  48. do your fingers swell on adderall generic Barr 30mg?
  49. Cigs & Adderall
  50. Should I ask about IR?
  51. Appetite suppression?
  52. Adderall making me sleepy?
  53. Confusion about general prescription process
  54. Who makes name brand adderall?
  55. OK to Drink Alchohol when skipping Adderall for a Day?
  56. Does everyone take Sleeping Pills when taking Adderall?
  57. Is this the "comedown" or a side effect?
  58. Adderall only works when I take 5-htp or ssri
  59. Poor sleep ruins the effectiveness of Adderall?
  60. Just a few beginner's questions
  61. Best time to take XR?
  62. Can I fill my prescription now?
  63. One of those "what time do I take my adderall" questions and such...
  64. Will my wanting to do things continue?
  65. The age-old Adderall headache question
  66. I feel like a criminal
  67. Figuring out the best dose
  68. where to find sandoz, corepharma, or any non-teva generic adderall in austin, TX
  69. Adderall + Coffee = ANXIETY
  70. so when should I take tums?
  71. Inconsistent Dosing/Panic attack?
  72. Feel sleepy on Adderall 5mg again, but this time I slept well last night!
  73. Brandname XR quality issues? Bad experience for a month
  74. Talkativeness Permanent???
  75. Crushing up 20mg adderall XR pill?
  76. Sandoz
  77. Adderall cocktail causing mania??
  78. New to Adderall
  79. Adderall useless?
  80. Adderall and Memory Loss
  81. Scary side effects going on. HELP
  82. Questions for COREPHARMA ADDERALL users
  83. Got sick and taking adderall..Please advise...
  84. Adderall treats my ADD but makes me feel awful. Need suggestions please.
  85. How long after taking Adderall XR does citric acid stop interfering with absorption?
  86. Confusion surrounding conversation about how Adderall XR is actually absorbed
  87. Adderall XL 20mg/day = High Anxiety. Recommend a better ADD Med for me, please!
  88. Adderall 10mg ER 2x/day - Not feeling it/Weird?
  89. My Adderall ran out
  90. Doc resistant to XR/IR combo :(
  91. Adderall/ Ritalin shortage Orlando/ central fl?
  92. Drug Testing at Work
  93. Drug Testing
  94. Insurance Q about refill before end of year, please help!
  95. Question about Adderall
  96. Need more adderall
  97. Adderall XR 40mg
  98. Adderall xr makes no sense?
  99. Adderall Neurotoxicity Prevention
  100. How can I maximize and prolong the effects of Adderall
  101. Adderall and Celexa
  102. weight
  103. Adderall XR 30mg- What's Happening to Me?!
  104. Antisocial with adderall, social without adderall, detox sucks
  105. Adderall suddenly stopped working???
  106. Adderall with Ritalin Effects
  107. I can't figure out whats going on! I think I'm the only person whose experienced this
  108. Adderall XR Tolerance? Alkaline Diet + Stop Mixing Drugs
  109. Generic Adderall
  110. My Personal Adderall Side Effects (comments needed)
  111. Please help.... My adderall experience so far... Comments?
  112. raising the dose
  113. Global Adderall XR generic
  114. So my script isn't quite what I wanted
  115. Not sustainable dose?
  116. Adderall mechanism of action for stimulation?
  117. Adderall and All-Nighters
  118. Are these brand or generic?
  119. Dosage for long-term adult Adderall user - toxic dose? effective dose increase?
  120. Prescribed Adderall but first time visiting Psych
  121. Adderall and Sleep
  122. Adderall causing flank pain?
  123. Adderall intensifying symptoms?
  124. Adderall makes me have mood swings
  125. switching back to adderall ir?
  126. An Adderall burnout??
  127. Adderall Side effects: To much Water and Electrolyte Imbalances
  128. not taking regularly?
  129. Does Cephalexin (Keflex) and other antibiotics react poorly with Adderall?
  130. Joint Pain and Adderall
  131. Questions about prescription
  132. Small question about the IR dosing after an XR dose
  133. Adderal + Morning + GYM + Breakfast + Work
  134. Consistency vs. lowest effective dose?
  135. Please..some feed back
  136. Side effects of Adderall - visibility of blue-green veins on palm side of hand
  137. Stop Stimulant Medication for a Colonoscopy?
  138. dxm and stimulants
  139. New to Adderall/Had a few questions
  140. Off Vyvanse, First day on Adderall
  141. Whats your heart rate like?
  142. Switching from Ritalin IR to Adderall
  143. Feeling warmer after taking Adderall
  144. how to REDUCE dopamine rush
  145. Elevated dopamine several days after discontinuing Adderall
  146. How Amphetamine works
  147. Adderall and Sleep Quality
  148. Swollen lymph and sore throat when on Adderall - new Ad
  149. Taking BIG EXAM this weekend and question?
  150. 20 XR once daily
  151. Cranky on, exhausted off Adderall
  152. Wow... lowering the dose really helped!
  153. Adderalls and Tooth Decay
  154. Is this how right dose is supposed to feel like?
  155. Adderall Stomach Issues, Other Issues (aka, Surviving on Nothing)
  156. Why is my Adderall XR blue?
  157. No shortage in my neck of the woods
  158. Adderall and the police...
  159. Adderall and Acid Reflux
  160. Switched from XR to IR...Hallelujah!
  161. Do you ever get annoyed by the "stigma" of Adderall?
  162. Adderall and weightloss/ED
  163. Missing the wave
  164. Day 2 of Adderall
  165. Actavis Adderall XR -- Migraines and Vomit
  166. I need advice! (Adderall Newbie)
  167. Sleep and adderall
  168. Speedy effects on adderall?
  169. Adderall, when did it start working for you?
  170. 3-month supply of Adderall
  171. Stopped Adderall and Adderall Withdrawal Questions......
  172. Right dosage? Still hungry and unmotivated
  173. First experience with insomnia on adderall?
  174. Questions about asking to increase dosage of adderall
  175. Magnesium?
  176. First day on adderal AMAZING. The rest.. not so much
  177. Still cant sleep, I don't know what I am going to do
  178. Adderall was stolen
  179. Doctor Won't Prescribe
  180. Running on fumes.
  181. Does a very high dose (90 mgs) of Adderall make one sleepy?
  182. how is adderrall "supposed" to feel?
  183. Weird smell
  184. adderall and caffeine
  185. First day on adderall, nothing happend?
  186. Would REALLY appreciate some help with my adderall (first timer)
  187. question about a lost perscription for adderall
  188. Stubbornness
  189. Going off Adderall-but adding a new Stimulant
  190. Weird side effects...normal?
  191. fatigue on adderrall
  192. Literally Cannot Function Without Adderall :/
  193. Adderall XR Twice a Day? Dosage Question/Help.
  194. Adderall has no effect
  195. How do you handle tolerance over many years?
  196. I'M BACK!--on Adderall!
  197. knees and joints r killing me
  198. Adderall problems
  199. Super smell?
  200. Filling my script in Fl.
  201. Adderall stopped working?
  202. First Time Taking Adderall
  203. Adderall, It's side effects and You.
  204. how long to get a dosage increase?
  205. Toxicity report
  206. Adderall xr ir equivalent
  207. How can I survive drug holidays?
  208. New to Adderall, drug testing, really?
  209. Adderall and Pristiq/SNRI's...opinions please!!
  210. First time taking Adderall
  211. Blue Dye
  212. Moderate Alcohol?
  213. Back pain and Adderall, help?
  214. Head shaking on adderall
  215. Adderall Jitters (inconsistency throughout day)
  216. XR Limits?
  217. Experience with taking a ritalin/concerta holiday for tolerance?
  218. Adderall and sleep
  219. Energy vs. Euphoria?
  220. Adderall and anxiety
  221. Periodic drug testing for Adderall XR.
  222. Adderall concentration graphs
  223. Military member with ADD
  224. Weight gain after adderall
  225. Well, tomorrow morning is D-Day starting Adderall
  226. Adderall and Neurotoxicity
  227. 30mg vyvanse with 10mg adderall booster?
  228. Adderall? A scarry thing happend
  229. Undated Adderall Prescriptions
  230. Is this crazy? Adderall holidays but taking Concerta?
  231. Adderall XR affecting mood and weight loss?
  232. Liquid Amphetamine Sulphate = hypotension, sedation and dissociations! WTF???
  233. Adderall XR Motivation/Depression Cycle?
  234. Getting a new pres for Adderall in Los Angeles (as a tourist)
  235. Adderall effectiveness cycle
  236. Adderall IR availability
  237. Adderall XR adverse reaction
  238. I don't wanna sleep tonight
  239. When does tolerance become a problem?
  240. adderall issues, HELP!
  241. Adderall not as great as Vyvanse?
  242. Adderall making antibiotics ineffective and causing bad reactions?
  243. Nervous about starting Adderall
  244. Adderall causing problems!? Normal or No?
  245. Does Adderall cause bruising?
  246. Adderal and rash on face
  247. Help Regarding Adderall
  248. adderall vs cocaine
  249. Do you take a day off Adderall?
  250. Post Adderall Help