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  1. Generic Amphet?
  2. Generic Adderall Doesn't seem to be working?
  3. generic Adderall doesn't seem to be working?
  4. Are Monthly visits necessary to obtain adderallscripts? Changing pdoc advice.
  5. adderall and dull headache
  6. staggering adderall XR?
  7. Starting on Adderall IR
  8. Can someone explain the difference in generics?
  9. I want to quit Adderall
  10. Suddenly, the bad is outweighing the good of Adderall
  11. I need advice from those who takes adderall and it works for them! Pretty please! :)
  12. Looking for others who got into trouble on adderall
  13. Permanent Brain Damage
  14. Lactose intolerance--and "lactose monohydrate" in adderall IR question?
  15. Social problems/ weaning myself off?
  16. Worked for 2 doesnt
  17. Any addicts in recovery taking Adderall IR?
  18. Cymbalta and Adderall XR?
  19. Need official source about Adderrall xr ir conversion
  20. Adderall + Ativan?
  21. When do I eat??
  22. addreall and appetite- blah
  23. Exchanging Generic for Brand?
  24. Adderall Prescription Problems
  25. Just lost my insurance, now what?
  26. Are all addrell meds capsules?
  27. Namenda + Adderall
  28. pharmacy changed med from "D-Amphetamine" to "IC-Amphetamine". What's the difference?
  29. Is This Rebound?
  30. "Every Day" Adderall Users? (Are You One?)
  31. Tired of my vampire hands...
  32. SHIRE PLC - Half-yearly Report 2012. Predictions for future in quality, price, market
  33. Adderall IR Side Effects
  34. Adderall XR and Joint pain?
  35. Physical issues associated with ADHD treatment
  36. Insurance problems!! Adderall xr vs ir
  37. L-Tyrosine- How much?
  38. Can doing this increase anxiety?
  39. Are my senses sharper?
  40. Unique question about the duration of Adderall in a person's system
  41. adderall XR dosing schedule
  42. Weirdest Thing Happened With Adderall Today
  43. Sad: So many countries STILL don't allow Adderall & other amps for ADHD/ADD treatment
  44. New to ADHD and Adderall--questions about XR
  45. Pdoc wants to have me try Adderall
  46. Asking about increasing dosage
  47. Got a perplexing, complicated issue going on -- need your advice
  48. Undermedicated?
  49. Adderall was working great, but not anymore...
  50. Problem with Information on Prescription
  51. So I've taken Adderall for about four months
  52. New to Adderall - a couple questions
  53. Side effects
  54. Question about upping the dosage
  55. Signs of too high or too low dose of adderall IR?
  56. Adderall IR - is partly helping, what should I do?
  57. Have you switched medications?
  58. Adderall getting rid of carsickness
  59. Difference between 10mg IR tab and 20mg IR tab?
  60. Adderall and Sleep?
  61. High metabolism, HELP! I look like crap
  62. Adderall and Cough Medicine (DXM)
  63. Eyes trouble with vision/focusing
  64. Has anyone gone to Adderall from Concerta?
  65. How do you get a prescription of both Adderall XR and IR for the same month?
  66. Adderall vs XR
  67. Average time to find the right dose?
  68. Hormones altering Adderall's effectiveness
  69. adderall xr & sleep?....
  70. Questions about adderall -- sleep, weight loss, and a prescription for 2x my dosage
  71. Pdoc vs Primary Care
  72. Taking Adderall XR and Prevacid or Prilosec Heartburn Meds - Problems?
  73. Is Adderall going to Kill me?
  74. 'regular' adderall
  75. Does anyone take Adderall IR in the morning and take Adderall XR in the afternoon?
  76. Life changing on adderall
  77. First week on adderal Xr
  78. Average dose for adderell?
  79. trying new dose of adderal xr and ir
  80. Urge to buy things when medicated?
  81. Anyone been on adderall for more than 10 years?
  82. Adderall XR vs IR dosage
  83. High highs and low lows
  84. Just diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed Adderall. Looking to discuss the effects.
  85. how does a booster dose work?
  86. Does Adderall cause a magnesium deficiency?
  87. second time on adderall. advice needed
  88. Emotionless without adderall
  89. SURVEY: Was your generic replaced with Actavis-made? When and at what pharmacy?
  90. Taking adderall when your sick?
  91. Anyone had better luck w adderall after vyvanse?
  92. Just Diagnosed with ADHD... Adderall having opposite effect
  93. early waking on adderall XR?
  94. University of California Campus Insurance cover Adderall?
  95. How much are you paying?
  96. Eventual permanent personality changes?
  97. Dexedrine no, Concerta no, Adderall yes?
  98. New to forum and adderall. dealing with fecal odor issue
  99. Adderall IR in Canada?
  100. Where to find corepharma in socal?
  101. Adderall when pregnant
  102. Dose increase?
  103. What foods/drinks should you avoid when taking adderal.
  104. My Review on Teva vs Corepharma Adderall IR
  105. Trouble sleeping at night... after meds wear off?
  106. Adderall kills my appetite, will it get better?
  107. Starting Generic Adderall. What to expect?
  108. weekends off- anxiety and fatigue?
  109. Vitamin C - how to take with Adderall
  110. Question about when to take pills
  111. Has anybody else experienced this with sleep? What did you do?
  112. Adderall and heart burn meds?
  113. How to tell what the correct dose is for Adderall IR?
  114. irritated tongue at 25mg xr
  115. Little to No Tolerance Increase?
  116. Cannot find Corepharma
  117. Anxiety and Racing Heart
  118. Strange Side-Effects
  119. I had interaction with powerbar and adderall XR?
  120. Side effect: burning sensation on top of head
  121. Can't take adderall when I need it most
  122. Adderall XR not working and doc unwilling to up dosage
  123. Adderall and body heat?
  124. Adderall dosage increases?
  125. Effects Adderall might be having on me.
  126. My appetite is coming back!
  127. Magnesium
  128. Adderral Vs Ritalin & Provigil Experience..Question?
  129. Newbie...Adderall 5 mg xr-please help
  130. Dangers of adderall?
  131. Fell asleep on adderall
  132. Adapating to the drug.
  133. Smoking on Adderall
  134. First day back!
  135. 80mg w/o effect?!
  136. Corepharma Question
  137. I beleive i posted this in the wrong section before
  138. Not "rising" to the occasion
  139. Adderall permanentley decreases the amount of dopamine in your brain.
  140. Threshold of Calm
  141. Various results on urine test at my PCP office.
  142. The runner: Adderall, food, and exercise problems
  143. Weekends are my kryptonite
  144. Pharmacy/Script Question
  145. Did I do the wrong thing?
  146. How long on adderall poll
  147. Please ready to just give up!
  148. Finally found access to a PDR manual from 2009
  149. stomach ph
  150. barr vs? is it just me?
  151. Drinking with Adderall
  152. What can/should I expect from ADHD medication?
  153. Recently diagnosed - Script change, advice?
  154. Prescription fill question
  155. Beginning ADHD treatment with generic adderall
  156. OMG!! I was having bad problems with Adderall and ...
  157. Need some advice about Adderall and libido
  158. adderall before big exam?
  159. How did you know when to switch to/from adderall?
  160. Scripts from two different doctors?
  161. Does anybody experience working memory imparment with adderall?
  162. Actavis invasion!
  163. Troubles with Adderall.. What to do?
  164. Mixing Adderall xr, Alcohol and Effexor xr
  165. Need some advice please about adderall
  166. Adderall IR price without insurance
  167. adderall aggression- side effects?
  168. Just some information I'm curious about
  169. Have forever given up on Adderall XR . . .
  170. first few weeks on Adderall
  171. Adderall IR 15MG...Worth the extra $?
  172. Muscle spasms and tightness on adderall
  173. Need help ASAP!
  174. My 20mg day
  175. Is Adderall the answer?
  176. Just started Adderall.
  177. Do you think it's ok to take this?
  178. Adderall/Paxil/Buspar? Please help!
  179. Adderall & High Intensity Exercise, Counter Active?
  180. Please read. Need suggestions. Something. Ready to give up.
  181. Somethings Clearly Different - Adderall IR
  182. New to the forum and a lot is going on :(
  183. Adderall Beginner
  184. Actavis can go to hell!
  185. Adderall and working memory
  186. Frustrated with Actavis Adderall XR Generic? Try This!
  187. I didn't take adderall all weekend
  188. Please help.......I dont know what to do??
  189. Okay some of you have to have dealt with this.....
  190. Adderall side effects. Please help / suggestions.
  191. Best Generic Adderall XR ?
  192. Adderall side-effect after dose increase
  193. Side effects
  194. Cheapest Generic?
  195. Things That Negatively Affect Adderall--Feel free to add to list!
  196. How to know when you're at the right dose?
  197. stop cold turkey or lower dose by day?
  198. At a dead end, what to do?
  199. Adderall Tolerance Question
  200. When do I call? Adderall for RNY (Gastric Bypass) Not doing anything
  201. Started Adderall February 28th
  202. Increasing regulation impacting people with legit diagnosis taking as prescribed
  203. adderall dose?
  204. Does Adderall IR at a lower strength last as long as IR at a higher strength?
  205. when is the earliest i can refill??
  206. Adderall 'vacation' to prevent tolerance accumulation?
  207. First 3 weeks on adderall- is this how i shoul feel?
  208. Diagnosed yesterday, already got meds
  209. Hyperpigmentation a side effect?
  210. Thinking of switching from wellbutrin xl to adderall xr
  211. Wrong Dosage?
  212. Can't Tell When I Take It and When I Don't?
  213. obsessing that I am now labeled
  214. Euphoria vs "too much focus"?
  215. some get back
  216. ADD, Just starting on Barr generics
  217. Depression and Anxiety intensified?
  218. Two Months medicated.
  219. Sh*t people say about adderall
  220. Day 1 of 10mg Adderall XR: sluggish, etc.?
  221. New adderall prescription - filling question
  222. First time on TEVA
  223. Opening Capsule 30mg X-R adderall
  224. How should I take Adderall IR effectively?
  225. Adderall side effects.
  226. How do I sleep??
  227. Just prescribed Wellbutrin and Adderall for my ADD
  228. Heart rate on adderall
  229. Really, what I need is better short term memory
  230. Just started on Adderall, have a couple questions
  231. Dopamine and Adderall / Adderall's Effect on Brain
  232. High PSAs, and then prostate issues
  233. early refill w/ dose change
  234. Tolerance or how it should feel?
  235. Adderall XR two 10mg capsules vs one 20 mg capsule
  236. Xr dose vs IR
  237. PLEASE HELP - Adderall Losing Effect After 2 Weeks
  238. Lindsey Lohan and adderall
  239. Just started taking it, im having almost all the side effects.
  240. Different foods affecting the way meds work?
  241. Feeling a "buzz"
  242. Talking to my Psychiatrist
  243. Curious mental side effects of Adderall in Men
  244. adderal IR to Dexatrine ER, please help!
  245. My short intro and experiences with Adderall XR
  246. Adderall ir dosage adjustment...when and how much?
  247. Adderall Symptoms
  248. Keeping adderall in different prescription bottle?
  249. Lately my XR 30's seem to be half filled anyone else notice this?
  250. One Year Adderall Assessment