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  1. Newly diagnosed with questions about dose/effects
  2. Anyone have long term use side effects from being on meds for 20 years more
  3. First day on Adderall XR..
  4. Cannot find Teva in NYC
  5. Adderall: Increased Anxiety and High Libido
  6. The Guide to Adderall (Get the most out of your Adderall)
  7. I can feel my hair fall out when I am on adderall
  8. Accidentally took a much higher dose and ...
  9. Addy xr lasts the same as ir? anyone else?
  10. I can't function without Adderall.
  11. Another early prescription question
  12. Vote for YOUR favorite generic adderall!!
  13. Adderall IR First week
  14. Adderall and weight loss
  15. How do I ask my doctor to raise my dosage
  16. Cost of Adderal
  17. Terrible experience with Actavis brand XR, need some advice.
  18. How long did it take you to get consistent results from Adderall XR?
  19. ADVICE?! No Breaks/Feeling Run Down
  20. Doctors won't listen
  21. Dex Combo...?
  22. Just starting Adderall about two months ago, just some general questions
  23. Does adderall actually work? I can't really tell...
  24. Got Adderall XR Today, First Time In 11 Years
  25. Advice for asking Psych. for more Adderall
  26. 10mg Adderall IR too much?
  27. New to the forums. Need adderall users advice.
  28. Adderall IR vs XR Question?
  29. Adderall not giving me the "urge" to actually do things [new user]
  30. Can long term Adderall use cause hypertension?
  31. Should I give it longer to work?
  32. Newly diagnosed: Adderall IR not working?
  33. Started Adderall couple of days ago - Need advice for dosage
  34. Adderall prescription
  35. Adderall Makes Me Sleepy -- Just Started -- Does it need to build up in my system?
  36. 2x 15mg XR vs 1 30mg XR
  37. So many rules! Well here are some questions.
  38. prescription looks different?
  39. Question on dose and also paranoid, seeing Doc end of week, any advice?
  40. Adderall IR
  41. Could depression cause adderall to be ineffective?
  42. Aderall XR with energy drink ok?
  43. Adderall with friends
  44. What is the truth about adderall and PH levels?
  45. Dosing Questions
  46. Adderall tolerance concerns
  47. Adderall 'as needed'?
  48. Adderall and work?
  49. Weird sensation on Adderall/Vyvanse
  50. Adderall anger? Dont mind if I do!!
  51. 2am, can't sleep, yup, back on Adderall again
  52. Activis Recall 15 mg
  53. 4 Months Worth of Adderall in Europe
  54. Addy IR vs XR...
  55. A Kaiser question
  56. Adderall side effect?
  57. Effect fertility?
  58. Update on Meds, trying to get opinions
  59. Heart pounding and adderall use
  60. Tingling, numbness and some other weird stuff
  61. 20mg IR 2 x Day
  62. I started adderall last week still dont feel it working
  63. Shire Adderall XR
  64. Too much anxiety with Adderall
  65. Found A Remedy For Adderall Skin Rash/Acne
  66. Sandoz Adderall 10mg
  67. Adderall and food
  68. Weight loss as a positive side effect?
  69. Duplicate post
  70. Adderall come down and anxiety question
  71. First time taking Adderall - NOTHING?!
  72. How Fast does Tolerance Build?
  73. Adderall and fish oil
  74. Misdiagnosed with Depression for 10 years- Starting Adderall
  75. 2 doses a day - how many hours apart?
  76. Switching from Strattera to Adderall, what can I expect...?
  77. Adderall IR and Phenergan
  78. adderall interactions?
  79. My experience on Adderall Xr for the first time...
  80. Quit adderall.
  81. Just moved to Australia, where is the best online store to purchase w/ script?
  82. Adderall and Bupropion combo
  83. increased blood pressure after not using adderall for a week
  84. Can I take this with Adderall? Focus Fast (INGREDIENTS INSIDE)
  85. Is 120 mg a day too much? Help easing on?
  86. Adderall Calming But Not Focusing?
  87. Is being overweight a side-effect of ADD? Is adderall the best ADD medicine for me?
  88. Taking a larger dose on a single ocassion?
  89. Adderall makes me feel lazy
  90. Filling prescriptions late?
  91. Intense migraine after taking adderall xr
  92. Eating first (on school days)
  93. Just Started Treatment: Not really working?
  94. Does Adderall IR Work Less Later in the Day?
  95. Wondering if it's time for a new dosage
  96. Hungry but not in the mood
  97. Ever hear of adderall comparison with pharma
  98. from dex spansules to adderall er
  99. How much does adderall DIRECTLY affect your metabolism?
  100. Where to find official information on generics?
  101. How do you know if your dose is right?
  102. Levoamphetamine better for ADHD-I
  103. Can you mail adderrall?
  104. Thinking of switching from Adderall or changing dose - any ideas?
  105. Should I be taking Adderall every day?
  106. just got switched
  107. Is this the way it's supposed to be?
  108. Debating between Dexedrine and adderall..
  109. Adderall & Zoloft combo
  110. Adderall Crash?
  111. Am I taking my med to early...?
  113. When a doctor increases your adderall dose
  114. Levo-amphetamine, norepinephrine and limb numbness
  115. Tics?
  116. Something I've noticed about adderall, have you?
  117. Stopping Adderall - Anxiety Med Instead?
  118. 1,000 mg vitamin C at night totally killing effects of Adderalll
  119. effects of adderall on fracture healing
  120. New to Adderall
  121. How long have YOU been taking Adderall?.
  122. [Tips] Staying in tip top condition with Adderall
  123. Campral and Adderall
  124. Just moved from Strattera to Adderall
  125. Noobie Adderall dosage question
  126. Best way of getting to sleep
  127. Taking Adderall XR Before a Morning Exam
  128. is this normal? i need advice!
  129. New to
  130. Adderall tolerance = withdrawal symptoms?
  131. Ok this is just funny.
  132. Antacids and Adderall, Does the concentration really increase?
  133. Is This A Normal Reaction To Adderall?
  134. how long is a script for adderall valid
  135. Empowered on Adderall...worthless without it.
  136. Adderall IR 10mg twice a day from vyvanse 70mg
  137. 5mg Generic Adderall
  138. No school...
  139. Adderall IR before XR? Or after?
  140. 30mg Adderall from 60mg Ritalin, I feel like Garbage.
  141. Quit Cold Turkey - 2 weeks now
  142. Anyone switch to Sandoz?
  143. New to Adderall, Ive read the other posts... question
  144. Lactose Monohydrate allergic to dairy?
  145. First day of Adderall, help!
  146. Splitting up Adderall dose
  147. No sleep last night, can I take Adderall today?
  148. Long time Adderall user, weird issues plz help.
  149. PPI's at Night, Adderall in the Morning?
  150. Different versions of Amphetamine Salts
  151. Brand NEW to Adderall - First Week
  152. Does anyone lose interest in games when you are on Adderall?
  153. Anyone lose interest in games when on Adderall?
  154. Trapped in Insurance Limbo, How do I see a Dr?
  155. Adderall Withdrawal Help
  156. Interpersonal/Social Tendencies on Addy??
  157. New to Adderall - Sleep?!?!
  158. Meds no longer effective & a unhelpful doctor
  159. Adderall XR - Your insurance Cover it?
  160. do you worry about dependence or abuse?
  161. Difference between 10 and 20mg generic adderall?
  162. Adderall makes my thinking impaired
  163. New to Adderall and feel Panic Attacks, and sickness
  164. Signs that my dose is too high or that I don't actually have ADHD?
  165. Please someone experienced with taking adderall.
  166. Adderall Long Term?
  167. Terrible Anxiety
  168. Help with finding corepharma
  169. Adderall xr dose and brand...
  170. Just switched from Sandoz to Barr's Adderall XR!
  171. Love/Hate Relationship Begins
  172. My Time on Adderall
  173. Effectiveness of Wet or Damp Tablets
  174. Will my Adderall Tolerance Carry Over to Other ADHD Meds?
  175. Adderall helps with focus but not...
  176. Can I return my adderall? Haha...
  177. Doctor's exact words, what do you think
  178. Adderall slow to kick in, then hitting like a ton of bricks?
  179. Is it safe to take these supplements?
  180. Perhaps I'm on the wrong med alltogether
  181. Actavis Generic XR 20 MG
  182. What's too much adderall?
  183. Adderall XR vs IR vs Generic
  184. CorePharma generic Adderall
  185. How long until adderall wears off
  186. New to Adderall XR (experiences with pharmacy the chains mostly)
  187. Should heart still be racing the day after taking Adderall?
  188. Adderall no longer stimulates...
  189. Why is Adderall unavailable in the UK?
  190. Advice Needed!! Adderall XR
  191. Walgreens Florida Beware
  192. Long-term Adderall illusion?
  193. Worked great & then stopped working - similar experiences?
  194. Cost/Stores/Brand Name
  195. Long term Adderall use & brain swelling
  196. Adderall ? what heart problems would cause problems
  197. Adderall duration
  198. Bad Reaction to Adderall
  199. Adderall and Time
  200. Teeth stuff and sleep
  201. RXN: Eye Tension, Vision & Strabismus
  202. Adderall IR Side Effects
  203. I'm having trouble finding the right dosage to maintain the feeling i need.
  204. Vyvanse >>>> Adderall XR (for me)
  205. EFD tidal wave after switched from Adderall to XR
  206. Adderall from online pharmacies...legitimate with prescription.
  207. Why is adderall not working anymore?
  208. Do you stick to a certain brand of Generic?
  209. Negative Adderall experiences
  210. What now?!?
  211. Does Adderall make anyone else here tired?
  212. Why am I still getting euphoria?
  213. Adderall and Unhealthy Diet
  214. Ways of Reducing Your Systemic Adderall At the End of the Day
  215. Insurance coming to an end
  216. Post Adderall/Work Life Help
  217. Insomnia when NOT taking Adderall
  218. Meds wear off in 1-2 hours, any idea why ?
  219. How to understand my appetite with adderall?
  220. Stomach Pain? Not Working? Teva XR
  221. New dose Barr generic ER 25 mg
  222. Why is Adderall starting to make me feel less intuitive
  223. Adderall 10mg pills vs 20mg pills
  224. Major set back in treatment
  225. Adderall XR 20mg
  226. BAD reaction to generic adderall- Sandoz
  227. Trying Adderall vs Concerta
  228. Reasons switched from Concerta to Adderall
  229. Damned if I do... damned if I don't...
  230. Correct dosage and timing for MCAT (newly diagnosed)
  231. 5 Pharmacies to get my Addy this time and QUESTION??
  232. Availability of Aderall in Belgium or The Netherlands.
  233. Should I take Adderall as a means of re-gaining my confidence?
  234. Adderall XR 1-Month Review - Life Improving
  235. Moved to a new state
  236. Two jobs and split shifts!
  237. What Do I Do?
  238. A different way to dose Adderall
  239. Teva vs Sandoz
  240. Health insurance
  241. Has anyone tried using stimulants just a few days a week?
  242. What's the issue with Adderall & Fruit Juice?!?
  243. So much for the excitment; Adderall NOT working!
  244. Extremely frustrating experience with this stuff
  245. MSP pharmacare coverage
  246. Can Adderall cause ADHD?
  247. Adderall & Progesterone Cream
  248. Just switched to adderall
  249. Overeating when I DON'T take my adderall
  250. make 2x10mg XR capsules into 1x20mg