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  1. Early fill problem?
  2. Forgetfullness and medication
  3. Combating Irritability with Supplements?
  4. XR & IR together?
  5. Adderall and heartburn?
  6. Hi I am lazy
  7. Do you ever take stimulants in the morning and fall back asleep?
  8. Vyvanse (70mg) to Adderall (30mg).
  9. Adderall and Lethargy after eating food?
  10. Help me i.d. this pill
  11. Doing well without medication
  12. Adderall XR - Experience? Anxiety, please share!
  13. Took a small break, BAD results :(
  14. Adderall/Paranoia?
  15. Adderall tongue pain
  16. Life insurance
  17. Oil spilled on my meds! What do I do!
  18. concerta?adderal, dexedrine long term use help
  19. Stimulants and exercise - your experiences?
  20. Tiredness After 4 really productive days
  21. Adding supplements...
  22. Do you use Adderall doses of varying size?
  23. Adderall and bad teeth?
  24. Dosage Question
  25. Anyway around 30 day supply of Adderall?
  26. Sleepy or sedative effect after dosage increase
  27. how do i get back on adderall after moving to a new state?
  28. Adderall XR Prescription Fill Question
  29. Best supplements for comedown and tolerance?
  30. the 100th time you've read this question
  31. Adderall IR side effects
  32. Should I ask for an increased dose?
  33. Sandoz Adderall
  34. Adderall side effects.. Help! :(
  35. Insurance Question for the pharmacy folks
  36. Switching from Adderall
  37. Adderall XR
  38. Panic Attack
  39. Yes, they're different.
  40. How do you people sleep?!?!
  41. Finding the correct therapeutic does
  42. I was getting hustled.
  43. Switching From Adderall to Vyvanse
  44. Adderall and acne..
  45. Adderall 2nd go round after Ritalin
  46. bags under eyes
  47. First day taking Adderall
  48. Doctor says he "doesn't prescribe IR at all", but I need an afternoon booster.
  49. Going to tell my pdoc I'd like to try adderall again
  50. Adderall and Its Side-Effects
  51. Is this medication abuse?
  52. Adderall XR body odour?
  53. Got IR Dosage Increase Recently and Question??
  54. Higher L-Amp content in Teva/Barr Adderall XR?
  55. Shortness of breath
  56. Medications that help with aggression/anger/irritability/agitation
  57. Back on Adderall
  58. Requesting Advice on How to Reapproach Adderall
  59. No results after first day of Adderall
  60. lower dose, same productivity
  61. Anyone on just Adderall? Not IR or XR?
  62. Weird symptoms... should I stop?
  63. Adderall and Cold Sores?
  64. Advice for people taking Adderall and get cold sores!
  65. first day takeing adderall .
  66. Adderall and B12
  67. So... now what?!
  68. Help!
  69. Switching from Ritalin to adderall
  70. Quick refill question
  71. Switching between generics every few months
  72. Total newbie - help pls?!
  73. I thought everything was worked out!
  74. Adderall Question
  75. Just Diagnosed and On Adderall ??????'s
  76. Desperate need for help!
  77. Dulled emotions
  78. Adderall vs Vyvanse in terms of side effects
  79. You would think I was pregnant....
  80. Entire prescription is a dud?
  81. Need some advice
  82. Warning! Bad batch making people sick
  83. Adderall XR bloating/burping (...anxiety?)
  84. Adderall and work in the afternoon..
  85. Adderall based medication and supplement plan
  86. Would Dex work for me if Adderall makes me irritable
  87. Racing Heart
  88. Prescription Options for the un-insured.
  89. How you deal with side effects
  90. Would adderall work for me if Ritalin didn't?
  91. Will adderall work for me?
  92. Finally got a higher dose but worried.
  93. Adderall and I didn't get it done
  94. Adderall IR generic keeps me awake at night...
  95. How many times a week can you take adderall?
  96. Would I be able to get 2 scripts filled within a couple of weeks of each other?
  97. Differences between adderall xr and vyvanse
  98. Another Adderall and Appetite
  99. I need to know
  100. Adderall and panic?
  101. Does Adderall cause weight gain and make you sleep??
  102. Dosage escalation - factors to consider
  103. Can the initial reaction to Adderall be duplicated by quitting for a period of time?
  104. Bipolar II, Adderall Adhd inattentive, Bipolar Meds effects on Adderall, etc...
  105. Adderall confusion
  106. New here (: A few questions about adderall.
  107. Off my adderall and feeling really jumpy
  108. I have a question..
  109. What are the probable penalties for my first time DUI if I am convicted?
  110. Very confused about Adderall
  111. Adderall question about mood
  112. Dr. Youtube - What's Up with Uppers?
  113. Moving up Dosage Question
  114. Any of You Take Dextroamphetamine Before Taking Adderall?
  115. How soon will you notice a difference?
  116. Adderall Rx question
  117. Lost written prescriptions for 2 months of Adderall... what to do?
  118. I really need help with that thing called Adderall
  119. Medication Reserve of Adderall?
  120. Question about adderall and alcohol
  121. Two different generics in one prescription?
  122. My first two days of taking adderall, not much effect. Help?
  123. I've lost 2 month's worth of Adderall scripts - HELP!
  124. Adderall and colds
  125. Adderall=Really Bad Body Odor?!?!
  126. I don't know what to think of my reaction to Adderall
  127. Very important question about being prescribed adderall and Vyvanse. PLEASE HELP!
  128. Revisiting Adderall and having odd side effects
  129. Switching from Teva to Global -Adderall XR
  130. Depressed and Angry
  131. Weaning off of Adderall XR
  132. Embarrassing problem with Adderall. I've got a question.
  133. Question about my adderall shrink
  134. Adderall Shortgage Central FL?
  135. Quick and dirty differences between manufacturers
  136. adderall frustration
  137. Sandoz makes me depressed, what happened to Adderall?!
  138. Question about timing of adderall
  139. A few questions about A-XR
  140. sandoz adderall in maryland
  141. Making Adderall XR Last Shorter
  142. Adderall XR and Me
  143. I doubled my dose
  144. Jaw clentching: I play the drums with my teeth!
  145. Adderall AND Vyvanse?
  146. Adderall IR not working as a "booster"
  147. 30mg Adderall IR to 30mg Vyvanse...feeling screwed.
  148. 15mg IR to 30mg XR now feels like nothing
  149. Confused: 1.5 Years on Sandoz, Tolerance, Break from Meds, and Brand observations
  150. Adderall IR Would it Help Me
  151. Adderall Effects
  152. Adderall IR, Insomnia, Abilify, and not sure anything is working
  153. Taking adderall 20mg IR with some sides
  154. Adderall XR not acting like before?
  155. Adderall Stopped Working?
  156. Adderall + Anxiety, How to calm down?
  157. Has this ever happened to anybody when taking adderall?
  158. IR dosing
  159. My story and questions please help
  160. benadryl
  161. Can eatting cause Adderall not to work? Vitimins I should take?
  162. Sleep
  163. Raising My Adderall?
  164. Took BOTH Adderall and Ritalin today
  165. Too high or too little a dose?
  166. Mood out of control? (Adderall IR)
  167. Adderall dose: too little or too much?
  168. Mixed results with adderall
  169. Loss of interests
  170. New To Adderall
  171. Sandoz generic in NYC - Know a pharmacy that carries it?
  172. Adderall: My Impression After Taking Dextroamphetamine for 2.5 years
  173. New to adder all and can't stand computer screen + more questions
  174. adderall, a few questions..
  175. Cardiac Arrest and went off Adderall
  176. How to get prescribed Adderall?
  177. Should I switch to Adderall?
  178. Experiences with Adderall
  179. How to ask for more Adderall IR?
  180. Help with dosage
  181. Corephrama Stinks!
  182. Adderall XR to Dex IR lethargy and dose increase
  183. Do I need a different dose??? seeing doc tomorrow...
  184. Getting sick.
  185. Back on Adderall/Much different effects
  186. Eli lilly vs Barr IR Generic and choosing my own dosage
  187. Switched from Vyvanse to Adderall XR 20mg
  188. Conditions affecting absorption?
  189. How Good/Consistent is Barr IR Tablets?
  190. Adderall? What to do?
  191. Kick adderall vs Ritalin
  192. Questions About Taking Adderal and Anxiety Med
  193. unwanted weight and apetite loss on adderall xr 20mg
  194. Beginning Treatment on Adderall IR
  195. should i try short release adderall before upping my dose of long release adderall?
  196. why, Why, WHY
  197. Just started Adderall for ADHD, having problems
  198. Has adderall changed? Please help me solve this mystery!
  199. Prescription Question Please Help! Thanks!
  200. ADHD is ruining my life...
  201. Eating breakfast
  202. Adderal fails again but why?
  203. Adderall "High" and Euphoria of Hypomania - "Blessed are the Hypomanic"
  204. Possible Adderall Side Effect
  205. Adderall XR doesn't work anymore (Please Read)
  206. New on Adderall
  207. What Should I Do?
  208. One dose or split dose?
  209. Prescribed Adderall For The First Time; Thinking about Upping the Dosage
  210. Adderall XR (Generic, Actavis) empty capsules?
  211. Adderall vs Focalin vs Dexadrine vs Desoxyn
  212. should I change to XR
  213. Adderall worked so well at first... what happened?
  214. Adderall ir not working?
  215. Adderall works as an Anti-Depressant for me
  216. Newbie on Adderall XR, feeling lethargic!
  217. replace my stims with more adderall.
  218. Adderall XR acts like instant release when taken with Magnesium
  219. generic adderall dextroamp-amphet er doesn't work!! Help!!
  220. Oops, I took a Cranberry Pill this morning. When should I take my Adderall?
  221. Any Way to Reduce the Pounding Headache from adderall generic?
  222. You're Smart. Party Smart.
  223. Adderall capped at 60mg/day per DEA
  224. Adderall is an epic balancing act
  225. Afternoon dosing adderall xr concerns?
  226. Considering switching medications
  227. Another Adderall withdrawal thread
  228. Inconsistencies with medication
  229. Adderall makes me hungry, after I eat I crash
  230. paranoia and depression after 1 year on adderall
  231. I need advice and help. Don't know what to do =[
  232. Can't function without Adderall, but I don't like it. Should I quit?
  233. Adderall XR if Vyvanse was bad???
  234. Post-patent dispute, all adderall sucks. Tried various manufacturers. My experience.
  235. Sandoz Generic in Southern Michigan?
  236. adderall and adrenal fatigue
  237. First Week on Adderall, Some Thoughts
  238. New to Addforums HI!! & HEADACHE questions
  239. Adderall for job interview?
  240. adderall and alcohol
  241. First dose was harmless, second dose brought me hell.
  242. I am new, I am having weird side affects need help
  243. Withdrawal no matter how long i take adderall
  244. How long should the proper dose last?
  245. Adderal side effects
  246. Adderall xr does not work for me.
  247. Why isn't my Adderall working today?
  248. Switched from adderall 30mg xr to 20mg ir twice a day
  249. high dose of adderall; no effect
  250. Thinking about trying Adderall and Dex combo