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  1. nasal congestion and adderal
  2. A couple questions regarding Adderall.
  3. New to Adderall: 20mg XR Crash Reduction
  4. Adderall Information
  5. I'm hating adderall!!
  6. Proper Storage Container/Environment for Adderall (Generic)
  7. Does Adderall eat muscle??
  8. Adderall and getting you dose raised question.
  9. Not sure if its the adderall or Tolerance
  10. 90-Day Script Question
  11. Generic Side Effects
  12. I Didn't know this would be complicated.
  13. Is my growing tolerance normal?
  14. Adderall is making me sleep?
  15. weight loss
  16. Supplement timing with adderall
  17. Does this switch make sense? Opinions please!
  18. Learning About Myself
  19. Adderall taking hours to do anything
  20. How To Get The Most Out Of Your Dose (exercise, diet, supplements, sleep, timing etc)
  21. What is going on with me!?!?!
  22. ADD/ ADHD situation
  23. Adderal and weight gain?
  24. Question regarding dr required urine testing
  25. XR/IR & appetite suppression.
  26. Day 7 of Adderall XR... kind of a struggle. Any advice? (VERY detailed post)
  27. Adderall pain
  28. 1 Year Review of Adderall Generics
  29. Afib Risk?
  30. Good Days and bad days, theories?
  31. Pdoc wont up adderall, added Effexor
  32. How long does Adderall IR last for you?
  33. Can't find the right Adderall dosage! Any help/input appreciated!!
  34. Adderall and Urine Analysis
  35. Does Adderall dehydrate you?
  36. Anyone have experience with adderall + phenylpiracetam?
  37. Adderall and fast food... a big no no?
  38. Just Started Adderall -Is This Normal
  39. full blown stimulant psychosis
  40. Building resistance to adderall
  41. My second year on Adderall
  42. New meds and no help
  43. Will my doctor prescribe me Adderall or what?
  44. Taking adderall for a year - Scared
  45. Adderall IR Brand Name - Does it exist?
  46. Adderall IR vs XR for Adult ADHD
  47. What has worked for you, adderall tolerance reduction?
  48. joint pain something to worry about??
  49. Is it me or the Adderall?
  50. Currently taking 20mg XR and have a tolerance question.
  51. Anyone know how long a script is valid for in illinois
  52. Nausea on Adderall?
  53. Ng/ml
  54. Music
  55. Amphetamine salts making me sick
  56. Adderall effects and body size?
  57. Doctor switches me to Concerta without telling me after being on adderall for months?
  58. Questioning ADD adderall right
  59. How to ask for a med change?
  60. Adderall XR Tampering? Uneve
  61. Adderall XR and IR dosage question
  62. Arrested for driving under the influence of my taken-as-directed, legitimate adderall
  63. Tramadol and adderal???
  64. Can Adderall be transferred through saliva?
  65. My experiecne with Adderall XR (20 mg)
  66. What brand of adderall is this?
  67. On Adderall and terrified.
  68. Drugs secondary to Adderall for emotional regulation problems
  69. Blue 3060 Actavi doesn't feel right
  70. Generic brand diffrences, for those who think there is a diffrence
  71. Adderall dissolve under tongue make side affects go away???
  72. How soon should I increase my dosage?
  73. Prescription Refills
  74. Inconsistent benefits from Adderall
  75. Adderall in Spain?
  76. Having reaction to adderall or is it me?
  77. Sandoz to be supplied by Shire for XR
  78. Two weeks on adderall, i dont understand whats wrong....
  79. Some questions/concerns about long term Adderall use. Thanks for the help
  80. Switched to adderall from Ritalin
  81. What are sudden panic attacks caused from?
  82. Growing up on Adderall
  83. At a loss with Adderall?
  84. More than 60mg?
  85. Need options after 10 years of Adderall...
  86. Too much Adderall XR, not enough, or the wrong med?
  87. a few days in to adderall, and i hate it
  88. Adderall: NO Coffee (Please check this thread if you may want)
  89. Dr. Discontinued meds without notice
  90. Switched to Adderall!
  91. Filling Adderall prescription
  92. New to Adderall, hear voices trying to sleep (low dose)
  93. strange side effect?
  94. First day on Adderall went well.
  95. Adderall IR and Meals
  96. adderall xr + running
  97. Been on Adderall xr 10mg for 2 weeks now...
  98. Do you really need a higher dosage because you don't feel "high?"
  99. Why isn't my Adderall working?
  100. What will I be perscribed?
  101. Figuring out how to take Adderall
  102. Jaw Problems Since Taking Adderall
  103. Adderall and OCD
  104. Adderall and Ginseng Complex
  105. problem with adderall and cymbalta
  106. Some Advice on filling your script! Especially if you moved
  107. Where can I get Adderall in California? Buy, Source, Shortage?
  108. Adderall IR sudden shorter duration? Inconsistent?
  109. Teva/Barr vs Sandoz
  110. New to ADHD meds need advice
  111. Do adderall side effects go away?
  112. stimulant psychosis mistreated
  113. Adderall on/off and on again?
  114. Can your ADHD be worse during the down times when taking Adderall on/off
  115. I need input/thoughts on my final dose trial before I switch meds.
  116. adderall for depression
  117. Adderall and Hyperfocusing
  118. Barr vs Core Pharm Mfr? IR
  119. Problem with recently filled Adderall 10MG IR TEVA??
  120. Adderall and Alchohol, should I be worried? (AKA **** Mom!)
  121. Traveling to Japan, need substitute for adderall
  122. Icy hot feeling in chest
  123. Adderol Dosage issues, advice needed..
  124. Adderol Dosage issues, advice needed..
  125. adderall xr and IR in the same day?
  126. Looking for reassurance on effectiveness
  127. adderall making me feel exhausted when it takes effect
  128. Shire ADDerall XR 10 mg vs Barr Mixed amp salts IR 20mg
  129. New to Adderall XR and first Refil
  130. does adderall work better with exercise, and less well if you are inactive?
  131. stuck on where to go from here
  132. Correct dosing adderral
  133. First days Adderall XR question.
  134. Really odd/bad sideffects anyone have the same problem?
  135. Trouble Swallowing after starting Adderall
  136. help with ADD drugs/questions
  137. Impatient adderall
  138. Is there a shortage again?
  139. Combating rebound
  140. XR vs IR, and a few questions about the meds
  141. recently diagnosed
  142. Adderall and Diet Soda
  143. I think I know why I was having difficulty swallowing after taking Adderall
  144. Head pressure from Adderall?
  145. weird pharmacy/doctor issue
  146. Side effects - IBS, zombie feeling
  147. How to communicate with doctor?
  148. adderall help new member
  149. How soon can you drink an acidic beverage after taking Adderall?
  150. think its time for a change?
  151. Adderall causing bed acid reflux??
  152. Confusion over Teva/Barr again
  153. first dose amazing, then total zombie effect!
  154. Finally, my first day on meds.
  155. Flushed face when taking adderall??!
  156. Adderall and empathy
  157. First day taking adderall no effects??
  158. Pink/White/Peach 20 mgs? Two 10 mgs equal one 20 mg?
  159. Anyone know of a pharmacy with 20 mgs in stock?
  160. On Adderall since more than 3 weeks and dosen't feel any change !
  161. Tired and unfocused
  162. Good for Brain, Bad for Body?
  163. Adderall XR Sample?
  164. Help!!! Need adderall dosage advice!!
  165. Adderal xr and ir??
  166. Aetna Bulletin Updated Jan 01 2014 - Max 60mg/day restriction
  167. 1st 1.5 months on Adderall experiences - would like some feedback
  168. Adderall and 5 HTP any experiences
  169. Second day on Adderall xr 20mg and doesn't seem to be working for me
  170. Does this seem like a high dosage?
  171. How long Does Adderall stay in system?
  172. 20 mg adderall is lasting me 2.5 hours. 120 mg / day???
  173. abused meth 5 months, adderall not the same
  174. Does the generic brand really make a difference?
  175. Does getting the script filled get easier?
  176. TEVA side effects
  177. Uh oh...
  178. A little scared to start on Adderall!
  179. First time taking adderall. Please read.
  180. Sandoz much stronger?
  181. 4 months after official diagnosis (new member)
  182. Can 5mg work for a man of my size?
  183. How to get through until insurance auth?
  184. Adderall concerns and questions
  185. Super B Complex
  186. New to Adderall, wondering if insomnia will improve after first week or so? + more…
  187. better senses?
  188. Brand New to ADD please answer some questions !
  189. Staph Infection/Acne
  190. Adderall xr price
  191. new to Adderal
  192. Weight loss..
  193. XR Dosage confusion - help?
  194. My experience with food/acid blockers/magnesium
  195. Modest Adderall/Zoloft success story: Today I got published :)
  196. Just got prescribed adderall, doctor wants a urine test?
  197. Best for Adderall XR sleep Clonazepam 0.5 or trazodone 100mg
  198. Hello, first week of 30MG Teva Amphetamine Salts
  199. Just started adderall; Quick Question
  200. Is it bad to take a .5 clonazepam with an adderall xr 30mg
  201. please read, need advice on dose
  202. would drug use years ago affect how Adderall works today?
  203. What helps decrease adderall enlarged pupils?
  204. 1st Time Poster - 10 Year Adderall User - need advice
  205. Treating Chest Pain While on Adderall
  206. Long term Adderrall use
  207. what boosts the adderall xr
  208. Adderall...lowers my heart rate?
  209. I hate this medicine, need advice.
  210. How should i go about getting my dose changed?
  211. Hmm, not sure what to write here
  212. New Adderall user -- should I feel it working?
  213. Best foods to eat ON Adderall XR
  214. Acidic foods and coffee with Adderall XR
  215. when is it a good time to take clonazepam .5 with your adderall?
  216. Prescribed Adderall for the first time, i need advice!
  217. how to deal with adderal comedown without benzos?
  218. What does diet soda do to adderall?
  219. Anyone else get really COLD/chills from Adderall?
  220. What is the maximum Safe dose of adderall xr that you can take in one day?
  221. Don't be silly...Adderall XR is for kids!
  222. Can there be a difference from basically the same thing? (IR 10mg v. 20mg pill)
  223. Just started. Not feeling much. Should I?
  224. Is it possible to build up immunity to my adderall?
  225. Loss of sex-drive
  226. how I get a longer work day with adderall IR
  227. Does anyone not crash?
  228. Adderall IR stops working after meal?
  229. Storage temp & Adderall
  230. Why did I feel euphoric a couple hours after taking Adderall XR
  231. adderall and labor?
  232. Amphetamine tolerance.
  233. Difference between Dextroamphetamine and Amphetamine salts
  234. Adderall Making Me Nauseeous?
  235. Methylprednisolone and Adderall
  236. Kris's Adderall Tolerance
  237. Absolutely no effects from adderall so far
  238. New to Adderall
  239. Please help-- Switching from Adderall to Focalin
  240. Recently diagnosed. Adderall not working?
  241. switched to a xr .. less noticable side effects?
  242. Chelated Magnesium and ADDERALL XR
  243. Night Time Eating Problems
  244. How common is a bad batch of Adderall?
  245. Adderall 75mg?!
  246. Cold turkey advice
  247. Best way to deal with Adderall XR crash instead of taking another
  248. Adderall works best for most?
  249. Adderall is not helping!
  250. General Questions in regards to headaches/dizzyness/usage