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  1. Tapering ONTO Adderall
  2. Switching from Adderall IR to XR
  3. Prescription Meds that would help with Adderall comedown symptoms?
  4. Should I be switched?
  5. Medicaid coverage of Adderall (XR)
  6. Living with the Side-Effects of Adderall
  7. Dexedrine to Adderall conversion
  8. I'm not getting proper nutrition in my adderall. I know the
  9. Adderall Side Effects
  10. Anyone's symptoms get better during adderall COME DOWN?
  11. insurance hell= over!
  12. Switching from adderall XR to dextroamphetamine ER 45mg?
  13. Need advice from experienced Adderall users
  14. Adderall crash? Or losing effectiveness?
  15. I'm new. I need help. I don't know where to post.
  16. Help Please!!! Is Adderall right for me?
  17. Adderall & Creativity: HELP.
  18. Ran out of medication before appointment
  19. Sooo I'm staying medicated - Observations
  20. New to Adderall. Having trouble gauging effectiveness?
  21. Adderall Absorption & Prilosec: Stomach vs. Under the Tongue
  22. Adderall vs. Proton Pump Inhibitors like Prilosec & Prevacid
  23. Strattera & adderall combo?
  24. Multiple Questions!! - Help!
  25. Trazodone and adderall xr 30mg
  26. Adderall XR & Effexor? Success stories?
  27. Adderall IR is giving so many mixed signals.
  28. Day 2 of Adderal and suggestions?
  29. Pdoc; me and the Pharmasist
  30. How many days can u actually stay up on ADDERALL XR?
  31. 20mg XR, and 50mg Viagra
  32. Help!! Having pharmacy problems!!
  33. Adderall, still not able to concentrate
  34. help! how to avoid sleeping non stop after running out of adderall
  35. Can you get 30mg Adderall IR as a white tablet?
  36. Activis?? Not Adderall
  37. Activis?? Not Adderall
  38. Actavis problems
  39. Issues with Mallinckrodt generic adderall
  40. Not only has Adderall stopped working, it has made me feel horrible
  41. Cant find anything!
  42. white pill with M10 vs blue pill
  43. Should i take a magnesium supllement when talking adderal xr
  44. Will I experience withdrawal effects?
  45. my experiences with adderall
  46. Trying different meds and have questions
  47. Adderall XR - feeling shaky
  48. pre employment drug test
  49. Going from Dexedrine to Adderall IR. What can I expect?
  50. Which company makes the best generic Adderall?
  51. How long for adderall to build and how to prevent it?
  52. Adderall xR/eye
  53. uuugh Headache
  54. Complaining about Adderall and concerned for what is left of its future
  55. Weird feeling? First dose
  56. Trying to find that right medication..
  57. Withdrawal after taking Adderall for only a little bit over a month
  58. Adderall tolerance- Vyvanse replacement?
  59. Adderall not working?
  60. How to take adderall with insomnia and migranes prior...?
  61. Change in generics affecting performance? Blue 972 to White Square M
  62. Does Adderall increase stomach acid?
  63. No no food/drink?
  64. Why is Adderall making me sooooooo sleepy?
  65. A little question about Adderall and my pet snake.
  66. Switched from Adderall to Vyvanse
  67. Loss of smell, and fecal body odor
  68. Almost 30.. Just been told I have ADHD
  69. Adderall and elevated heart rate
  70. Sour stomach/gas pains
  71. Taken off Adderall XR due to PVC's..What now?
  72. Anyone use Adderall XR as needed?
  73. Improvement in hearing
  74. My adderall capsules froze overnight. Are they still Ok?
  75. Just prescribed Adderall 15 Mg Worried
  76. Interesting question
  77. Mallinckrodt "Adderall". Is this stuff Legit?
  78. Strange effect of adderall
  79. Adult ADHD, Adderall XR, Fatigue
  80. I took my first Adderall
  81. Not all generic Adderall is the same . . .
  82. What's Your Adderall Dose?
  83. Mitral valve regurgitation
  84. Foods to avoid/eat with Adderall XR?
  85. Adderall Relieving Migraines???
  86. Adderrall is better than Concerta?
  87. 5 mg adderall crash?
  88. Missed medication dose
  89. I thought Adderall was suppose to be my savior
  90. Adderall and Caffene
  91. Couple questions
  92. 2nd week on 20mg xr undesired results?
  93. Finishing a big presentation feels just like a stimulant crash
  94. Is this an adderall side effect?
  95. Finally a Forum that gives information on the affects on adderall
  96. How long do the effects of 5mg adderall last first time?
  97. Help w/underarm Sweating
  98. Adderrall just stopped working? After 1 month...
  99. Need a higher dosage
  100. Adderall and preworkout energy drinks. Just don't.
  101. So my Dr. skipped town...
  102. Going off Adderall
  103. Insurance won't cover twice-a-day quantity 15mg generic Adderall XRs.
  104. Getting tired on adderall
  105. Don't know what to do!!! IR? XR? another Med? More? Less? Sasquatch?
  106. Filling a script early in California
  107. Adderall IR dosing schedule
  108. Adderall causing Increased sex drive? Or decreased?
  109. Wellbutrin and adderall xr?
  110. Saw my doc. New dose que
  111. Pharmacy was holding out on adderall!
  112. Brain-dead after crash
  113. Odd Side Effect?
  114. Whey Protein + Adderall
  115. A bit scared of taking Adderall XR for the first time
  116. Higher dose may help?!!!!
  117. new insurance carrier denied XR prescription - any good reason?
  118. High dose may help!!
  119. Vaginal bleeding and adderall
  120. What dose is right for me?
  121. Managing Dehydration
  122. Adderall in the uk?
  123. Will they give me another script?
  124. help- mental focus but no motivation with Adderall
  125. Can't sleep after studying...
  126. Just started medication a few weeks ago, questions about tolerance buildup
  127. Adderall + SNRI/SSRIs?
  128. Want to try adderall again but scared of side effects
  129. Too much adderall - Definitely not 'high'
  130. Dose too high, too low, or just not right for me?
  131. Is it in my head?
  132. Hungry on Adderall
  133. Adderall and sleep problems
  134. Please help. Really struggling. If Adderall won't work for me, will anything?!
  135. First day on Adderall (generic)
  136. Stupid doctor and stupid insurance
  137. Diagnosed with ADHD, but stimulants give me nonstop ups and downs...
  138. Not the doses I should be taking, thoughts?
  139. Suggestions for switching dose
  140. Bad cardio and anxiety attack
  141. My First Dose Change
  142. Worse without in instrument?
  143. Stimulants causing confusion.....Anyone?
  144. So confused
  145. weight/non stimulant/unhealthy
  146. Stimulates and Anxiety
  147. Blood Pressure/Anxiety Issue
  148. Different throughout the day?
  149. Adderall xr stopped working after benzo discontinuation???
  150. TEVA/BARR Brand Name
  151. Looking for Advice
  152. A little idea for my fellow ADHDers
  153. Possible Side Effects? Heartburn and Typing Problems...
  154. My experience with Adderall IR vs. XR
  155. Adderall Xr 30mg Generic
  156. Feeling zombie-ish
  157. Adderall and Teas
  158. Unbearable Exhaustion on Adderall XR
  159. first time adderall but no effect
  160. Magnesium, calcium, and Adderall tolerance
  161. swollen handa
  162. Adderall stack combo? magnesium ect.
  163. Making the case for Adderall/Dexedrine to be downgraded to Schedule 3
  164. A week on Adderall XR 10mg and feeling drunk
  165. Gag reflex/dry heaving with Adderall
  166. Very strange side effect of massive weight gain
  167. changing adderall timing for exam day?
  168. Adderall XR and Hair Loss
  169. Just some questions...
  170. Started taking Adderall XR 20mg
  171. Questions on certain generic IR & XR
  172. Adderall problems, thinking I need to switch- advice please
  173. Any chance of getting addrell on the nhs?
  174. Effectiveness... Is this normal?
  175. It takes me forever to do anything.
  176. Effects of Compensated Respiratory Acidosis on metabolism of medication
  177. Effects of Compensated Respiratory Acidosis on metabolism of medication
  178. Beware Of Strange Rx Policy Changes At Walgreens!
  179. Well it happened again
  180. Tramadol safe with Adderall?
  181. advice for an adderall newbie
  182. "chest problems"
  183. Aetna doesn't think my adderall dose is a "medical necessity"
  184. My first IR EVAH!
  185. Corepharma "Adderall" insomnia side effect?
  186. is it working?
  187. Inconsistent effects of adderall, getting all over the place
  188. Free Advice Please!?!?
  189. adderall not working, after break
  190. Is There a Lawyer in the House?
  191. ADD-I and Hating Adderall so Far
  192. Anyone else have their meds on a PRN (take as needed) basis?
  193. Increasing Adderall dose
  194. Cymbalta plus Adderall or Dexedrine
  195. HELP!! Adderall IR Makes Me Nauseous and go #2 Alot
  196. Do I need to increase my IR dosage?
  197. Sleeping problems with Adderall XR 20mg
  198. What Vitamins should you not take with Adderall
  199. Heart problems?
  200. Stomach problems with adderall.
  201. Adderall IR - having strange side effects
  202. difference taking three 10 mg adderall xr or one 30 mg?
  203. Alternative to adderall
  204. Back on meds after 4 year break , help !!!
  205. Adderall, Wellbutrin and Hypertension
  206. Urgent: Bad doctor advice on dosing-please tell me if this is realistic
  207. Ugh! How long before the headaches stop??
  208. Allergic to Adderall?? OR just Bad Reaction?? Orrr...neither?
  209. Travel prescription option in CA?
  210. Cross tolerance
  211. I want my old script back...
  212. ADD Newcomer
  213. ADHD seems worse-dose help
  214. Muscle tension or heart problem?
  215. In the ER for a refill...
  216. Adderall XR Release and Absorption
  217. New to adderall IR please help!
  218. Adderall and Study Abroad/Out of State Provider
  219. Refill Visit Gone WAY Wrong! A True WTF Moment. Unprofessionalism At It's Very Best!
  220. New IR + XR dose
  221. Adderall teeth grinding
  222. Adderall's affect on paranoia/self doubt
  223. Is there a reasonable prescription regime to have Adderall last most of the day?
  224. Exercise on adderall
  225. About to go 2 weeks without adderall and scared! advice needed!!
  226. Problem: Focus but no motivation - anyone find a solution??
  227. Do's and Don'ts of Adderall
  228. Any way to get around insurance not wanting to pay for my prescription?
  229. Dilated pupils
  230. Declining response to meds?
  231. New Side Effects out of Nowhere!
  232. Adderall puts me into a daze. Anyone else?
  233. Moved from IR to XR, extremely fatigued
  234. Anyone else's meds affect them differently after first child?
  235. Don't know where else to post this- need to vent
  236. Does Sandoz still make Adderall?
  237. Adderall make anyone else very talkative?
  238. Dosing Questions: Approaching Dr
  239. Middle of the night insomnia?
  240. First week not feeling focused. HELP!!
  241. Teeth tapping when working, nail biting when coming down
  242. Someone please help!
  243. Afternoon Exhaustion!
  244. I schedule my day based on my medication.
  245. white octogon shaped generic from costco
  246. Different generic, OCD behavior?
  247. Stopping Adderall after a few months
  248. Adderall Makes Me
  249. Adderall and BP Meds
  250. Fizzing out at day 6?