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  1. Stopping adderall once a week?
  2. Generation Adderall 2014
  3. Adderall generics vs brand name
  4. Adderall and biotin deficiency?
  5. Adderall Brain Fog!
  6. Saying Goodbye to Adderall & Hello to Dexedrine
  7. Working out on adderall.
  8. Magnesium Chelates vs. Magnesium Chloride
  9. generic adderall isn't working for me
  10. Refill for International Travel
  11. Adderall Ineffective- Please advise! It's my fault!
  12. Beginning adderall questions
  13. Your experience? Dosing 20mg IR 3X/Day
  14. Quitting Adderall Cold Turkey
  15. building up a tolerance?
  16. Ripped off by Mallinckrodt (generic Adderall)
  17. can someone please explain "reuptake" to me?
  18. Refilling Adderall RX
  19. Considering going off Adderall. Whats the closest/next best thing?????!
  20. Medicaid Appeal for Coverage of Adderall
  21. New user of medication
  22. ADD and medication
  23. On a week, Off a week?
  24. New to adderall
  25. New to Adderall. Brain Fog. Not enough Calories?
  26. Adderall IR and Guanfacine (Intuniv) Combo?
  27. Stopped taking after three years - Withdrawals?
  28. need to refill adderall for trip
  29. Prescribed 5mg adderall ir but not working well, Follow up tomorrow.
  30. Please do not hate the NEWBIE with tons of questions!!
  31. bad batch of adderall or snri interaction?
  32. anything besides caffiene to fix fatigue ?
  33. Best Generic Adderall?
  34. weird effects?
  35. Adderall Ups & Downs
  36. Worst Pain of My Life After Switching to Adderall
  37. Triple-Bead Adderall XR is finally coming
  38. Can't find any explanation for enhanced senses after stimulant use
  39. Does adderall make you feel more appreciative?
  40. Does Adderall lose its effectiveness after a while?
  41. Do you take Adderall With or Without food? (Breakfast time)
  42. Thinking of Switching from Ritalin to Adderall
  43. Starting Adderall XR tomorrow
  44. Adderall efficacy issue?
  45. med change. issues, ugh.
  46. Adderall - Gum recession, Dry mouth
  47. Miami adderall manufactures. Where do you get your adderall? Help!
  48. After Adderall, What's Next?
  49. Looking for opinions about my changing my current Adderall dosage
  50. Same dosage but one is XR
  51. Is there any point of switching from Concerta to Adderall?
  52. corepharma generic is different now
  53. Newly diagnosed and starting adderall ir
  54. adderall 20xr help please!!
  55. Adderall still doesn't help
  56. Does Weight Affect Adderall Dose
  57. Tongue Spots from Adderall?
  58. Adderall making me feel sick, dizzy, and drowsy
  59. After a few days of Adderall... (long)
  60. adderall xr brand vs. generic
  61. will i have withdrawals after taking adderall for one week?
  62. Does Adderall help with procrastination?
  63. Adderall/Insurance/Doctor Serious Inquiry
  64. Doctor retiring thinking of retiring adderall as well
  65. First time adderall journal
  66. Scared to Take Adderall
  67. Dosage increase NOTHING like that I expected.
  68. time.
  69. side effect from generic ir
  70. Do I have anything to worry about? Discussing increased dosage.
  71. Mallinckrodt Generic Adderall IR
  72. first pill of adderall
  73. Does the length of adderall effects decrease over time?
  74. 4th Day on Adderall
  75. Currently on 15MG XR -- Dosage question
  76. Adderall XR CAUSING spaciness, zoned out feeling on higher doses?
  77. Diet
  78. Adderall IR MFG actavis opinions?
  79. ********Adderall Question before next appointment********
  80. Cost effective Adderall or Alternative?
  81. what works best?
  82. adderall headaches
  83. Adderall 3x a day?
  84. Adderall XR Dosage Opinion? | Am I Burn't out?
  85. right lower pelvic pain
  86. Vyvanse & Concerta don't work... anyone else? And any hope?
  87. What is it "supposed" to feel like?
  88. Generic brands, Corepharma vs Barr
  89. Question regarding Adderall; Appreciate responses
  90. Did anyone try Ritalin before they got Adderall?
  91. Adderall questions
  92. How to know if Adderall XR is working in a child
  93. Pain with Adderall XR? Desperate to find relief please help!!
  94. HELP! How to stop trembling :S
  95. I have mono. Any ideas when I can take my meds again?
  96. Withdrawal & Depression HELP!
  97. adding in cymbalta.
  98. Frustrated with generic Adderall
  99. Bioequivelance and the FDA
  100. trouble filling adderall prescription/finding pharmacies carrying a specific generic
  101. How did you know you needed a higher dose?
  102. Urinary / Bladder Issue While Taking Adderall IR
  103. Lexapro + Adderall Exhausted!
  104. Adderall issues. Appointment tomorrow! Appreciate input.
  105. Finally found perfect Adderall Dosage Regimen
  106. Adderall Doc
  107. How do your take your Adderall?
  108. Adderall and falling asleep...
  109. Questions Regarding Adderall XR for Daily Use
  110. Recently developed anxious reaction to Adderal IR/XR
  111. Evening problem & don't know what to do :(
  112. Adderall IR question
  113. 16-hour adderall to come in 2015?
  114. Adderall XR -- Appointment this week
  115. Is this type of dosing normal? (Generic IR)
  116. Dosage advice please!
  117. strange thing happening.
  118. Avoiding Vitamin C and acids?
  119. Too much adderall I think - Can I negate it somehow?
  120. IL Medicaid Limbo?
  121. Adderall Dosage Advice Please!!
  122. Feel like a mess
  123. Thoughts on Corepharma IR amphetamine salts? Has it changed ?
  124. Sinus issues on amphetamines, always!
  125. New generic
  126. Questions about Adderall, Focus, and Motivation
  127. Questions about leg cramps
  128. How do you know if you're taking too much amphetamine medication?
  129. Adderall after an all-nighter... not a good idea.
  130. Random Stomach Pains?
  131. Weight loss on Adderall?
  132. Dosage question
  133. Adderall XR and Vyvanse questions
  134. adderall xr peaks valleys. I will keep this simple.
  135. The changes Adderall has made for me
  136. Aurobindo Adderall IR 20mg No good?
  137. Amphetamine salts used for something other than ADHD?
  138. Adderall vs ritilan
  139. Teva to Aurobindo - differences?
  140. Is it possible I having an adderall comedown from only 4 days of usage?
  141. Taking Adderall IR for Social Phobia/Anxiety
  142. Adderall + Dietary Supplements for those who are athetes
  143. Is Adderall a good start?
  144. Side effects - Shortness of breath
  145. No appetite during day, then at night im STARVING and eat everything in sight.
  146. First Time, Adderal patient
  147. XR pills vs short acting, is there a difference?
  148. Are there any supplements to help with irritability??
  149. Adderall conversion to vyvanse
  150. Ask dr for increased dosage
  151. What dosage of Adderall do I need?
  152. No more!
  153. Adderall, Weight loss, lightheaded
  154. Opinions on my situation?
  155. Adderall shortage
  156. Questions about adderall
  157. exhaustion
  158. Adderall - Nausea, Appetite loss, depression, lack of Energy... but still need it!
  159. Should I request a dose increase now? +other questions
  160. Getting prescribed adderall and xanax(or any other benzo or downer)
  161. Heart Rate Increase
  162. Weight gain on amphetamines, frustrating!
  163. adderall used to work no longer does??
  164. Problem with urine test for adderall script
  165. Adderall IR and RNY Stomach Bypass Problems
  166. Do get nausea after eating while on Adderall?
  167. Adderall
  168. Adderall alternatives for less crash/side effects? (Dexedrine IR/ER, Vyvanse)
  169. Having strong cigarette craving on adderall
  170. Adderal withdrawl causing asthma symptoms?
  171. Thinking about quiting Adderall
  172. Another teeth clenching/grinding question
  173. Taking both Adderall and Ritalin? Yay or nay?
  174. Sleepy on Adderall - please help!
  175. Adderall xr dosage
  176. random months/script refills of uneffective adderall?
  177. 2x20 to 3x20 a day?
  178. New Here - Adderall Problems
  179. Suddenly experiencing dizziness
  180. New Dr. requesting blood test, errors on rx slip, monthly fee..
  181. Starting Adderall Monday
  182. Adderall suddenly causes depression, anxiety, etc., after years without issue
  183. The "kick"
  184. Switching Back
  185. Refilling perscription early at diff pharmacy...
  186. Adderall causing rapid weight loss
  187. Adderall cloudy feel help ASAP
  188. Recently diagnosed, Concerns about Switching Meds
  189. Help with quitting adderrall
  190. Taking adderall long term - questions!
  191. Adderall & emotions!
  192. GP or Psyho
  193. Adderall Cold Turkey-Need Advice ASAP
  194. Adderall side effects
  195. PMS/Hormones Interfering with Adderall? - Please Help!
  196. Confusion! Getting two different Adderall prescriptions from two different doctors?
  197. Taking Adderall as needed
  198. Dosage change-please help
  199. Anxiety Meds & Adderall - Reccomendations?
  200. Does exercise metabolize an IR dose noticeably faster?
  201. Adderall and Cold Sores
  202. Quick Question - which generic is this?
  203. Still new to adderall, had some questions
  204. Adderall XR- Headache
  205. Aderral XR help
  206. Adderall redosing
  207. do certain medications nullify adderall?
  208. Adderall can lead to Parkison's disease?
  209. Adderall is there something wrong?
  210. how do you know when your meds wear off?
  211. New to being Medicated
  212. New Adderral user and need advice!
  213. I feel like my brain is begging me to don't put her/him back on meds
  214. Pharmacy switched manufacturer for my dosage.
  215. Adderall XR and Celexa - anyone?
  216. Adderall IR & food
  217. Manic episode triggered by Adderall
  218. Adderall and Poor Circulation\Coldness?
  219. Should I Ask for a Booster?
  220. Adderall Generics and Lactose
  221. Differing effects from generics?
  222. How Much is "Too Much"?
  223. Recent adult adhd diagnosis. Lots of questions
  224. What is written on my adderall prescription
  225. Not working
  226. Any former tweakers able to use Adderall with no problems
  227. Change in Meds
  228. Neck and Upper Back Pain on Sandoz
  229. L-glutamine and adderall XR
  230. Adderall: all the time or just sometimes?
  231. Anxiety attacks for first 30 minutes of adderall?
  232. How to convince doc to let me try adderall ? Is it really unsafe / frowned upon?
  233. Figuring out dosage please help
  234. Does Adderall Make You Sleepy Too?
  235. I feel like Adderall is just getting me high...
  236. Did I increase my tolorence to adderall? Advise on dosage?
  237. Who's on Adderall + SSRIs?
  238. Can I simply ASK for name brand?
  239. Newly prescribed Adderall... What am I supposed to be feeling?
  240. Smell like maple syrup
  241. Questions on Adderall.
  242. Adderall tolerance
  243. IR to XR is this a dosage change?
  244. Making ADHD worse?
  245. Finally getting treatment (Long post)
  246. What Adderall IR generic did you get from CVS recently?
  247. About to give up on adderall & try something else PLEASE HELP!
  248. Adderall not working or not right dose?
  249. Adderall vs other ADHD medication?
  250. Corepharma Adderall IR Better Than Before- Anyone Notice?