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  1. Corepharma Adderall IR Better Than Before- Anyone Notice?
  2. DHEA-S Hormone with Adderall Use
  3. Adderall XR + Wellbutrin + Effexor
  4. Adderall XR + Effexor XR + Klonopin
  5. Trouble with getting brand name Adderall Experience
  6. Getting Shire Adderall XR?
  7. Adderall and Nicotine Cessation
  8. Adderall not working as well
  9. Feedback on Actavis 30mg
  10. Initial ADHD Prescription
  11. Adderall No Longer Working Very Well?
  12. Will adderal help my speaking issue?
  13. Getting a prescription from a walk-in clinic
  14. Dexedrine or Adderall, Please help,
  15. Scared and Confused.. Newly Diagnosed ADHD
  16. Dexedrine/Stat vs Adderall: Why is the difference so immense?
  17. World War II Pilots - Amphetamine and Schizophrenia / Parkinson's
  18. Accidental sublingual absorption - experience + questions
  19. Need advice what kind of Adderall to get in US
  20. Waking up early and eating breakfast!
  21. Covering Amphetamines and the Genuourinary Tract
  22. We are on the list....
  23. Positive mood supplements to take with Adderall xr?
  24. Adderall different effect after break??
  25. new to everything, taking adderall prescribed tommorrow!
  26. Adderall Usage
  27. Should I switch to Adderall?
  28. For the people who see their doctors quarterly
  29. Anyone have issues related to shortage??
  30. 60 mg xr adderall literally has NO EFFECT??
  31. Possible Issue to Consider: Food and Metabolism of a Drug
  32. Issues with requesting for stronger dose
  33. Adderall Honeymoon Phase
  34. Salivary Duct Stones from Mallinckrodt Generic Adderall IR?
  35. Adderall just ins't working. Help
  36. First 6 weeks on Adderall - Is this normal?
  37. Can adderall make me mad/sad?!
  38. Advice please!
  39. Adderall's "Laxative" Effect?
  40. Eon Labs/ Sandoz Changes?
  41. What am I supposed to feel on Adderall XR?
  42. Adderall is not effective for me?
  43. Timing
  44. Should I "feel" something on Adderall?
  45. Adderall xr 20mgs and stopping
  46. Sandoz in Boston area?
  47. Oops, I did it again...Mallinckrodt Adderall
  48. Got a script for adderall today
  49. Anyone take chantix and adderall?
  50. tolerance up, dr. says im at max - 60mg - dont know what tod
  51. Adderall works fine, great, and not at all.
  52. Started meds today
  53. Frequency of XR?
  54. Dermotophagia worse on Adderall
  55. adderall had me like..
  56. What to drink?
  57. Feeling tired and anxious
  58. How to go about getting back on Adderall?
  59. Why do I feel guilty taking adderall?
  60. Adderall has yet to work?
  61. Is it possible that 10mg is too high a dose?
  62. Got my higher dose but NOW: Bait and Switch!
  63. Scared of Swtiching to XR
  64. Adderall and external distractability
  65. Adderall and
  66. Akathisia (Internal Restlesness)
  67. Tiredness with Adderall IR?!
  68. Increased heart rate
  69. Insurance Company Switched Manufacturer...Very Poor Results
  70. Lots of symptoms - Long Term Damage?
  71. affording adderall
  72. Coupons for Shire Adderall?
  73. Alternating days on ephedrine/adderall
  74. ask dr. for adderall xr instead of the regular 20mg 2x a day
  75. Energy with XR. Lazy with IR.
  76. adderall xr in morning, drinking alcohol at night?
  77. filling Adderall
  78. Instant tea has citric acid
  79. Really worried Help Needed feeling like fainting after nootropics and adderall use
  80. What your doctor means when he says "you are not supposed to feel your adhd med"
  81. Adderall and Electrolytes
  82. Shortage???!!
  83. Well hello again adderall and question about xr vs ir
  84. What's your sweet spot?
  85. Anyone notice anything different about the 20mg IR Barr's?
  86. Best substances/supplements for Adderall recovery?
  87. Some pills are super sweet?
  88. Adderall Effects
  89. Scary Side Effects?
  90. Adderall make you appreciate things?
  91. Medicaid/Adderall
  92. What is easy to eat?
  93. Is it very different if I take Adderal xr 30 mg instead of 25 mg?
  94. Long-term use, ending amph. use?
  95. Experienced Advice Please!
  96. How high (dose) have you gone?
  97. Who takes Adderall and serotonergic antidepressants?
  98. Need advice on my anxiety from Adderall.
  99. Varied results and question about focus
  100. any advice for adult pursuing prior authorization (insurance doesn't cover med) in Ca
  101. Adderall and dosages
  102. Adderall helps to keep cold sores away?
  103. Adderall and my exhusband
  104. trying to figure out dosages
  105. Aurolife generic? Stomach ache?
  106. Taking Adderall after Concussion?
  107. Getting frustrated.
  108. Very short acting.
  109. What's the deal with this?
  110. Asking psychiatrist for more adderall (increased duration)
  111. Recently prescribed Adderall
  112. Splitting the tablet
  113. Do you really develop tolerance?
  114. Does adderall ruin you physically and mentally?
  115. FINALLY Adderall upped
  116. Telling Pdoc I quit Adderall?
  117. Losing weight
  118. Panic Attacks years after use...
  119. Not itchy, red blotchy skin?
  120. How do any of you get your psychiatrist to increase your dose over 40 mgs per day?
  121. Going Off Adderall After 12 Years, Looking For Inspiration!
  122. Adderall.....a 1 year ramble. Love/Hate Adderall...I type too much /sad :(
  123. I'm about to buy some gloves mofo!
  124. Your help is much Appreciated!
  125. Switching from Corepharma to Sandoz generic Adderall IR, any experience?
  126. Adderall Psychosis
  127. Mainly Adderall but switched to concerta, the story!
  128. Changing Adderall dosage
  129. adderall ruined me... need help please
  130. Adderall/ Dextroamphetamine xr discount?
  131. Adderall-Cerebral Vasoconstriction-Brain Damage?
  132. Adderall relieves my social anxiety??
  133. Dosing Times?
  134. Dosage help! I think I have tolerance already.
  135. Remind me not to do that again!!
  136. If you take xr
  137. Actavis 30 mg IR tablet irony
  138. Doctor insists she gave me my refill script but she did not.
  139. Fears
  140. Switched to generic: acne and bloody nose?
  141. Trouble staying focused on adderall
  142. Am I a mutant?
  143. Does generic brand matter?
  144. Still looking for a psychiatrist that can go over 40mgs limit semi results
  145. Am I in trouble?
  146. Please read and reply, my Adderall doses are 25mgs XR and 5mgs IR
  147. Adderal IR and stopping cold turkey.
  148. Wrong dose of Adderrall
  149. Adderall IR only 1x/day?
  150. Should I try a new med?
  151. My first month and last month on adderall
  152. Adderall xr and drug holiday
  153. Side Effects/Withdrawal?
  154. What's happening to me?
  155. Did any of you get a CBC, COMP, TSH, and EKG for adderall?
  156. Adderall IR to XR
  157. The insurance wars
  158. Current price of IR
  159. Hiatal Hernia
  160. Concerta 72mg to vyvanse, adderall or?
  161. Is 10mg of Adderal XR a low dose?
  162. Lessening efficacy & worsening side effect.
  163. a few questions about adderall...
  164. Do you think the pharmacy will do this?
  165. Ran out...
  166. anyone feel too "normal" with adderall?
  167. how much does sleep & food affect ur mood with adderall?
  168. Is it me or is it the Adderall?
  169. Panic...
  170. Dose issues but don't want to appear a drug seeker
  171. Adderall and Convergence Insufficiency and neurotoxicity
  172. facial flushing, red nose- adderall
  173. Newly discovered ADD, what is the average dose?
  174. Dosage just reduced, very emotional
  175. Adderall question
  176. problems with generic adderall
  177. Food interaction
  178. Adderall sleep issues: Cant sleep through the night
  179. Global Pharm Adderall XR 30 mg
  180. Adderall XR vs. Focalin XR
  181. New evaluation?
  182. adderall/dex diet
  183. A little nervous about Adderall
  184. Question about prescription filling
  185. Was your growth affected by Adderall?
  186. Adderall questions
  187. Adderall and stomach upset
  188. cramping feeling and weak feeling muscles from adderall?
  189. Post from another forum about doses
  190. Losing "excitement" for things
  191. anyone on cymbalta & adderall?
  192. Adderall, more norepinephrine than dopamin?
  193. Doctor prescribing too high a dose -- what do I do?
  194. Visual Snow
  195. adderall causing blackheads
  196. Adderall for a lifetime?
  197. Filling prescription with/without insurance?
  198. Tics
  199. How did your last medicine evaluation appointment go?
  200. adderall doesnt work during PMS/menstruation--or just not as well?
  201. Strange, Intense Rush??
  202. Adderall 10mg IR vs XR
  203. Adderall XR suddenly causing insomnia
  204. Summarizing my thoughts to get them out of my brain
  205. Teva's 30 mg brand name
  206. Changing from Focalin XR to generic adderall
  207. Won't have meds for 5 days
  208. This work's ya'll, how to to still be normal on ADD meds, my opinion
  209. Won't have meds for 5 days
  210. Protocol for finding a new physician?
  211. Ranbaxy Adderall
  212. Anyone had luck getting insurance to cover Namenda/Memantine (for Adderall tolerance)
  213. Adderall and Lemotrigine
  214. Adderall 2X Day but when?
  215. Just curious - and a little annoyed
  216. chest pain/achy
  217. exercise - tachycardia
  218. Adderall IR and high BP
  219. Adderall stigma in Boulder causing guilt help me!
  220. Extremely low heart rate without Adderall?
  221. Is this normal?
  222. Essential Oils for ADHD?
  223. Adderall and lexapro combo for a anxious ADDer?
  224. Adderall Booster?
  225. Does your doctor write this down on your script?
  226. How do I know if I am addicted?
  227. 30mg IR x3 daily?
  228. Cold + Adderall?
  229. Exercise Overstimulation - Adderall
  230. Is Adderall XR supposed this horrible?
  231. Could IR be causing insomna if on XR for a while?
  232. Starting to get really angry. 7 months off Adderall and I'm still withdrawing.
  233. Need Advice on Actavis xr!
  234. Adderall Questions and Drug Tests
  235. Medication problems, please help!!
  236. Freaked out about stopping Adderall -- I want support
  237. Dosing question/self advocating
  238. Is 60 mg a day a safe dose of IR adderall?
  239. New to Adderal. Took 20mg of xr for a week
  240. Adderall XR Drug Testing
  241. newly diagnosed - switching from IR to XR
  242. Trying Sandoz generic Adderall for the first time
  243. Aurobindo/Aurolife Generic 30mg Adderall
  244. Newly Diagnosed-Medications having no effect
  245. Ever get sick of your adderall?
  246. 18 year old trying to get off medicine after 10+ years
  247. Burning Red Extremities!
  248. permissible to fill remaining portion
  249. Any one here from Bangladesh..Need Help:confused:
  250. I am on Adderall XR 30MG - don't feel it 'working' as it used to