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  1. Adderal 30mg XR
  2. Regular Adderall use kills my immune system
  3. Adderall XR dosage too extreme?
  4. Medication Holiday ** not the meds** made me suicidal
  5. Can adderall hurt your liver?
  6. Worked great; now side effects have taken over
  7. Teva 30mg Pills Seem To Be Getting....
  8. Adderall side effects
  9. Newly Diagnosed ADHD
  10. Jaw Clenching/Tongue Thrusting/Biting Gums after discontinuation
  11. Side effects > benefits
  12. Adderall and just prescribed Lyrica (Need Advice as I am freaking out)
  13. Do you prefer Barr or Sandoz?
  14. First time taking adderall
  15. New medication and a few questions
  16. Adderall XR, percent crossing into breast milk
  17. only 4 month and i feel i need an increase already
  18. Does the left chest soreness side effect go away?
  19. NYS (new york state) Can I still fill 90 day prescription?
  20. can't find new psych to prescribe? help?
  21. Adderall vs. Vyvanse
  22. Adderall and concerta
  23. How generic companies test their products
  24. 40mg XR daily long term?
  25. Need Feedback on Adderall
  26. First week-processing and aurobindo?s
  27. Can you request another generic from chain pharmacies?
  28. Stopped due to fear..
  29. Trying not to throw in the towel in stimulants.....
  30. Didn't truly understand how much medication helped until I ran out!
  31. Adderall in Indonesia (Prescribed, legally)
  32. Two Problems: SEVERE Stomach Bloat and Tolerance Build
  33. TMJ issues with Adderall
  34. Cough medicine?
  35. Adderall & Modafinil & Lexapro
  36. Possible Adderall side effects? new after 18 months
  37. Why so few success stories?
  38. Adderall & Sertraline & Bupropion
  39. Canada-adderall xr generic released this week
  40. Supplements for Adderall
  41. Possible to have psych that prescribes two different types of stimulants?
  42. Adderall IR questions (dosage/timing)
  43. Urinary Bladder Issues With Adderall?
  44. First week on Adderall XR...
  45. Losin' Weight
  46. Adderalls long-term effectiveness therapeutic treatment?
  47. Doctor Cut me off Adderall Cold Turkey
  48. Adderall advice!
  49. Just got my drug test results in WTF?!!?
  50. Dosage ??
  51. Just switched from Ritalin to Adderall
  52. Blue vs. orange
  53. Day 2 of Adderall, already notice small changes
  54. Medication Managment
  55. New to Adderall with CFS...Zombie Feeling
  56. Teva still makes name brand IR dp mind blown
  57. Issues with splitting my Teva/Barr 20 ml IR
  58. Is this normal when on Adderall?
  59. med breaks dont work?
  60. Poll: Does Adderall increase or decrease your appetite?
  61. Concerning Neurotoxcity
  62. Am I taking too little or too much adderall ir
  63. Addressing the Adderall "Crash"
  64. US Medicaid and Getting Adderall
  65. finallt I'm able to control my impulses
  66. Can't seem to find the best daily adderall regime
  67. Why isnt Adderall helping me
  68. adderall side effects.
  69. Adderall and acid reflex!
  70. taking adderall short-term?
  71. excessive salivation, normal side effect?
  72. ADD please help
  73. Which Vitamins & Supplements to take with Adderall
  74. Im looking for some tips for adderall
  75. 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦actavis has invaded our country🇨🇦
  76. adderall ir 5mg twice a day
  77. Adderall plateau
  78. Sleeping problems with Adderrall
  79. Teva Adderall IR 10MG Recall
  80. Adderall 5mg genric barr
  81. Mistaken Refill: Temporarily taking IR instead of XR until Monday.
  82. Adderall WITH Buproprion?
  83. Other alternatives to 30 mg adderall xr???
  84. Vyvanse not working, can I bring back to dr and go back to Adderall?
  85. Need help with guide how to balance Adderall and Caffeine
  86. Sudden effects of adderal
  87. Adderall xr and ir
  88. Newly dx'ed adult
  89. 3rd week on adderall ir 5mg twice a day
  90. Adderall and Me (Let's contribute)
  91. Adderall Withdrawal
  92. Please help
  93. Am I getting the most out of my Adderall?
  94. Why does ephedrine/ caffiene work much better for me than Adderall? Help!
  95. Buying adderall online
  96. Too sensitive to Adderall? Does it get better?
  97. Upping Guanfacine Dose to Counter Adderall Side Effects?
  98. Adderall dopamine changes
  99. I just got prescribe Adderall
  100. Just diagnosed today... not sure if I see a difference with meds
  101. Goodbye vyvanse, hello Adderal!
  102. Full body shake?
  103. Just diagnosed not sure how to tell if it's working
  104. Theres a due date on my script
  105. Bad Timing to Run Out :-/
  106. Adderall IR and GI problems (colitis)
  107. Adderall not working
  108. Sandoz Adderall IR Vs. Mallinckrodt Dexedrine IR PLZZ help
  109. Knocked out
  110. first time break from adderall over vacation. Bad idea?
  111. No addies and Prior auth. required and Dr's office is closed for the next 2 weeks
  112. I really need help and advice with my adderal !
  113. Adderall issue
  114. What is the difference between Teva Brand and Their Generic
  115. Generic Adderall XR: Teva/Barr vs. Gloabl/Impax
  116. Maoi's in coffee messing up adderall effectiveness?
  117. Brand name adderall ir
  118. Newly Diagnosed & Prescribed - HELP
  119. Formula Change - How to Find Out
  120. Adderall with Abilify Maintena
  121. Adderall - first thread post since registration - anxious/nervous, dousy of a thread
  122. Hello....Mylan
  123. Forced to ration my Adderall 4 a week. Already thinking of doing reckless stuff....
  124. After 2hrs I feel i dont have motivation to read anymore
  125. Adderall 10mg to 40mg?
  126. Life Changing Adderall Experience
  127. 5mg IR Adderall from last year; not sure what to do next
  128. Barr 10mg IR - anyone recently refill? comment on
  129. What would 10MG of Adderall XR do to a non ADHD adult?
  130. Time to give up on Adderall? Would Dexidrine be worth looking into?
  131. Adderall dosing
  132. Ephedrine VS adderall for ADHD treatment. Any opinions from people who tried both?
  133. Adderall script refill question
  134. Why does Adderall last a short time for me
  135. Adderall wowow! Caused ocd and major anxiety!
  136. Generic Adderall- cheaper by splitting pills?
  137. when adderal is banned !!
  138. 60 mg xl morning, 3ir around 3-4pm
  139. Weird Circulation on Adderall
  140. How long does Adderall XR last?
  141. Normal to find a good dosage then have its results wane?
  142. New member-need advice
  143. At what part of your morning routine do you take Adderall?
  144. Increased sex drive on adderral:)
  145. Questions before Dr. APT tomorrow
  146. Adderall in the beginning
  147. Time for 2.5 mg aderal xr to be undetectable in 6'2 165 lb with very fast metabolism
  148. Adderall helping some symptoms but not others
  149. Adderall & Altered Food Taste
  150. The Crash: Had to lower dose doc gave too much?
  151. Hello!
  152. Could a person with ADHD feel "stimulated"?
  153. newbie how do I know its wearing off nd time for my second dose?
  154. Back to Adderall
  155. My Life
  156. Could Adderall make you bummed out after its worn off
  157. Question about second dose
  158. Weird effect when sleep deprived
  159. If Adderall isn't working for me, will I be prescribed another stimulant
  160. Which Pharmacy has what generic Adderall IR?
  161. Do you carry the prescription bottle
  162. Adderall XR 20 wasn't enough, now too much?
  163. What to expect
  164. Numbness/tingling in hands, lightheaded, faint, shortness of breath
  165. adderall changed my life but it is not as effective anymore
  166. Adderall and Hormones. ....
  167. Unsure about taking Adderall
  168. Just started Adderall could use a lil guidance
  169. Adderall and OCD
  170. Adderall Dopamine and Olfactory damage
  171. Might give up on Adderall after only three days.
  172. Help with adderol
  173. Impax/Global phasing out Authorized generic Adderall XR
  174. Never-before experience first week being prescribed Adderall IR (fairly long)
  175. Thoughts
  176. Psychiatrist going on vacation next month! Refill??
  177. Taking baking soda WITH acidic foods?
  178. I got switched to Dexedrine IR generic, wow
  179. Thinking I need to up my Adderall dose... How so?
  180. Adderall harm?
  181. What can I eat on Adderall XR and when can I eat it?
  182. Hi.
  183. Low dose Adderall?
  184. My right arm became numb. New to adderall.
  185. Adderal advice
  186. Adderall...and then some
  187. Anyone gone from Dex to Adderall?
  188. Adderall 3x Daily
  189. Adderall and Guilt
  190. Questions about normal experience on Adderal
  191. Weird Feeling in my Brain
  192. Adding Ritalin as a Focus Booster?
  193. Does Adderall make anyone feel sad?
  194. Swollen Tongue/Tonsils, new to Adderall
  195. Adderall and initial side effects-do they go away?
  196. Adderall Hesitation
  197. Doctor Trying to Destroy ME
  198. Celiac, GI issues with corepharma adderall IR - suggestions?
  199. Stomach growling
  200. Switching from Concerta to Adderall
  201. Adderall, more norepinephrine than dopamin?
  202. Adderall IR vs Dexedrine IR
  203. Adderall causing dopamine deficiency: anhedonia?
  204. Problematic weight loss
  205. Torn between Side Effects of Adderall and Dexedrine
  206. Adderall help????
  207. Adderall/ Vyvanse Help
  208. Starting adderall today
  209. Shelf life?
  210. Adderall XR 10 MG is not working at all.
  211. New hormones effecting my Adderall XR, need advice on what to do!
  212. Can anyone Recommend a good B6 Vitamin?
  213. My Vitamin List with Adderall. Any Suggestions?
  214. How is Adderall on anxiety?
  215. Experiences: AAPs and Stimulants? Specifically, Abilify blocking Adderall's effects?
  216. Questions re: Aurobindo (manufacturer)
  217. Adderall Treatment At Varying Doses
  218. When to take L-Tyroine?
  219. Sinus issues, patulous eustachian tube
  220. Adderall XR + Libido + Decreassed Dose
  221. Adderall and sex
  222. What to take with Adderall instead of Wellbutrin?
  223. New Adderall Generic? Mylan Pharmcaueticals
  224. Urinary Changes / Hair Changes With Adderall IR
  225. Is there a brand name Adderall IR?
  226. Adderall causes headache and drowsiness...
  227. Adderall IR and fluoxetine taken together...
  228. Is this "normal procedure"?
  229. Brand Name vs Generic
  230. Question about Adderall, Supplements, and Drowsiness
  231. Seeking RX Advice
  232. Effect of Long-Term Adderall Usage - Dependency/Withdrawal and Puberty
  233. Adderall XR
  234. My doc cut my adderll xr dose in half.
  235. Is Adderall safer than drinking coffee?
  236. Dex not working, will Adderall work?
  237. Price without insurance
  238. Adderall dose is making me calm & sleepy
  239. Do I need a higher dose?
  240. I don't like you, adderall XR!
  241. Should I ask for an increase dosage?
  242. Some negative side affects and are they conserning
  243. Concerns about side effects...will lower dose help?
  244. Always needing to up the dose?
  245. Fallin' asleep here
  246. Adderall users : how long until you felt a change?
  247. Address makes me tired/drowsy?
  248. Strange/Reversal effects from Adderall?
  249. Hot flashes :(
  250. Drawing and Adderall