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  1. Drawing and Adderall
  2. First few days of adderall
  3. Euphoria only when Adderall wears off... kinda strange?
  4. Adderall withdrawal anxiety
  5. Adderall Dosage Advice
  6. Adderall for weekends only?
  7. High BP on Adderall, doctor added Tenex.
  8. Actavis xr 20mg
  9. Adderall highs and lows?
  10. Strange side effects to IR?
  11. What's the best way to wean off of Adderall?
  12. Does muscle tension and heart rate adjust over time?
  13. SOMEONE must know the answer to this!
  14. Stronger need for intense stimulation... driving me crazy!
  15. Does ADD normally make you really tired?
  16. No affect from adderall when taken with food?
  17. Just went from 20-30 mg, now feeling pretty crappy
  18. New to adderall
  19. CVS Rant
  20. My doctor has given up (not kidding)
  21. 5 Day Early Refill -Pharmacist Voided My Script
  22. Adderall cured my hangover
  23. My Adderall Break Experience
  24. Adderall and Sleep Terrors
  25. Pharmacy Records - Can You Obtain Them
  26. The Crash
  27. Adderall IR Update/Advice?!
  28. Extending how long Adderall lasts?
  29. Amphetamine has stopped working for good, tolerance is constant and undiminisheable
  30. What really is "the crash"?
  31. Energy
  32. New - Adzenys XR-ODT
  33. OTC meds for sleep
  34. Quick Heads-Up (Whoa - Whatchout)
  35. I Feel Normal When I take Adderall...
  36. Prolonging adderalls effects
  37. Adderall XR
  38. Just started taking Adderall
  39. New IR from Mylan
  40. Abrupt tolerance to adderall
  41. Strange Issue With Adderall IR
  42. Mylan generics
  43. Aurobindo Adderall
  44. Adderall question regarding vitals
  45. Just diagnosed and starting Adderal XR tomorrow
  46. Anyone else a talking fool on Adderall?
  47. Adderall XR in Urine Drug Screen
  48. Adderall problems please help me...
  49. Questions about my response to adderall
  50. Sun pharmaceuticals?
  51. Average effective duration of Adderall IR?
  52. new user to adderall question
  53. ADHD Medication Advice- Adderall IR
  54. If the XR make me tired will the IR too?
  55. Tampered Adderall 30mg XR?
  56. Adderall is it available anywhere in Europe?
  57. Switching to adderall instant release please help!
  58. is it safe to have a drink hours after dose? ( Adderall XR )
  59. Questions about my response to adderall
  60. Using adderall to fall asleep?
  61. Adderall+Wellbutrin (Buproprion)
  62. Anyone else have this problem ?
  63. Actavis Adderall Recall
  64. Wondering about metabolism
  65. Irrational Anxiety and Fear/Association
  66. Adderall increasing my anxiety?
  67. Dosage questions
  68. Actavis Adderall Complaint Thread
  69. Is IR 10mg twice a day vs 10mg XR same?
  70. How do I know if my medicine is working?
  71. Vent Session about Adderall
  72. Dexedrine and Adderall (thread split off adderall IR/XR thread)
  73. Sore mouth, body aches & itchy throat?
  74. Long Term Usage....
  75. How long did you go without sleep?!
  76. Early refill question!
  77. The little moments you never really appreciated on Adderall
  78. How to exercise safely on Adderall?
  79. Adderall Effectiveness and Periods: WARNING Possible TMI
  80. When you have a month ahead with a useless generic...
  81. Help with Adderall- Long time user.
  82. 10mg XR tolerance building fast?
  83. Wet Adderall
  84. Throat and Back Pain! I'm over it!
  85. Best way to quit (but remain functional)
  86. Wanting to Know if Vision Issues Ever Subside or What to Switch to
  87. Gastric problems with Adderall
  88. Itchy Scalp?
  89. My 2 weeks on adderall 10mg xr
  90. New to Adderall. Trying to find the right dosage.
  91. On my 3rd different Medication due to side effects, Will I find one that works?
  92. Adderall made my 12hr shift MISERABLE
  93. Switch from Adderall (180mg) to Focalin XR (60mg) is killing me! Help.
  94. (See pic!) FDA Generic Rating for XR Adderall
  95. Adderall making ADD worse?
  96. XR and generics
  97. Adderall 2nd day, feeling uneasy
  98. I love Adderall when it works, but ...
  99. Adderall xr 10mg
  100. Use of Adderall in Geriatric Patients
  101. Extreme Fatigue Post-Adderall
  102. Is it true that caffeine is supposed to make ADHDers sleepy?
  103. Medicade denied my prescription
  104. Sustained increased heart rate
  105. Anyone ever went from adderall to nuvigil/provigil
  106. Adderall and Metabolism
  107. Adderall stops working and then starts kicking in after I eat something?
  108. Guys I need Answers important. ADD/Insomnia
  109. Memory Problems
  110. New to adderall, I suspect my dose (20mg xr) is not quite right
  111. Adderall XR and IR afternoon
  112. Question about adderall
  113. Adderall pimples solved!
  114. Hyperfocus side effect of Adderal?
  115. Side Effects - Throat/Mouth Issues
  116. Adderall killing my personality and giving me anxiety
  117. Adderall XR 10mg morning and IR 10mg afternoon
  118. Tolerance prevention- Adderall
  119. Can I fill a new Adderall ir rx if I have an existing Adderall xr script?
  120. Severe irritability with Adderall
  121. self-conscious on adderall
  122. TEVA amphetamine D,L 10mg tainted
  123. Anger/Frustration/Short Patience issues?
  124. Brand name Teva vs Teva generic
  125. Being stressed on adderall makes life pure hell.
  126. Preventing oversweating & overhydration
  127. Awful stomach issues with adderall
  128. Adderall newbie, a few questions about side effects, bipolar, and patience :)
  129. Quitting Adderall XR
  130. Anxiety with recently prescribed Adderall?
  131. Thank You Everyone
  132. Suddenly, Adderall is not working at all (Teva issue?)
  133. Adderall abuse. Cannot stay awake.
  134. What is going on with my adderall???
  135. Got crushed meds from pharmacy. What should I do?
  136. Walgreens no longer accepting GoodRx for Schedule II?
  137. Ripped Prescription?!
  138. Handling light sensitivity in an office
  139. Adderall XR and Cytomel?
  140. 10mg is not the same as 5mg x2 ir
  141. Utterly fret another month of TEVA generics. Will give theiir IR a few days trial.
  142. Quick questions
  143. Adderall IR vs XR and Sandoz vs Barr?
  144. Supplements to take with Adderall? L-tyrosine: yes or no?
  145. Aderall Induced Anxiety
  146. Vyvance to generic Adderall. Guidance,Insurance,alcohol abuse,diet questions...
  147. New insurance
  148. 3 prescriptions from my doctor: is it legal
  149. Vyvance to D-Amphetime Salts- Doesage advice
  150. Xr and Ir
  151. Hi ADDERALL
  152. Love/hate adderall
  153. Brand Adderall
  154. Recently switched from Ritalin to adderall (non xr)
  155. Subjective tolerance and tracking physiology
  156. Recently diagnosed with ADHD and longtime synthroid user.
  157. Quitting adderall and replacing with ..???
  158. Attempting to get new prescription after years of non use.
  159. Anyone get adderall for anhedonia?
  160. Adderall IR side effects after 2 week break
  161. adderall and feeling disconnected
  162. Recap on first 3 weeks of adderall
  163. adderall and feeling disconnected
  164. Recently started treatment!
  165. Recently Diagnosed, but Confused
  166. Does Adderall help lethargy?
  167. I like when my hand with lotion
  168. Normal Heart Rate Until Excercise
  169. Something Is Wrong with Teva
  170. Adderall and Zyrtec (antihistamine)
  171. Medication Help Please!
  172. aderall please help
  173. Large doses of Adderall and drug testing
  174. Vitamins to take on Adderall?
  175. To start or not to start adderall
  176. Whats the Difference between Adderall and Ritalin
  177. Day 2- does forgetfulness get better?
  178. New adderall side effects?
  179. Works too good
  180. Was on 20 ritalin 3x a day, switched.
  181. New doctor....arbitrary dose reduction.
  182. Adderall vs vyvanse
  183. Foods to eat with Adderall
  184. First script. Low dose. Advice to titrate?
  185. Adderall XR brand or generic
  186. Adderall XR dose?
  187. Dextrostat vs Adderall and Dosage Equivalency
  188. Cost question
  189. Adderall is making me pee my pants :(
  190. New Impax XR Generic?
  191. Neck pain?
  192. Vitamins and Adderall
  193. Adderall doesn't seem to affect me in any significant way
  194. How can I deal with nervous ticks???
  195. Red swollen nose at night (when sleeping)
  196. Adderall XR depression in mid-day
  197. Dosage increase?
  198. Weird speech on Adderall xr?
  199. On trial dosage...Help...
  200. CorePharma Adderall, anyone?
  201. Does name brand Adderall IR exist any more?
  202. Adderall's effects on your future
  203. Adderal Manufactured By Teva Not Working
  204. Just started taking adderall today I feel weird?
  205. Adding adderall booster, why a low dose?
  206. Corepharma 20mg IR
  207. Upped to 10mg IR twice/ day. Couple questions...
  208. Adderall crash woes, advice needed.
  209. Coming back from a crash
  210. Starting out patient wants help with appetite loss
  211. Adderall could cause drug alocohol cravings?
  212. Why would insurance turn down generic?
  213. Dry mouth with Adderall - Reconsider drinking more water!
  214. Temper your euphoria for increased duration?
  215. Adderall Xr severe side effects
  216. Recently diagnosed and started medication
  217. Mallinckrodt worst generic ever
  218. adderal xr taken as ir
  219. Stopped amphetamine, no problems after sleep drugs
  220. Experiences with IR vs XR
  221. Food cravings/aversions
  222. Fell off for a lil bit, trying to recover. Problems with vyvanse and now on adderall
  223. New to Adderall, some thoughts?
  224. First med, NOT WORKING AT ALL, why?
  225. Adderall makes my stomach hurt?
  226. Getting ready for board exam and need help
  227. Adderall is my 2nd med and it does not seem to be working ... ?
  228. What time do you take your last Adderall IR?
  229. Adderall question
  230. Adderall stopped working in less than a month!
  231. Corepharma 30 and 20 my tablets incredibly weak 2016
  232. Wired and Tired Feeling will klonopin help?
  233. Mutual Pharmaceutical Adderrall?
  234. Anything other than magnesium to add on Adderall?
  235. Hello scatterbrain :(
  236. Using Adderall as a Booster
  237. Appetite decreased then increased?
  238. Generic Companies Initial Testing of their Product
  239. Second pill kicks my butt!
  240. New member / Adderall Q.
  241. 60mg Adderall XR
  242. Teva Brand Name Adderall vs Sandoz Generic Adderall
  243. Teva Adderall XR vs Brand
  244. Adderall Crash vs Vyvanse Crash
  245. Just diagnosed! I need sleep!
  246. Dosage SOS
  247. Adderall Tolerance
  248. Doesn't disrupt my sleep if I'm sleep deprived, otherwise doesn't let me sleep
  249. Is anybody else like this? ( Insomnia ~ Adderall )
  250. BCBS Insurance and quantity limits