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  1. Need help with Adderall Baking Soda Question!!! PLEASE!!!
  2. Timing Supplements with Meds
  3. Adderal XR & Doctor Frustration
  4. My body is tense...
  5. Akasthisia - Vague Feeling of Needing to "Move Around"
  6. Just need some advice before I go to the doctor
  7. Frustrated person needs update to Adderall Formula: Brand vs. Generic, Long
  8. Weird question
  9. Adderall XR to Adderall IR vs Dex ER
  10. Adult thinking about Adderrall, has anyone moved from Ritalin to Adderall?
  11. Task initiation
  12. Discontinuation by manufacturer
  13. Dealing with appetite suppression
  14. Adderall moral question
  15. Increase dosage question
  16. I am Nervous .. Doc Changed My Aderral IR 10x3day to XR 20x1day. Why?
  17. Sandoz adderall XR??
  18. Currently on 15mg IR would 20mg be enough?
  19. Adderall suddenly causing loss of balance. Help.
  20. Aderall "Come Down" Issues: I was given Wellbutrin XL-How do people cope?
  21. Done with meds
  22. Went from Dex > Vyvanse > Adderall
  23. Adderall XR price increase??
  24. What happened to Adderall in the past 6-7 years!?
  25. Does your body need to "adjust" to adderall?
  26. I'm afraid my partner is being prescribed too much medication.
  27. Adderall Dr 10 mg?
  28. Experiences switching from Concerta to Adderall XR?
  29. needing help with adderall XR!! Please help!
  30. Can Adderall be exported legally from the US or another country?
  31. New to adderall; what to expect?
  32. Pharmacy automatically filled script 3 weeks early??
  33. Adderall Side Effect
  34. How do you know when you are properly medicated?
  35. Consistency with each generic?
  36. Question about Adderall & Pharmacy
  37. Adderall Completely Stopped Working (Help)
  38. Very Important - Adderall XR Changes for 2017
  39. Help! I'm worried I was given bad medical advice
  40. Alternatives to Adderall that don't cause headaches?
  41. Does anything help Addy's breathing problem
  42. What to do with unused adderall xr
  43. How too beat the post adderall weight gain. Its possible but complicated.
  44. Adderall when sick
  45. How do you know if more would be better?
  46. Didn't sleep well & Adderall doesn't seem as effective today. Experiences?
  47. Is there a way to objectively measure neurotoxicity from Adderall?
  48. Has any one tried
  49. Dwelling, ruminating while taking a holiday/break from Adderall?
  50. For me, Adderall > Vyvanse
  51. Adderall and 'microfocus'
  52. Recently diagnosed and a few questions about dosage.
  53. Vyvance much smoother and stronger then generic adderall xr, but
  54. Adderall causing costochondritis or shortness of breath?
  55. Odd feeling lately for first hour after second dose of XR
  56. So, Adderall XR Probably isn't for me?
  57. How long minimum can I reasonably expect Adderall XR to last?
  58. Keeping track when tired
  59. Dosing
  60. Once a week, same effects?
  61. Adderall refills
  62. Worried about adderall dosages?
  63. My Daily Adderall Routine
  64. Do pharmacies still stock name-brand Adderall XR?
  65. Where can one find Sandoz Adderall in Los Angeles?
  66. When Sandoz is gone, what brand?
  67. My pharmacy got a new order of Sandoz
  68. Is it Tollerance?
  69. Right eye twitching
  70. Adderall compared to Amphetamine/Dextroamphetamine
  71. Teva heads up!
  72. Trying Aderrall for first time
  73. How to go about asking for a EKG without sounding paranoid...?
  74. Weaning off Adderall, Help Please :)
  75. Summarize the manufacture changes
  76. New dose
  77. Tolerance and doseage
  78. are boosters usually the same drug but different dosage and release form?
  79. Adderall IR and fatigue
  80. Adderall XR and Dexedrine IR
  81. Positives and negatives on Adderall so far
  82. Adderall - Failure or Expectations?
  83. Wiithdrawal questions
  84. Question about adderall XR dosage in Canada.
  85. Adderall and Nortriptyline?
  86. If you are taking adderall, do you have to increase your protein intake?
  87. Couple o' questions - low mood swing and cold!
  88. Adderall XR 15mg Brand Name
  89. ADD and depression medication ?
  90. End of my rope..adderall used to work so well...
  91. Adderall XR come down
  92. Does anyone else describe Adderall similarly to me?
  93. Adderall causing severe personality shift?
  94. Adderall has caused some scary side effects!
  95. Drug test for Adderall lead to other positive results?
  96. Quick questions for recently diagnosed
  97. Thinking of Adderall
  98. First day on Brand name
  99. Is Adderall safe for....
  100. Initial adderall effects?
  101. I Need Help Deciphering the Reason Behind My Headaches.
  102. Lost paper prescription for adderall for next month
  103. Clarifying the issue with Adderall and Vitamin C
  104. Stimulated again after conedown
  105. Is there a recommended time between Adderall XR doses?
  106. Adderall question (IR and XR comparison) and doc visit tomorrow
  107. Amphetamine Salts Corepharma Lack of affect
  108. Adderall stackers make me sleeply, anyone else have this problem?
  109. Another Adderall vs. Vyvanse Q...
  110. Help with managing prescriptions
  111. At what time in the morning do you take your Adderall?
  112. Newly Prescribed Adderall and I'm not sure what's normal.
  113. My chest feels "liquidity" or a slightly congested after taking Adderall, is this
  114. quitting - will taking adderall restart withdrawal symptom timeline?
  115. Adderall and Intuniv
  116. Trouble getting "right dose" after moving
  117. Never received prescription slip by mail doctor won't rewrite
  118. Switching from Adderall to something else
  119. Adderall after Ritalin?
  120. Help! Confused about Medication dose.
  121. Is anyone here having trouble with Global Impax?
  122. Sixth Medication Trial/ Starting Adderall
  123. When to "up" a dose, is it necessary?
  124. Drug test involving Adderall Prescription
  125. Generic Adderall IR, best manufacturers
  126. ng/mL levels
  127. Generic Adderall XR
  128. Exchanging Generics
  129. IR vs XR: How to Tell?
  130. Adderall XR 10mg (newbie questions)
  131. Pharmacy won't let me pay cash for Rx that insurance won't cover.
  132. Adderall question
  133. Teva Generic Adderall XR
  134. Weight Gain while on adderall
  135. Aurobindo generic, bad reaction. Options?
  136. I "addicted"?
  137. Should I feel guilty about asking for double the dose? My life has improved 100-fold.
  138. Brand new and a question (thanks in advance)
  139. Adderall prescribed for depression
  140. My pharmacy changed from Corepharma to Aurolife and I hate it. Anyone else?
  141. Anyone here take more than 60mg of Adderall legally with a prescription from a doctor
  142. How to lower my tolerance?
  143. Normal affects?
  144. Adderall after Dentist
  145. What are my doctor's intentions?
  146. any difference between various generics?
  147. Adderall exacerbate my sinus problems, my tips on how to manage it
  148. Left adderall at home
  149. You are NOT the doctor and no, you don't play one on T.V.
  150. Opinions on adderall vs oth add medication
  151. Amphetamine Aspartate Monohydrate
  152. Menstrual cycle and Adderall?
  153. Adderall vs Dexedrine video question
  154. Adderall and mosquitoes
  155. Managing Adderall prescription while moving to UK?
  156. Just started Adderall for second time
  157. I honestly believe Adderall causes GERD.
  158. Adderall dose (Doctor on break until tuesday)
  159. Getting worried about Adderall's reputation
  160. Adderall XR only helped to make me more anxious
  161. Afraid to go in public on Adderall
  162. SSRIs and Adderall?
  163. Adderall Redose?
  164. Important information update: Adderall IR tablets
  165. Adderall urine drug screen levels?
  166. 3 Weeks into Adderall...when do you give up?
  167. Alcohol Intolerance related to adderall?
  168. Adderall med that doesn't contain artificial coloring?
  169. Desperate. Where can I find Corepharma Generic adderal (5 or 10mg IR) in WA state?
  170. Harnessing the Power of Adderall?
  171. Aurobindo is awful. Need Pharmacies in SoCal help!
  172. An annoying tic I get from Adderall. Normal?
  173. Quitting Adderall After 8 Years
  174. Adderall (and other meds) and the heat
  175. U30 adderal aurobindo adderal the best generic to date
  176. memory focus supplements ?
  177. Dose change/early refill
  178. Is Brand Name Adderall IR Still Available?
  179. How much reduction in drug effectiveness should be expected after eaten?
  180. Is 10mg of adderall XR the same as two adderall IR's?
  181. IR to XR - Reduced Dosage
  182. Doctor lowered dose without explanation.
  183. Heads up...triple-bead version of adderall has been approved....
  184. New generic adderall xr
  185. Brand adderall
  186. How long have you been on adderall? just wondering
  187. Adderall and eating/studying/exam
  188. Age Discrimination _Pharmacist wont fill Adderall for Adults
  189. Adderall to Vyvanse--loving it
  190. Impax 10mg XR Experience
  191. Low Metabolism Affecting Adderall Efficacy?
  192. Took Ritalin During Childhood, Starting on Adderall as an Adult
  193. Tapering off Adderall for a long-time user
  194. Adderall made me enjoy things for 2 days, but now nothing.
  195. Discontinuing Adderall -- advice?
  196. Adderall tolerance?
  197. Who Manufactures Brand Name Adderall IR
  198. What I have Noticed About Teva IR
  199. Warning- Avoid Mallinckrodt
  200. Does taking adderall XR without the capsule ruin XR mechanism?
  201. Interesting Article RE XR
  202. New Diagnosis and Generic medication quandry
  203. Starting Adderall XR
  204. I need help ASAP!
  205. Adderall Psychosis?
  206. Generic Adderall and pre-employment drug test
  207. Anyone experience the New Impax Generics generic Adderall with G456 on the capsule?
  208. Adderall XR 30mg 2x. Same time or spread out?
  209. Am I being responsible with my Adderall use...?
  210. ADHD at work / medication
  211. ADD medication, what am I supposed to feel?
  212. Headache?
  213. Went from Teva to Aurobindo
  214. Recent Sandoz IR feels very different
  215. Doctor is dead set on Adderall XR but it doesn't work long enough for me
  216. Adderall side effects
  217. First Time Adderall Log (NEED HELP)
  218. Doctor GIGGLE
  219. Adderall Masked Cancer Symptoms
  220. Do you guys get a amphetamine rush still?
  221. I've been diagonosed ADHD, severe auditory disorder since age 5 and I can help
  222. Adderall prescription through low income insurance in US
  223. Been on Adderall for 9 years need advice
  224. Medicaid in NYS pay for Adderall?
  225. Adderall dosage
  226. Adderall and abilify
  227. Smoothest Adderall?
  228. Doc requires visit for each Rx refill
  229. How in the world do I convince my psychiatrist
  230. Anyone Notice The Size Difference in Teva's Generic IR
  231. I believe Adderall helps alleviate my Allergy symptoms
  232. Difference in generic effectiveness between dosage?
  233. Dissolving adderall XR in water
  234. Epic Pharma ?
  235. Adderall generics
  236. Starting Mydayis tomorrow
  237. (20mg) Nosebleed=Bronkaid+Adderall (40 mg)+a few sip?s of coffee
  238. Adderall is my life line! Am I building up a immunity for it?
  239. IMPAX IR Reviews
  240. Just a quick question.
  241. Prasco Adderall XR Side Effects
  242. Adderall and Fidgeting
  243. Stomach issues and Adderall XR
  244. Rejected once by physiciatrist for adderall who told me i was depressed
  245. Adderall Experience: Increased Dosage Sedating
  246. Teva IR Has No Efficacious at all for Me
  247. Afraid of medications!!
  248. Sandoz
  249. Is Adderall illegal in Saba, Netherlands?
  250. Getting prescribed half a tablet (half a 20 mg adderall IR)