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  1. Anyway to make IR work more like XR?
  2. Adderall and "HD-vision", general vision differences?
  3. Quitting medication - weight gain :O
  4. Anybody taking Mydayis Yet?
  5. Impax/ Corepharma IR generic adderall discontinued
  6. Which pharmacies carry Global/Impax Adderall XR?
  7. Gag Reflex
  8. Messing up again
  9. Pharmacy told me there is shortage
  10. Weight
  11. URGENT - Adderall Causing higher Blood Pressure? 4th day using
  12. night time thirst
  13. Nervous, new generic
  14. I don't think my Adderall is working for me?
  15. Corepharma, Teva, Sandoz Generic IR Adderall differences?
  16. Adderall Strange Issues
  17. How long can you stay on Adderall?
  18. Adderall Stopped Working Suddenly :(
  19. Impax vs Prasco (in my experience)
  20. Help with dosing please!
  21. Are there any good Adderall topic blogs?
  22. Psychiatrists that only prescribe Ritalin/Concerta?
  23. Help switching from Ritalin to Adderall
  24. Mydayis... better?
  25. Should I Talk to my Doctor About my Prescription?
  26. Adderall and alchohol
  27. Problems with different generic brands of adderall
  28. Should I take adderall XR for my date?
  29. Adderall Not Being Prescribed to Adults?
  30. Aurobindo Generic Adderall
  31. Adderall & Breakfast Foods
  32. employer drug screening and adderall w/ Rx - will they still know?
  33. Horrible symptoms after stopping adderall (its been 4 months!)
  34. 25-30mg Adderall IR + 50mg Vyvanse too much? Anxiety/ high HR
  35. My experience so far 8 months in
  36. Drug testing
  37. Tired of generics? Does anyone just say screw it and go with name brand?
  38. Has Corepharma actually discontinued their generic Adderall?
  39. Headaches and insomnia with Adderall - permanent?
  40. Adzenys ER
  41. Amphetamine and Dopamine Depletion / DA autoreceptors
  42. Barr's Relationship with Teva
  43. Adderall to treat severe anxiety/depression?
  44. Second dose of XR
  45. Frustrated with Teva
  46. Confused by Types of generic Adderall and side effects
  47. Adderall + supplements for anxiety
  48. What do I do if my psychiatrist prescribes too little?
  49. Adderall Giving me the Dumbs
  50. Filling prescriptions
  51. Best advice for adderall crashes and sleep
  52. Adderall xr not helping.
  53. Who is taking Adderall IR?
  54. Out of Adderall XR for now, what's a off the counter alternative?
  55. Adderall XR, does it make people lose weight?
  56. Sun IR
  57. Generic Roller Coaster
  58. Adderal & Vyvanse Interaction?
  59. Excessive Sweating....
  60. If your adderall is not working anymore
  61. Adderal is no longer as Efective as before, Stoped using for five months.
  62. Adderall and Ciggarettes , a Deadly combination.
  63. Feel like affect of Add XR goes away after eating - Any multivitamin suggestions?
  64. How long were you prescribed before the max dose?
  65. Mylan Generic Adderall IR
  66. Adderall makes me focus, sure - but on EVERYTHING AT ONCE.
  67. Adderall IR taken twice a day VS Adderall XR once a day?
  68. COR 136 Generic Adderall IR Core Pharma?
  69. Can I ask the pharmacy to give me a certain kind of generic Adderall IR 30mg?
  70. Are we imagining things?! (Adderall generics)
  71. Sun brand. First time.
  72. Dry upper lips after taking adderall xr with breakfast?
  73. Realized Adderall was working after I stopped taking them
  74. Second time on Adderall XR not working out for me
  75. How should I feel on Adderall?
  76. Side effects from adderall or citalopram?
  77. Nothing has worked, what can I do from here?
  78. Side effect or bad timing
  79. DUI / Facing Chages
  80. Dosing
  81. LOW Stomach Acid, GI Issues, and Adderall IR?
  82. amphetamine salts 10 mg a day
  83. The Roles of Teva Barr and Duramed
  84. Teva has a Deleterious History and Profound Lack of Quality Control
  85. Adderall feels weird after eliminating sugar
  86. concurrent use of Adderall with Buproprion
  87. Im sitting up in bed trying to stay awake
  88. Adderall xr time?
  89. Racing
  90. Adderall script - question about drug test
  91. DWI from Adderall, and cops didn't see me driving?
  92. Started up Adderall Again/TEVA IS HORRIBLE/ I need advice and answers
  93. What causes the lethargic, drowsy feeling after missing Adderall?
  94. My Medication Is Not Exactly Working Right
  95. Lying psychiatrist
  96. How long before adderall IR "works"
  97. Sudafed and Adderall, don't make the mistake I did!
  98. Suggestions to replace old habits??
  99. Why did my Doc ask if I had feelings of being brave?
  100. Adderall "Crash" suggestions? Help please
  101. Woah Adderall... 😯
  102. Adderall IR vs. Adderall XR
  103. Help with going back to Adderall IR from Vyvanse
  104. Adderall causing restless leg syndrome?
  105. How to go about asking for adderall?
  106. Lexapro and Adderall-adjustment
  107. Hair thinning or slight hair loss, has it happened to you?
  108. Help, uncomfortable palpitations after first Adderall for dose
  109. Insurance Nightmare and Which Generic
  110. Question about if I can use extra prescriptions
  111. Anyone else feel like eating is a chore on adderall
  112. Thinking on switching to Adderall
  113. Adderall and food, possibly overrated association?
  114. Adderall + Tea
  115. First day taking adderrall
  116. Strange Thing With My Dr.
  117. Adderall & E3Live Capsules
  118. Anyone experienced light sharp or dull stabbing pains on their stomach area after tak
  119. Adderall XR 25 mg odd beads
  120. Dry mouth and Lips on aderall
  121. Which Adderall generic is closest to the original brand name?
  122. Night owl: Med works better later in the day?
  123. New To Adderall...what’s the dilemma?
  124. Intense Fatigue
  125. Generic Adderall XR issues
  126. My store with Adderall, longtime user's perspective
  127. Does increasing Adderall/ Vyvanse dose dramatically, increase tolerance quickly?
  128. Dosage Question XR split dosages
  129. Very high sensitivity to medication... increase dose or no?
  130. Different days, different reactions
  131. how to quit adderall
  132. Memantine & Adderall
  133. Sandoz Adderall IR
  134. Adderall problem - first time after Ritalin use
  135. Adderall + Lexapro....or just Lexapro: experiences please!
  136. Coffee - before or after Adderall?
  137. Quick reply appreciated - Adderall IR - Which generic for newbie?
  138. Would it be dangerous to take generic XR day after brand XR?
  139. difference between Adderall and Dexedrine?
  140. Has anyone used brand-name Adderall (IR)
  141. mallinckrodt adderall..New to anyone else? (15mg IR) 5th generic brand i have tried
  142. YOUR Adderall IR: "Working" vs "Not Working" symptoms
  143. My first Adderall prescrition, what would you do?
  144. Don’t understand shortages
  145. Bad past experience with generic. Options?
  146. DESPERATE: Do I have to redose or wait?
  147. Stay on Adderall?
  148. Sun Pharmaceuticals / Sun Pharma Generic Adderall
  149. ADHD and Coffee Aroma
  150. Best generic for Adderall XR/Authorized generics?
  151. Don’t try TEVA IR
  152. New to Adderall XR -- Insomnia & Side Effects
  153. Adderall and QBtest advice
  154. Mylan Adderall IR. It's Good.
  155. Is It Just Me Or...
  156. Mylan IR
  157. Label says Corepharma, pills look like Mylan
  158. Seeking advice for startup tolerance due to a dosing mistake
  159. Side Effect?
  160. Just Got Corepharma Prescription Filled!
  161. having trouble with adderall
  162. The fiction of low dosing of Adderall causing a reverse tolerance effect
  163. What is the correct adult starting dosage for Adderall XR?
  164. Adderall/Amphetamine gives me soft/mushy stool?
  165. Does stomach upset with Adderall decrease over time?
  166. If you take IR twice daily, does a Dex IR as a third dose make sense?
  167. Zoning out (daydreaming) while on Adderall
  168. I'm switching medications for the 2nd time now...
  169. Is it possible to get prescription
  170. Has Shire’s Adderall XR formula changed?
  171. Didn't take adderall for 2 years, and now it doesn't work
  172. Did you guys know that Teva uses Saccharin Sodium to their Adderall?
  173. I am a later responder, what do I do?
  174. My left eye feels blurry (sometimes) after taking XR?
  175. Waking up with headaches --
  176. Just diagnosed & trying to navigate the meds
  177. Common to feel depressed with the crash in the beginning?
  178. MALL generic? Any info? Any opinions?
  179. I can't believe it!
  180. Spike in Anxiety for ~60 minutes
  181. Bad morning nausea after not taking Adderall for a day?
  182. Adderall and drug testing question
  183. "Doctor Shaming" questions, also got switched to blue generic XR's instead of orange?
  184. Adderall and drug testing
  185. Has Teva Improved?
  186. Strange Dizziness and Balance Issues the Last Few Months
  187. ...and we're back to TEVA
  188. Adderall ever make you tired?
  189. Labeled Sun but ...
  190. Adderall- 2nd go round...
  191. Anyone get excessive belching and/or light heartburns with d-amph/adderall?
  192. Adderall given for depression.
  193. Food aversion help
  194. Question about Adderall at a low dose and the euphoric feeling?
  195. Adderall not helping me focus
  196. Adderall side effects.
  197. Why are psychiatrists so dead set on limiting Adderall to 40mg/day?
  198. Sandoz adderall IR no longer available, what is the next best generic?
  199. Urine level for Amphetamine
  200. Help
  201. Sun Pharma or Mylan? Which do I get?
  202. Steroid Hormones
  203. Medication adjustment help.
  204. Just checking...
  205. Adderall comedown the day after. Not feeling myself
  206. Sun pharma generics in CA
  207. Rash with Adderall?
  208. Dose wearing off quickly.
  209. Adderall Dependency
  210. My history with Adderall, atenolol.
  211. Spoke to pharmacist about generic IR
  212. Adderall and going bald
  213. Adderall and Herbal Tea
  214. Explain like I'm five, what happens in our brain, is it in overdrive?
  215. Adderall XR issues
  216. Figuring out your optimal dose
  217. Adderall 5 mg is too much for me
  218. Tips to avoid mood swings, tweak outs, dependence, and crashes.
  219. Inactive Ingredients ?
  220. Adderall drug test - Paper Cups???
  221. Heat Intolerance & Adderall ?
  222. Mydayis Information
  223. My Story & Adderall Journey.
  224. 90 mg Instant release
  225. DXM / Adderall question
  226. To depend or to not depend on amphetamines? That is the question.
  227. dosage was far too high
  228. Aurobindo Actually Works for Me - TEVA was AWFUL
  229. Sandoz adderall XR? Who’s tried it? Who loves it? Who hates it?
  230. Adderall XR not lasting; Dr not listening
  231. I've tried Concerta & Ritalin which doesn't work well. Should I try Adderall?
  232. Adderall Post Partum
  233. Is the 4-6 hours of Adderall IR start at time of consumption or...
  234. New on Adderall and Having Sleeping Problems
  235. Blood Pressure plummeting in bed on a dime, feel like losing oxygen
  236. Adderall tolerance?
  237. Vitamin C Question
  238. Adderall/Amph linked to blurry vision, diabetes?
  239. alergic to adderall
  240. lost my life because of this medication
  241. How long did it take to figure out your perfect dosage of Adderall?
  242. I took more than prescribed, how should I proceed?
  243. Some educational videos
  244. Note on my script?
  245. How to Combat Feeling Drained When Adderall Comes Down?
  246. Did you try other medications before picking adderall?
  247. CARCO manufactured Adderall IR = SUN
  248. 14 years on adderall= how to control my appetite on my own?
  249. Thinking of Switching to a New ADD Med
  250. Taking both Adderall XR and IR