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  1. Adderall helping me focus/organized - but I still figity
  2. Adderall and Depression Meds - Your experience?
  3. How were you diagnosed?
  4. How do I avoid crashing?
  5. How do you feel when the meds wear off?
  6. does anyone know of a good, "stimulant-friendly" psychiatrist in richmond, va?
  7. Cocktail of meds
  8. Question about Adderall XR and Dexi IR
  9. Should I keep Taking Adderall-XR?
  10. Adderall and Green Tea
  11. help
  12. Ranaxby Generic-Help!
  13. ADD?HD treatment 55 years ago!!
  14. fruit juices
  15. Adderall and feeling like moon gravity
  16. New to adderall and I have a few questions...
  17. adderall = antisocial ?
  18. generics: Barr Labs vs. Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
  19. Adderall and pregnant
  20. Pamphlet on Adderall XR
  21. How much Adderall is too much?
  22. Insomnia with 2nd dose of Adderall XR
  23. Difficulty wearing contacts
  24. Is this a crash?
  25. Adderall and Pregnancy
  26. Adderall in water...
  27. adderall and thought patterns (and other suttf...)
  28. Has anyone ever had seizure like symptoms while on adderall?
  29. Adderall makes me eat!!
  30. Adderall Problems
  31. Blood Pressure with Adderall--- reason to stop? Possible future stroke?
  32. How can I get my Adderall prescription doubled?
  33. Adderall and clumsiness
  34. need help with ADDERALL CYCLE
  35. URGENT: college and adderall
  36. i just arrived home from seeing family doctor--FINALLY, someone that LISTENS/CARES
  37. Adderall XR and Darvocet
  38. Why is Adderall so popular with kids?
  39. Oh good lord.....
  40. immediate help would rule:)
  41. Police and Prescription bottles...
  42. Why is brand IR Adderall so much better?
  43. Does anyone notice "Ticks" get worse on Adderall?
  44. What is a typical dose for Adderall non XR?
  45. ?? About Dosage Intervals
  46. Worldwide Adderall
  47. Sensitivity of Adderall Dosage (Newbie to this board)
  48. How long did it take for a positive change?
  49. How to handle this side effect?
  50. Does taking 2 XR closer together make the effects last longer?
  51. stoned as heck.
  52. New to Forum and Adderall
  53. Multivitamin and Adderall
  54. Is this weird for Adderall?
  55. Adderall changing my personality
  56. Adderall RX
  57. New Doc
  58. Tense!!!
  59. How much does it cost?
  60. Major anxiety and lack of social skills at school today
  61. Valerian root (herb) to sleep
  62. My experiences - Contains lots of info I've not been able to find previously
  63. My adderall stopped working?
  64. ADDERALL~you have all been coned!!!
  65. Dealing with eating and exercise issues
  66. Hello; I'm Addeline, I'm new & need Help...
  67. Flushed the ADDERALL down the toilet, I don't want it in my house!!!!
  68. Euphoria and Guilt
  69. I'm trying to get a refill with for adderall, have a quick question
  70. So is shire and barr a same thing?
  71. Help! I need some feedback!
  72. Just starting.. need some advice
  73. Adderall depression high school
  74. Some adderall questions
  75. ADDerall-you have all not been conned
  76. adderall with benedryl?
  77. Does adderall affect (adult) growth?
  78. What other ADD symptoms did Adderall effect
  79. Developing Problem I'm Having With Adderall-Please Help
  80. SORE TONGUE! Help!
  81. embarrassing symptom
  82. Adderall make you adnomral?
  83. Does it make you tired?
  84. Adderall and Fish Oil
  85. Anyone feeling paranoid like me?
  86. adderall and reading and money
  87. New here, w/ questions...
  88. Adderall and Ritalin combo....Dr. perscribed
  89. adult new on meds and wondering about side effects?
  90. Does gained weight mean i need to take more?
  91. ohh sleep?
  92. What's an average (effective) dose of adderal?
  93. side affects
  94. Second day on Adderall, pupil dilation
  95. Adderall and having a cold
  96. Adderal interaction with fruit, tanning or SaMe
  97. What if our meds became unavailable?
  98. Adderall makes me agitated
  99. I take 45mg Adderall IR twice a day,,,, Anyone else?
  100. Don't feel like eating
  101. Will All of My Hair Fall Out?!?!?!?! Side effect?
  102. My left eyelid droops
  103. Adderall IR and test taking
  104. Adderall and antihistamines
  105. Not putting up with others B.S. a side effect of Adderall?
  106. Daughter on Adderall
  107. Heart murmur and adderall??!!
  108. Adderall and Lamictal
  109. Just about two weeks now...
  110. Taking Adderall while bipolar?? mood swings??
  111. Need To Make A Choice
  112. Med Holiday on Adderall?
  113. Adderall and Memory
  114. Barr is the kroger of adderall
  115. Help Me!!! I Am Extremely Uncomfortable!!
  116. New to dexedrine... any experiences with both?
  117. Adderall and Fluoxetine
  118. Coffee and Adderall XR do not mix
  119. ADD and OCD meds
  120. First Day of Adderall
  121. Urethra problems anybody? (Guys)
  122. Need some advice on side effects and meds
  123. Adderall Diaries
  124. Is it supposed to feel like this?
  125. Adderall XR vs Concerta
  126. How long to find right dose
  127. I think my Dr. Gave me a too small dosage.
  128. Adderall makes me sleepy...the withdrawal makes me cry
  129. Adderall Issues
  130. I think I'm going to give up on Adderall
  131. Albuterol [asthma med] & Adderall?
  132. Adderall and my bad side effects
  133. Stopping Adderall
  134. Need some help
  135. Adderall
  136. I have issues...
  137. Anyone else sweat more than normal while taking adderall?
  138. 30mg IR Adderall tabs!
  139. after 5 days, first good results
  140. appetite came back (unfortunately) and NO sex drive
  141. Safe way of dissolving adderall xr?
  142. Took a break and now I am still confused?
  143. pink generic 20 mg
  144. Nothing Is Workin * Cry
  145. Crashing sucks...
  146. Adderall and appetite
  147. Confused
  148. Taking Adderall IR during evening time
  149. Muscle pain and stiffness
  150. Adderall Diaries (a follow-up)
  151. Anxiety negating Adderall effectiveness?
  152. Adderall or Dexedrine?
  153. Trouble Swallowing/Crying 10 hrs after Adderall XR
  154. Need to raise dosage of Adderall XR?
  155. Adderall XR and insomnia...HELP!
  156. is adderall XR time release like concertta
  157. Im screwed
  158. How can you tell if it's too much?
  159. flip flop effects? i don't understand
  160. 1st Day on Adderall
  161. Scary day
  162. lost and confused
  163. Now they want me to try Adderall XR
  164. Are these IR, ADDYS beauties, better than the SR caps?-really??
  165. hallucinations???
  166. This stuff is making me stupid...
  167. What does Adderall Do
  168. Yep, Adderall works for me!
  169. Adderall/ADD options for pregnancy?
  170. Switch from Adderall-XR to concerta
  171. WOW! My new favorite generic... Malinkrodt
  172. What is the average dosage for Adderall XR?
  173. anyone taking 90mg of adderall a day?
  174. intense back pain
  175. Free 30 day supply of Adderall coupon from Shire
  176. adderall with head injury?
  177. Does anyone else have this??
  178. Too much not optimal, too little, not optimal either?
  179. Joint pain?
  180. generic help
  181. Easing the at-first side effects
  182. Adderall and effects on erections and libido
  183. Tolerance - does it happen, and how long?
  184. Adderall XR and weight loss
  185. Adderall and Provigil: Insomnia side effect
  186. Worried about loss of appitite
  187. adderall + acidic foods/drinks
  188. Should I take a "Holiday" ??
  189. Adderall and Athletic Performance, an ethical question
  190. Adderall and Alcohol
  191. Talking with a doctor?
  192. Recently prescribed Adderall XR
  193. Diffrence between Addrall and caffeine
  194. What to expect from a doctor?
  195. What to Do About Dry Mouth?
  196. Drug test cunundrum
  197. My Stomach
  198. what is the difference???
  199. Life insurance?
  200. Carpal tunnel syndrome?
  201. Tolerance, mangesium
  202. New Member-first day on meds
  203. I've lost 20 pounds in 45 Days.....
  204. Ever take your meds and feel like it ain't working today?
  205. When to take 2nd dose
  206. newb....adderall/melatonin
  207. failed on dex, try Adderall?
  208. Who here cannot get things done at work without taking their Adderall?
  209. High-Fat Diet May Affect Absorption Of ADHD Medications
  210. Mitral Valve Prolapse and Adderall-Problems
  211. Should I try Adderall?
  212. Exercise, do you?
  213. Not eating enough on Adderall - how big of a problem is it?
  214. Adderall Headaches & Buzz
  215. I Can"t Sleep - Adderall
  216. Anyone else had this reaction? Is this withdrawal?
  217. Adderall XR works, but...
  218. where to buy adderall for non prescriber
  219. Have you ever run out of medicine?
  220. Starting Adderall XR tommorow
  221. How long before Adderall Takes effect?
  222. Feeling Light Headed
  224. adderall anxiety now prozac
  225. Shakes on a plane!!!! Traveling with Adderall.
  226. Have to be "on" all day
  227. lowering a dose
  228. Stimulants (Adderall) And Caffeine
  229. lowering a dose
  230. Generic Adderall XR not until 2009 at the earliest
  231. Playing with the Dosage? What’s the story?
  232. Worries about a new psych doc
  233. Revived Effectiveness
  234. Advice needed for the doctor tommorow
  235. adderall = great ... for one day?
  236. Online to get cheaper Adderall??
  237. Titration question
  238. started adderal
  239. My 7 yr. old son says he wakes up calm
  240. What's the difference between ADDERALL XR and ADDERALL?
  241. Working out on adderall
  242. Recommendations for cheap Adderall in US Pharmacy?
  243. Generic vs name brand
  244. Happy moments with Adderall
  245. sex drive
  246. Treatment/Rx Thoughts
  247. The high cost of Adderall xr is it worth it?
  248. Opposite effects all of a sudden
  249. Do you guys have the energy to go exercising after a days work....
  250. prescribed dosage too low?