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  1. Appointment tomorrow, Do I admit to having used adderall?
  2. Well, things can't go well at this point..
  3. Trying for the right treatment
  4. What should I do?
  5. "Self-Sabotage" as a Diagnosis of Exclusion?
  6. finally told I have ADHD......
  7. Currently Diagnosed with ADHD, but Switching Insurance
  8. What should I expect?
  9. Adderall in The Netherlands?
  10. what is the 'h' in adhd and how do you know if you have it?
  11. Is it worth attempting to get diagnosed?
  12. Getting scattered and unable to prioritize
  13. Need longer lasting agent
  14. I don't know whether I have ADD, Hypomania or Asperger's...
  15. So bummed. Is it really ADHD?
  16. Finding out I may have ADHD
  17. What can I expect during my first meeting with a neurologist?
  18. What does therapy for ADHD people look like?
  19. How did your diagnosis affect your self esteem and/or self perception?
  20. Over a year off meds and looking to take control of my life again
  21. Small med dosage?
  22. Schizoaffective disorder and ADD
  23. Adderall (regular and XR) can cause depression?
  24. ADHD or Depression or Both??
  25. Diagnosed
  26. The Amen Solution????
  27. Adderall only lasting 3-4 hours??
  28. ADHD evaluation process at a U.S. University?
  29. What is on an assessment/what does it involve?
  30. My ADHD University-Tested Diagnosis. (Tests Performed)
  31. Anyone else diagnosed in childhood?
  32. Alright, this is how things are right now.
  33. Which psychostimulant causes the least vasoconstriction?
  34. Second Appointment with Physiologist what should I expect?
  35. So what if I don't get diagnosed with ADHD? What do I do?
  36. The switch to Vyvanse..
  37. anybody else surprised by Dx of ADD/ADHD?
  38. Finally. It is finally f**king over. Kinda...
  39. Adderall XR vs Dexedrine Spansules
  40. Hey, nevermore!
  41. Questions about Ritalin and Adderal
  42. Diagnosed..
  43. Young adult ready to get help for ADHD
  44. What could be my diagnosis?
  45. Hello my name is Brayan
  46. are unprescribed ADD meds (Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta, Strattera) legal in Canada?
  47. How to be taken seriously by a doctor on a college campus?
  48. Starting medication
  49. Having Doubts about Having ADHD
  50. How long are you taking medication? Abuse question
  51. Introduction and Welbutrin Question
  52. suggestions or opinions
  53. Hops to jump through to get meds
  54. Diagnosed but how to I find a doctor?
  55. Medication Progress
  56. Should I bring up the possibility of ADHD with my therapist?
  57. help before i crack please
  58. Adult with undiagnosed ADD/ADHD
  59. What is your "Solution"?
  60. Scheduled first appointment with GP... should I admit to trying adderall in the past?
  61. Well after 2 years I finally went to the doc and here are my results...
  62. Eating Habits on Meds...
  63. POLL - Guess my diagnosis
  64. Adderall No Prescription, but Probably Needed
  65. Test don't Confirm ADHD. Now what?
  66. Is Psychologist Protecting Himself rather than Helping Me?
  67. Alternative medicine: Exercise and Medical Marijuana
  68. The smoking thing...
  69. Have you had a neuropsychological evaluation?
  70. What should be my next step?
  71. Every bone/join feeling achy..
  72. Might (Probably) Have Adult ADD/ADHD - Getting diagnosis is very difficult
  73. Gonna talk about titrating up to my Doctor
  74. I've been told I probably have mild ADD
  75. Really Confused
  76. Diagnose me please
  77. can my problem be ADD/ADHD?
  78. ridiculous tolerance to stimulants??!!?? plz help
  79. On the road to being diagnosed... Questions
  80. Introduction / medication question
  81. Recently diagnosed and would love advice on where to start! Tools, books, etc.
  82. Fear regarding starting meds
  83. Where do i go from here?
  84. Over-Medicated and Misunderstood
  85. ...What?
  86. What dosage did you start on
  87. The impatient patient.
  88. I think I MIGHT have ADD, but...
  89. I don't quite get it
  90. ADHD Treatment Question, why Effexor?
  91. Skipping Medication
  92. Good Questions to Ask
  93. Considering something similar to steps 8 & 9 from recovery
  94. I think my Dad might have ADHD...
  95. Possibly ADD
  96. how i was diagnosed ADHD.
  97. Speed and "ADHD"
  98. Encouragement for those seeking the right med/dose/combo - Who'd of thunk it?!
  99. Family doctor or Psychiatrist for diagnosis?
  100. The Meds Merry-Go-Round- Help!
  101. Need treatment suggestions
  102. Diagnosis Los Angeles
  103. Ritalin compared to Concerta?
  104. Going to see a new psychiatrist this week, or next..
  105. Alternative Treatments?
  106. Anybody taking Dexedrine AND Adderall?
  107. Officially diagnosed with ADD - What now?
  108. What mimics ADHD?
  109. 44 YO wants opinion from those in the know
  110. Diagnosed ADHD yesterday
  111. Confused about Medication
  112. Dsm?
  113. Cheapest pharmacy w/out insurance?
  114. Vyvanse 40 mg
  115. Experts: Is an Intelligence test necessary for diagnosing ADD?
  116. Effects of meds as seen by others...
  117. Questioning diagnosis...after a year.
  118. should i get tested?
  119. From crisis to crisis..
  120. Questions about NeuroPsychological Evalutions
  121. Do I have it?
  122. Verdict is in...
  123. Finally got diagnosed at the Maudsley - ADHD-PI
  124. How do I find THE best psychiatrist and therapist? "Gold standard"?
  125. Problems w/insurance or pharms when adjusting meds?
  126. Resources for ADD/ADHD adults = Please do Share
  127. Very Discouraged
  128. "Official" Diagnosis. Meh.
  129. How much of a difference did medication make?
  130. What is acceptable for testing fees?
  131. I am going to a Psychiatrist, help? Consensus of people with ADD?
  132. I am scared to death of this whole thing.
  133. Did I give this to my kids?
  134. Can Anybody Relate?
  135. Someone give me feedback??
  136. how does celexa work?
  137. Adolescent psychiatrist appointment (yet undiagnosed)
  138. Coping methods for those who are undiagnosed
  139. no medication vs. medication
  140. Problem with crashing early afternoon
  141. Treatment to improve social aspects of my life
  142. Wow... Head is CLEAR
  143. Ritalin LA40 when does it wear off?
  144. now mixed response with vyvance
  145. Suffering in Silence? Speak Up.
  146. Do I have Adhd? Or maybe something else? (Long question)
  147. I know I have ADD/ADHD. What meds help best??
  148. Bingo
  149. What if i dont have ad/hd and Doctor had misdiagnosed?
  150. Wanting to get tested.
  151. How to refill during long vacations?
  152. concerta not as effective as ritalin?
  153. Who Initially Diagnosed You?
  154. The time has finally come
  155. Expert Question: ADD meds + Blood Pressure Meds?
  156. getting diagnosed in toronto, canada
  157. Need ideas for brain-stimulating activities
  158. I have to get reevaluated
  159. Not autistic spectrum - am I right?
  160. Inattentives - what say you on meds?
  161. Next Course of Action
  162. Going to GP tomorrow, first time to discuss ADD
  163. ADHD-PI? What to do?
  164. dr appt today ask for a change?
  165. My appt today
  166. ADD as a child, Bipolar as an adult. That's not right..?
  167. Should I change doctors?
  168. sedation at the dentist or other med procedures
  169. What works for you?
  170. Add and What I want... need??
  171. Do they typically drug test before prescribing?
  172. Neurologists assessment vs. psychologists?
  173. How to deal with the shock of learning of adult ADHD? I feel sad to learn it
  174. How many times a day do you take your ADHD meds?
  175. What can I expect during a 2 hour Neuropsychological evaluation?
  176. How I would like to spend my summer.
  177. Which Medication works for you??
  178. Increasing Dosage Helps Minimize Side Effects??
  179. Treatment Day
  180. Asking doc to switch meds
  181. I may have ADD, how do I proceed?
  182. Oh...I miss my methylphenidat days
  183. How do you get a doctor to test and diagnose you with ADD
  184. Starting Methylphenidate
  185. NEED your opinions and advice
  186. What to bring to the Appt.?
  187. Obsessing and Anxious about ADD
  188. Your Experience with AD(H)D Diagnosis - Did my doctor jump the gun?
  189. Why do different stimulant meds work well for some people and not others?
  190. What did the doc wrote?? urgent! Atypical Attentional disorder??
  191. going into my diagnoses tmoz for adhd?
  192. Risperdal + Wellbutrin
  193. Has changing your diet had any effect on your attention span?
  194. Neurologist appointment?
  195. nervous about being retested...
  196. medication for inattentive ADD that helps with memory and concentration
  197. Adderall but old habits...
  198. new to this
  199. I want to stop drinking caffine, but it helps with my adhd
  200. Do you have to be officially diagnosed with ADD to get help??
  201. Psychiatrist issues
  202. Long term effects of meds
  203. Pharmacist Issues
  204. Diagnosed in Europe (Norway) - Getting prescription in the US?
  205. I think I might be going schizo and I know I have ADD
  206. Pharmacy question, I wonder why they asked that?
  207. Communicating with your doc
  208. Why does it affect me differently some days?
  209. What should I tell the Doctor [Nervous]
  210. Was I misdiagnosed? Just got Dx'd with hypoglycemia...
  211. mixed stimulants
  212. so frustrated, don't know what to do
  213. Psychoeducational test
  214. Iron Deficiency
  215. i think i have add but I'm not sure...Help?
  216. Is it possible I have ADD/ADHD?
  217. Went to the family Pediatrician.
  218. Chicken/Egg. Which came first, ADHD or Depression?
  219. What does an official diagnosis even mean.
  220. Ritalin for Depression?
  221. sleep and stimulants?
  222. Would I look weird going to see a Pdoc/Psychologist/etc.?
  223. Recently diagnosed with ADD, taking methylfenidaat.
  224. Almost 26, first diagnosis and treatment with Adderall 30mg. My experience.
  225. Pdoc says my ADHD symptoms could be from Social Anxiety
  226. Infrequent dosing of the medicine
  227. Trying to find a doctor
  228. No idea how to get a diagnosis
  229. ADHD-PI medication treatment
  230. After you Dx and starting your meds did you find...
  231. Cbt
  232. Am I overdoing it with the caffeine?
  233. How to deal with ADHD without stimulant?
  234. Please help, possible Adult ADHD and unsure what to do.
  235. Biomarker testing for managing medications
  236. Medical clearance ... getting to a breaking point
  237. Determining The Optimal Diagnostic Method
  238. No longer insured.....what can I do???
  239. Could this be ADD?
  240. Is it possible for symptoms of ADD to manifest only as an adult?
  241. Gah...I suck at this.
  242. Oh my! I'm an Aspie!
  243. Blood Tests/Saliva Tests/Vitamin Levels/Adrenal Gland/Hormones
  244. My Experience with Substance Abuse for the First Time
  245. Psychiatrists can't diagnose ADD ??
  246. kinda ****ed off with my doctor
  247. Cause of ADHD, Poll
  248. Is this a classic case of a recovering addict seeking drugs?
  249. First Doctors Appointment Next Week, Could Use Some Insight.
  250. Enlisting the help of others.