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  1. My family doctor does not believe in adult ADHD
  2. Been told an adult like me can't possibly have ADD...
  3. ADD medication alternatives with existing depression
  4. Afraid to go see my doctor about Adult ADD/ADHD
  5. trying to see a neurologist for diagnosis
  6. When treatment excitement wears off...
  7. Have you ever quit meds and went back on?
  8. Depression Treatment Not Working, not sure if I have ADD or not
  9. Being proactive about your add
  10. Can anyone help me please.
  11. I know the problem, I know the why's behind the problem, I just don't know the answer
  12. Questions regarding an epileptic with possible adult ADHD
  13. Recently diagnosed with ADHD, now what?
  14. A Basic Question
  15. A rant and a cry for help here
  16. Think its time for a new doctor, I've had it with this one...
  17. just home from testing...
  18. A list of my symptoms i'll be telling a mental helath worker next week.
  19. Stubborn psychiatrist issues...Advice?
  20. Adderall and being uptight
  21. New here - pretty sure I have all the signs of ADD/HD - never diagnosed or treated.
  22. Could my husband have ADD?
  23. Frustrated! Don't know where to go for assessment/treatment
  24. Need help finding a doc in India for ADD
  25. Screening vs. Diagnosis
  26. how much does it cost for diagnosis of ADHD ?
  27. taking my first dose right when I get up still in bed.. how do I lose this bad habit?
  28. Australian Needs Help -Questions about USA Medical System
  29. Which medication to pick?
  30. Issues for years...
  31. What are my options after Adderall?
  32. HELLO! Newly diagnosed with some questions
  33. Are all Psychologists so narrow minded?
  34. Would my pediatrician understand?
  35. Finally went to the psychiatrist...
  36. Treatment in a ~65 year old
  37. Newly Diagnosed - the good the bad and the ugly of ADHD
  38. Confusing Approaches: Counselling and Behavior Adjustments before or after treatment?
  39. Scared about getting diagnosed/wasting doctor's time
  40. How can I improve my focus and attention?
  41. Spinning in Circles
  42. think you might have adhd? read this...
  43. "Ad(h)d is very rare, nobody really has it..."
  44. Accidentally took two Adderall IR 15mg...
  45. How to approach potential depression/ADD
  46. Help from a psychologist?
  47. effectiveness of meds
  48. Can A psych Hospital Do Anything For an ADHDr ??
  49. does this adderall story seem familiar
  50. Heart palpitations
  51. Do I Have PI ADD?
  52. officially re-diagnosed...
  53. I can't take much more of this tail chasing!
  54. My worst two weeks but I see some light.
  55. first post... wondering if what I'm feeling after starting meds is normal
  56. RateMDs - docs info
  57. Scared
  58. Officially Diagnosed!!!
  59. Prediagnosis Jitters: Contemplating ADD Inactive and/or Asperger's Syndrome
  60. Getting Diagnosed: A story of Frustration
  61. Over-Diagnosis of ADHD
  62. Seeking Consultation in DC
  63. going back to old meds?
  64. Newly diagnosed....or am I?
  65. Neuro-cognitive training - ACE (advanced cognitive enhancement) Clinic
  66. comorbidity question?
  67. Newly prescribed/diagnosed adhd - Adult given concerta
  68. I just failed all my classes.
  69. A Diagnosis of Quite a Few Things
  70. Need some advice
  71. Losing Creativity with Medication
  72. adult adhd testing
  73. ADHD books or workbooks
  74. Getting prescribed Concerta from a new doctor? (help)
  75. Can depression and anxiety make adhd harder to diagnose?
  76. ... waiting for testing...
  77. How was Vyvanse for you?
  78. Anyone like this?
  79. I'm a little torn. I need help.
  80. Question
  81. Seriously Considering Adderall... Need some Advice
  82. Question about a diagnostic test task
  83. Introducing: Get-it-done, Gotta-do, and La-la
  84. Medication situation.
  85. Question/Advice
  86. It was 50 years ago today........
  87. Focalin for ADHD
  88. Should you tell your Psychiatrist you tried ADHD medication?
  89. Newb with BPII going for eval
  90. What should I do?
  91. Ever us semisubconscious, "Reverse psychology opposite goal strategy", treatment.
  92. Am I crashing because of my meds?
  93. What is the least expensive ADD Medication similar to Vyvanse?
  94. Questioning my diagnosis
  95. Diagnosis in the UK, some useful information.
  96. undiagnosed ADHD?
  97. Tomorrow's the big day....
  98. Need some advice. Becoming desperate for the right med.
  99. I'm embarassed and ashamed about my problems.
  100. nuvigil for new me?
  101. Diagnosis and discount on meds.
  102. Am I being unreasonable?
  103. Adding Vyvanse to Seroquel XR, first stimulant use.
  104. Newb that just started Adderall ER and need help
  105. Please explain to me what medications are supposed to do
  106. Alternatives to Concerta?
  107. newly diagnosed with adult adhd and reward deficiency syndrome
  108. new to treatment for add
  109. Looking for a doctor in Boston?
  110. Stimulant Blues as Indicative of Medication Effectiveness?
  111. Doc wants to reduce meds, I don't
  112. ADHD Caused by FOOD ADDITIVES <-- NATURAL CURE. Worked for me
  113. Looking for a home remedy for a side effect: Dry Mouth/Tooth Decay
  114. it takes so long!
  115. Adding a benzo to a stimulant/antipsychotic?
  116. First PDoc Appointment
  117. is ignorance justification for incompetence?*rant*
  118. Clearing up some myths. Can you help?
  119. My wonderful experience with ADD medication.
  120. Adult ADHD - Rediag/Treatment Advice?
  121. Cerebral Palsy and ADD?
  122. Tests in the diagnostic procedure?
  123. Sequencing....?
  124. ADHD doctor in south jersey
  125. Would you change doctors?
  126. Foggy mind spells
  127. Tonal/Sound Therapy
  128. Going private?
  129. Are you sure you have ADHD because I was....but I dont
  130. Diagnosed as an adult
  131. ADHD: do you play armchair doctor?
  132. Doctor discouraging me from getting diagnosis from psychiatrist
  133. Finding a Physician
  134. Going for diagnosis, not sure what to expect :s
  135. Trouble with Doctors
  136. Please help me! I'm screwing up my life
  137. Newly diagnosed with ADD and treatment questions.
  138. Medication Trial and Error, experience comparison?
  139. Recently began treatment
  140. does this sound like ADD?
  141. understanding my response to my adhd medication
  142. ADD? not so fast, my friend
  143. RX Protocal for adult users of aderall
  144. Sluggish Cognitive Tempo
  145. Results are in!!!
  146. What was your life before and after medication for ADHD
  147. Seeking a Second Opinion - Does this make me look bad?
  148. cymbalta and ritalin
  149. Frustrated! 3 meds; all useless
  150. Need to get my meds rite..
  151. Brown Scales?
  152. Medical Records - I know my subtype!
  153. Cyclothymic or ADD/ADHD
  154. Question about substance abuse & treatment
  155. Can you guys relate to my struggles (not yet diagnosed with ADD)
  156. Stupid question(s)...
  157. One day off treatment ; difference is astonishing
  158. Need advice re: losing insurance and newly dx
  159. Help??
  160. Got my dx today!! Medication? Therapy?
  161. my pdoc totally gets me
  162. Need new Psychiatrist
  163. Just recently diagnosed
  164. Proper Titration
  165. Is there such a thing as minor ADD?
  166. hmmmm
  167. Quotient ADHD Test
  168. What medications are YOU prescribed/taking?
  169. I kind of need to get all of this off my chest at once.
  170. Going to a new pdoc tomorrow, want to make sure I do it right!
  171. New to ADD meds dont seem to be working...please help
  172. So my doctor messed up and she's taking a bad attitude towards me
  173. Need help with diagnosis please
  174. Rather general treatment troubles, advice?
  175. Is it pointless?
  176. Do I need to tell my family dr that im taking meds again?
  177. Showing signs of ADD, starting in teen years
  178. Best Anti-depressent/Serotonin Increasing Medication for Obsessive ADD?
  179. I Feel Like My Drs Are Idiots, Very Frustrating
  180. Diagnosed with ADHD, still don't believe I have it
  181. Got an appointment to get diagnosed
  182. Meds didn't cure me. Therapy didn't cure me. What's next? A psychiatric hospital?
  183. Adhd c
  184. New to forum and ADHD medication
  185. ADHD Diagnosed as Adults
  186. Motivation: or Can I do it with out meds?
  187. Possible ADD - Please read my story and give me input!
  188. Symptoms check- ADD or just me?
  189. Dr wont help me
  190. Abnormal EEG? "right temporo-parietal" No history of seizures.
  191. Article: Pesticides in food linked to ADHD in kids
  192. Hello, I have some questions...
  193. Born with ADHD
  194. Is this Depression or ADD?
  195. Not a Mental Illness - Great Note from a Doc
  196. Going to therapy..I know I'm messed up
  197. No diagnosis
  198. Trying to find a psychiatrist
  199. Not fidgety or clumsy or forgetful- but otherwise seem ADHD. Is this you?
  200. Not sure of what he has, what to do?
  201. Therapist, or ADD Coach?
  202. Getting Help
  203. Scheduled med Prescription-Laws?
  204. Not really sure whether my symptoms indicate ADD/ADHD
  205. Coming off of medication
  206. ADHD Meds Cause Perseverations - What Does This Mean
  207. Do I have ADHD - read and share your thoughts
  208. ADD Help
  209. Potentially living with ADHD, what should I do?
  210. Can anyone with diagnosed ADD relate/identify with these symptoms?
  211. Sometimes doctors don't get it
  212. Possible Add-PI, Looking For Advice
  213. Are there any questionnaires/information I can take to initial Dr appointment?
  214. Before and after treatment
  215. To quit or Not to quit
  216. Wellbutrin for ADD?
  217. Preparation for the Big Day
  218. Afraid to take meds again, but drowning here, advice?
  219. GP refuses to prescribe!
  220. Adult ADHD doesn't exist... In my area?
  221. I'm not aware of any person with ADD who has the problems that I have. Do I have ADD?
  222. My first appt on Monday
  223. Question's about insurance/what to expect.
  224. Adults need access to free diagnosis and treatment.
  225. ADD Diagnosis?
  226. Incorrect Diagnosis and Consequently, Incorrect Meds?
  227. Thoughts on seeing a Neurologist?
  228. Invalidated?
  229. How do they tell mania from hyperactivity
  230. My brother
  231. What type of doctor do I need for this?
  232. Nlp
  233. Unsure if Anxiety or ADD
  234. Started My Official Testing
  235. Your way to adult diagnose?
  236. I'm so frustrated I can barely breathe. Help!
  237. ChrushChrush - the video you made...
  238. QUESTION: How do I KNOW that I am ADD?
  239. Diagnostic overlap - Am I ADHD or not?
  240. Sleep problems related to ADD HELP!!!
  241. Incredibly stupid doctors...
  242. On my way...GP says probably have it, LCSW rude so far! HELP!!!
  243. frustrated!!!!! adhd..or cyclothymia?
  244. Oh boy - First Appt Tomorrow..31 years old!
  245. How I've "managed" w/o medication/diagnosis
  246. Without medication
  247. Can ADHD really be this bad?
  248. Back from testing part 1
  249. Help! On 5th ADHD med...
  250. I can't think of a title, but I want to make a thread!