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  1. My revised story of adhd undiagnosed, trying to take to first consulation today
  2. Should I see a Doctor
  3. phsychiatrist? neorologist?
  4. How can I start getting my life/body together
  5. what happens now?
  6. First visit with a psychologist
  7. Helping my brother.
  8. Guess What? I Have ADD!
  9. Do you notice some of these quirks? haha
  10. Bad PDoc/Clinic....GRRRR!
  11. Why am I suddenly unmotivated?
  12. Feel like self medication may be my only option for who knows how long~
  13. ADHD Inattentive, Social Anxiety, and Depression - Medication?
  14. Do I have ADHD?
  15. i am ging bananas and need help
  16. hey, just some general questions i guess
  17. I HAVE ADHD! I think? My short life story.
  18. Not sure where to start...
  19. Is this ADD? What can I do? Could really use some advice...
  20. Upset, and still untreated
  21. ADD/ADHD and Depression diagnosis, seeking advice
  22. "Prior Dr. Authorization - AGAIN!?"
  23. Seeknig treatment
  24. I got confirmation of my diagnosis
  25. Adult ADHD and the DSM-V (video)
  26. Adult ADHD....
  27. What's "enough" diagnosis to start meds?
  28. A bit of venting
  29. Can I get some advice please.
  30. Weird Adderall side effects- foggy brain, urge to communicate, overfocus?
  31. Doctor said i have ADHD this is how i feel, whats ur opinion
  32. Afraid I've messed up
  33. Searching for answers & Anyone to relate with
  34. Diagnosis at last
  35. Insurance rant
  36. Finkin im adhd
  37. School Nurse Misinformed Doctor, Refuses To See Me Now
  38. stimulants question?
  39. Medical Records
  40. What kind of therapist do I need? or psychologist??
  41. Switching Psychiatrists due to Unnecessary Testing
  42. Behavioral Therapy and ADD
  43. Doctor for treating ADD with supplements worth it??
  44. My New Doc
  45. Depression from lowered dose
  46. Are all psychiatrists mean or is it just mine? =[
  47. IQ test for ADHD diagnosis/prognosis?
  48. A Doc AND a Pharmacy On My Side!!!
  49. Attempt At Advice For People With Intense Side Effects
  50. Rapid weight loss?
  51. New to the Forum and to ADD
  52. Looking For Insight
  53. Adderall XR - Alternatives?
  54. Who should I go to?
  55. do you need to see a psychiatrist to get a script?
  56. I Need Help Please
  57. How many pills do you take?
  58. mixed bipolar and adhd
  59. Relapse
  60. I quit. I'm taking my bat and ball and going home.
  61. 33yo Just diagnosed..Worried.>!
  62. Some doctors are ignorant
  63. How does medication affect you?
  64. New Med Questions
  65. Dosing at night. Unorthodox??
  66. Do I have ADD?/ Does this sound normal?
  67. Today is the day
  68. Is this kind of extreme restlessness common?
  69. Husband's psychiatrist thinking of taking him off meds...normal?
  70. Neurologist, Psychiatrist, General Doctor? Best choice?
  71. Does anyone have nightmares or dreams from taking meds?
  72. Need help and opinions as I hate doctors!
  73. How to find a good ADD Psychologist?
  74. Stimulants having no affect?
  75. Good resource for bloodwork without insurance
  76. Appointment next week need help.
  77. Need Help with Bad Doctor.
  78. Can we just talk about ADHD?
  79. Doctor wants to cut me off because I did NOT test positive for Ritalin
  80. Daydreaming
  81. Newly diagnosed question about Meds and other treatment methods
  82. Dr? Phsychiatrist? Psychologist?
  83. Just diagnosed and a judgmental mom
  84. Need to Get my Point Across! HELP!
  85. best medication for inattentive ADD?
  86. First doctor appointment since diagnosed
  87. First doctor appointment since diagnosed
  88. Medication Issue
  89. Effects of stimulants on NTs
  90. Aigh...
  91. What is the alternative when stimulants don't seem to work
  92. Could I have ADHD?
  93. Going to the doctor tommor, question.
  94. Need major help, please anybody I am having crazy side effects...
  95. D-DAY at last.
  96. ADD? Thread XXXI
  97. Alright, things are looking good.
  98. Did you believe in medication before trying?
  99. recently took the tova test and i know i did terrible. need some advice/support.
  100. Adult ADD: Medication for life?
  101. Still Trying
  102. FINALLY diagnosed today for first time!
  103. Questions about psychopharmacologist
  104. Irrationally scared of addiction to Ritalin - calm me down, please?
  105. Adderall XR, Adderall IR, Vyvanse, Dexedrine...none of them what?!
  106. meds on, meds off
  107. Stimulants making me feel schizophrenic, please help.
  108. Getting tested!
  109. Counseling / therapy
  110. Not really sure what to say to my doctor :/
  111. Doctors... GPs, therapists and other type of doctors.
  112. Resistance to Medication
  113. ADD... Anxiety... or Something Else?
  114. Borderline ADD/ADHD
  115. Got turned down for ADD by a GP, what now?
  116. Elusive Treatment
  117. How to handle this
  118. Going to the hospital for a week, looking for a diagnosis
  119. Two weeks and still no word from doctor
  120. Do you think the Dr. would give me two different meds to try?
  121. Do I have ADD?
  122. Pretty sure I have ADD-PI
  123. I am not sure what to do with meds....
  124. should I give up on Effexor XR after three weeks on max dose?
  125. Dr. (rhymes with "Hey men")
  126. Not ADHD
  127. Meeting the Challenge of Adult ADHD
  128. Boyfriend with ADHD?
  129. For newly diagnosed members - have patience
  130. Help Finding Meds Thread
  131. Advice for 33y/o recently Diagnosed with ADHD
  132. Dx for 3 years without knowing it
  133. Treatment is taking so long
  134. Help! What's this chaos about?
  135. What does it feel like when your actually work?
  136. developmental psychology/therapy? meds aren't working
  137. Do I have ADD/ADHD?
  138. Strange dull tightness under ribcage
  139. Scheduling a Diagnosis - Psychiatrists Booked for 2 Months - See a psychologist?
  140. All the critical coverage regarding ADHD
  141. Issues with Psychiatrist
  142. Should I push for a diagnosis of ADHD PI?
  143. Can it be ADD? or am I looking for something to blame
  144. Adderall as a DRI?
  145. Trying To Get Diagnosed/Treated
  146. Drug Sensitivity = Bi-Polar?
  147. Things adults with ADHD would like their Doctors to know.
  148. whos in control?
  149. Nitric Oxide and ADHD How it affects Me
  150. ADHD and Low Energy
  151. Concerta only works for two hours for me, why? & my story
  152. New Medication
  153. add? need advice
  154. I may be paranoid, but it feels like I am about to be fired at work.
  155. Ongoing issue (ideas..)
  156. How Forward Can I be in Asking for Medication?
  157. Hoping I have ADD
  158. Concerned about "Sudden Death" side effect
  159. ADHD and dealing with parents
  160. How I experience life
  161. How to Find a GOOD Doctor?
  162. Do I really have ADD or am I just depressed? please help
  163. Frustrated with the process
  164. so dissapointed so far
  165. Great....
  166. I think I have ADHD.....?
  167. Assessment and questions...
  168. DSM Criteria vs. Severity
  169. Lost and confused now.....
  170. Umm, what to expect from a successful ADD med?
  171. Can people with ADD focus at the last minute?
  172. Does the use of illegal drugs in the past effect the way you repond to medications?
  173. adhd and somatization disorder.
  174. So I have my referral...
  175. Does this sound like ADD?
  176. Treatment Starting again
  177. Lazy or ADD?
  178. Undiagnosed? Am I hopeless?
  179. Not prescribed Adderall but its HELPING MY LIFE! 18y/o female College, do I have ADD?
  180. Can't sleep worried about Dr later today
  181. Should I find a specialist?
  182. Just Diagnosed
  183. still pretty impulsive
  184. Untitled (I couldn't think of one)
  185. Medication is not a silver bullet for me.
  186. Could this be ADD?
  187. I believe I may have ADHD and have questions. An introduction
  188. my first visit to the psychologist
  189. Confused about what I should do
  190. The effect of adhd medicin on non-ADHD?
  191. Does this sound Like ADD to you? list of traits
  192. I am new here, I have a question, it's very important for me.
  193. this is kinda neat
  194. My new life knowing I have ADD
  195. Confused and not sure how I can fix myself.
  196. Treatment/Combining Medicines Effective? Ritalin sort of worked
  197. My perception of ADD(Long)
  198. Could I have ADD and never knew it??
  199. long term effectiveness of meds
  200. Thoughts? Advice? New to ADD... and life!
  201. How to cope with the anger/depression of being diagnosed with ADD as an adult?
  202. How effective is WellbutrinSR
  203. ADHD, depression, memory
  204. Potentially high functioning ADHD... What to do?
  205. Assessment takes forever and I'm worried it will be just another failed project
  206. Where to begin? First visit coming up...
  207. I was undiagnosed with ADHD until I came to uni
  208. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Screening Test
  209. Nothing seems to work
  210. To list or not to list
  211. Could I have ADD?
  212. appointment tomorrow
  213. Non-diagnosed ADD (possibly ADHD) person
  214. Tova
  215. Dexedrine substitute?
  216. Do I have ADD or could it be another problem?
  217. Vyvanse, Concerta, or Adderall XR?
  218. Learning a new life on medication
  219. Help me to make sense of things
  220. Newly diagnosed with ADHD
  221. Doctor confusion
  222. CBT and ADHD
  223. Difference Between Depression and Add Symptoms
  224. My first visit with an ADHD Psychologist
  225. Anxiety symptoms = ADHD symptoms?
  226. ADHD and bipolar 2 is it possible?
  227. Never Tested... But Medicated
  228. Is this true when it comes to ADHD treament?
  229. Unmedicated disaster
  230. add?
  231. A few Pre-Appointment Concerns
  232. Finally got my formal diagnosis!
  233. Started counseling and new meds
  234. Where do you normally go from here? Saw a Psy.D and then got this letter...
  235. ADHD is ruining my life
  236. How to not sound like a druggie at the doctor
  237. Should I get tested for ADD?
  238. Ask for test?
  239. Minnesota -- do you like your doctor?
  240. Made an appt to be evaluated. What is an "intake-specialist?"
  241. Epiphany...
  242. How do you proceed when your DR says "follow up" if needed?
  243. Making this Clear to my Doctor, I need help explaining this.
  244. Do I have ADD or ADHD?
  245. ? for those who take stimulant meds
  246. Not sure if I have ADD or not, but don't know what to do about it now
  247. Is it worth getting diagnosed?
  248. What if I don't get an ADHD diagnosis
  249. How does chilhood ADD diagnosis affect adult diagnosis?
  250. Diagnosed at 48!