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  1. What's It Like, Coming Off Anti-Depressant? And What I'm Experiencing.
  2. Finally had my assessment
  3. How does ADHD work?
  4. Hey There Everyone
  5. New here, and Have a Few questions.
  6. Family Doctor Vs. Psychiatrist?
  7. Help.. Misdiagnosis/ADHD?
  8. Need a little help!
  9. Just Diagnosed
  10. Questions..Questions
  11. Prozac for treatment of add
  12. Going to the doctor tomorrow...
  13. Diva
  14. My doc has no clue what its like...
  15. Doctors Appointment
  16. newbie needs advice
  17. The weight has lifted (officially diagnosed!)
  18. UK medication licensing laws
  19. Cant distinguish my symptoms, help!
  20. I want to sue!!
  21. Will stimulant medication increase anxiety levels?
  22. Kind of scared...
  23. Been diagnosed and don't know how to feel about it
  24. Testifying - Newly Diagnosed
  25. Diagnosed with ADHD today....what now?
  26. Can you recover from ADD?
  27. Okay, how many of us are actually diagnosed?
  28. Whats it like?
  29. First psych visit woes
  30. What is an "official" diagnosis@
  31. Do you remember the exact day?
  32. Need help w/ treatment
  33. Only the 1st day after my diagnosis and I'm stressing
  34. adhd and heart condition. Need advice/help
  35. How long for stims to take effect ?
  36. First evaluation is coming up
  37. Referral to psychiatrist after ADHD diagnosis. 1st appt soon-what to expect?
  38. Psychoeducational testing?
  39. Need advice on seeking diagnosis
  40. My personal battle with ADD diagnosis!!!....
  41. My Story - Waiting for Medication
  42. College student, already have anxiety diagnosis, now going to adhd clinic?
  43. Asked to sign contract
  44. Is this more ADD or ADHD?
  45. I'm not sure what to do... Pretty long, please help!
  46. Do you think a whole new approach to adults and children ADD is needed.
  47. Something to Say That Helps A Bit
  48. Is this ADHD?
  49. What kind of ADHD do I have, and what is hyper activity?
  50. Talking to Dr. about switching to Adderall
  51. I might have ADD?
  52. WAIS, Diagnosis and Frustration
  53. For me, getting a diagnosis...
  54. Do I have ADHD or hyperfocus?
  55. (Mis)diagnoses and ADHD... my experience
  56. Newly Diagnosed + Breakdown
  57. Managing ADHD without meds? Please help any advice appreciated
  58. Assessment tomorrow...
  59. Have not been diagnosed but I think I have ADD
  60. Depression/anxiety + bipolar?
  61. Impossible to diagnose without "test"
  62. Cant Get Diagnosed ADHD
  63. Insurance won't pay for medications
  64. Suggestions for ADHD with anxiety?
  65. Diagnosed in the UK
  66. unsure if add/adhd or other disorder
  67. Another explanation for ADHD meds "working"?
  68. Stupid question - Psychologists???
  69. Exhausted all avenues for help...I'm ready to give up
  70. Getting back on Meds after 3 years
  71. Diagnosing ADD in adults in a timely matter
  72. Feeling helpless
  73. To the successfully medicated: How noticable was your initial improvement on meds?
  74. I Don't know if I have Adult ADD
  75. Medication shenanigans
  76. Med abuse in college! Not fair!!
  77. Misdiagnosed as OCD?
  78. Timing medication doses - Adderall/Prozac
  79. I thought my issue was serotonine but now I fear I might have ADD
  80. How prepared should I be for an assessment?
  81. Is it hard to see a psychiatrist without medical insurance or money?
  82. ADHD-PI and Psychopaths
  83. Diagnosis and effective Medication
  84. how do I go about getting diagnosed?
  85. My Sister's Struggle - ADHD at the Root?
  86. Anyone diagnosed through their children?
  87. Not so surprising -- ADHD diagnosis
  88. Getting there!!
  89. I think I might have ADHD, but I don't know what to do about it
  90. Please Read ... Thanks
  91. Do you think I won't be prescribed for several reasons?
  92. Here's why you want to get help as soon as possible (Undiagnosed ADHD)
  93. ADD - Aderall XR & IR vs Ritalin and GI symptoms
  94. A question of ethics - psychiatrists
  95. I was undiagnosed with ADHD until I was 20/Second year of university?
  96. Wonderful experience!
  97. Should I bother to shave & get a haircut for my appointment?
  98. one question about diagnosing ADD
  99. struggling with internal vs. physical
  100. Ok, called the clinic
  101. High scores in the psychological test battery, no ADHD?
  102. Bitter about ADHD diagnosis
  103. Do you think I have ADHD, what should I do?
  104. Need advice, thinking of seeing a psychiatrist & paying out of pocket
  105. My doctor thinks If I am medicated, I will grow out of the ADHD before Im 25?
  106. Should I take notes to the psych doc?
  107. Curious about diagnosis experiences. My assessment seemed rushed then only 5mg/day?
  108. pediatrician and meds
  109. Need some advice
  110. My ADHD Story- Looking for Advice
  111. Just diagnosed with ADHD - not sure how to feel.
  112. Please Help
  113. more aware
  114. First day and hopefully a new me
  115. My life with ADHD
  116. Diagnosed in UK- Need Medication Advice
  117. need advice
  118. Only one in family with ADD/ADHD?
  119. Have to wait 2 weeks....
  120. About to have 4th session with Psychiatrist, dissatisfied...
  121. UK - psychological therapy services
  122. "Diagnosed" today - started on meds, question and concerns.
  123. Grief over job loss = Abilify
  124. In a depressed state - is this ADD? Please advise *life story!*
  125. Bad news today..
  126. So it is ADD. What do I do now, what is the best treatment?
  127. Don't know which way like to go with treatment
  128. ADD-what type could I be and what next?
  129. Is ADD my problem??
  130. Questioning Dr. Daniel Amen and his subtypes.
  131. CYP2D6 and ADHD drugs
  132. My doctor who treats my ADHD is leaving..
  133. College Senior looking for advice
  134. anxiety and excitement
  135. Do I have ADD?
  136. referred to see a specialist
  137. How many visits? (diagnosis question)
  138. Newly Disgnosed - How It All Went Down
  139. meds plus what?
  140. Self-Diagnosis, and similarities between ADHD and other disorders.
  141. Speaking to teachers and counsellors... mixed results...
  142. need advice/recommendation
  143. just spacey?
  144. How do you really know if you have ADD?
  145. Things that I have noticed in my life with ADD, and the fact that parents won't help.
  146. Some advice
  147. I'm back - with a referral letter!!!yay!
  148. A year after diagnose...
  149. I may have Adult ADD, but I don't know where to start in managing it.
  150. Hello
  151. Starting to give up. :(
  152. ADHD inattentiveness issues vs dyslexia innattentiveness issues?
  153. ADHD & Bipolar Meds???
  154. So messed up
  155. Can I get a Psychiatrist to Diagnose? Or: How to Avoid Psychologists?
  156. how does adhd react with anti depressents
  157. Extremely Stressed - Where do I go from here?
  158. ADHD meds and existing depression
  159. "The Attention Center" Cleveland, OH, and Ed Hallowell
  160. Therapist says yes, I say maybe: New ADHD diagnosis?
  161. Psychiatrist vs Family Doctor
  162. On the right steps?
  163. HELP! I found out I have ADHD and im freaking out!
  164. Really struggling - is this normal? Is there hope?
  165. Unhelpful psychiatrist and severely worsening ADD and memory
  166. An Enigma
  167. Psychiatrist asked for a blood test before prescription
  168. Getting better but not there yet
  169. possible adhd?
  170. Is it normal to have huge headache after 3 hours of neuropsych test?
  171. First appointment at psychiatrist soon
  172. so had my appointment
  173. Appointment in 90 minues
  174. Too "successful" for ADHD?????????
  175. GAD and ADHD - medication
  176. Need help with my ADD Creating problems which are not ceasing
  177. went to a new place got klonopin & strattera.
  178. Ugh I have to wait almost 3 weeks to get my diagnosis!
  179. Could I have ADD
  180. Adult ADD self diagnosis - Help with Dr.
  181. do I need to go to my F.P. or can I go straight to a psychiatrist for add?
  182. Did you interview your doctor?
  183. Frustrated after initial psychiatric session. Prescribed Citalopram and not ADHD meds
  184. I am very frustrated by the lack of support in my community.
  185. what happens after neuropsychiatric tests
  186. Currently Being Diagnosed - Trying to find root cause as well
  187. Going to See a New Psychiatrist.
  188. Can a thyroid problem cause symptoms that meet the diagnostic criteria for ADHD?
  189. How much should I tell my psychiatrist?
  190. Diagnosis soon, what to expect?
  191. Need advice with my evaluation's preparation (to bring at appointment), please help!
  192. What the ****?
  193. Is ADD Cognitive Testing accurate for high IQ people?
  194. ADD or just nuts?
  195. Has anyone dealt with Physician Disbelief of ADHD.
  196. First day back on Dexiamphetamine in 7 years
  197. Absolute hell with referrals/waiting times for psychiatrists
  198. My psychologist doesn't believe I have ADD, what now
  199. Should I consider dropped this physician or an unavoidable issue?
  200. Should I see a Psych based on these symptoms and examples?
  201. Military Guy -- Need Help
  202. Do I Have Inattentive ADD?
  203. Drug abuse - no possibility of stimulants??
  204. Do you need some one from your childhood for a diagnosis?
  205. I'm diagnosed!
  206. Do I need a new diagnosis?
  207. Found a psychiatrist!
  208. Can depression really cause ADHD symptoms?
  209. Trouble being concise, ADHD, OCD or something else?
  210. Asking for a prescription in a couple days.. have some questions
  211. Psychological tests for Adhd?
  212. What you recall of your own diagnosis process (child or adult)
  213. Temper, Temper need some advise pls
  214. How do I know if I've got Aspergers?
  215. Scared of taking my meds
  216. Nervous about upcoming appointment...
  217. Appointment with psychiatrist today....
  218. Back to square one...psychiatrist was a no-show
  219. had my pyschiatrist appt....what do you think?
  220. New trying to get dx
  221. ADHD food allergy
  222. Hello, does any of this sound familiar?
  223. digging through report cards
  224. General Anxieties
  225. Could I be having ADHD?
  226. Does this sound like adhd....(lengthy)
  227. UK adders, been diagnosed? how was it?
  228. Hello friends, I could use help!
  229. All I can think about is needing to be in a hospital
  230. First this normal?
  231. Treatment options
  232. Have Hit a WALL at worst time in life
  233. Diagonsed with ADHD but?
  234. Is there such a thing as ADD counseling?
  235. Looking into "coping counselling".... Thoughts?
  236. What made you certain that you had ADD?
  237. Bad allergic reactions, and other issues.
  238. Amphetamines Salts 20 mg IR
  239. Over-thinking diagnosis questions?
  240. Step 1. Completed!
  241. Back from a long hiatus/adderall question
  242. what is wrong with me?
  243. Could I have ADD?
  244. Think I have ADD/ADHD.
  245. My story so far... not sure where it'll take me
  246. Medication frustration :(
  247. Opinion on treatment - substance depenance
  248. Someone please help me
  249. My rant
  250. First visit with doctor about add coming up...