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  1. Relatively simple question
  2. Not ADHD after all, apparently. Help?
  3. New and looking for insight (former substance abusers)
  4. Inattentive ADD and where to go from here?
  5. Not sure what kind of focus issue I'm having but looking for suggestions
  6. VERY weird visit to my psychiatrist!
  7. Is this an ADD trait?
  8. Still unsure about diagnosis... need opinion
  9. Seeing a Neurologist, then a Psychiatrist. Could I have ADHD?
  10. If you were diagnosed ADD/ADHD as an adult, what was your breaking point to seek help
  11. "Diagnosis" from a social worker
  12. Can ANYONE else relate? (BEWARE: LONG)
  13. Lost three jobs in the last year. Need help.
  14. Just left the Dr. - I feel bullied!
  15. Should i seek help
  16. Taking Adderall, need help switching to Ritalin
  17. HELP!I don't no whether to cry or scream - I'm certain ADHD is the missing diagnosis!
  18. Still on the fence about being medicated
  19. Confused- what kind of ADD do I have?
  20. A few questions....
  21. Local Uk Primary Care Trust refuses funding 4 adult ADHD treatment & diagnoses! Help!
  22. Going to get evaluated (scared)
  23. adult women w/ adhd physical symptoms question
  24. Do I have ADD or is it all in my head?
  25. Neurologist vs. Psychiatrist
  26. Do anyone find it helpful seeing a pyschologist?
  27. My case - long story, long
  28. What do I tell the psychiatrist?
  29. Doctor says I have ADHD
  30. I need to get help but feel stuck!
  31. Not sure about who to go see about ADHD now? Advice is much appreciated
  32. Trying to understand treatments (natural vs. meds)
  33. Short Attention Span (ADD) or Cognitive symptoms of Schizophrenia?
  34. Finally thinking of visiting a doctor?
  35. heart beat
  36. ADD or Undisciplined Mind?
  37. I exaggerated ADD symptoms. Got dx'ed with ADD. Now I'm stuck with ineffective meds
  38. Possible ADHD?
  39. Appointment with psychologist next week for ADD diagnosis
  40. does neuropsychology testing work?
  41. Uncertain Adult, diagnosed as kid
  42. Accurate diagnosis
  43. Diagnosis in Scotland (or UK), any advice?
  44. Your opinion please. Do you think I have ADD/ADHD? Results from a test.
  45. A few questions about seeing a psychiatrist
  46. Alcohol when you take ritalin?
  47. Self-Report Scale-What type of ADHD do I have?
  48. I have no clue what to do :/
  49. Long-term self-treatment (no meds)
  50. Should I go back? I can't decide!
  51. I was diagnosed with clinical depression, and not ADHD
  52. i want to get on meds fast! but.....
  53. Question about my diagnosis, not sure what to do
  54. Ready to get treated, don't know where to start...
  55. Dosing levels generic adderall
  56. Recently diagnosed w/ ADD, pretty confused
  57. Finally Confronting Lifelong Issues
  58. Auditory Processing Deficit and Memory Deficit Disorder with ADD
  59. Late diagnosis - What were you like as a child?
  60. Still struggling with meds - 12 years on
  61. Appointment tomorrow
  62. I am new and wondering if I have add or adhd
  63. Anyone ever done the 3 hour psychological evaluation?
  64. Needing Help
  65. Asking New MD Internist for Adderall
  66. Moving from US to Canada
  67. Your opinions, please.
  68. struggling with problems since primary school
  69. Wish me luck!
  70. Tenex, Adderall, and doctor. Advice and experiences please
  71. Got diagnosed today
  72. 21 yr old college student, just diagnosed!
  73. Doctor for supplements and looking into other possible causes/treatment?
  74. im on an ADD viscious cycle?
  75. ADHD counseling... where do I start?
  76. Question about Adderall / Vyvanse treatment plans.
  77. After 28 Years . . .
  78. I guess, I am just lazy, stupid and crazy after all
  79. finally got an appointment!
  80. Results of meeting with psychiatrist
  81. Scared.
  82. Terrible Luck
  83. Not convinced it's depression
  84. Really need some help/advice on pdoc moving.
  85. What are they looking for in the cognitive evaluation (3-4 hour test)
  86. Taking Unprescribed Adderall but I have ADHD?
  87. Wish me luck!
  88. In need of reassurance I guess or just to vent
  89. Therapist effectiveness? How do I know...need feedback
  90. 12 Steps
  91. First Timer Question
  92. psychiatrist appointment tomorrow, what should i say?
  93. The story of my life... in a new light.
  94. Hello, New Member Here!
  95. Helping in so many ways, yet not the most important
  96. I hit the psychiatric jackpot!
  97. How can I convince the doctor for medication?
  98. Not diagnosed with ADD but I hate myself for being this way :(
  99. Any advice gratefully received.
  100. Potential Adult ADD & My Story
  101. Teen with Adhd.. Help.
  102. A Captivating Title (read me) (long but good) (maybe)
  103. ADD or not???
  104. Maladaptive day dreaming or ADHD??
  105. trying to help
  106. New Here - Hello
  107. Could it be or am I just born lazy?
  108. PI easier to 'understand' than HI in adults?
  109. What's my problem?
  110. After 49 years, just diagnosed
  111. Translations Appreciated (what does the following information mean to you.
  112. just diagnosed!
  113. Need some help and opinions
  114. New and need some help, am I just lazy??
  115. Dr. Bruce Perry, Some Treatment For ADHD
  116. No motivation...just stuck?
  117. B12 Mystery - Please post if you have been helped by B12!
  118. Went back to dr to try meds again....being referred now
  119. Psychologist Appointment
  120. Do these focus and memory issues sound like ADD or some other LD please read
  121. Am i still suffering with ADHD
  122. MTHFR - anyone?
  123. Holy Bajeezus!!
  124. has anyone tried cognitive therapy?
  125. How to choose health insurance?
  126. Other than the "standard" ADHD symptoms, what are some other fairly common symptoms?
  127. Will I get caught if i see a different doctor?
  128. Wild imaginations
  129. Gluten free diet as part of a treatment program
  130. where do i go to get diagnosed for ADHD and what do I tell the doctor
  131. My symtoms
  132. Do I have ADHD?
  133. I need help!!
  134. Online tests
  135. How to get the psychiatrist convinced???
  136. What am I doing?
  137. Just Diagnosed Yesterday
  138. Going overseas, no meds - Desperate for help
  139. Confused
  140. I think I am really crazy.
  141. Do my symptoms suggest ADD?
  142. Developmental History and Enuresis (Bed Wetting)
  143. Going to see the psychologist Wednesday...
  144. Adult adnd test (not for diagnostics)
  145. What to expect from a good doctor?
  146. worried for myself
  147. Spoke to School Diagnostician, Reevaluation Indicative of ADHD.
  148. Finally an answer...
  149. In need of help and suggestions
  150. Well, I'm still ADD...
  151. Im off to the quacks today
  152. Been doctors
  153. 10+ years of NHS confusion, possibly misdiagnosed as bipolar, time to go private?
  154. wondering if i might have adult add
  155. I give up ... booted my 'therapist?' ..
  156. drugs and change
  157. How Were You Diagnosed?
  158. Thinking about bringing this up with my psychatrist
  159. Newly diagnosed, having issues with meds
  160. The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study
  161. So Doctor Said Medicine couldn't help me
  162. Am I candidate for ADHD?
  163. Medication dosages......
  164. Attention vs Impulsivity; and Medication
  165. Tips? Your story?
  166. Looking for some help
  167. Finally have an appointment!
  168. Am I in the right place? Need help :S
  169. New to Forum, Advice Appreciated
  170. Quit Smoking... Wow! Diagnosed 9 months ago. Med Switch?
  171. New to the forums! Self diagnosed in April. Specialist appointment in July.
  172. Let's gather DATA!
  173. ADD diagnosis question
  174. ADD and acceptance, my temper is flaring
  175. 19 year old college student
  176. Rainy Days Make Me Feel Drunk
  177. Just imagining things?
  178. Happy the psych "re-confirmed" my diagnosis: FURIOUS at my Dr.'s notes on my case
  179. How should I feel? (Newbie)
  180. I finally did it- made an appt with a counselor
  181. Can ADHD be treated without taking medication?
  182. I don't know if ADD meds are really for me.
  183. Stimulants vs non-stimulants
  184. Not agreeing with diagnosis
  185. Diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger's - what has life been like for you?
  186. My Experience Trying to Get Diagnosed
  187. A Royal Pain in the ......
  188. After seven years of ADHD treatment, new psychologist says I'm bipolar?
  189. How can I describe my ADHD?
  190. Um, is this ADD?
  191. I finally agreed- I'm going to counseling today
  192. I waited 2 month's for appt. to be told this?!
  193. what does ADHD-PI mean?
  194. Incredibly frustrated
  195. ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and Sexual Addiction
  196. Finally got diagnosis!
  197. Need advice on current mental state.
  198. New to ADHD and this forum- currently being assesed
  199. Am I hopeless?
  200. we are not psychiatrists !!!
  201. Iam almost certain i have ADD
  202. Prescribed ritalin on my first psychiatrist visit and insurance didn't cover
  203. pharmacist hands me my ADD meds then says "enjoy". Is that a suble criticism?
  204. Diagnosis by Psychologist?
  205. medication stolen. has this happened to others and how did you regain doctor's trust?
  206. Had assessment - feel awful
  207. Doctors that only charge you if they write a prescription?
  208. ADD or not?
  209. Hello! Anyone with Medco?
  210. Question about my first psychiatrist visit -- Adult ADHD
  211. Finally I bit the bullet and visited a Pyschiatrist
  212. Doctor office closed... for three weeks! What am I supposed to do?
  213. Advice nedded
  214. Trouble getting treatment
  215. Vitamin B Complex? What the heck?
  216. My new Pdoc is not nice :(
  217. Possible Add?? daughter (8) diagnosed last week ADHD
  218. A little help in the Orlando area...
  219. where to start - psychiatrist can't see me for over 2 months!
  220. Not sure about this "diagnosis"
  221. Just Diagnosed...
  222. No diagnosis
  223. Diagnosis without parents, teachers to give evidence?
  224. Can a regular doctor prescribe ADHD meds without a diagnosis?
  225. 3rd appointment with the psychiatrist -> I'm losing the will to live
  226. How advantageous to have childhood medical records
  227. What does mild ADHD look like?
  228. Difficulty getting Ritalin
  229. The 6 pack next day energizer?
  230. Tova test 3+ & no med works... ADHD or not?
  231. Therapy and looking for reasons in the wrong places.
  232. Question about Insurance
  233. Could I have ADD?
  234. My path to Diagnosis/Treatment
  235. has a psychiatrist ever given up on you?
  236. Misdiagnosed with ADD
  237. Not being open, getting misdiagnosed. Looking for support
  238. After many years, I saw a psych today!
  239. I want to seek help for my social anxiety & depressionbut I have adhd. Advice please?
  240. Academically successful and ADHD diagnosis?
  241. First psychiatrist appointment tomorrow, any advice?
  242. can friends write friends scripts?
  243. I'm 32 and take 6 different prescription meds
  244. What is brain chatter?
  245. Need help please
  246. accurate Online test?
  247. Having troubles accepting my (new) diagnosis!
  248. Just started meds -ADHD & Depression, Frustrated/angry?
  249. Hey. ADHD?
  250. Been Trying OTC sinus medication