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  1. Finally had the psych appt today.....
  2. comorbid anxiety/stress or what?
  3. Double dose of concerta ?
  4. Long first post
  5. No Doctors in my area are helping me BECAUSE OF A PAST SUBSTANCE ABUSE HISTORY
  6. Can I just ask my psychiatrist for meds?
  7. They switched my psychiatrist on me and gave me an anti-depresant, whaaa??
  8. What to expect when I ask my GP for assistances with my social anxiety
  9. Please help- In Boston Dr. ceased prescription
  10. Do I need to be an expert on my own ADD to get the best help from my Doctors??
  11. How long is the evaluation process until diagnosis? What else should I expect?
  12. ALS and CNS-LS
  13. Hi. I have a confession....
  14. I really think I have ADHD, but no one believes me
  15. It Really Is Too Bad ......
  16. Perscription Help, No instruction given, Personal Journal
  17. Any tips for talking to docs without seeming like you're drug seeking/abuser?
  18. Cns eeg?
  19. Might I have add?
  20. 5th day after appt.
  21. Do I have ADD?
  22. Next steps to take?
  23. Had the most INSANE appointment. Super discouraged.
  24. Testing
  25. The Madadder Plan
  26. Going to see my doctor next week. Need some advice.
  27. A question for those of us who take meds......
  28. Finally taking action. Advice on getting a diagnoses.
  29. Need info if you have been through this
  30. Prescriber said I seem anxious? Offended...
  31. Nashville Psychiatrist Recs?
  32. Drugs or no drugs for ADHD?
  33. How long to stick with a med before moving on?
  34. ADD with Heart anomalies
  35. Impatient with how long this diagnostic process is taking
  36. Undiagnosed but with LD
  37. Has anyone ever experienced possible assumption/stereotyping by a doctor?
  38. What's going to happen?
  39. 4th appointment with the psychiatrist - treatment plan
  40. so i guess i really don't have adhd then
  41. Email communication with pdoc?
  42. What to expect looking for advice
  43. ADHD patients have a stronger predisposition to addiction?
  44. Seeing Psych for first time tomorrow.
  45. who do you see for a true diagnosis
  46. Diagnosed today....
  47. Struggling with self diagnosis
  48. I'm pretty sure I do have it, but I want to see if I relate
  49. Made first appt w/psychiatrist and was told...
  50. Introducing myself, and a quick vent!
  51. Best treatment or therapy for adult adhd?
  52. Stigmatized & dismissed
  53. link to good adhd self-reporting/ self-assessment pdfs
  54. "Hyperfocusing" over diagnosis
  55. Confused. Psychologist says Adderall should not relax me
  56. Medication yes, but what else?
  57. Is this ADHD?
  58. Was this wrong or right? kind of
  59. I was finally diagnosed, but Adjustment Disorder? WTF? o.O
  60. Could it be?
  61. Do I have Adhd? Life currently seems!!
  62. Oh Goodie! I Get to be Diagnosed All Over Again !!!!
  63. Hate being off meds
  64. Could I have ADHD? And what to do about it
  65. Possibility of ADD/ADHD
  66. Take home eeg? anyone else experience anything similar or know about it?
  67. Add/ADHD/something?
  68. long term depression after suddenly quitting medication
  69. Did I waste my time with a psychologist? AGAIN?
  70. Possible quick diagnoses and prescription for ADD?
  71. First Professional Visit
  72. Disgruntled with stimulants, need good advice
  73. Pretty Shook Up ......
  74. Hello and some questions if you don't mind
  75. Could I have ADD, or am I just a bad person??
  76. Moving...
  77. Why Would I Need to Have this Bloodwork Done ???? Because I Take Adderall IR
  78. Difference in diagnosis process between adults and children?
  79. Best Stimulant XR or IR to take with 20 mg Prozac
  80. A resource for those in the Netherlands (and others!), ADHD characterstics
  81. Psychologist before Psychiatrist?
  82. how do i get stimulants
  83. Pdoc Visit and changing meds
  84. I think I have a good case for ADHD, but I'm nervous
  85. What kind of Dr. should I search on my insurance site for ADD?
  86. I need some advice (new member)
  87. New Diagnosis - Treatment
  88. Well, Curse Words, Many Many Many Curse Words........
  89. ADHD unspecified?
  90. Just got diagnosed
  91. I've always thought of myself as ADHD-PI, but could I possibly be ADHD-C.. ?
  92. Does it sound like I have ADHD? (Concerta)
  93. How in the hell did nobody notice I had ADHD until I was 18?
  94. Drug test before prescribing?
  95. do i even have add?
  96. Oh Joy Oh Rapture !!!!!
  97. I finally have answers!!!! Dr diagnosed me with......
  98. Insurance help or clinic help
  99. Feeling Depressed, please help.
  100. Let's say I do have ADD. What do I do now?
  101. Even the Pdoc doesn't know what's wrong with me. Tired of being a lab rat!
  102. Potential problem with getting diagnosed
  103. ADHD re-evaluation, possibly Aspergers? Freaking out!
  104. Oh please help
  105. I think I am ADD, my psychatrist thinks otherwise;
  106. Treatment in rural areas
  107. How do you get re-evaluated?
  108. Well, that went well!
  109. 27 year old male needing help
  110. Could this be ADHD i have??
  111. Question about ADD books from Dr.Hallowell
  112. I have been evaluated twice, but still think I have ADHD
  113. Recently diagnosed and New here!
  114. Skeptical about GP's methods
  115. Testing and interviews over, now the waiting begins
  116. What to expect at a 3 hour assessment?
  117. Does this seem like adhd to you?
  118. Possible Diagnosis???
  119. My Doctor is choosing not to put me
  120. crap
  121. On-line Add/Adhd test
  122. Treatment difficulty
  123. Highly med-intolerant - not just me I hope
  124. Can a regular family MD prescribe ADD meds?
  125. How long did it take to get your meds right?
  126. A Psychologist says I don't have ADHD, but Anxiety, WTF?
  127. 1st post, so please go easy on me.
  128. Social Anxiety - Afraid of asking for a higher medication dose?
  129. Please tell me if these are symptoms of ADHD
  130. Question on being diagnosed with ADD-Inattentive
  131. The DOCTOR called ME!!
  132. Should I see a doctor?
  133. What is wrong with me? >.<
  134. Coming up with a plan
  135. ADD is taking over my life. i need help!
  136. Nervous about talking to my doctor about ADD
  137. ADD/ADHD meds causing anxiety
  138. I need help! And input!!
  139. Do I have similar symptoms, maybe something else?
  140. Do I belong here?
  141. What does it feel like to have ADHD?
  142. Child vs Adult Symptoms
  143. Should I have said something?
  144. need help/advice
  145. Does this sound like ADD?
  146. usual
  147. Could I have ADHD?
  148. How to seek a diagnosis?
  149. Coffee, Stimulants, and Jitteriness
  150. So excited!
  151. Does ADHD WORST with age if untreated?
  152. Uncomfortable asking dr to up dose
  153. New ADHD diagnosis
  154. Well, Here I Go Again .....
  155. My meds help me breeze through reading..
  156. Need some advice
  157. ...And another new, official DX
  158. ?? any idea
  159. Help! Bad psych assesment? mini rant.
  160. Medicine isn't working... What do I do?
  161. How long is it ok to be on meds
  162. ADD slow cognition speeds
  163. The Long Road Ahead (ADD, UK)
  164. New here...may have ADD
  165. Trying to come to terms with my diagnosis
  166. What's going on with me?
  167. What to expect, first time going to a psychologist
  168. Advice on first psychiatrist appointment
  169. hehe
  170. Finding meds. In Europe
  171. Adult Diagnosis & WMS-III
  172. Where can I get some coping strategies?
  173. rough episode, broke, changing doctors - won't prescribe me add meds?
  174. Having trouble figuring things out..
  175. Ok - basic question
  176. Do I have ADD? How should I approach a psychiatrist?
  177. What do you guys think of SPECT scans?
  178. Advice for Affordable Treatment
  179. Does this sound like ADHD or not? Trying to decide whether to seek professional help.
  180. Long. adhd or not? HELP
  181. Should I see a psychiatrist or work this out on my own?
  182. What should I do
  183. seeking diagnosis, co-morbid complicating factors.
  184. psychiatrist making me wait to refill my prescription?
  185. Can Adderall help me?
  186. Trying to Convice..
  187. Probably the average problem...
  188. Should I see a psychologist/psychiatrist?
  189. Advice on improving concentration?
  190. Has anyone ever had a missed diagnosis?
  191. Dealing with "Gatekeepers"
  192. Time between diagnosis and getting meds
  193. Have now had 2 sessions and still no diagnosis...
  194. Ritalin in hand, excite!
  195. Going over my physician's head, am I doing the right thing?
  196. Concerta in Hand, so excited!!!
  197. Hi, I'm new here and I need advice please :)
  198. Diagnosis always stand?
  199. New Doctor, but I am so mad
  200. Prescribing information/Medication Guides for ADHD Medications.
  201. How does Concerta work
  202. Actually got something done, yaaay!!
  203. CorePharma's 20mg Adderall in comparison to other brands?
  204. My Journey to Diagnosis and Treatment
  205. I'm going to see a psychiatrist Thursday. Hopefully, they'll get it right this time!
  206. Awful angry!!
  207. Should I see a psychiatrist about having ADD or am i mistaken? more details within
  208. How to get a diagnosis/medication for ADD? What medicines best for us Inattentives?
  209. Diagnosed...
  210. Looking for advice
  211. Medication Dosage Questions!!
  212. Scared...but have some answers
  213. The beginning of a long road..
  214. How did you feel after getting a diagnosis?
  215. Doctor tells me I don't have ADD...
  216. May have ADD not too sure.
  217. Not sure if i have ADD or not.
  218. Looking for input from folks with experience...
  219. Objective ways to self-diagnose ADHD?
  220. What is wrong with me?
  221. Seeing a doctor for prescription...without insurance
  222. am i mild asperger or very right brain?
  223. Long time adderall user, I have had enough. Could use some advice.
  224. Prescription Changes, Nervous!
  225. What the heck is my diagnoses?!
  226. I have a Dr Appointment on Saturday
  227. I'm not sure if i have ADHD.
  228. Psychiatrist wont diagnose me?!?
  229. Newbie
  230. Nervous to all hell about the entire process.
  231. For those of you that have been on Medication for 3+ years
  232. Should I seek help?
  233. Getting diagnosis with ADHD again !
  234. Going to the Psychologist. What to say?
  235. Addict in doubt!
  236. I have no clue what to do from here..
  237. I can not believe the pdoc's office did this..warning- kind of long
  238. Ad/hd,ers in merseyside
  239. Wellbutrin + Strattera? Am I playing with fire?
  240. Starting to think that its much worse the ADD
  241. Should I see a doctor?
  242. My mom won't let me get diagnosed
  243. Therapist Woes (Warning: Ranty)
  244. Got prescribed Adderall! :D
  245. Need experienced advice b4 I see another Psyche
  246. Unsure about ADHD/ Tried Adderall...what is happening?
  247. Got an email from my doctor, looking for opinions on what to do..
  248. Tests to distinguish between FASD and ADHD
  249. Medication Management has me in the Poor House!
  250. Should I stay, or should I go now?