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  1. ADD diagnosis
  2. The wait might kill me!
  3. Losing it with the psychiatrist's secretary
  4. I don't know what to do
  5. What to do to get help with ADD in Canada
  6. Oh no...I forgot to call my doctor....>.>;
  7. Old dog new tricks ... Adhd
  8. Keep forgetting to take meds
  9. Can you pass Diagnostic Tests and still have ADD?
  10. new member
  11. Have you ever taken a med and discovered it helped you with something else?
  12. Getting it down on 'paper'
  13. Complicated Diagnosis with ADHD
  14. I took my friend's Ritalin once, should I tell the Dr?
  15. Newbee who needs opinions/advice. All input appreciated!
  16. Need help understanding a CAARS diagnosis
  17. 34 and just diagnosed.
  18. First psych appointment at the end of the month, help!
  19. need advice. Psychiatrist appointment tomorrow. What are my priorities?
  20. How to bring the subject up at a DR's
  21. Parents denying/delaying your diagnosis?
  22. Three Hour Adult ADHD Evalution?
  23. Social anxiety.. I can't bring ADHD subject up and ask for help.
  24. Diagnosed
  25. I'm underaged how doI get diagnosed
  26. Do I sound ADD positive?
  27. My symptoms, what do you think??
  28. I'm so productive on meds, I could cry tears of joy
  29. That's it? Really?
  30. Looking for ADHD Help
  31. I Just Can't Seem to Accept That I Have ADD
  32. ADHD or bipolar?
  33. My list of symptoms...
  34. Should i tell my psych
  35. ADHD without hyperactivity but with impulsivity?
  36. Rewards systems for adults.
  37. Am I diagnosed?
  38. Moved, new psychiatrist stopped my Adderall
  39. Possible ADHD?
  40. This diagnosis thing is enduring, and frustrating!
  41. Conners Test?
  42. How to get GYM TIME before work
  43. why/when did you seek diagnosis?
  44. No one believes me.
  45. How many of you actually tell the doc you think you have ADHD?
  46. Long post...scared..I may go in patient today, voluntarily.
  47. No treatment for me . . .
  48. Negotiation Treatment Cost
  49. Ninety minute evaluation
  50. Recently Diagnosed - First day on medication
  51. History of graves disease
  52. The results are in,Diagnosed today!
  53. The inefficiency/inadequacy of the diagnostic process.
  54. Symptoms
  55. shaking my head- eyes rolling
  56. Finally talked to someone!!!
  57. DSM-5 ADHD Criteria
  58. Self medicating/Abuse How to go about getting prescription from phyciatrist
  59. Any Medical Diagnostic procedure to determine if someone has ADD
  60. Finally Got an Appointment...
  61. Is this true?
  62. The dangers of medicating a a misdiagnosis. Growing up with untreated ADHD
  63. Dangers of Dexedrine
  64. How to go about getting treated for ADD and Social Anxiety? Sorry its somwhat long
  65. Finally diagnosed
  66. Strong case of adult ADD here!!!!
  67. Life coach
  68. Do not chase the euphoria of stimulants!
  69. My Rollecoaster
  70. What do I want????
  71. I show signs of having ADD/ADHD
  72. Frustrated and needing help
  73. Psych consult didn't go as expected...
  74. Did anybody here need a second opinion when getting their diagnosis?
  75. Changing Docs
  76. I came off my Ritalin for a week and flipped out
  77. Evaluation for bipolar disorder tomorrow
  78. Trouble in Maine
  79. Now I'm not sure what to do.
  80. just been diagnosed with bipolar disorder type II
  81. Do I have ADD? ADHD?
  82. Healing Hurts
  83. all righty, do you think i have adhd (inattentive or hyperactive)
  84. Super Confused - ADD or a result of Shock Treatments?
  85. questions
  86. New to forums, and looking for opinions.
  87. Does my dad have ADHD?
  88. ADHD in Canada
  89. Hyperactivity disorder
  90. Can it be ADD/Depression/Anxiety or a mix?
  91. GP Dx'd Yesterday...1st Day on Concerta and I could Cry!
  92. Is this ADHD?
  93. Down to the last resort - my ADD (or not) experience
  94. Why does this happen?
  95. Got my script today, a whole lot of trouble to get though
  96. Getting stuck on words?
  97. shame in seeking treatment?
  98. Is obsessing over things ADHD related?
  99. Where do I go from here?
  100. Test in a week
  101. My doctor lost his licence a few days from next college term...Lovely.
  102. Could I possibly have ADHD-PI? (Opinions)
  103. Noticing Your Own Feeling:Diagnosed General Anxiety Disorder, ADHD, RLS, Sleep Apnea.
  104. ADHD in the Air Force, help please!
  105. Psych doesn't believe GP, also NASONEX effecting meds??
  106. should i tell the doctor?
  107. Adult diagnosis
  108. ADD or depression?
  109. Are all of these symptoms of ADD?
  110. Conflict between NHS and private psychiatrists
  111. Problems with getting correct diagnosis
  112. First post.. no idea where I fit in...
  113. If I improve my life style, might my cognitive functioning and mood swings improve?
  114. Am I doing something wrong? GP vs Psychiatrist
  115. I think I have ADD
  116. Need help- new therapist
  117. Diagnosed ADHD as an adult?
  118. Waiting to see what comes of test results
  119. Strattera, Glaucoma
  120. i seen a doctor to get tested for ssi benefits but he said i did not have adhd HELP!!
  121. adhd mental exam!!!!!!
  122. Getting treatment plan in place after cross-country move
  123. Afraid of Stims
  124. What the difference between a neurological and a mental health disorder
  125. MellyFishButt - an intro
  126. Mental Health Assistance Dogs
  127. do i need to bring old report cards to my first psychiatrist meeting
  128. How did you score on the computer test?
  129. Im confused and broken because of whatever condition i have.
  130. Diagnosis
  131. Anyone had long term success with ADD/ADHD stimulant treatment?
  132. I need to know if I really have ADD ?
  133. I always though my ADHD diagnosis was a joke, but...
  134. To disclose previous stimulant use, or not; is truly the question.
  135. Just got back from the doctor
  136. I know I can accomplish anything I put my mind to ......
  137. Feeling like I cannot concentrate anymore
  138. Was prescribed ritalin as a child (about 12 years ago) and I quit taking it
  139. Would love your input on med choices
  140. Negative Diagnosis?
  141. Problems with medicine
  142. Are stimulants [MPH,Adderall] pro-inflammatory?
  143. Bipolar Disorder II - not ADHD - Is this what explains my ADHD like symptoms??
  144. Newly diagnosed at age 38, never a good dosage?
  145. Tear for my brothers and sisters
  146. Couldn't get my prescription
  147. Medical community bias views on adhd and stimulants? Your experiences....
  148. Just diagnosed
  149. Can Prescription Amphets Effect the Aging Process of an Individual?
  150. Feeling alot better mentally, just more 'stupid'
  151. Anxious for a diagnosis at 29
  152. Was tested for ADD, not sure what to think
  153. Is this ADD?
  154. Our journey with ADHD - C treatment
  155. Young adults- telling your parents you think you have ADHD
  156. Were/are you anxious about your ADHD assessment?
  157. ADHD or lazy?
  158. ADD or Anxiety?
  159. Just diagnosed. Dirty UA
  160. what do I say when I go to the Dr. ?
  161. Do ADDers have to ramp up their doses over time because of tolerance?
  162. can stay on meds
  163. Tiny Ray Of Hope ?
  164. Okay, lesson learned!
  165. Which of these are ADD related?
  166. Diagnosed and afraid to take the meds!
  167. Does it really? Lol
  168. History and finding proper diagnosis
  169. Dex - Huge hangover in morning?
  170. I think, my psychiatrist's clinic collectively has ADHD too
  171. Is it weird to get in touch with old therapists...
  172. Don't know if I will be diagnosed
  173. Looks like I really have ADHD
  174. Just a bit long vent
  175. Does this sound like ADD to you?
  176. Will getting a diagnosis help me?
  177. What should I do?
  178. In the middle of diagnosis
  179. First psych meeting done
  180. CBT / Natural Strategies
  181. My Maudsley assessment tomorrow
  182. Long term cure?
  183. Adderall and Mirtazapine
  184. Just diagnosed (sort of) - need some advice
  185. Question about stimulants and physical exercise
  186. Is it worth it for me to try to get a diagnosis?
  187. pros and cons of seeking formal adhd diagnosis
  188. Affordable specialists in the UK?
  189. How complicated is it to find the right drug and right dose?
  190. Could I have ADHD?
  191. Advice needed for diagnosis and progression
  192. Unsure if i have ADD or not
  193. Would it be wise to bring lists?
  194. I suspect i have ADD
  195. Maybe ADD or something.
  196. Unforeseen challenges of adult diagnosis
  197. Have you had any success with herbal remedies such as Ginseng?
  198. Had my appointment.
  199. Adult with ADHD (full psychological exam done), having problems PLEASE recommend?
  200. Dealing With The Dx
  201. Can you have ADD without being a problematic child?
  202. Appointment yesterday went well.. I guess
  203. Do MAOIs or dopamine agonists help against ADD?
  204. frustrated and unsure
  205. How good is strattera?
  206. Adderall after having a Baby why is it different??
  207. unsure where to start
  208. Psychologist thinks I have ADHD, curious to get a first hand opinion.
  209. Do you think its possible people are mistakenly diagnosed as PI?
  210. A Few Questions About Treatment
  211. Appointment
  212. So what's the difference? (Help really appreciated)
  213. High IQ - How to Get Proper Treatment
  214. Medication vs Not
  215. Hello new here
  216. Neurological testing-what to expect?
  217. First appointment tomorrow any advice?
  218. Initial Appointment to Get Officially Diagnosed -- Not Sure What to Expect.
  219. Is Strattera the preferred treatment for ADHD-PI?
  220. Anyone on Adderall XR - Welbutrin ANNNNND Colanazepam?
  221. What do you do when you have days that your meds refuse to work?
  222. How to find a good Pdoc? URGENT!!!
  223. Recently diagnosed and medication sensitivity
  224. Ritalin v. Vyvanse -- Switching from one to the other
  225. Add diagnosis advice
  226. Pdoc won't prescribe a booster with my Vyvanse
  227. Psychiatrist Leading Me On?
  228. Strange: I had an excellent day!
  229. Any Non-Pharmaceutical Options?...I'm frustrated with this.
  230. PCP instead of my psychiatrist for ADD treatment?
  231. DMAE as effective as ritalin?
  232. Are we learning the brain?
  233. Cold chills when meds wear off?
  234. Emotions about assessment
  235. Noobie here with a descriptive account of my first three days
  236. Drug testing for prescription? Is this normal?
  237. Inattentive or Combined?
  238. Doctor stopped giving me my prescription
  239. Born with hypothyroidism only suspect inattentive type ADD as an adult
  240. Newly diagnosed with ADHD with serious questions
  241. Vyvanse Is Making Me Feel Funny
  242. Newly Diagnosed, Need advice on meds
  243. I want your opinion on possible ADD
  244. Struggling with Recent Diagnosis and Right Meds...
  245. ADD/ADHD and Anxiety
  246. About to start treatment and confused
  247. Equasym? Does it work like IR?
  248. Questions about my first Dr. appt
  249. Should I Visit Psychologist or Psychiatrist
  250. Effects of medication on memory