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  1. New here. Got questions.
  2. New member and recently diagnosed, have a few questions
  3. Concerned about my diagnosis?
  4. For The Best, But Afraid To (Long)
  5. Personal stories with taking ADD medication.
  6. New member and just diagnosed
  7. "Dr. Gabor Mate on diagnosing and coping with ADD"
  8. In your opinion, do I have adhd?
  9. Drowned in a Stream of Prescriptions
  10. I believe i have adult ADHD.
  11. medication recommendation
  12. Family Medicine Doctor?
  13. Just a few questions about medication
  14. ADHD with childhood abuse
  15. So now what?!
  16. What on earth do I do while I wait!?
  17. Music and ADHD treatment
  18. I believe I may have ADHD/ADD
  19. Should I seek a new PDoc?
  20. How detrimental should ADD symptoms be before considering diagnosis?
  21. Just had first appointment with quasi-diagnosis
  22. Should I swap doctors
  23. Uncertain whether or not to approach a specialist?
  24. Ok, so I write too much detail
  25. Finally the testing is over
  26. ADHD Diagnosis in Canada
  27. Not sure if I should try to get a prescription for ADD meds or not.
  28. Find out in 4 weeks if i have ADHD.
  29. Is it possible for C-PTSD to be misDX for ADHD and ASD?
  30. No ADHD, but still impaired. Wouldn't stimulant medication still help me?
  31. Nervous that I have ADHD-IT
  32. Tobacco + Coffee (the best combo)
  33. Advise for newly diagnosed
  34. All doped up and nowhere to go
  35. Stupid, stupid doctor >_<
  36. ADHD testing and treatment in New Zealand
  37. Should I disclose this with my psychologist?
  38. Executive functioning questionnaire
  39. Need some advice
  40. Wow... that was fast...
  41. I can't stop lying to my doctors
  42. Think I might have ADHD
  43. ADD Symptoms
  44. Getting diagnosis next week and I'm a little nervous
  45. To ADD, or not to ADD
  46. Might be ADHD
  47. Do you trick yourself?
  48. A little help please. WARNING: Adult content.
  49. ADHD-diagnosis question
  50. Going in for evaluation tomorrow... Super nervous!
  51. Feel very confused
  52. FINALLY. I made an appt. with a psychiatrist.
  53. Newly Diagnosed, Day 1
  54. A couple questions
  55. Is This as Good as it Gets?
  56. Strattera Alternative
  57. DSM question
  58. Do ADHD pills make you smarter?
  59. Rave for our Pdocs!
  60. How were you tested for ADHD?
  61. ritalin before prescribed by psychiatrist
  62. Can i sue my Psychiatrist for negligence?
  63. Does the medicine really even help?
  64. Life before diagnoses- I want it back
  65. Distinguishing narcolepsy symptoms from ADHD or other disorders
  66. Medicine to treat ADHD was Changed from a Stimulant to an Antipsychotic?
  67. Been diagnosed with ADHD.
  68. Psychology Student Looking for Attention-Specific Test/Evaluations
  69. Just diagnosed with AD/HD combined.
  70. 1 year Mark
  71. Want to see my doctor again...
  72. Medications and the psychatrist died
  73. diagnosis after one session?
  74. Got an official diagnosis....... I think?
  75. Worried about getting tested for a second time
  76. I can't keep my ADD in control without meds, but I can't afford them
  77. Medical Coverage?
  78. Hey guys
  79. Severe doubts
  80. Diagnosis and Family doctor problems.. Advice?
  81. Adhd & anxiety
  82. Self-doubt - Health professionals with ADHD
  83. ADHD and depression and anxiety.
  84. Does later diagnoses cause more severity?
  85. Newly diagnosed, Help please. Right dose? Switch medication?
  86. Issues verbalized, confirmed legitimate diagnosis, praise, embarrassed
  87. Referral for psychotherapy got rejected
  88. double dose of adderall
  89. New Member Here***In a Tough Situation***Please Read
  90. Life at Cross Roads after stopping ADD Medications
  91. Should I see another doctor for their 2nd opnion to see if I do have ADHD?
  92. Three Hour Test for ADHD: What Should I Expect?
  93. Could I have ADHD?
  94. Treating ADD While Living W/ Depression
  95. How do they test for ADD?
  96. ADD & Poor Memory
  97. Self-Realization
  98. NEED advice! Hating meds!
  99. ADD or depression??
  100. Assessment for Hawutwut
  101. Psychiatrist . Australia . Wollongong
  102. Booster
  103. How to talk about getting Diagnosed?
  104. CBT UK Heads Up
  105. Juvenile Diagnosis -> Adult diagnosis?
  106. Not ADHD, but given Strattera
  107. Medicated ADHD'ers look after those pearly whites
  108. Diagnosis through clinical trial? Slight ethical dilemma
  109. ADHD- Adderal XR and Vyvanse fail... what next?
  110. Am I lazy or do I have some form of ADHD
  111. Stimulant Effects
  112. Me & My Diagnosis
  113. ADHD or Depression?
  114. Think I have ADD -- looking for doctor in LA?
  115. double the dosage every week? is this a normal procedure to determine the best dose?
  116. Do I have ADD?
  117. Safest med for adult ADD?
  118. Should I get a diff shrink?
  119. What kind of doctor?
  120. depression setting in
  121. Medication fail
  122. Diagnose me?
  123. First appointment with the Psych today!
  124. Handling Dr staff by phone for 'urgent' issue
  125. ADHD diagnosis, but not given meds b/c previous substance "abuse"
  126. Treatment for Non-Existant Disorders
  127. low-cost specialist?
  128. Is it possible I have ADD/ADHD?
  129. I think i have adhd. How to get doctor to talk about it.
  130. ADHD evaluation 'tests'
  131. Anger at misdiagnosis
  132. Bad reaction from parent with ADHD testing
  133. Continuing Cormorbrid Bipolar II/ADHD Treatment
  134. Gifted... Possibly Also AD/HD?
  135. I just need to vent these all out...
  136. Is there a surefire way to diagnose ADD?
  137. too little, too late, & too much but its 'ok'
  138. Need your opinion.
  139. What's wrong with me?
  140. Need Advice from Diagnosed Individuals
  141. Medication and Gastric Bypass
  142. Adderall and creativity
  143. Has anyone else heard of SHINE chiro treatment supposedly endorsed by Hallowell?
  144. Wellbutrin and Adderall: total apathy
  145. New to Ritalin. Feeling weird...
  146. What's your opinion on my diagnosis?
  147. Advice on concerta XL 18 mg.
  148. Are all psychiatrists like this?
  149. ADHD Meds and a Clean Room
  150. 28 ADHD Treatments Compared
  151. Treatment on the cheap?
  152. Adderall tolerance?
  153. Diagnosis and more to it?? Bipolar, ocd, add, ptsd
  154. I think I have ADD but no one believes me.
  155. Meds for people with high bp?
  156. Citric acid/caffeine + amphetamines = disaster
  157. New Doctgr this Morning
  158. Do I have ADD and getting it diagnosed
  159. Continuous Performance Test anyone?
  160. Adult new to Kapvay please help!!
  161. A.D.D. Diagnosis in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  162. I have my verdict.
  163. natural remedies/ alternative to medication?
  164. before you thought it was ADD/ADHD....
  165. Getting treated with meds, easy?
  166. Neurological adaptation from ADHD meds
  167. Driving theory exam
  168. Psych. Eval. on Tues.
  169. Can the American medical system help me?
  170. Anyone who has the book from Charles Parker "ADHD medication rules"?
  171. In the diagnosis process.. Worried
  172. Should I just say I do anyways?
  173. ADD and eating/nutrition...?
  174. Do some people have issues with XR variants?
  175. Bipolar looking like ADHD vs. ADHD
  176. Best doctor for prescribing meds?
  177. Psychiatrists and educated patients
  178. Am I lazy? Or do I have ADHD
  179. Uncooperative adult son
  180. To medicate or not to medicate: what are your experiences?
  181. AHH! Im a Zombie!
  182. Doctor refered me to specialist
  183. Why do some poeple outgrow add while others dont.
  184. Contrary advice from different psychiatrists, don't know what to do
  185. probably been asked a million times, but any "natural" remedies?
  186. ADD & Bed Wetting
  187. I think I want a new psychiatrist
  188. My frustration in getting a(n ADHD) diagnosis
  189. psych. screwing with me
  190. ADD diagnosis? Nervous..
  191. Vyvanse Complete Reversal from Adderall
  192. ADHD or Not? Opinions Welcome and Needed
  193. Hopeless and lost (LONG post)
  194. Latebloomers?
  195. Adhd
  196. Question about ADD assessment
  197. Another "do I have ADHD" thread :)
  198. Do I have ADHD? (Poll) - will read all answers
  199. Why I'm returning to treatment (rant)
  200. Why has it taken so long to realise I have ADHD?
  201. sympathy please?
  202. Starting Concerta
  203. Frustrated with my Psychiatrist.
  204. Symptoms too much - ADD?
  205. Followup To My Doc Appt for ADHD Eval
  206. Question about my insurance/first appt.
  207. Medication and constant HYPERFOCUS...
  208. What meds work best for working memory?
  209. Advice: AD(H)D-I or Anxiety or both?
  210. Thinking of scheduling psychiatrist appt... Do I have ADHD?
  211. Effectiveness of Meds
  212. How likely is an ADHD diagnosis?
  213. Possible ADD Symptoms Worsening?
  214. Point in combining Anti-Depressant with Stims?
  215. Appt with sons pdoc went great yestersay
  216. Positive or Negative Diagnosis? What next?
  217. Morning fatigue / to alleviate?
  218. Ritalin cost and amount
  219. New Study on Long Term Affects
  220. psychiatrists :-))
  221. Psychiatrist doesn't think I have ADHD... hmmmmmmmmph
  222. ADD...or something else?
  223. Dry mouth problems
  224. Sound Like I have ADHD?
  225. How easy is it to get diagnosed for ADHD?
  226. Seeing a psychatrist for an assessment of ADD
  227. New to Adhd and very confused
  228. How can i convince my psychiatrist that i have add?
  229. How important ADD Expert?
  230. Why does it take so long to find a good psychiatrist?
  231. Adults who weren't diagnosed as children
  232. How can you tell if a stimulant drug works for you?
  233. Confused whether it's add/adhd or just deppression
  234. Do I have ADD/ADHD
  235. adhd veteran (me) vs general practitioners
  236. Good Kaiser experience
  237. Been lost in the fog for a long time, finally see it clearing?
  238. Should I get a second opinion?
  239. What in the world happened.
  240. Adult ADHD Research Breakthrough using MCT
  241. Inattentive disorder? I'm trying to decide if I should commit to seeing a Doctor.
  242. School said ADHD-Mom said it was chocolate
  243. Online screening test for ADHD?
  244. Anyone else recently diagnosed doing that "Retelling" thing?
  245. Not sure
  246. Does lack of focus signifies ADHD?
  247. How should i face mypsychiatrist?
  248. Totally confused now about usefulness of stimulants
  249. Sertraline - Take 2
  250. Different types of tests for ADHD