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  1. Should I expect a Med to make me WANT to work?
  2. Wellbutrin for ADD and depression?
  3. Do I have adhd?
  4. Do I have ADD/Should I take a stimulant?
  5. Waiting for a prior authorization is so annoying (rant)
  6. What are the best drugs that are non addictive to treat mild ADD and Social anxiety?
  7. First psychiatrist appointment on Tuesday
  8. Can my General Physician diagnose ADHD-I?
  9. Do you obsess over side effects after experiencing them?
  10. Stimulants Aiding in Verbal Communication???
  11. Is it worth it to get a neuropsych eval?
  12. Hi, I'm Kody, I have ADD? Maybe?
  13. Long-Term Success Stories with Medication...
  14. More psych diagnoses(When it rains....)
  15. What if your symptoms aren't really classic?
  16. My Daily Struggles Pre-Diagnosis - Sound Familiar?
  17. A word to the wise(How to know threw & threw you've got the ADHD bug!)
  18. Which drug were you first treated with as an adult?
  19. Medication worked at first, but...
  20. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)
  21. Access to Quality Care
  22. Help Please: Need medication advise, too many side effects with Adderall/Vyvanse
  23. Life changing treatment?
  24. A few questions...
  25. Going to psychologist wednesday, wish me luck :)
  26. Newly diagnosed
  27. Yet Another Outrageous Price Hoax
  28. Ritalin and Celexa - Looking for insight
  29. New here-adderall XR
  30. Do I have ADHD
  31. Life's been hell and newly diagnosed; what's next?
  32. not wanting to take drugs for the rest of your life
  33. Need a little help.
  34. Google glass,either best or worst thing ever
  35. First thread post ever
  36. ADD Inattentive:Not living up to my full potential
  37. Newly diagnosed. What should I expect?
  38. Vyvanse or Concerta?
  39. My Biggest Fear: (Misdiagnosis)
  40. Results from EEG Brain Map Assessment
  41. I have a feeling I have ADD/ADHD, but maybe I am just lazy
  42. maybe I have ADHD...?
  43. Smart but still have inattentive ADD? Possible?
  44. ADD Treatment Thoughts
  45. Officially diagnosed today, age 40
  46. ADD Med Cocktail - Vyvanse and Clonazepam anyone?
  47. Treatment of acquired "ADHD"
  48. Need Some Help/Advice Please!!
  49. How were you first diagnosed? How many visits and tests did you take?
  50. Waiting for first ADHD doctor consultation.
  51. Behavior Modification Therapy?
  52. Some really concerning things about Ritalin/Stimulant safety
  53. Diagnosed with depression and anxiety, but could it be add??
  54. My first visit
  55. 1st meeting with psychiatrist, waste of time
  56. Mid-40s Academic vs Meds
  57. I'm at a loss... I don't know what's wrong with me.
  58. Medication for my adult add
  59. Never diagnosed as a child, but I'm sure this is the answer.How do i approach my doc?
  60. how to talk to your doctor
  61. Long over due ADHD physciatrist appointment
  62. Can ADHD treatment with stimulants actually bring up burried negative emotions?
  63. Doctor said that I don't have ADHD but I'm not sure
  64. Sometimes I have a great attention span
  65. I think I have adhd, but I was diagnosed with anxiety instead.
  66. Wondering if I have ADD - some symptoms I have
  67. Do i have it
  68. Wait..So was I diagnosed or what?
  69. 5 Phycologist visits in one week time.
  70. Low blood pressure/heart rate while off meds?
  71. getting diagnosed
  72. Frustrated with Doctor, any advice?
  73. The Dr. refuses prescribing ritalin
  74. Long acting or instant release
  75. I suspect that I have ADD, in need of dire help
  76. Pre-diagnoses questions?
  77. Pre-diagnoses questions?
  78. Can ADHD develop later in life?
  79. Vitamin testing for ADHD diagnosis?
  80. Observer Report
  81. how long did it take for your diagnosis?
  82. recently diagnosed have a question about meds?
  83. sick :(
  84. Possible Inattentive ADHD?
  85. Pros/Cons of Getting Diagnosed? Do I even sound like I could be diagnosed?
  86. is it normal for emotions to be overamped 24/7?
  87. Do your doctor visits go like this?
  88. Am I ADHD?
  89. Starting a new life as a young Adult with ADHD
  90. Adults with ADHD who did study well in school - any?
  91. Getting an EKG
  92. Where do I go now? Is it ADD/ADHD?
  93. Sensory Integration Therapy
  94. Huh? Morning euphoria while off meds?
  95. I really need some advice. ADD? Perfectionism?
  96. So this is what "normal" feels like?
  97. I need some advice for getting treatment.
  98. This just first appt with the psych
  99. Appointment booked -- 2 hr. test?
  100. Am I just lazy or do I have ADD???
  101. The Best Way to Diagnose and Treat for Symptoms of ADHD in Adults In 7 Easy Steps
  102. Major conflicts with my psychiatrist
  103. New to understand add
  104. Giving meds a second chance - how do I do this while away at my university?
  105. genetic test for ADD/ADHD
  106. Opinions based on your experience please
  107. What is the cause, and How to deal with ADD
  108. Problems with my doctor, looking for advice.
  109. I think my ADHD is finally being treated
  110. I need your help from Argentina
  111. First time telling my story to others
  112. Diagnosed through research study with ADHD-PI
  113. Glossodynia (tongue pain) on Vyvanse
  114. Questions about ADD
  115. Can't go on anymore
  116. Peer relationships in grade school?
  117. Looking for Some Advice! 30MG XR Adderall too much?
  118. Do I have add/adhd?
  119. University and ADHD & Biphentin . 1 more year to go
  120. Seeking advice
  121. Tried adderall and vyvanse, really wanting a prescription, do I have adhd?
  122. Adderall doesn't work for me? Am I stuck with ADD?
  123. Experiment
  124. Psychologists
  125. College campus doctor isn't taking ADD patients
  126. Got a referral, going in to do some testing. What should I expect?
  127. Ritalin?
  128. Need Guidance -> Do I or do I not have ADHD T1/t2?
  129. I'm stuck and could use some advice...
  130. I'd like to stay OFF MEDICATION. Tips and Tricks Please!
  131. Trouble With Meds -- What's Next?
  132. Cure without medicine?
  133. So since I don't have 2,000 dollars, I cant even get diagnosed?!
  134. Why would i have to go my doctor every month for refills?
  135. What do I really need?
  136. How do you know when you need to try different meds
  137. People who say ADD/ADHD is "Not Real"...
  138. Information to support referral by UK GP
  139. I've gotten my official evaluation done.
  140. Help me
  141. UK Psychiatrist not listening. Wrong Meds!!!
  142. Oh yeah therapy yeah
  143. Switched Doctors, not liking new one
  144. Quick question
  145. Medication Efficacy Metric?
  146. Newly diagnosed ADD with questions
  147. My Dr.'s nurse messed up on my prescription refill. Help!
  148. Too short Psych Visit?
  149. ADHD or lack of self-discipline and motivation
  150. Not sure if I need diagnosis or not...but maybe?
  151. ADHD help
  152. How do I bring up ADD to my doctor?
  153. Can u just get tested and diagnosed at a shrink?
  154. Differentiating between anxiety and ADHD
  155. Making the most out of outpatient intensive therapy?
  156. Pdoc's new nurse is a complete moron
  157. Should I Go To The Doctor For This?
  158. Getting Tested in College with past diagnosis
  159. Newly diagnosed with some questions
  160. Relieved
  161. What changed after knowing?
  162. ADD vs. ADHD - diagnose me (quite long, sorry)
  163. Back from my first psych appt with questions ... Please help
  164. First set of tests DONE!, some questions though...
  165. telephonic interview with an ADHD coach
  166. Advice on finding new doctors
  167. B12 and Magnesium
  168. Do these examples sound like "impairment" to
  169. I think I'm just smart...
  170. No Medicare or Physician
  171. My pdoc will most likely discharge me tomorrow
  172. How do I get off meds? Please help?
  173. ADD, help with treatment!
  174. Benefits of various drugs nullified by horrible side effects. Explain for me?
  175. Should I mention to my psychiatrist I've been taking ephedrine?
  176. Need Help Doctor for ADD or ADHD
  177. ADD vs Depression (ie 'Chicken or the Egg)
  178. Are the ADHD-Medications really effective for executive functioning deficits?
  179. Very worried, please help
  180. Changing Doctors
  181. Almost got hit by a train?
  182. Adderalll Prescription Help!?! Travel...
  183. Method of drug testing in Australia for Dexedrine
  184. Adult ADD and non-medicated treatment
  185. ADD Diagnosis/Concerta Questions
  186. a proposal
  187. Another "Just made an appointment to get diagnosed' thread
  188. going into treatment for the 3rd time, need some advise? (long)
  189. Lets do this! (again, for real...)
  190. Adhd specialist b appointment this c weekend
  191. Brain balance
  192. Adhd it is apparently
  193. sleep issues for years.
  194. Finally..
  195. *rambling* Feeling pretty frustrated with my meds/therapy
  196. Worried about Diagnostic Assessment /w Psych
  197. 24 y/o male about to start treatment for ADHD
  198. *Update On My Process*
  199. "Official" diagnosis
  200. Is this ADHD, depression or something else?
  201. Help with Diagnosing
  202. ADHD? Not sure...
  203. Need answers!!!
  204. Help. I think I have developed ADHD
  205. Feeling very anxious lately...
  206. Anyone got ADHD, OCD and/or Anxiety need advice here!
  207. Do I have ADD, or am I just a lazy bum?
  208. Struggling most of the days
  209. Wow, glad i pushed past ego to make appt with phd
  210. On To The Next Step . . .
  211. Drowning
  212. No local Psycologist exp in ADD
  213. My poor baby Meds???
  214. Nothing has happened since doctor's appointment
  215. prescibed wrong meds for adhd?
  216. ADHD Adult Diagnosis & The DSM6
  217. ADD or just crazy?!
  218. Day one: Brilliant!, Day two: nothing?!?!?!
  219. Questions about my first psychiatric appointment
  220. Can people with undiagnosed/untreated ADHD still manage to do well in school?
  221. ODD vs ADHD and 'Combined Type' - Barkley is brilliant
  222. Dr Russell Barkley - ADHD More Accountability, Not Less
  223. Diagnosis: A Question About Homosexuality
  224. Chelate magnesium
  225. Question about tiredness-Adderall XR
  226. So I missed my first appointment today!!!
  227. Need feedback for those who have been diagnosed with ADD?
  228. I really need advice! Please Help
  229. Do these symptoms match ADD/ADHD? Do I need to see a doctor/psychologist?
  230. How many psychologists before you found the right onw?
  231. Questions/Concerns
  232. Did I blow my chances of receiving treatment?
  233. advice! I need help!
  234. I need urgent help - marijuana use and tests for adhd?
  235. ADD-PI + Generalized Anxiety Disorder, how to go about treatment..?
  236. Question
  237. Going to a psychiatrist, what to expect?
  238. The gap between Dx and starting meds- help!
  239. Is there anything for add that wont make me angry?
  240. Do i have AdHd?
  241. I feel I was mistreated during my evaluation
  242. Why do scientists say that adhd doesn't exist?
  243. ADHD possible misdiagnosis
  244. My psychiatrist said adhd can only be diagnosed through nuerological tests
  245. Do I have ADHD??
  246. How do I get my gp to follow the psychiatrist's recommendation
  247. Does anyone know how much Methylphenidate costs in the UK
  248. ADD diagnosis? Please give your views....
  249. So, my doctor prescribed me EFFEXOR for my ADHD..
  250. Late discovery of ADD? Please help.