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  1. Limited treatment options for ADHD-I ... Advice?
  2. Now, 2 years of waiting for assessment
  3. Have I ADD???
  4. If you have ADD/ADHD what happens if you don't take your medication?
  5. Do i have ADD thanks for responses
  6. Is it possible that I have AD/HD?
  7. I've managed to get scientific/physical evidence that I have ADHD! I'm pretty happy!
  8. How much of a hassle is it to switch psychiatrists? Anyone have experience with this?
  9. What is the difference between mild, moderate, and severe ADHD?
  10. Am i going about this right?
  11. Does this seem like ADHD?
  12. Trying to find a Psyciatrist
  13. Evoked Potential test
  14. Trying to untangle multiple mental illnesses. ADHD
  15. PLEASE HELP! Having Trouble With Diagnosis!
  16. Dear Fear Mongerer:
  17. Got a strange add diagnosis, should I get a second opinion?
  18. I think I have ADD, but possibly im also a crackpot:)
  19. Doctor is skeptic, but prescribed meds anyway....
  20. Recently diagnosed need advice please
  21. Trouble being diagnosed
  22. Procrastinating getting help
  23. Do i have some sort of issue or am i just looking for an excuse
  24. adhd treatment help
  25. Adult adhd med experiences
  26. Requesting advice....
  27. Sensory Issues
  28. Opinion on symptoms (long - sorry)
  29. Adult ADD or increase in anxiety
  30. Psychiatrist Appointment Tips
  31. Doctor refuses to take any action
  32. Feeling nervous about not getting correct help
  33. Both my parents and my girlfriend are opposed to Adderall
  34. neurotest
  35. How to tell if a psychiatrist is any good by looking at online ratings?
  36. Concerta issues, desperate for help
  37. Hi, in the process of being Diagnosed. Introduction and questions.
  38. ADD difficulty
  39. Weird Food Issues
  40. Is it possible to have no signs of ADD as a child
  41. Advice plz about doctors ???
  42. ADHD-like symptoms
  43. I just might get a diagnosis and medication!!!
  44. really???
  45. Racing thoughts, psychosis, and Add?
  46. i just don't know!
  47. My psychiatrist is making NO sense with this!
  48. Nervous About Appointment With New Psychiatrist Tomorrow
  49. My doctor won't prescribe me ADHD meds because...
  50. Does meditation work?
  51. I feel more stuck than staring at a to-do list...
  52. Successful till now
  53. Does this sound like ADD/ADHD?
  54. What Should I Expect?
  55. Anyone been to Northwestern's Faculty Clinic for "Neuropsych" testing in Chicago?
  56. How to Bring It up With My Doctor?
  57. Appointment Tomorrow! Slightly Nervous
  58. The Process of a Diagnosis?
  59. Nurse Practitioner?
  60. Breaking through mental blocks
  61. how to maximize medication use?
  62. Where do I go from here?
  63. How to get my med?
  64. Should I be concerned?
  65. Another "Do I have ADD?" Thread
  66. Finding New Doctor
  67. Seeking diagnosis...should I make a list of symptoms?
  68. neuro-what?
  69. tell me something?
  70. Need advice
  71. Not being taken seriously at assessment
  72. Seeing a Psyhologist soon!
  73. My journey to a diagnosis thus far...
  74. Has anyone tried a gluten free diet?
  75. New to ADHD meds- Any advice for me?
  76. Vero Beach FL. ADD help!
  77. Needing help, first timer...
  78. seeking support from those who believe adhd exists
  79. whats the point in getting diagnosed if you guys are so old
  80. diagnosed in uni without having difficulty in high school?
  81. Should I get tested?
  82. Looking for ideas.
  83. Switching from Ritalin to Adderall didn't work
  84. Right dosing for adderall
  85. Irrational Fear of Going Back to Psychiatrist
  86. Diagnosed by psychologist who can write rx?
  87. My experience with magnesium...
  88. Fresh air and adhd
  89. ADHD Psyciatrists in Northern Ireland
  90. Extremes in moderation _ can hyperfocus be harness ed healthily
  91. Do your adhd meds contain titanium dioxide or aluminium hydroxide?
  92. Bloody nose with vyvanse?
  93. Should I tell my doctor ?
  94. Could I have it? (I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCED)
  95. How much say do I have with meds?
  96. Accepting what could have been isnt going to be
  97. Do reuptake inhibitors only make things worse?
  98. My "Do I have ADHD?" thread...
  99. Looking for medication help
  100. Do I have ADD?
  101. Emotions/Feelings list and defenitions
  102. I'm not sure what to do
  103. Still not diagnosed
  104. Rants of a stubborn patient (me)
  105. Therapist just diagnosed me with ADHD.
  106. Newly Diagnosed! Very Pleased!
  107. Just finished my second diagnosis appointment, feeling disappointed.
  108. Are you SURE that your self-diagnosis is right and your psychiatrist is an idiot?
  109. Diagnosed as a teen, un-diagnosed as adult (yet still display symptoms??)
  110. Incorrectly diagnosed?
  111. General Practitioner or Psychiatrist? Who should diagnose?
  112. Worth making an appointment?
  113. 20 years old man, desesperate, need help. could adhd med be a long term solution?
  114. Update on non-pharmacologic treatments
  115. Need Help And/Or Advice
  116. my situation
  117. Doctor will no longer prescribe anything, probably for good, not sure how to move on.
  118. I am my parents
  119. Should I get a second opinion?
  120. Confession
  121. Who am I taking this medicine for anyway?
  122. Quit Smoking....
  123. Newbie looking for REAL help...
  124. Irritability/Apathetic on meds what should I take?
  125. Reflecting on some of my struggles :)
  126. Newly diagnosed 27 year old. Meds and Spouse issues...
  127. Find out if ADHD treatment is possible before moving to Australia
  128. Unsatisfied with ADHD meds
  129. Tips on finding a psychiatrist...
  130. Help! advice!
  131. Getting my life organized
  132. Help me figure this out!!
  133. Essential tremors when doing fine motor skills.
  134. I will try to be as objective as possible - WARNING: large amounts of text
  135. Outlining everything I'm struggling with
  136. ADD Forum follow up 7 YEARS LATER: Cool Story
  137. Ok I don't know if I have add how do I get help?
  138. I'm new, and questions about concerta
  139. Psychologist and drug use
  140. Seeking advice - suspect I may have ADD, but can't tell for sure..
  141. Which insurance covers Psychiatrist visits?
  142. Is there any medical treatment for ADHD Inattentive?
  143. What does it mean by hyperactive?
  144. Early Report Cards
  145. Do I have ADHD
  146. Finally after 30 years I am getting an ADHD investigation
  147. Does this sound like ADD? Feel alone.
  148. Diagnosed at 21 with ADHD combined
  149. I'm getting sick and tired of having no control of my thoughts, dont know what to do.
  150. ADD or something else?
  151. IS Anxiety body's way of coping with ADD?
  152. Inattentive ADHD, Depression, Both, or...?
  153. Signs of drug abuse ... Or need higher dose? Or?
  154. Opinions wanted :)
  155. Are these ADHD traits?
  156. yes
  157. Finally got help for my ADHD at 28 years old..
  158. The Iron Theory with ADHD
  159. How will I know if I truly have ADD?
  160. Medication not working. Next step?
  161. What do I have, need some input
  162. ADD Can be Cured
  163. Not sure if I have ADD?
  164. why smarter the first 20 minutes after waking up
  165. thyroid problem misdiagnosed as add?
  166. what is going on in my mind!
  167. just started ritalin
  168. *ADHD Study Shows "Non Meds" Work
  169. Difference in ADHD behaviors?
  170. re-diagnosis necessary?
  171. Needless internal conflict about treatment? (another rant)
  172. Getting treatment with a history of substance abuse
  173. Cant find a adhd specialized center
  174. Any other British guys here with ADHD?
  175. Test for ADHD for adults
  176. Getting medicated for ADHD in the United Kingdom
  177. is Feeling like child common with ADHD?
  178. Psychiatrist or neurologist?
  179. Do you think I have ADHD?
  180. HSP or ADHD, or both?? Help.
  181. Can someone help?
  182. Depressed from being unproductive!
  183. seeing a psychologist
  184. new to forum
  185. New to ADHD
  186. Not Diagnosed but Adderall Sedates Me - First Appt. Tomorrow
  187. Needing instant gratification, depression or ADHD?
  188. Anxiety/nervousness with seeing a psychiatrist
  189. new & have a bunch of general questions!
  190. Meds Not Working?
  191. Treatment Difficulties-Suggestions
  192. Will I feel tired/different day after taking first Adderall?
  193. adderall and Ambien! HELP!
  194. Setting and completing treatment goals can be so frustrating...
  195. Shorter way to be diagnosed?
  196. Do you think I have ADHD?
  197. Does this sounds like ADD?
  198. psychologist session
  199. Physical coming up
  200. I'm getting my prescription for a stimulant today!
  201. Back on Track with Medication
  202. If you were diagnosed with ADD as a child will you still have it as an Adult ?
  203. Feeling "depressed" when unoccupied, ADHD?
  204. Just Diagnosed - waiting for next appointment
  205. First appt w/ psychiatric nurse?
  206. just diagnosed Friday
  207. Need opinions on my testing experience.
  208. Help needed
  209. Should I consider seeing a GP/Psychiatrist for possible diagnosis?
  210. Self-diagnosed ADHD
  211. 26yo med student with ADHD
  212. Getting back on ADD meds
  213. Is it ADHD to feel empty headed?
  214. Confusing myself in therapy and making unrealistic goals
  215. Are your kids afflicted? Were your parents?
  216. Ways to deal with ADD without prescribed meds
  217. Could this be ADHD?
  218. Do I have ADHD?
  219. Does the reaction to medication confirm if you have ADD?
  220. Can stimulants make ADD worse?
  221. Drugs or no drugs?
  222. Beginning Memantine to Reduce Adderall Tolerance - Need Feedback
  223. Could this be ADD???
  224. Either "on-the-go" or bored/tired, ADHD?
  225. Adderall & Clonazepam/ Doctors & Medicaide
  226. Worried about seeing a shrink and having an ADD test
  227. I'm nervous to go to a doctor so I'm asking you guys first
  228. help with tic
  229. My Doctor Thinks He's Prescribing Me Meth
  230. New here, looking for some advice.
  231. Medication isn't working
  232. undiagnosed could i have ADD?
  233. The Challenge of Being a Doctor
  234. Moved to new state (NH) - Can't find doc here who will continue Concerta 'script
  235. Alcohol induced brain fog.
  236. Psychologist thinks I have ADD -- where to go from here?
  237. I possibly have undiagnosed ADD
  238. AD/HD themed self help books that help hold down the bookshelf
  239. Could this be ADD?
  240. Medication suddenly losing potency (effects of sleep deprivation)
  241. Cognitive Function Tests - DIY Resources
  242. Why didn't I try this before?
  243. Reverb
  244. Getting started: the process of initial diagnosis?
  245. Do I lie?
  246. Help a Girl Out! New Primary Care Physician ~ Feeling SO Nervous :(
  247. First time on meds--23--extreme unbearable depression, bad docs & patient's rights
  248. I write poems I absolutely don't remember writing?
  249. New here - College senior struggling big time
  250. Medication didn't work as a child, will it work as an adult?