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  1. Lentgh of time B4 diagnosis or other diagnosis: bipolar
  2. Hi Everyone
  3. important question???
  4. Finally!
  5. Treatment when you turn 18
  6. Getting Tested
  7. Proper Diagnosis Ques.
  8. new and seeking info on add
  9. Normal or AD/HD?
  10. formal diagnosis -- how important is it?
  11. First appointment
  12. TOVA Test???
  13. Wondering about ADHD??
  14. testing
  15. Unsure
  16. diagnosis by different professionals
  17. Questions From A "Highly Probable" ADD-er...
  18. Moving
  19. JUST diagnosed...
  20. Getting Tested Tomorrow
  21. Do I have ADD
  22. Always was an underacheiver.
  23. Does this sound like ADD?
  24. Is ADD possible for someone like me?
  25. Diagnosed but...for real? Doubts.
  26. Someone please help I think I have ADD!
  27. Okay, I give, what's wrong
  28. So what is "normal" supposed to feel like?
  29. 1st Appointment = Diagnosis?
  30. Scared to confront my parents/therapist/doctors/university tutor about ADD
  31. I think I have ADD...
  32. Never thought about ADD... ever!
  33. Lieing and ADD
  34. Could it be ADHD?
  35. Who can prescribe meds?
  36. Do I have ADD?
  37. schizophrenia and ADD dual diagnosis
  38. What Does my Child Have? Please Help
  39. How do I know if I have ADD?
  40. Add?
  41. Going to the psychologist
  42. Do I have ADD?
  43. Is it really ADD?
  44. Worried about going to my gp...
  45. How to diagnose inattentive ADD?
  46. getting diagnosed again
  47. Results of diagnosis in 1 week. Did i do anything wrong?
  48. Doc appt tommorow
  49. Appt for a test maybe tomorrow?
  50. xstarchildx has been officially diagnosed!!
  51. Diagnosed in febuary
  52. Went to GP about ADD who said "it's bull****"
  53. whats next I am growing impatient
  54. ADD kid grew up to be an ADD Adult. Shocker!!
  55. How to get diagnosed
  56. Do I have ADD?
  57. Testing in a few days time
  58. I CANNOT take this anymore! help me (do i have ADD or what!)
  59. ADHD in girls
  60. Visual Attention?
  61. Have any of you been diagnosed for more then a year?
  62. Add?
  63. Did you ever go to a psychiatrist before you realized you had ADD?
  64. "An Interesting Girl" Rant
  65. Diagnosis ?
  66. College Age Son Just Diagnosed
  67. Getting Diagnosed
  68. 1st ADD Prejudice experience since diagnosis.
  69. Does it sound like I have ADD?
  70. Help - Is it ADHD???
  71. Drugs Versus Natural Treatment Help
  72. help, do I have it or not...?
  73. Missing Pixels on a TV Screen
  74. ADD diagnosis for gifted adult (long message)
  75. I have been diagnosed
  76. Cost of being tested
  77. Getting diagnosed on first visit
  78. ADHD or not?
  79. Help, I'm in shock - What now?
  80. Does ADD sound probable? My story
  81. Am I ADD/ADHD
  82. Seeking help....where to start
  83. Diagnose me
  84. Hi, Newbie Here. Possible ADHD?
  85. Is My Babyboy ADHD?
  86. Diagnosis and Treatment
  87. Anyone available to give me advice for docs later?
  88. newbie with basic questions
  89. ADHD or just me?
  90. Does this sound like ADD, or something else?
  91. Possibility of ADD?
  92. Wisconsin Card Sorting Test
  93. Doctor Woes
  94. Heading Nowhere Fast
  95. How do I approach my doctor?
  96. My psychologist refuses to address my ADHD concern
  97. Getting diagnosed
  98. Common to doubt diagnosis?
  99. Diagnostic testing in ADHD diagnosis
  100. cost to get diagnosed?
  101. Quickest Way To Get Diagnosed?
  102. Working Memory and ADD
  103. aspergers + ADD treatment
  104. Getting diagnosed, what to take to first apointment with psychiatrist?
  105. About to make an appointment with the pshychaitrist
  106. Do I have AD(H)D?
  107. Must be ADD
  108. Diagnoses in Canada
  109. Any ideas?
  110. I need to get Diagnosed
  111. I might have it. Started researching it.
  112. ADD diagnosis with concurrent Asperger's Syndrome
  113. Testing is finished and now the wait begins
  114. Am I hoping too much??
  115. Psychiatrists..uh??
  116. Obsessive talking ADD symptom?
  117. Is it even possible for me to have ADHD?
  118. Hello.
  119. Unsure if I have ADHD
  120. Need some advice.
  121. ok, pretty ticked-off, Doc rant/vent
  122. I a lil worried
  123. If not ADD, then what?
  124. big step
  125. How long to wait?
  126. I'm 40 Jusdt been diagnosed ADD. I feel my life has been so wasted !
  127. I'm new here, going to go get evaluated...
  128. Could I possibly have ADHD?
  129. So I've just been, anyone?
  130. Effects of various medications for ADD/ADHD
  131. Meeting with New Psychiatrist tomorrow
  132. Common Symptoms of ADD in Adults
  133. Problems arising from getting diagnosis
  134. What did your ADD/ADHD test involve?
  135. Saw a new Doctor... Hate her emensely...*warning: Rant*
  136. Hi everyone, I hope I put this question in the "right" forum!
  137. Might I have ADD?
  138. Synopsis of diagnosis, Year 1
  139. Anyone else? Diagnosis by Psychologist...
  140. Smoking before testing?
  141. Somebody else who thinks they have ADHD
  142. Do I have ADD/ADHD? Long, but PLEASE read and help
  143. Re-Diagnosis?
  144. Can a family doctor diagnose?
  145. Being diagnosed as I-ADD
  146. Does this signal a negative diagnosis?
  147. Just found you all, so many thoughts...
  148. Thats it? [question about getting re-diagnosed]
  149. Dx Waiting Game
  150. Sudden Diagnosis
  151. Should I get diagnosed with ADD?? HUGE ISSUE
  152. Adult ADD
  153. Confused!
  154. ADD evaluation appointment
  155. Student health diagnosis, ugh
  156. ADD Possible?
  157. Do I mention ADHD?
  158. I think I have a pro...solution?! :O
  159. 40 year old trying to get a diagnoses for adhd
  160. Is this typical of you ADDers?
  161. Finished ADHD evaluation and the results are...
  162. Test helps diagnose AD/HD
  163. Do I have to go to a psychiatrist to get diagnosed?
  164. The characteristic "Do I truly have adhd?" thread
  165. Tourettes Syndrome and ADD?
  166. Questions about ADHD
  167. For anyone new to this or just diagnosed
  168. Would I be ADD?
  169. Diagnosis: Fastest way?
  170. fractionated days?
  171. My problem
  172. Bad experience
  173. I saw my Doctor to get diagnosed.
  174. Prescription Prison
  175. What's your sub-type?
  176. arg...this might be a long process
  177. Good experience - My path to diagnosis and treatment
  178. ADD or Depression? Is there any self test?
  179. CAN ADD/ADHD really be properly Diagnosed? I
  180. just diagnosed
  181. It all makes sense now...long post =)
  182. "You're too smart to have ADD"
  183. ADD and Insomnia(Doctor visit)
  184. Bipolar, ADD, academic manic panic?
  185. LONG POST!!! Help please. I think I am ADHD, but not sure.
  186. Best way to determine if one has ADD
  187. Can ADHD be Misdiagnosed as Aspergers?
  188. working through the symptoms in my head
  189. diagnosed with pots- It wasn't all in my head!
  190. Doctors wont diagnose me with ADHD!! Argh
  191. ADD or no?
  192. Taking a step back, hopefully one forward with diagnosis, please help.
  193. Seeing the doctor tomorrow...
  194. The school says ADHD, you disagree
  195. Should I make an appointment?
  196. Type of Doctor to See
  197. Advice needed please. Do I have ADD?
  198. Made Appointment In Texas
  199. Dr said yes
  200. ADHD Psychoeducational Assessment?
  201. How should I proceed with this?
  202. Joking Friends,Getting Serious.
  203. Sort of diagnosed? Just started Ritalin, backstory and experiences. Comments?
  204. Unstable body temperature is a symptom of...... what?
  205. Why do so many people get diagnosed as adults but not as a child?
  206. diagnosed later in life
  207. Could it be ADD?
  208. Help, need quick response. Do I take my med on the day of assessment?
  209. My Pediatric Report
  210. My Special Education Report
  211. Completely incapicated. Not sure what's wrong. Neither are my doctors. Please help.
  212. Neuro appt today...confirmed diagnosis and prescribed....
  213. Neurologist?
  214. Help! I think that I have ADD with OCD Combined. Was Treated with OCD Meds in Past.
  215. How many visits before diagnosed?
  216. "Professional" diagnosis - Do they ever say you DON'T have ADD?
  217. ADHD Is effecting me ?
  218. ADD Treatment
  219. It IS ADHD....right?
  220. Very frustrated! How'd you get diagnosed??
  221. Do I have ADD?
  222. halp :(
  223. what do the meds do????
  224. so i went to my doctor...
  225. Getting a diagnosis in the UK?
  226. not drug-seeking behavior
  227. Headaches prior to diagnosis...
  228. Dodgy diagnosis? (long rant/post)
  229. Vermont Physician
  230. Appointment tomorrow
  231. Anyone know what I'm in for from here?
  232. Is testing well going to be used against me?
  233. Should I bring this list with me when I see my doctor?
  234. ??
  235. I must vent for a moment
  236. Getting diagnosis/treatment with no income
  237. Help ! 16 and confused!
  238. Expectations - Diagnosis
  239. Diagnosis confusion.
  240. do i have adhd
  241. Could I have ADD? Please help
  242. Trouble being diagnosed
  243. was this an adhd diagnosis?
  244. i went to my gp today.... :(
  245. People don't think I have ADD or anything
  246. Another awesome (and long!) "Could it be ADD?" Thread-- WITH BONUS QUESTION!
  247. is this ADD??? hmm i always wondered.
  248. How do you tell ADD and Asperger's apart?
  249. Looking for some advice
  250. diagnosed! Now what