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  1. Bored in social situations. Can you relate?
  2. UPenn Positive Psychology and Authentic Happiness
  3. Recent Concerns After Two Years On Vyvanse
  4. Anyone experienced breakouts with meds?
  5. Would medication help my social skills?
  6. To Medicate Or Not To Medicate
  7. I think I have ADHD
  8. Tell me about testing...
  9. Very new to consistent treatments... Any advice?
  10. Medication Advice
  11. Does this make me sound like a drug seeker?
  12. Can I be ADHD (inattentive type)?
  13. Should I get tested?
  14. Specialist testing.
  15. Who changes your medication after the initial diagnosis?
  16. Keeping myself consistent on my meds
  17. Not sure where to turn
  18. Is my inattentiveness really hyperactivity?
  19. Getting tested for ADD next week, I have a problem
  20. having a GP prescribe medication -
  21. "How to Increase Dopamine"
  22. The Waiting Game
  23. College student ADD messing me up?!
  24. Considering Switching Psychiatrists...
  25. Remember to stay hydrated!
  26. Do I have ADHD even if I don't meet full criteria?
  27. I think I have a massive ADHD! I love it!
  28. ADHD Question
  29. Do your therapists have ADD/ADHD themselves?
  30. Exhausted! Need to switch off my mind!
  31. One of a Few Real World ADHD Specialists
  32. Appt to discuss meds with new pdoc--Nervous!
  33. Possibly misdiagnosed?
  34. Can you have ADHD if you have high executive function?
  35. Is there anything I can get without prescription?
  36. Beer treating ADHD, and a huge list of other mental health issues?
  37. New and scared
  38. Comorbidity or Side-effects of Treatment?
  39. I'm not sure I can handle the Ritalin anxiety anymore..
  40. Anger/emotional issues post meds?
  41. Not so sure about taking medication anymore...
  42. Went to get a diagnosis - got diagnosed with Inattentive ADD and bipolar
  43. Can this be some sort of attention disorder?
  44. Having to go cold turkey on Adderall
  45. Should I test different medications?
  46. Got diagnosed with ADD - Will probably not take meds
  47. My reaction to Ritalin suggests I dont have ADHD?
  48. FUD, Could I Really Have AD/HD?
  49. what has worked for you?
  50. I think I have ADD... opinions?
  51. ADHD Diagnosis - Neurologist
  52. Meds make me feel like a different person =(
  53. I want your thoughts about this.
  54. My symptoms - could I have ADHD Inattentive Type?
  55. At a complete loss
  56. naltrexone for adhdish problems
  57. Seeking advice!
  58. Many questions! (sorry for the length)
  59. Urges to always start from the beginning
  60. Schema therapy
  61. Impossible to get prescription, feeling hopeless.
  62. drug reccomendations / new here 1st post
  63. Hello I am new here.. Do medications actually help? and Cons and Pros?
  64. How do I approach GP about ADHD diagnosis?
  65. Not sure if should/n't go ask a psychiatrist
  66. Anyone know a psychiatrist in Brisbane
  67. Treatment causing odd sensations today...
  68. What does my reaction to adderal say about me?
  69. What the flipping dolphins do I do next?
  70. Poor college student- should I still go see a doctor/psychologist?
  71. ADD clinics
  72. Internal Monologue/Self Awareness
  73. Stimulant + Opiate = Bad Reaction
  74. What a crazy 3 weeks
  75. Getting Rediagnosed
  76. Fact sheet - ADD/ADHD; Dr Russell Barkley
  77. Hi Everyone , Need Help with ADHD Diagnosis
  78. ADHD or ASD
  79. Undiagnosed, looking for answers
  80. ADHD or not?
  81. Undiagnosed, should I be tested?
  82. ADD Diagnosis - What to do?
  83. So confused
  84. Change of Treatment Questions!
  85. First post here
  86. First post, Any help would be appreciated
  87. I'm feeling so attention deficit today
  88. ADD and Other Compounding Illnesses
  89. Need help with my life
  90. Old school report cards
  91. Need poor "results" to be diagnosed?
  92. I Need You Guys to Cheer Me On!
  93. Depression or ADHD?
  94. What are the treatment options in the UK?
  95. My unorthodox realization of my problem
  96. Confused
  97. Talking to my doctor about increasing medication
  98. Music as Therapy
  99. New Psychiatrist wont prescribe Vyvanse + Adderall IR
  100. 5 Years on Vyvanse, now what?
  101. HELP! This could potentially save my life!!! (Adderall Heart Problems?)
  102. HELP: I think I have ADHD-PI - what do you guys think?
  103. Treatment...any anger?
  104. Stupid new insurance!
  105. Well... now what?
  106. First appointment coming up... Don't know how to feel
  107. Does this sound like ADD to you?
  108. Is it true?
  109. How long after medication till you can concentrate better?
  110. How long did it take for your meds to show any improvement?
  111. New clinic didn't work out...
  112. Considering Getting Dx, trying meds
  113. Inattentive, Adderall, Etc.
  114. My Psych only gave me anti-anxiety med, said adhd later, HELP
  115. I had ADHD but can't get tested due to expense
  116. GP stopped prescribing me focalin and diazepam, said to see psychiatrist...
  117. Am I taking too much this soon?
  118. Second part of my assessment tomorrow.
  119. Can any of you make sense out of this?
  120. How much to tell Primary Doc?
  121. Telephonic consultations with psychiatrist
  122. Anyone have experience with Buspar/buspirone?
  123. Can I have ADHD with a high processing speed?
  124. Losing confidence in my psych
  125. Occupational therapists & ADHD
  126. So ******!!
  127. Why are there so few Psychiatrist's
  128. Possible ADHD? Advice appreciated
  129. Adhd or just highly creative?
  130. Is it legal to take less than prescribed Vyvanse dose?
  131. Could I be misdiagnosed/denied meds bc of an amp positive blood test years ago?
  132. Lowering expectations of neuropsych appt.
  133. What's wrong with me?(please help)
  134. My story
  135. Other ways to get an ADHD diagnosis?
  136. New treatment combined with anti-depressant?
  137. Do I have this?
  138. Does this sound like ADHD?
  139. What are the common questions psychiatrists ask during your first appointment?
  140. 13, homeschooled, think l have ADHD, mother thinks excuse, 5 weeks, Help?
  141. Diagnosis with EEG?
  142. How do I go about changing psychiatrists?
  143. Anxiety disorder, or ADHD?
  144. Kooky new doctor refused to prescribe my medication
  145. Moved to a new city - Need to get a script for Adderall for my ADHD
  146. Had a great session with my therapist today!
  147. I just don't know what to do. Please help me.
  148. After 10 years, my doctor is closing
  149. How long will it take for me to see a psychiatrist?
  150. Extended research and non-genetic ADHD
  151. Awesome Slideshows and Cutting Edge Psychology Source
  152. New here and processing....
  153. AD/HD quotient test?
  154. Lacking motivation, but not depressed? ADHD?
  155. Tips for a new member
  156. I feel like I messed up...
  157. How can I ever be sure?
  158. Don't know if I have ADD
  159. Is this ADHD or something else? So confused ...
  160. So I just figured out I have ADD Now what.
  161. Newly diagnosed Feedback
  162. My Dr. on Hiatus-My Son and I without Adderall 10 days now!
  163. Newly Diagnosed and Confused
  164. What medications are you on and for how long
  165. Are these signs of ADHD, OCD, or something else?
  166. Opinions?
  167. Just diagnosed but think my psych has no clue
  168. My medications are working, I think! I feel great.
  169. Cant get the right medication.
  170. What is normal ADHD Diagnosis procedure?
  171. Tried taking Ritalin & Adderall..side effects suck. Now what?
  172. Medications - Ritalin and Insurance
  173. Best type of MD to diagnosis ADD
  174. Sister in denial about ADHD...!!!
  175. Requesting a specific medication? Is that a no no?
  176. Rediagnosis, Family Dr or straight to psych?
  177. How do I go about seeing a doctor for ADHD
  178. acetylcholine and AD/HD
  179. Wondering this
  180. Could it be ADHD?
  181. New here... advice on which meds
  182. Hyperocus on one task that effects judgement
  183. Question about medications
  184. adderal problems looking for options
  185. Messed up policy at behavioral health clinic/office.
  186. Feel like vyvanse is making me less productive ? starting taking it 3 months ago
  187. I have ADD but dr wont treat it
  188. Questions for pyschiatrist??
  189. Is it ADHD & treatment ineffective, or something else?
  190. ADHD or SAD... or am I just a hypochondriac?
  191. Thoughts needed - ADD-I or not?
  192. Treatment for the first time.
  193. Not Positive of ADHD Diagnosis
  194. Curious about how some were diagnosed.
  195. My Chiropractor is stopping my ADD medication
  196. STILL in denial about diagnosis..canít accept it
  197. Is this ADD or am I just lazy?
  198. My experiences with treatment
  199. What are the main causes of Premature Climaxing.
  200. Diagnosis
  201. ASD or ADHD
  202. Is it ADHD or normal?
  203. ADHD or nothing to worry about?
  204. I Think I Need Help
  205. Scared to Rock the Boat BUT....
  206. Obtaining A New Prescriber/Doctor
  207. Share your insight: Finding a New Doctor?
  208. Starting day 3 with Adderall and looking for advice.
  209. Do I really have ADHD? Still not sure.
  210. I hate the internet's stance of 'Talk to your doctor.'
  211. a failed experiment (a drug free approach)
  212. So my road to diagnosis begins.....
  213. Why?
  214. Where to look next - ADD / Depression
  215. Any Advice?
  216. RUDE Psychiatrist
  217. ADD and Anxiety?
  218. Why do some doctors refuse to treat adult ADD?
  219. New Doctor Ignoring ADHD Diagnosis?
  220. My Newest Adventure
  221. How does your medication effect your emotions, empathy, and ambition?
  222. Directing Hyper-Focus as a Non-medical Treatment
  223. I'm not sure if I have Adult ADD...
  224. do I have adhd?
  225. Help
  226. Medical Treatment questions..
  227. Psychiatrist is telling me to get my medication from family doctor...?
  228. support getting diagnosis in new zealand
  229. ADHD or Depression
  230. Undiagnosed on Ritalin LA, need advice
  231. Should I talk to my doc about the possibility of having ADHD
  232. Looking for insight... what do I do next?
  233. Teenager With ADHD
  234. Am I diagnosed or not?
  235. Anyone David Alert EXPERIENCES ? (mind machine)
  236. Am I a candidate for ADD medication?
  237. Argued with a rude doctor!!!
  238. An Introduction to my Story
  239. New diagnosis.....well sort of...
  240. Trying to get Diagnosed in the UK
  241. White coat syndrome
  242. How on earth do they test for ADHD-PI?
  243. Medicaid and Psychiatrists
  244. Was told by a psych NP that I'm too old to have ADHD
  245. Information on reporting a Psychiatrist to the General Medical Council
  246. Procedure for finding a new physician?
  247. Do you ever feel like therapy is a waste of time?
  248. ADHD, Anxiety, or Depression
  249. What kind of therapy/coaching best for ADD?
  250. I was just diagnosed and im feeling AWFUL!