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  1. I'm scared...Can you help?
  2. A step in the right direction
  3. Walgreens....WTF?!?!
  4. Why Is My Dr So Partial To Prescribing Me XR Meds?
  5. How can I get a doctor to give me vyvanse or adderall?
  6. Switching doctors and finding another doc who understands ADHD. Advice needed.
  7. New doctor ignoring diagnosis
  8. ADHD Question!! Please help!
  9. Questions About Vyvanse (ima Newbie!)
  10. Diagnosed as a child?
  11. The joys of finding a new doctor
  12. Restarted Ritalin in 40's - Having doctor issues
  13. dopamine levels or other biological causes
  14. Not sure if I have ADD, but reading problems exist...
  15. mind chatter
  16. ADD doctors and medications in EU - need help and advice!!!
  17. I think I have ADD or ADHD. Respond?
  18. HELP!!!!!! My life long battle with ADHD, medical professionals. Advice!!!?!
  19. dual n back or pos n back?
  20. Not diagnosed yet, but ADHD-PI seems quite likely
  21. Question for those who are familiar with brain spect scans
  22. Should I get diagnosed / get an evaluation?
  23. Newly diagnosed and vyvanse
  24. It hasn't been easy, and it sure ain't getting easier.
  25. Doctor says I don't have ADHD, should I get a second opinion?
  26. Worried about Psychological Testing :(
  27. Dilemma: what would you had done in my situation? (self medication)
  28. ADHD Stimulants Anhedonia
  29. QEEG results and biofeedback
  30. Please help me to diagnose my condition
  31. Seeing le doctors in 2 hours.
  32. Do I have ADD? Vote now, yay~!
  33. Looking for advice/opinions
  34. Will seeing a school counselor about ADD or ADHD help?
  35. Do I have ADD? HS senior at the brink
  36. Other treatment for ADHD
  37. I may have ADD. Does anyone really know?
  38. Does your doctor weigh you every time?
  39. Hypnotherapy?
  40. Hiding ADHD treatment from spouse/family?
  41. Questions and Answers
  42. What would you do?
  43. Replace strattera and citalopram with effexor?
  44. Long I have ADD?
  45. Childhood onset
  46. I think I have ADHD, but I'm not sure.
  47. It's ADHD alright, but my body hates the stimulants! Anything else? Please help.
  48. "getting help" has been expensive and draining.
  49. Feeling frustrated after recent diagnosis!
  50. Finally got in to the Pdoc....and had a great discovery
  51. ADHD Awareness Month-dispelling myths!
  52. Diagnosed, prescribed focalin and nervous
  53. My life is a sham...
  54. I'm not sure if I have adhd (please help)
  55. Need some Help - In the process of treatment - I just want to be normal.
  56. Foolproof Test for ADHD
  57. Really need some adivce
  58. Why don't IR work for me?
  59. Ive had this problem for a while please help? :/
  60. Need some help, be truthful with my dr?
  61. Need to find a new Doctor
  62. Feeling hopeless
  63. law student seeking advice regarding meds
  64. Assessment questionnaires for Adults
  65. how has adhd meds helped you
  66. Now what?
  67. Went to Psychiatrist, diagnosed with ADHD, starting with meds!
  68. ADHD and intelligence/academic ability
  69. Finally after 30 years!
  70. Are There Any Executive Function Disorder (EFD) Experts Online I can Contact?
  71. I have a troublesome entry on my medical record
  72. 27 Just Diagnosed
  73. I need some opinions
  74. Question Involving Symptoms
  75. Frustrated. Need new Dr in Denver, but how to find a good one?
  76. On my 10th antidepressant - is there any point?
  77. Second day of Methylphenidate ER 20 MG. Do I even have ADHD??
  78. Focusing without meds??
  79. Alternative treatment
  80. After years of not knowing what was wrong with me, I was finally diagnosed with ADHD
  81. Undiagnosed and ashamed.
  82. See GP or seek out a provider
  83. Seeing new pdoc tomorrow, need help asap!
  84. 41 and just diagnosed ADHD-PI
  85. Unstable effects on meds
  86. What should I expect of treatment?
  87. New to this
  88. Anyone used to be organized?
  89. It All Makes Sense Now. Finally Getting Help
  90. Just took ADHD test
  91. how to go about getting my diagnosis changed?
  92. Any tips on being able to get thoughts clear enough to express symptoms?
  93. How well do urine tests work? I don't want a false negative
  94. Hi, how do I know if I have ADD?
  95. ADHD Diagnosis Problems as an Adult
  96. Newbie with a long story
  97. Trouble getting diagnosed
  98. Can't separate mood disorders from ADHD
  99. Im new to this...Please help?
  100. ADD Diagnosis...
  101. Does this define you?
  102. I need HELP! This is ridiculous! i am at my wits end! (and LONG!!)
  103. College student with ADHD?
  104. vyvanse/ adderall and other Questions
  105. ADHD w/ Depression (possibly related)
  106. I don't get it. NOTHING works!
  107. A mixed update but keeping positive :)
  108. is this ADD or lazyness and bad habits?
  109. My doctor's appointment went HORRIBLY
  110. How do I bring up concerns about what my psychiatrist says about ADHD to him?
  111. Am I correct?
  112. How do I get help with my ADD
  113. confused by my psychiatrist, or myself?
  114. scared for my appointment monday
  115. How do I go about being diagnosed? Help Please!
  116. Just got diagnosed with ADHD, so confused right now
  117. Requesting Release of Information for Medical Records Helpful Hint
  118. worried I might have adhd!
  119. social anxiety as well as innatentive add?
  120. How honest should I be with the doctor?
  121. Processing speed test
  122. Well that was an intersting psych visit
  123. Question with getting prescribed meds/Adderall again
  124. Vitamin B6 (as P5P) - the dark horse in ADHD?
  125. Please help! obtaining a script in a different country
  126. My Doctor is a Idiot now I gotta wait!!!
  127. Evberything riding on upcoming ADHD test (please help)
  128. Am I ADD? Or just a lazy worrier?
  129. What the heck is going in in the UK?!
  130. Confused, stressed, and unsure.
  131. Medication Not Enough?
  132. started adderall this week with old prescription. Do I have ADHD?
  133. Intense ADHD in Adulthood
  134. Managing Missed Diagnosis- and putting an end to it.
  135. Not sure about what is wrong with me
  136. Need help understanding what I have...
  137. I swear I'm ADHD They don't
  138. Recently diagnosed ADHD and need a doctor to get meds
  139. Can't even get it together long enough to get help
  140. Newly diagnosed ADD, depression & childhood PTSD. No meds yet- causing problems :(
  141. Diagnosis of ADD.
  142. Optimal Adderall Dosage?
  143. Do I really not have ADHD? Doctor asked me one question and said I don't.
  144. adhd diagnosis
  145. Newly Diagnosed - Overwhelmed
  146. My first visit to the psychiatrist
  147. Doc has me feeling like a drug seeker
  148. Medication Holiday Withdrawal....
  149. Do I have ADD/ADHD?
  150. Do I have ADHD/ADD
  151. Don't feel like going to my p doc
  152. q's about ADHD screening at Kaiser
  153. Is it Anxiety, ADD or both?
  154. Effective Communication with Pdoc
  155. If it's not inattentive ADHD, what else could it be?
  156. What is your diagnosis?
  157. Do I have ADHD?
  158. How Childhood Abuse can affect ADHD Questionaire
  159. Just got a new diagnosis
  160. Has anyone gone through halp at ucsf
  161. treatment besides meds?
  162. HELP!do i have inattentive ADD or am i just lazy?long post but please read
  163. How to get a refill quickly?
  164. Can't afford dr visits or meds.
  165. Doctor issues
  166. First Appt - New Therapist
  167. Self-diagnosis
  168. Reasessed by a Specialist: C, not I!
  169. Need To Get Help
  170. Should I ask for an ADD/ADHD screening?
  171. Interested in hearing success stories
  172. ADHD Genetic DNA Testing
  173. Don't be ashamed to ask for help /update
  174. going to a psychiatrist tomorrow. any advices?
  175. How much does add overlap with psychosis
  176. Recently diagnosed / Some questions on test score data.
  177. What led you to seek diagnosis / treatment as an adult?
  178. I lost my doctor
  179. Got results from testing
  180. Insurance - Prescription Benefits - Prior Authorization - Not Sure What to Choose
  181. Not sure what to do - Feel misunderstood
  182. For men diagnose,after their children became adults
  183. Meds made me loopy
  184. Relationship with your GP
  185. Low Frustration Tolerance In Housing/Roommates
  186. How long should I wait before changing Psychiatrists?
  187. Proven forms of treatment?
  188. Thorough diagnosis
  189. Starting Meds
  190. Exacerbated ADHD-symptoms and other things...
  191. Computerized ADD test?
  192. Astonishing start to meds after diagnosed ADHD, Aspie, GAD
  193. Concerta shortage in Romania
  194. The Medication Holiday....
  195. Do you ever trick yourself into thinking you don't need your adhd meds?
  196. What is testing like?
  197. Lapses in time
  198. What is your opinion on self-diagnosing?
  199. Doubting my diagnosis (long winded rant)
  200. Think i have adult adhd
  201. New psychiatrist? New meds? ADHD, GAD, depression in 40-something SAHM. Mixed up.
  202. Anxiety about upcoming appointment with new psychiatrist
  203. I think I have ADHD -- Help!
  204. Self-Medicating and Addiction
  205. Am I lazy/dumb or do I have ADHD?
  206. help on finding the best treatment
  207. Should I bring my husband to my first psych appointment?
  208. Feeling worse AFTER the doctor than before.
  209. Speaking Circles, for ADHD at Johns Hopkins
  210. Called my old therapist!
  211. First Session Fears
  212. Where to go for help...when there really isn't any?
  213. I'm free! I found a way to focus that works for me
  214. How much can I ask of my therapist? (long winded, I'm sorry guys)
  215. I can only think of one word to describe the neuro/psych testing yesterday...
  216. ADHD/ADD + Stimulant = normalcy?
  217. Feel like I've tried everything
  218. ADD and the Executive Function. How much can it impact motivation and mood?
  219. My doctor says I DON'T HAVE ADD, DONT TRUST the INTERNET
  220. I Need Urgent Help, Any Belgian or European with ADHD here ?
  221. Waiting forever for appointments is normal?
  222. "The Squeeky Wheel" rule applies to Psychiatry?
  223. ADD Assessment in UK - Private Assessment?
  224. Do I have ADD?
  225. not thinking about common sense things
  226. my treatment (an update)
  227. What has changed, since you got treated?
  228. Assessment for adult inattentive adhd w/untreated depression.
  229. Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale - ADHD
  230. Feelings hurt by doctor
  231. Trying to figure out if I should ask my therapist if I might have ADHD
  232. im starting to think i may not have adhd pi
  233. The doc would tell me ( they are retiring ) right?
  234. My ADHD Self Diagnosis
  235. Depression casued from ADHD - Adderall helps question
  236. Dual Diagnosis
  237. My Psychiatrist Doesn't Wanna Treat my ADHD Directly.
  238. Thoughts on finding another Doctor as backup?
  239. 5 mg Methylphenidate (ritalin) not working anymore
  240. Diagnosis frustration
  241. Do stimulants help with organisation?
  242. I'm scared I won't be ME anymore
  243. Progress in Treatment!
  244. What happens if there's no more options?
  245. Officially Diagnosed today
  246. Have i Convinced myself I have ADHD?
  247. Online test to see if I have ADHD
  248. And so it starts...
  249. Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy actually work?
  250. ALERT Brain Training Treatment