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  1. Help Please!!!
  2. My doctor(s) won't put me on a non-addictive/ non-stimulant.... What should I do?
  3. Losing hope
  4. Memory Problems
  5. Do you also think you have everythingg ?
  6. Convinced I have ADHD/ADD
  7. HELP NEEDED!! Out of control :(
  8. Stims are not working
  9. UK diagnosis. Recommendations and advice desperately needed please!
  10. How long did you have to wait to see a specialist(UK)
  11. I must be in the wrong place
  12. Had adhd assessment
  13. Newly diagnosed, nfi what to expect from the meds.
  14. Vyvanse and Dexedrine
  15. Hi Guys, I'm new and undiagnosed
  16. Vyvanse 30 mg increased to 40 mg gives bad headaches
  17. Intrusive thoughts indicative of ADD?
  18. Seeing a new psychiatrist.
  19. Seeking advice regarding doctors.
  20. will i ever feel normal.
  21. Jumping through hoops!
  22. Do I Even Have ADHD?
  23. Finally...
  24. Should I mention Depression & Anxiety? (UK)
  25. How do you know if your medication works?
  26. Same dose adderall 9 years,no problem with tolerance. I definitely have add right?
  27. Doctor Advice
  28. Have I fooled myself into thinking I have ADD?
  29. overwhelmed
  30. Looking for advice on going to thearpy.
  31. Neuropsych testing- is this normal?
  32. Doctor won't give me my ADHD test results after I was diagnosed?
  33. Adderall XR helps with focusing but I have zero motivation
  34. Is my childhood diagnosis still valid?
  35. I have no idea where to begin
  36. Coo-coo!
  37. Concerta vs Adderall XR questions....
  38. Just diagnosed ....
  39. First step is acknowledging you have ADD
  40. possible ADD? What to do next?
  41. new here, please help !
  42. Heart trouble on Paxil, Strattera, Ritalin- any ADD med alternatives?
  43. Dopamine and Methylphenidate Theory
  44. ADHD and Drug Testing (Western Australia)
  45. Denied diagnosis by incompetent doctor
  46. Major lack of motivation
  47. could it be adhd? please hepl
  48. DBT for ADHD?
  49. Conflicted
  50. I'm being told I just need to grow up.
  51. Homeopathy Treatment For ADHD/Autism. (Novak Djokovic case)
  52. Doc thinks I have bipolar, I disagree
  53. What exactly is a "crash"? (Methylphenidate)
  54. What should I expect from Strattera?
  55. What are my options?
  56. Questions
  57. The MILLION DOLLAR Question
  58. Help! Do I have ADD and what can I do about it??
  59. help me !
  60. ADHD in adults not possible?
  61. Recently removed off of medication - need advice
  62. neuropsych testing questions
  63. To go on meds or not?
  64. Absent-Minded Professor aka ADD?
  65. How do you know for sure?
  66. New here need some support
  67. I really want off this Vycanse/Adderall/speed train. Alternatives? Desperate here
  68. I am wondering if I have ADD
  69. How to Train Folks Willing to Help Me with Executive Dysfunction??
  70. Need Help Getting Diagnosis
  71. Newly Diagnosed
  72. Brain fog advice!
  73. Is this ADD?
  74. Trouble with psychiatrist
  75. Why am I so TIRED?!?!
  76. First appointment with university's health centre physician
  77. Diagnosed today, at 46 years old
  78. My head is so full (long, sorry)
  79. Seeking Assistance for Diagnosis
  80. Feeling lost
  81. What should I do? Medicine or Not?
  82. Should be starting my med trials tomorrow...
  83. New here and currently in the middle of getting diagnosed
  84. Cost to getting diagnosised
  85. Sorry In Advance... HELP ME or just talk to me
  86. Newbie: Advice on what to expect? I think I just want meds?
  87. possibly!
  88. I am having my first appointment wuth psychiatrist
  89. Newly Diagnosed - Concerned
  90. Symptoms and Approaching a Psychiatrist
  91. Does ADHD necessarily affect all spheres of life ?
  92. What to do now...
  93. Fed Up
  94. Adderall perscribing problem due to failed drug screen bc of surgery
  95. Need some advice about what to do
  96. Second visit today, really frustrated.
  97. Am I Abusing Focalin to make school work and other things more interesting?
  98. GAD vs ADHD: Confused, I need Experienced Opinion Please!
  99. Finally seeking treatment
  100. Let's Talk About First-Time Treatment
  101. What am I dealing with?
  102. ADD- i am a living paradox. Help.
  103. Treatment options
  104. ADD but paid good attention at school?
  105. Ever fear you might have important undxed conditions
  106. What would you like to see change in the field of Psychiatry?
  107. Ineffably Frustrated!!!!!!!!!
  108. College student -- professor suggested ADHD -- now what?
  109. Is it ADHD?
  110. Finding a psychiatrist to put me back on my Adderall and Klonopin dosage?
  111. Can't Accept ADD Diagnosis?
  112. Life is a cartoon sometimes - some venting
  113. Do I really have ADHD?
  114. ADHD Screening Process?
  115. Strattera questions...
  116. College sutudent ADD, no meds.
  117. What were they looking for?
  118. So confused about getting tested
  119. Next step? Need advice!
  120. Finding a doctor who will treat me
  121. HELP!!! Do I have ADD o ADHD??
  122. HELP! Should I get evaluated???
  123. Do I have ADD? Please help me answer this
  124. Should i get a second opinion?
  125. For those who have switched doctors, what were you experiences like? Need advice.
  126. Did Insurance pay for your evaluation? Did you pay out of pocket?
  127. Psychiatrist office UAs/drug test
  128. Getting Tested for ADHD?
  129. What's a Typical Treatment Plan for ADD?
  130. Asking my doctor for Adderall.
  131. Do you think I have ADD or?
  132. Seeking Diagnosis and Validation
  133. 36 years of not really understanding ANYTHING
  134. I'm looking for a place to start, any info at all would be helpful.
  135. I talk to my Primary Care physician tomorrow
  136. Do I have some form of ADD?
  137. Need feedback on treatment/relationship with psychatrist
  138. Got admitted to a psychiatrist... What to expect
  139. Daughter with ADHD - do I have it too?
  140. scared?
  141. Doctor being lazy with Prior Authorization
  142. Pharmacy wants Drug Test before I get my Meds?!
  143. Shrink Appointment: Advice?
  144. HELP! Am I normal (with a side of crazy) or ADD?
  145. Is this ADD coaching?
  146. I don't know where to turn
  147. I convinced my doctor I have ADD, but I can't convince myself.
  148. Anyone here familiar with prescription laws for NSW, Australia?
  149. hello, what do I have?
  150. Help me please
  151. Anybody the only person with ADD in the family?
  152. need some advice
  153. *sigh* So does medication work or not?
  154. Monday is the big day......Wish me luck!
  155. ADHD? Do I have it? (Looong Post)
  156. TOVA Test
  157. Alcohol and Drug history (mentioning amphetamines?)
  158. Getting a diagnosis for ADHD/ADD
  159. Am I making this feeling up, or is it real?
  160. Advice for ADHD teen.
  161. Communicating with my doctor
  162. Nervous About My Doctor Retiring
  163. Inpatient ADHD Treatment?
  164. My psychiatrist is an idiot
  165. Improving Focus
  166. I don't know
  167. tests- neuropsychological, IQ for diagnosis? Really?
  168. fill in dr
  169. Trouble Getting Meds: Diagnosis Is Too Old
  170. New to forum and new to Elvanse/Vyvanse
  171. Newly diagnosed with adhd and dosage questions.
  172. Alternatives to medication
  173. if I become a prescribing doctor, can I prescribe myself my own meds?
  174. Do I have ADD/ADHD or no motivation?
  175. High IQ, Poor Student, Difficulty Focusing At Work & Home
  176. Diagnosed and wondering about addiction and meds
  177. Do they drug test you in the UK?
  178. Diagnosis- is it a good idea for me?
  179. When Shrink pull the plug after 11 years on meds
  180. Switching to a New Neurologist-Worried About Meds
  181. How did/does ADHD affect your life
  182. Bipolar 1 possibly add?
  183. Brainfog attack!
  184. Scared to tackle diagnosis
  185. Do you guys have sleeping issues? And what have you found that helps?
  186. Need letter from doctor...Not sure what to do
  187. I'm Afraid I Won't Be Taken Seriously
  188. Just had a really confusing appointment with my psychatrist...
  189. ADD struggles and not being diagnosed
  190. First Day
  191. Do I have ADHD/ADD or am I just lazy and unmotivated ?
  192. How about food?
  193. Help with Believed ADHD/ADD Diagnosis
  194. Is my psychiatrist right?
  195. Anyone tried EFT/tapping technique?
  196. Adhd cured after one year
  197. Ritalin/concerta... are effects stable?
  198. I Am Afraid I Will Be Labeled If I Show This To Dr
  199. Rapid Eye Movement Therapy
  200. ADHD-PI with severe fatigue/story of my life
  201. Meds or no meds for treatment
  202. If I have not improved my life by the end of this month I will get help
  203. Treatment, ritalin and heart problem
  204. Need Help Finding Right Combo
  205. Changing physicians - how to broach the off label, controlled substance topic?
  206. Getting worked up on ritalin
  207. I think I've been misdiagnosed
  208. Failing at life. Is there anything that can help?
  209. Are Doctors needed?
  210. Rediagnoses (9 years)
  211. Doctor troubles.
  212. Normal to have to wait a month before adjusting
  213. does a doctor's personal opinion on what meds are prescribed a bad sign?
  214. Diagnosis Insecurity (warning: essay)
  215. Doctor Incompetence
  216. Looking for help/advice!
  217. Doctor problem...valid?
  218. Getting tested for ADD
  219. Medical Supplmenet ADHD Drug Didn't Work. Do I really have ADHD?
  220. Redoing a neuropsych eval?
  221. Question for those with anxiety/depression
  222. Getting sick of this, somebody help please!!!!
  223. What does one do to get diagnosed?
  224. Hi is there anyone who doesnt need her or his meds anymore?
  225. Dx yourself
  226. Does this sound like ADD?
  227. Insurance disclosure
  228. Primary care provider suddenly wants to change my Rx?
  229. Looking for the treatment to save my life.
  230. ADHD patients in India
  231. I've had 2 car wrecks in 6 weeks - my fault
  232. What do you guys think?
  233. Will medication change me?
  234. What is your choice?
  235. Referral Difficulties
  236. How effective are CPT tests?
  237. Does a Learning Disability test look for ADHD
  238. Can you relate with this? im still unsure if i have it .
  239. Does this sound like ADD/ADHD to you?
  240. I Hope this is the right place to post this
  241. Recently diagnosed with ADHD and other issues
  242. Is this ADD or just lack of discipline.
  243. Recreating this feeling
  244. Headaches from Ritalin and Adderall
  245. Generic Concerta (methylphenidate HCL ER)
  246. Not Diagnosed Yet - Does this seem like ADD/ADHD?
  247. So, where do I begin?
  248. All classic symptoms with anxiety and anger. Which medication to treat?
  249. Moved to Phoenix, been through 3 Doctors and Can't Get Medication
  250. ADHD and comorbid anxiety?