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  1. how do i know if i have ADD/ADHD?
  2. Finally diagnosed!!!
  3. Scared I might have ADHD?
  4. Some pdocs should not be allowed to be pdocs
  5. do you think i have ADD?
  6. Doctor doesn't want to do Prior Authorization for medication?
  7. Quick and Easy Question!!
  8. What Does "Good Help" Look Like In The Diagnostic/Treatment Process?
  9. How do they diagnose ADD in the UK (NHS)?
  10. What is "normal" and what is ADD-Inattentive?
  11. having issues finding a real doctor
  12. Meds Advice for a Newbie recently diagnosed
  13. So... I saw my GP about my symptoms
  14. Do you think imaging tests (mainly mris and eegs) are good diagnostic tools
  15. Moved cities, a few questions before I see a new doctor
  16. How to switch from psychiatrist to primary doc?
  17. Learning Disability but no ADD
  18. Completely Confused, Could I actually have ADHD?
  19. You don't have ADHD because
  20. just diagnosed adult ADHD- trying vyvanse. will it clear up depression??
  21. A letter: Hey Doctor So-and-So, I am not a drug addict so stop treating me like one!
  22. How did you feel when you got your diagnosis?
  23. best way to treat myself
  24. did you believe you had ADHD before you got an official diagnosis?
  25. how many childhood ADHD symptoms needed for adult diagnosis?
  26. 16 and not sure if I have add. HELP
  27. New doc wants me to do EEG to rule out other conditions. Been dxed/treated for 5 yrs.
  28. Need to vent re: getting meds
  29. What type of Dr do you see for ADHD
  30. How do you find a doctor who understands ADHD in a new area?
  31. ADD hidden by uncommon capacities, that now have limit !
  32. Eye contact
  33. 5-HTP supplementing Meds
  34. Do I have ADHD or Schizophrenia?
  35. Unhappy with the 'system' for ADD/ADHD care
  36. Natural options for treating ADD?
  37. Diagnosing subtype. For evaluations like NICHQ can gf fill out instead of parents?
  38. Switched Dr.s.. But now want to switch back!
  39. Finally got my referrall letter through
  40. My Diagnosis - Kaiser (Long)
  41. Need Advice on Finding ADD Doc
  42. Methylphenidate + Atomoxetine OR Amphetamine
  43. Do I have ADD?
  44. Somewhat new to ADD at 32
  45. Lots of symptoms - maybe ENFP - but Prozac helped. Struggling with diagnosis!
  46. Currently getting diagnosed with ADD (also anxiety and depression)
  47. ''20 years old guy asking desperately for help''
  48. Did neuropsych test at age 4. Do these results show ADHD? Thoughts?
  49. how to quit after 15 years on ritalin, in China
  50. Strattera side effects, Dangerous?
  51. How tell the psychiatrist that I would like to try Ritalin?
  52. Diagnosed properly? How do you know?
  53. Something is not right
  54. Anyone out there who tried medication, EVERYTHING and none worked?
  55. Diagnosis
  56. Obligatory- check my symptoms thread
  57. How can a classic procrastinator manage time ?
  58. What happens when you go in for a diagnosis?
  59. Think I may have ADD/ADHD
  60. Unofficial ADHD Test
  61. Frustrating/Disturbing Experience Trying to Get Meds
  62. Only 33% of diagnosed people have cognitive-ADD. Rest misdiagnosed
  63. ADHD and etc not fix. Change psychiatrist?
  64. Dr. Today - Help Me Review!!
  65. I have a neuropsych from age 4 that is bias but shows ADHD. Worth showing to psych?
  66. Age when diagnosed
  67. Help!
  68. Lost our medical insurance: no more meds
  69. A list of treatment options for ADHD.
  70. How Do I Talk to My Psychiatrist About the Effectiveness of My Treatment?
  71. Wondering if I should keep this apt.. maybe add please offer advice!
  72. Question on Testing
  73. I got denied by insurance for my meds!!
  74. Don't think I have ADD! Dexedrine makes me disoriented.
  75. New to forum, new to diagnosis, stupidly long life story (sorry lol)
  76. What do you mean that there is no test for ADHD?
  77. Help for my daughter
  78. Brain fog, Detached, Fatigue in afternoon. Please help
  79. Diagnosed with ADHD-Primarily Inattentive at 24.. in a clinical trial
  80. Does ADD get misdiagnosed as PDD-NOS?
  81. Finding a doctor for Meds?
  82. Finally!
  83. Anxious about testing process
  84. New to adderall. A couple of questions.
  85. Dealing with personality changes on meds.
  86. Im really upset
  87. ADD and Bipolar or Depression?
  88. Might I have ADD or am I just lazy?
  89. Depression, anxiety, ADHD symptoms
  90. Doctor Refused Adderall IR Refill
  91. annoyed with myself and wondering if i have ADD
  92. Meds forever?
  93. Systemic complications after Head trauma
  94. Did someone called you a hypochondriac?
  95. Where Is My Life?
  96. Therapist Suggested '2nd opinion *just to discuss/no Rx* gone wrong...
  97. Is this ADD?
  98. important question before I take medication for the first time
  99. Is this a symptom of ADHD inattentive, or is it just a symptoms of anxiety
  100. ADD Diagnosis in two weeks (ADD med question)
  101. Visit to the DR
  102. I'm Tired of Struggling - Do I Have ADD?
  103. Is this as good as it gets?
  104. Something isnt right.
  105. Vyvanse not working- has anyone else had a similar experience?
  106. Getting an official diagnosis / Finding a local psychiatrist
  107. Finding the cause and right treatment of ADHD symptoms (really discouraged)
  108. Cross country treatment in Europe?
  109. What to look for a psychologist
  110. Is getting diagnosed strictly necessary?
  111. Recently back on Adderall IR +propranolol
  112. Do I have ADD?
  113. Share your real-world experiences with mental health stigmas.
  114. In your honest opinion do i have ADHD?
  115. I think my doctor has it wrong
  116. Just Went to See a Psychologist for the First Time: My Thoughts
  117. ADHD & Treatment in the UK
  118. How long was the process for your ADHD diagnosis?
  119. Questions from first week after ADHD diagnosis + meds
  120. Honouring a fallen crusader
  121. Diagnosis Troubles
  122. age 18 think i have add
  123. 3 days on Vyvanse... Please advise... (I'm a newbie)
  124. Newbie: Drug Test before stimulant prescription??
  125. Drug test????
  126. What is the severity of your ADHD (aka, deficits of self-regulation)?
  127. Ritalin
  128. Doctor told me I don't have ADD...
  129. Doctor offices who hide behind policy
  130. Feeling unsatisfied with everything?
  131. Age 23, bad insomnia and I believe the root cause may be ADD/ADHD
  132. Strategies to Help with ADHD??
  133. The Ups and Downs of Diagnosis
  134. How do I approach my new doctor about increasing my Adderall dosage?
  135. Does anyone else have a doctors office that uses Ameritox?
  136. Is this typical ADHD behavior?
  137. Afraid to get help
  138. Coping and medication
  139. Do I have adhd?
  140. helpp
  141. Anybody Have Experience with ADHD Coaching?
  142. How self-regulation develops is important in the treatment of adult ADHD.
  143. That one time when my doctor said I shouldn't be medicated
  144. Covered California/ Insurance in Los Angeles
  145. BiogeniQ | A genetic report to find the right medication
  146. How often do you doubt if you really have ADHD?
  147. Genecept Assay
  148. New doctor- please help!!
  149. Medication experiences/suggestions
  150. OCPD or ADHD or Both or Else - help me with a diagnosis please
  151. Getting re-diagnosed with ADHD
  152. Is this where I should be looking for help?
  153. Possibility of adult ADHD
  154. New Guy Stuff! Advice please
  155. Officially DX'd
  156. nothings wrong ig
  157. Meningitis and ADD
  158. Bottom line guy
  159. Not sure if i have ADHD
  160. What medication should I take or what would you recommend? (URGENT)
  161. Anxiety or ADHD.
  162. Questions About Diagnosis
  163. Not sure...
  164. Just Got Diagnosed on Thursday
  165. So little info about Adult ADHD. The info out there makes me think I don't have ADHD
  166. Anybody Have Experience with Psychosocial Treatments for Adults?
  167. Did your doctor actually say you have ADHD?
  168. Strattera was effective and scary in equal meausure
  169. Adderall and possible SPD
  170. How ADHD has and is effecting my life.
  171. Have you had neuropsychological Evaluation?
  172. Getting ADHD under control
  173. I don't know what to do
  174. Hidden ADHD ?
  175. ADHD maybe ?
  176. Why therapy?
  177. ADD and depression meds experience
  178. How to get a good psychiatrist?
  179. Difficulty of Diagnosis
  180. Always On My Mind, But Never Diagnosed
  181. ADD self treatment
  182. Feeling like being on ADHD meds without the meds
  183. I have my first appointment with a psychiatrist tomorrow
  184. I accidentally made an appointment with a chiropractor...
  185. How do you take your daily supplements for ADD?
  186. Adult adhd and Benefits
  187. I want to know if I have ADD
  188. Do you think I have ADD or ADHD?
  189. Finding new psychiatrist after insurance change
  190. 51 yrs old, new ADD diagnosis
  191. ADD even though you did well in school?
  192. How do you feel about being under the ADHD umbrella and with no sub-types?
  193. Do you see a doctor or a nurse practitioner
  194. Genetic Testing - Is it a better way?
  195. Evekeo - medication/diagnosis help?
  196. Is my therapist a quack?
  197. Not sure if ADD or something else?!
  198. What do i have guys?
  199. So, I think I have ADHD... now what?
  200. Taking Adderall for 2 years, feeling burnt out.
  201. Slow, sluggish, spacey. Nothing's working!
  202. ADHD or Aspergers?
  203. Diagnosed with ADD. Am I over medicated?
  204. What would you do if ADD meds were not allowed to be used anymore.
  205. Anyone else had a similar experience?
  206. New Referral Questionnaire- UK
  207. Positive Report Cards
  208. Dont want to keep fighting
  209. Hello. Need advice
  210. i wonder in the long run, if it would have been better if...?
  211. Shout for help....
  212. Inattentive ADD and Memory problems
  213. Is this normal ADHD symptoms or something else?
  214. How many who self-diagnose later get an official diagnosis?
  215. hi i'm new and need your words
  216. Do I have inattentive ADD?
  217. Dealing with gombeens*
  218. Booked GP Appointment
  219. Complications with diagnosis and meds. Possible misunderstandings?
  220. Taking the ADHD tests
  221. in process of being diagnosed / is this adhd symptom?
  222. Changing doctors
  223. Do I have any other metal disorder? Other than ADHD
  224. Medicate before a proper diagnosis?
  225. Seen GP
  226. Poor sleep effect
  227. You're fired!
  228. Newly diagnosed medical student 🙄🙄
  229. So, it's the predominantly inattentive subtype
  230. Just started medication, effects are minimal
  231. I need help but am having trouble reaching out.
  232. Seeing a psychiatrist
  233. Family with ADHD
  234. Should I get diagnosed if I don't want medication?
  235. How well do my medications work together
  236. New member question about diagnosis and treatment
  237. Just my thoughts today
  238. Finally made an appointment
  239. New Psychiatrist...
  240. New here: My symptoms
  241. European, already diagnosed, I need help urgent help in finding a new doctor
  242. what made you seek diagnosis
  243. Undiagnosed, need opinions
  244. EEG suggests 90% chance of traumatic brain injury but no history of it??
  245. Anyone in Orange County, CA?
  246. Anyone here also have working memory problems?
  247. OCD/ADD or just OCD
  248. What i'm going to say (Big Post Alert)
  249. Thinking I might have ADHD
  250. Should I push for a diagnosis?