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  1. Treatment with supplements for overfocused ADD?
  2. Checklist
  3. Want to switch pdocs, how should I go about it?
  4. Is being misdiagnosed with bipolar or anxiety instead of ADHD a high crime?
  5. Health service in Ireland not recognising adult adhd
  6. any yoga enthusiasts?
  7. Made a physiatrist appointment think i might have add.
  8. Add/ADHD or just being a lazy adult???
  9. newly diagnosed at age 37
  10. Strattera Users...Affordability/Alternatives
  11. Diagnosis help
  12. Questions about Meds and Hyperactivity relating to diagnosis legitimacy...
  13. I feel like giving up.
  14. what is the opposite of math "multiply" function ?
  15. Help! New Diagnosis and Adderall
  16. Getting tested for ADD
  17. Am i sick or just an *******?
  18. Should I consider going on Medication?
  19. Doctor Credentials/Strategy?
  20. is ADHD just me making excuses for my faults?
  21. TOVA Test - Barely passed
  22. Hi to everyone...How do you like meds?
  23. Are Neuropsychological Evaluation of any use for diagnosing ADD?
  24. Psychiatrist is contradicting what I've researched about ADD, and now I'm confused
  25. Is there any scientific method to diagnose ADHD?
  26. Desperate, afraid, and depressed. Hey!
  27. if you think you have ADHD does that mean you probably don't?
  28. I don't have adhd.
  29. ADD - Work Trouble. NEED HELP
  30. I can't live like that anymore please help
  31. Saw my doctor, Referred me to see a Psychologist/Psychiatrist
  32. Advice please
  33. My experiences so far - ADD, ritalin, ssri
  34. Just diagnosed with severe ADHD - the cost of treatment is overwhelming
  35. Seeing 3 different doctors. What should I do?
  36. It came back...
  37. Should I seek an ADHD diagnosis? Or am I paranoid?
  38. Psychiatrist or Doctor knowledgable on Natural treatment or Diet?
  39. ADHD Teen Diagnosis
  40. Taking medication to clean the house
  41. Do I have ADD?
  42. Does awareness of ADHD bring apathy for some?
  43. Newly Diagnosed; Adderall Issues And Questions--It's not working
  44. Psychiatrist that is aggressive and refuses to titrate?
  45. Needing some help please
  46. complicated diagnoses and med issues
  47. Need advice about Vyvanse
  48. I could really use your insight. Like,a lot
  49. "Side Effects" of meds that you didn't expect
  50. I don't know what to do
  51. Newly Diagnosed: Not sure how Concerta is supposed to be working.
  52. Should I tell my new doc about a previous negative experience with another doc?
  53. 2nd ADHD assessment in less than 48 hours. Wish me luck.
  54. Update - Current Progress.. ...
  55. After 35 years, just realised I may have ADD what next?!
  56. Finding a new doctor (or nurse practitioner?)
  57. Help Please?
  58. Devastating Symptoms, No Diagnosis
  59. I seriously feel a fraud. Twice diagnosed ADHD.
  60. Why I post -- there's hope!
  61. Rehab for ADHD?
  62. First Session
  63. How much can one improve with medication/treatment?
  64. Extreme ADHD, Akathisia and Anxiety Disorders
  65. Do I have ADD or am I just lazy?
  66. Frustrations with pill doc. Need to vent.
  67. "Superior" working memory-Does this contradict ADHD?
  68. Not sure if I'm seeing the correct doctor
  69. ADD Symptom
  70. Are there benefits to a diagnosis if you don't want medication?
  71. ADD Medication too many Side Effects
  72. Diagnose me ...
  73. ADHD is being ignored
  74. Need Advice: Am I Wasting My Time With A Psychologist?
  75. How were you diagnosed with ADHD and what age?
  76. Why did you looked for help at first?
  77. Childhood Speech and Math
  78. Psychiatrist won't treat previously diagnosed ADHD, ok to ask Primary Doctor?
  79. Can you guys please read and tell me if it's sounds like ADHD? Long post
  80. Possibility of Changing Doctors
  81. This sucks.
  82. I'm trying really hard to believe I'm just lazy
  83. Anyone else sometimes think they have "ADHD"?
  84. Daily variations in treatment needs?
  85. What do you reckon?
  86. Hey all, undiagnosed as of now
  87. Yet another "I think I have ADHD" thread...
  88. What should I do?
  89. Co-morbidity identification issue
  90. Is this really ADD? My story... looking for advice, what should I do now?
  91. Vyvanse vs Adderall for ADHD-I
  92. Neurologist vs. Psychiatrist: Discontinuing Meds w/o Consent?
  93. Does ultra fast mood swings and anger sounds like ADHD
  94. Should I see a doctor / think about medication?
  95. ADHD + traumatic experience vs. hypomania.
  96. Need some Advice... My doctor doesn't seem to take my condition seriously.
  97. What does 'focus' feel like?
  98. Was I Misdiagnosed? (at age 7)
  99. Need Help Discussing ADD with Doctor
  100. Seeking honest and possible professional advice (WARNING: this is a long post)
  101. Could be better in school, parents won't let me get help..
  102. Those who take meds - experiences?
  103. Am I suffering from ADHD ?
  104. Never settle for doctors who deny treatment & assume they know everything
  105. Bipolar dx but I think they are wrong...
  106. Help with mental health issues
  107. Messaging my Doc. to Increase Medication
  108. What to expect during ADHD assessment?
  109. Am I struggling? My story
  110. I've struggled with mental health issues my entire life; is it ADHD?
  111. Undiagnosed ADHD in Elderly Adults and Mild Cognitive Impairment
  112. My insurance does not cover meds, can I ask my primary physician to prescribe meds?
  113. Was I misdiagnosed with ADHD?
  114. Do I have ADD/ADHD?
  115. Confusion
  116. Tired of being tired all the damn time!
  117. Was I cheated out of a proper diagnosis?
  118. fatigue and ADHD
  119. I'm going to get a diagnosis!!!
  120. Am I suffering from ADHD?
  121. Do I have add/ADHD?
  122. Would a case manager help? If so, how do I find one?
  123. The risk of losing $500 on ADD test.
  124. magnetic resonance
  125. I Can't Stop Playing with my Hair!
  126. Mysterious illness
  127. Addressing and treating adult emotional state, first.
  128. Well
  129. Any treatment for ADHD/Social Anxiety?
  130. Is my dosage too low?
  131. Pdoc not going to raise dosages
  132. Worried about my first appointment
  133. How to retrieve childhood information
  134. Davis Orientation Method
  135. ADHD is screwing up my life!
  136. My Dr seems anti-ADHD meds
  137. ADD Meds Not Helping? Misdiagnosis?
  138. Please Help, I'm Becoming Hopeless. ADD?
  139. Is there such a thing as mild ADD?
  140. Cigarettes or dextroamphetamine
  141. Things getting worse after diagnose
  142. ADHD or am I just lazy?
  143. New Diagnosis after Suicide Attempt
  144. Was told i my test results were too high
  145. Discouraged and unsure of where to go.
  146. Only ADHD symptoms? looking for input
  147. Remedies for ADHD in Adults
  148. Does this sound like add?
  149. Possible Adult ADHD
  150. Third Time's the Charm?
  151. How do I know if it's ADHD or just laziness?
  152. Is it this hard for everyone to get adequate treatment?
  153. My parents don't see it
  154. Psych evaluation
  155. Going to doctor's -want more info/advice or opinions
  156. Help me beat my anxiety ?
  157. Schizophrenia and ADD
  158. Daytime ADHD?
  159. Drug test for Stimulants
  160. Not sure if my doctor knows much about ADHD.
  161. Hi I need advise
  162. Getting a better grip/plan in place for my Adult ADHD
  163. New psychiatrist visit soon- old psychiatrist tried to give me Xanax for my ADD!!
  164. Help?
  165. ADD/ADHD related mood swings/irritability?
  166. PTSD instead of ADHD?
  167. Frustrated and really need advice...
  168. Just started on Ritalin, not how i expected..
  169. No report cards to bring
  170. Can ADHD be without social problems?
  171. Advice on new psych/medication?
  172. 1 Week Into New Diagnosis - So Many Questions
  173. How Did You Convince Your Parents You Had ADHD?
  174. ADHD worsened + my story
  175. Diagnosed with concentration and attention problems
  176. ADD or lack of organization methods?
  177. Too anxious to seek for help/feeling stupid
  178. stupid mistakes need some guidance can someone plz help me!
  179. Doctors assessment, UK- is this ADD?
  180. What is the diagnostic process like for ADHD?
  181. Possible Adult ADD
  182. Speak too fast and talk too much...
  183. Found out my doctor didn't put ADHD on my diagnosis.....problem!
  184. Had my first appointment today...
  185. Don't enjoy doing things I once did.
  186. Should I see a psychiatrist?
  187. What should I do?
  188. what country
  189. My case
  190. Is This A Sign Of ADHD/ADD?
  191. I'm new. Almost lost my job yesterday, and think I may have ADD
  192. Weird experience with SSRI + Vyvanse!
  193. Does irritability from VYVANSE ever go away ?
  194. Recovery...what's it mean to you?
  195. Clinically diagnosed with it, but could it not be ADD?
  196. ADHD and Hyperthyroidism
  197. To The Psychiatrist I Go
  198. anxiety resurfacing with adderall
  199. Suspecting ADD but Possibly Being Dramatic?
  200. Recently Diagnosed trouble deciding on medication
  201. how do i get diagnosed?
  202. Thought I buried the hatchet...
  203. Is it ADD or just depression and anxiety?
  204. New doctor requiring re-evaluation?!? too exp.!?! (ADHD since childhood).)
  205. Fear of taking the first pill?!
  206. Drug Test for Prescription
  207. Anxiety and ritalin, psych. tells me to stop my treatment, conflicted
  208. ADHD Stigma!
  209. multiple symtoms/ no diagnosis
  210. Moving to Estonia and have no idea how to get my meds
  211. Getting ADHD medication in Czech Republic as an adult?
  212. Diagnosed with ADHD, pills questions
  213. Military diagnosis, appointment in a month
  214. Confused
  215. Are there non-mental health care providers who do ADHD medication?
  216. decided to try new Dr., but he rejected me!
  217. What has been your typical experience with a Psychiatrist for an ADHD follow-up visit
  218. newbie with questions about methylphenidate
  219. Concerns regarding starting treatment for the first time.
  220. ADHD-Ready to Find An Answer
  221. are therapists allowed to prescribe meds?
  222. Can Vyvanse or ____ make Hyperfocus worse?
  223. New to medication (and diagnosis)
  224. First time being prescribed medication,
  225. Nervous About Appointment
  226. do my symptoms resemble adhd in any way?
  227. Where to start...
  228. ADHD asessment
  229. Is it possible that I could have ADHD?
  230. What medication is used in the UK?
  231. Assessment
  232. treatment going sideways? HELP with experience
  233. Who can legally diagnose ADHD in the UK?
  234. Treatment Experience - Need Thoughts on this.
  235. What can psychologists disclose to managed care insurance providers?
  236. Several year break, how do I get prescribed again?
  237. Is it possible to have ADHD if neither of your parents have it?
  238. Considering a referral but don't know if it's all in my head
  239. Not sure about diagnosis
  240. About ADHD, stimulants and psychosis
  241. Add/Adhd and hypnosis
  242. Curious about how much meds help
  243. Diagnosed last year, just started meds last week…but not working…
  244. I dont know what to do
  245. I'm worried I'm not seeing the right kind of doctor?
  246. No diagnosis, but the genetics are screaming
  247. Getting back into the game
  248. My possible ADD
  249. ADHD and Methylation Analysis
  250. Insomnia on Dexedrine Vs. Ritalin (experiences?)