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  1. Well, that wasn't so bad.
  2. who should i talk to?
  3. does this sound like add?
  4. Daughter diagnosed with ADD yesterday
  5. UK Mental Health Teams - experiences?
  6. Family Doctor Diagnosis...
  7. I'm not even sure anymore
  8. Does this sound like ADHD? (really long i guess)
  9. Psychiatrist not exactly a people person
  10. do I have add or am I going crazy
  11. Should I take my daughter for testing?
  12. Diagnosed at 30... ...anyone else
  13. Getting diagnosed today!
  14. Still frustrated after first meeting with psychologist
  15. How can I tell if
  16. Clutzy, accident prone?
  17. Letter
  18. Successful Diagnosis in the UK
  19. Diagnosis Appointment-Week tomorrow
  20. Questions about the TOVA
  21. Diagnostic tool ASRS-v1.1
  22. I obtained a referral from my GP !
  23. ADD/ADHD Testing?
  24. i still havent manged to get diagnosed. my life is suffering from something.
  25. loss of appetite with RX's
  26. Going to see a psychiatrist
  27. MRI for Psychiatric Diagnosis
  28. I see my GP tomorrow
  29. Is it normal to take 5-6 sessions for an assessment/diagnosis?
  30. How Do I bring it up? (trying to find courage to bring it up to my Dr.)
  31. Wits End
  32. Just have been diagnosed with ADHD
  33. so, progress on my diagnosis or just random crap about it.
  34. Finally remembered to make the appointment
  35. neuropsychological testing not medicaly necessary for treatment of add?
  36. What does a diagnosis do?
  37. Seeing a psychiatrist for the first time on Tuesday
  38. Followup: Saw a Psychiatrist for the first time today.
  39. Drug test
  40. Do I have ADD?
  41. Someone actually believes me
  42. Psychologist Diagnosis Referral
  43. Want to have ADHD?
  44. Just Got Diagnosed with ADHD
  45. Do I have ADHD?
  46. Does this sound ADDish?
  47. What a nightmare of a diagnosis.
  48. WAIS-III subtest variations
  49. Mixed bag
  50. do i have add?
  51. Could this be ADD?
  52. Would a teenage ADD diagnosis affect future insurance rates?
  53. New to the site
  54. uk experiences of being diagnosed with adhd
  55. Comprehensive free ADHD questionnaire/test?
  56. Just diagnosed and don't know how I am feeling!
  57. Do I have ADD?
  58. omg i am scared
  59. what would u take with u for first appointment with mental health
  60. Do I Have It????
  61. One more time: DO I HAVE ADD??? LOL
  62. Strange diagnostic tests
  63. Waiting to be diagnosed
  64. What Are The Primary Symptoms of Adult ADD?
  65. Diagnosed yesterday. How did you feel?
  66. Any ADD clinics in the Southren California Area?
  67. DSM Vs ICD-10
  68. getting tested
  69. online tests
  70. Question.
  71. Neurological Testing Really Needed?
  72. Do I fit in here???
  73. ADD/ADHD Battery
  74. Recently diagnosed, does too high?
  75. Job Drug Test & Recently Diagnosed ADD
  76. Doctor having problems finding the correct diagnosis....please help!
  77. Diagnosed!
  78. officially diagnosed: beginning or the end?
  79. Is anyone else not diagnosed?
  80. Please help..
  81. Being evaluated for ADHD while on anti-ADHD medication
  82. I think I have ADD
  83. High Grades and adhd?!
  84. Is there a RX best for ADHD w/o H?
  85. The long road to diagnosis.
  86. How much does it cost to receive diagnosis and be treated? How long does it take?
  87. 3 questions- is it possable to actually CURE ADHD?
  88. GRRRR !! How long should it take to get seen under the NHS ?
  89. High Grades / GRE 1450 & ADD / ADHD??
  90. Doctor Doesn't believe me, now what?
  91. What sorts of treatment should I get from a psych?
  92. Does any of this sound familiar? Can you give me some input, please?
  93. My 1st Screening
  94. Diagnosed as AD/HD but I disagree
  95. I'm new and even more confused
  96. Do these sound like ADHD?
  97. Is this ADD?
  98. Went to the DR to get diagnosis with ADHD
  99. Guess what happened today...
  100. Wrongly Diagnosed
  101. Finally diagnosed!!!
  102. Is Anyone Taking The Natural Healing For You ADD/ADHD?
  103. Diagnosis changing from Add to Adhd or vice versa
  104. Can't find a doctor; this process is killing me.
  105. Still new with the diagnosis here....
  106. I REALLY don't wanna **** it up! :-(
  107. Stimulants for ADHD
  108. Help Needed...
  109. Anyone Here Get Diagnosed w/ADD in College?
  110. does "inattentive" add have a different treatment than adhd?
  111. New Diagnosis: question about finding the right med
  112. Advice?
  113. Free Hugs For Everyone Who Reads This Thread!
  114. My first diagnosis (unprofessional??)
  115. yay I don't have auditory processing disorder!
  116. Diagnosis Process?
  117. Just Diagnosed, a few questions
  118. ADD Eval: 30 min. That sucked.
  119. Diagnosed with one Dr's office visit...really?
  120. ADD Diagnosis - DENIED
  121. do you think meds help your attention span last longer "when" your interested?
  122. How Is/Should ADHD be Diagnosed?
  123. Overwhelmed!
  124. I have been diagnosed.
  125. Did you ever hear noises when you were younger? or play in the wee hours?
  126. A couple of questions.
  127. Someone please help me!!!
  128. Do I NOT have ADD?
  129. ADHD diagnosis advice
  130. I've been thinking about visiting the doc for a diagnosis
  131. ADD diagnosis confirmed
  132. Think i have a form of ADD/ADHD and need immediate help
  133. Think I have ADD/ADHD
  134. First appointment didn't go so well
  135. My possible ADHD is SO bad that I don't even get round to getting diagnosed?!
  136. My Story of Suspected ADD
  137. ADHD Psychiatrist in NYC or North NJ
  138. What Should I Expect From Meds? Will I lose My Creativity?
  139. How to get back on the bandwagon once you've fallen off?
  140. Diagnostic process.
  141. When is it considered ADD
  142. I got my adhd diagnosis today
  143. time to change meds?
  144. Starting the process of being diagnossed
  145. generic Adderall XR now!
  146. Would it be smart to tell a psychiatrist I have tried dexedrine?
  147. So scared...wish me luck!
  148. Changing my life...rethinking meds
  149. Well it's official
  150. Loneliness
  151. 'Hyperfocus'
  152. does it scare you to know when things are finally being steady... soon it'll all just
  153. Constantly daydreaming= not add?
  154. Is this ADD?
  155. Personal Question Reguarding ADD
  156. Inattentive or combined type, what do you think?
  157. I No Longer Doubt that I Have ADD
  158. I think I have adult to move forward?
  159. Giving up on Vyvanse
  160. Late teens, England
  161. Have I been suffering from ADD...?
  162. Finally diagnosed, but told I cant have treatment?
  163. Different Treatment Options for ADD??
  164. Does my psychiatrist have to give me a test for ADD?
  165. Immortal Qi??? (what is this)
  166. insane weather sensitivity?
  167. New Member.. going to psych on Tues.. how can i help myself??
  168. Commitment in all aspects of life.
  169. First Psychiatrist Consult
  170. Quickest way to get diagnosed and medication
  171. Clinical Social Workers??
  172. Inability to do cardio as a symptom?
  173. Need advice on diagnosis, treatment
  174. My almost diagnosis
  175. Help? I think I might have adult ADHD > Now What?
  176. Just diagnosed..
  177. How do they test an Adult for ADD/ADHD.
  178. ADD ADHD or combined???
  179. Would this be a AD/HD simptom ?
  180. Diagnosing process of Adult ADD
  181. self diagnosed, treatment cost
  182. I think I have ADD
  183. South Africa: Gauteng sufferers
  184. For the first time, tomorrow i will go to a psychiatrist
  185. I have my first pdoc appointment in August
  186. Spect brain imaging (dr amen)-for adhd,anyone have one done?
  187. Could this be ADD?
  188. Quick easy FREE test online at
  189. Finding the right doctor SUCKS
  190. What Do I Do?
  191. a tip for people new on meds
  192. difference between the different extended release / retard METHYLPHENIDATE capsules?
  193. did anyones handwriting improve after meds
  194. Did anyone else get Neuropsychology Testing??
  195. UK NHS: deal with or ignore?
  196. How do I ask; Do I have ADHD?
  197. Those Clinical ADHD Research Trials
  198. Do you think some people are misdiagnosed?
  199. Success!!
  200. Psychiatry or Neurology? Steps to find help
  201. Need Some Advice: Appointment this Friday
  202. Therapy revisited so far successful
  203. Adderall/New to ADD
  204. Psychiatrist or family doctor?
  205. need med advice
  206. Appointment made - what to expect?
  207. wish i had found out a ong time ago
  208. asking for treatment with adderall
  209. Doctor said i'm fine
  210. can you guide me?
  211. My experience going from Ritalin to Concerta
  212. Alternative diagnoses I should research
  213. First time posting here...
  214. Never really feel focused.
  215. what sort of diagnosis did your doctor do
  216. I have Discovered the Cure to ADHD
  217. Do I have ADHD?
  218. Looking for some experience
  219. who am I now?
  220. What should I do to prepare for my analysis.. I met criteria for SUD (substance use)
  221. Doctor Question, newbie here...
  222. Cost of therapy sessions---
  223. Insurance: What is its role in the ADD world?
  224. Insurance question: Worth it to wait until I have coverage before seeking diagnosis?
  225. probability of false negative with conners continuous performance test..
  226. Connection between ADHD and Personality Disorders?
  227. Anyone taking Vyvanse and a SSRI
  228. Advice needed - should I "live with it" or get treatment?
  229. do I have ADD?
  230. Treatments Advice please!!
  231. Results of 5 hours of testing:
  232. will i get diagnosed?
  233. First time with my new psychiatrist
  234. Psychologist vs Cognitive\Behavioral Therapist vs Social Worker vs Counselor vs...??
  235. How does one get diagnosis and treatment in Canada?
  236. After some friendly advice please.
  237. Celebrating small victories in treatment & diagnosis!
  238. Tried many meds need HELP
  239. got to the doctor
  240. Mystery of Vyvanse Rules [d/o nos] not otherwise specified!!
  241. Inattentive Thrill Seeker?
  242. My Doctor is scared of stimulants
  243. Starting treatment soon
  244. About to cry....
  245. What age can my decision on medication legally overide my parents?
  246. Tailspinning..need a next step
  247. How long until I get treated??
  248. Question for those who took Adderall then Vyvanse and back to adderall
  249. Who was or is on Concerta and switched or tried Adderall?
  250. Should I try to find another doctor?