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  1. Any Help
  2. I keep putting off making an appointment.
  3. Back again
  4. Diagnostic testing today
  5. Need advice with meds and anger
  6. Having a hard time convincing my psychologist
  7. Confused academic looking for answers - Am I ADD? Dumb? Something else?
  8. ADD with no meds ~ any advice?
  9. IQ subset clusters
  10. ADD meds and high blood pressure.
  11. Axiety Ridden and failing at life...
  12. Are there any other disorders that mimic ADD?
  13. Blargh ('nother skeptical psychiatrist)
  14. How do you know if you have ADD/ADHD?
  15. Getting the Prescription
  16. Dose Increase - a concern...
  17. What exactly IS ADHD?
  18. Any self-treatment options?
  19. If you suffer like I have, don't give up...
  20. Please listen to me (very frustrated)
  21. You have GOT to be kidding me.
  22. When should adult adhd be medicated?
  23. Nobody will believe this
  24. taken of stimulants! Has anyone had success with stratera or wellbutrin?
  25. What ADHD IS and Is NOT
  26. Has medication helped you with your ADD/ADHD
  27. I think I bungled it.
  28. Adderall issues
  29. Is it worth even seeing a physician?
  30. My medication woes
  31. Do I have ADD?
  32. Unsure if I have ADD
  33. The first appointment
  34. New doctor. Need advice.
  35. If I say I only want generic drugs, due to financial concerns, can I avoid strattera?
  36. Felt the best when I smoked
  37. Felt the best when I smoked cigarettes
  38. Saw a Neuro?physchologist
  39. Hearing and ADD
  40. Currently on Adderall for ADHD, should i take something else in addition?
  41. What are some possibilities I can expect?
  42. Cruising these forums before diagnosis
  43. I'm scared
  44. Hey guys, going for my first appointment with a psychiatrist.
  45. Update on please listen feeling very frustrated
  46. Letter to cosutant
  47. Is this serious enough to get checked out?
  48. Getting Dexedrine prescription from abroad(Europe)
  49. For People In The UK, NHS Or Private?
  50. Published some information I've been digging the past 4 months
  51. Am I ADHD?
  52. Helpful website
  53. Whats your symptoms?
  54. Methlyphendiate - Experiences
  55. Would you say I have ADHD?
  56. Misdiagnosed with ADD?
  57. Confused
  58. Do I have ADD?
  59. Unsure if I should seek a medical opinion...
  60. Finding a Doctor outside of the U.S. or UK
  61. I really don't know what is wrong with me
  62. Does this sound like ADHD treatment or something else
  63. Had a much better time at the doc today!
  64. Software for Memory Span
  65. Are these symptoms of ADD??
  66. I need help
  67. New Doctor, totally different approach
  68. What medications did your doctors start you on?
  69. ADHD when I was Kid, Adolescence OK, now I have it again (Adult)? Normal?
  70. Adderall VS Ritalin, should I switch?
  71. do i have add?
  72. What to expect at first appointment?
  73. Officially Diagnosed
  74. Just a gifted child or ADHD?
  75. just diagnosed, feels good man
  76. im my state medical have stopped therapy, what do I do?
  77. RX coverage
  78. Formally diagnosed
  79. Is joining group therapy benificial?
  80. Guess I need some encouragement.
  81. Just found out I have ADD!
  82. Not certain
  83. self Hypnotism?
  84. Hi. New to the forum and ADD
  85. How in the world did you get diagnosed?
  86. New to ADHD medication
  87. Do I really have ADD?
  88. Choline & Inositol for ADHD (I fear the Jose Conseco effect)
  89. What background/history lists should I make?
  90. Can therapy help a 51 year old set in her ways
  91. Have you seen your medical records?
  92. Trying to speed up diagnosis
  93. Over-Thinking, Over-Procrastination, Over-Emotional - ADHD??
  94. Just diagnosed...
  95. ADD and fatigue...
  96. Soon to have appointment
  97. Time for the meds that I've put off for years
  98. ADHD Treatment and History of Drug Abuse
  99. So I go to the doctor - and get fobbed off!!!!
  100. Assessment tomorrow...
  101. Slogging through the process
  102. Is this thing really made up?
  103. New here: Son's Pediatrician said to get tested...
  104. Follow up appointment went south...
  105. Want to be cured, don't like my options, hate ADD!
  106. Not Diagnosed yet
  107. Doctor frustration!!!!
  108. I think my Husband has ADD (LONG)
  109. Asking for specific meds (UK)
  110. Signs you need a new p-doc
  111. I went to see the Doc
  112. Recently diagnosed, medicated and needing reassurance
  113. Treatment resistant ADD, inattentive type
  114. wondering about diagnosis
  115. Now I know. Now what?
  116. quick hello from a new girl and a q?
  117. Are the meds not working?
  118. Chemo-Brain and ADD - Diagnosis predicament
  119. Just personality type?
  120. finally, I have had enough
  121. Duration of Dexedrine Effects
  122. New ADHD diagnosis. NEED FEEDBACK! please please
  123. Im New. ADHD and Anxiety. Any Feedback?
  124. I have counseling referrals!
  125. Is this typical P Doc protocol ?
  126. True fact or Fiction?
  127. monthly doctor visit
  128. random questions/thoughts about screening questions, meds etc
  129. Ever forget to tell the docs your ADD???
  130. Dead end?
  131. Need advice... do you think I have it?! *long*
  132. Does this sound more like anxiety or ADD?
  133. Rx from general practitioner?
  134. ADD who to talk to.
  135. Doctor frustration
  136. "Pure" ADHD?
  137. i am new and not sure if i have ADHD?
  138. Overthinking Adderall or not?
  139. How does one recognize ADHD when they were a child now as an adult?
  140. adult assessments in Sydney?
  141. Counselor seems dismissive, now what?
  142. Unusually smooth DX experience
  143. Mind Chatter
  144. Scared to seek Diagnosis any advice? TL;DR warning
  145. A very very helpful book
  146. Diagnosed without expecting an AD/HD diagnosis?
  147. Achy, tired, pressure or weight like sensation behind and above the eyes?
  148. adderal to ridalin
  149. Thanks and vent!
  150. Medication and life in H-def
  151. please help a VERY confused 16yr old
  152. Is it possible to develope ADHD/ symptoms?
  153. Just got Diagnosed.... too easy?
  154. Do I have ADD? or ADHD??
  155. Ritalin & Dexamphetamine combination
  156. Personal Questions About ADD/ADHD
  157. Male late thirties ADD
  158. Question answered
  159. chronic inflammation
  160. Loved ones not supportive?
  161. ADD or...?
  162. 46 Year Old Adult Male Diagnosed ADD As A Child
  163. Not sure if it's ADD...
  164. I'm asking for a friend: dx for ADHD and possible bi-polar?
  165. What if it turns out NOT to be ADD?
  166. Plese help
  167. Is this ADD or dyslexia?
  168. Struggling with College
  169. does this sound like ADHD???
  170. Do you see a Therapist for more then Diagnosis?
  171. Houston, TX Where are you?
  172. Testing?
  173. Stimulants don't help non-ADHD?
  174. recently diagnosed and not sure what to expect.
  175. Bit of a warning
  176. More/less undiagnosed in UK vs US?
  177. Should I get diagnosed?
  178. I need some assistance
  179. Online therapist
  180. Is it possible to be moderately successful in life, yet have indiagnosed ADD?
  181. Supremely upset-- therapy keep getting derailed for one reason or another
  182. Finally got my Nueropyscological results
  183. Just took a long test
  184. Going by a therapist's opinion.
  185. Am I AD/HD-I or AD/HD-C? (Conflict in diagnoses)
  186. Getting Treatment for ADD without Insurance
  187. "Oh you definitely have ADHD" oh wait... maybe not?
  188. Length of time on medication?
  189. Causes of ADD/ADHD
  190. Just diagnosed and worried about treatment.
  191. Someone help... I need to know if I have ADD
  192. bipolar vs add/adhd (help)
  193. bipolar vs add/adhd (help)
  194. Should I get a more thorough diagnosis?
  195. I feel so desperate and confused!!
  196. help please!!! i need help im nervous and freaking out about diagnosis tommorow
  197. ADD Medication
  198. Newly Diagnosed / No Family History
  199. diagnosis process already cant stand! help!
  200. Newly Diagnosed in the UK, what treatment?
  201. medication problem
  202. First Pshyatrist visit
  203. Anyone been through this????
  204. Just diagnosed and I've got a few questions...
  205. Methylin ER newly diagnosed
  206. private psychiatrist or not?
  207. My minimum expectations for a professional to treat/diagnose AD/HD (for hannahnbub)
  208. Being diagnosed isn't enough
  209. AD(H)D Community. What helps us Feel Better?
  210. Juice and Concerta??
  211. In the UK: Diagnosed but no treatment...looking for advice.
  212. Thinking about getting tested (a few questions like always)
  213. ADD Diagnosis - Big business ?
  214. First post - a few questions
  215. what do i say to me GP???
  216. Think I Have ADD, Need Advice
  217. Diagonosed with ADD
  218. Next medication trial: Wellbutrin + strattera.
  219. psychiatrist vs. psychologist
  220. So does medication actually work and make things normal
  221. No ADD symptoms as a child => No ADD at all?!
  222. Attentive ADHD?
  223. Adderall or Ritalin?? did they affect you differently....
  224. Please Help
  225. Six types of ADHD??
  226. upcoming psych appt. should i..
  227. Do I need a new doc or should I be patient?
  228. THE PILLS, Medication Insights and Autonomy
  229. Newly DX Want to ask new Psych for ADHD med help!
  230. Diagnosis - what should I expect?
  231. If someone can help
  232. Tentatively diagnosed!
  233. Diagnosis too hasty?
  234. Finger fidget
  235. Medication only vs Medication+Behavioral therapy
  236. Has anyone tried VALPRO?
  237. How did meds effect you when first prescribed??
  238. What is Ad/hd Coaching?
  239. New to the game...
  240. New to the forums, got a slight doctor or medication problem.
  241. Too much single focus?
  242. Diagnose : Any additional testing (besides questionnaire?)
  243. What should I look for in ADHD counseling?
  244. Hi and does this dosage sound right???
  245. My psychologist thinks I have asperger, I think it's ADD, would like your opinions
  246. Diagnosed today with AD/HD, question about meds
  247. T minus 2.5 Hours until RX!
  248. About ready to give up...
  249. Two steps forward a million steps back - need to vent
  250. RX for class II