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  1. Cost of ADHD medication
  2. 1st time taking adderall!
  3. Frustrated with my doctor
  4. Taking the Power Back
  5. Brain resistance to stimulation?
  6. Newb questions, but hopefully you'll forgive me!
  7. New and never formally diagnosed
  8. The threat that really hits home
  9. Do I have ADHD?
  10. question about dominant and less noticable symptoms
  11. ADD meds questions
  12. What test did your Dr. give you?
  13. Newbie want's to know if this is normal...
  14. use a high dose of stimulant or combo with strattera?
  15. Adult vs. Child ADD
  16. I made the right decision - Follow Up to "Taking the Power Back" Post
  17. Out of options???
  18. Blurry headed!!!
  19. What does he mean "try"?
  20. could someone *please* tell me if this sounds like ADHD + OCD?
  21. FAILED to treat me, and don't give a sh*t!
  22. just looking for advice, please help
  23. Adult ADD checklists online?
  24. Fatigue, Tired, forgetting, etc..
  25. Is it really possible to go over 20 years without diagnosis?
  26. about my boyfriend
  27. Amen Clinic?
  28. Thought i had ADD, now not so sure.
  29. 3rd Doctor visit... increases dose against my thoughts
  30. Where do I go from here?
  31. Working nights, ADD, Depressions?
  32. just got diagnosed
  33. Should I find a new doc
  34. Second Opinion: Not ADHD
  35. why weren't you diagnosed sooner?
  36. Should I get a second opinion.
  37. How to find out if I have ADD?
  38. I suspect I may have ADHD
  39. Choosing the Right Doctor
  40. I may have ADD. (Long)
  41. newly diagnosed with ADD, looking for opinions
  42. Does my sister have ADHD?
  43. Cost of treatment
  44. Insurance
  45. How/where can I get officially tested?
  46. Urine/Drug test
  47. Financial gain to rx a certain Brand?
  48. Went to an LPC yesterday
  49. Could this be ADHD?
  50. Not sure what to think
  51. want to do things...think about doing, but...
  52. 50 Conditions that Mimic ADHD
  53. How to talk to a New Doctor about ADD?
  54. Now do I have ADD?
  55. I am angry and disgusted!
  56. Does My Chronically Overachieving Friend Really Have ADD?
  57. ADD meds and loss of 'appreciation' - A topic for smart people :P
  58. Does this sound like ADD Inattentive type?
  59. Who treats your ADHD?
  60. ADD doctors in Chicago
  61. For Physicians (& others!): The ADD Simulator
  62. Misdaignosis and complacency.
  63. Greetings, My Dopamine Issues
  64. Finally Got Diagnosed Today!
  65. Changing Psychiatrists
  66. inscurance does not cover adderall what to do?
  67. The benefits of diagnosis?
  68. Waiting for diagnosis
  69. Dosage Questions
  70. Do You Think I Have ADD or ADHD ?
  71. new and full of questions about meds!
  72. Confused and Frustrated
  73. Could use a little help
  74. What medication?
  75. Has anyone been diagnosed by their physican?
  76. Working Memory
  77. New to ADD Meds....
  78. If Ritalin makes me feel like a zombie should I switch or will it get better?
  79. ADD Journal?
  80. I'm a tad confused...
  81. Alternate Doctor
  82. How do I get started?
  83. Need Some Guidance
  84. Meds I can get from Family Doctor?
  85. Dazed and confused
  86. Just started concerta and need advice!!
  87. Trying to Choose Where to go for ADHD Diagnosis
  88. Diagnosis
  89. ADHD "Intervention" - good or bad idea?
  90. So I just got back from my doctor...
  91. Eye twitching
  92. My family doctor lost her license. Time to go to an ADHD specialist
  93. See a Naturopathic MD or Psychiatrist?
  94. Preparing to see a doctor
  95. Transition from child to adult services
  96. Medication side effects
  97. natural supplements
  98. Fatigue associated with PI-ADD
  99. Is It Inattentive ADD?
  100. Can I be depressed and have ADHD
  101. Help With Diagnosis Appointment
  102. Anyone with medication experience
  103. Being dx'ed by neuro-psychologist--what to expect?
  104. I am considering making an appointment
  105. new worries about AHD testing
  106. Faced with disbelief
  107. A Physical Test for ADHD, 90% Accurate?!
  108. This is going to sound stupid, but please please help?
  109. ADHD survey in Scottish NHS Service
  110. Crap! Crap! Crap!!!!
  111. Diagnosed as child, been off medication since 16
  112. Neurologist/Shrink or PCP, who knows best?
  113. Just joined.
  114. Any Veterans here have luck getting diagnosed throught the VA?
  115. ADD symptoms and beyond.
  116. New here! How did you feel after taking meds?HELP
  117. Should I get screened? Eh, so stressed.
  118. The Grief process after being diagnosed with Adult ADD/ADHD.
  119. I'm Cured!
  120. Do I talk to my family doctor first?
  121. ADD meds give me insomnia
  122. How many sessions were you diagnosed in?
  123. diagnosis appt. today
  124. "Chicken & Egg" debate re: Co-morbidity
  125. My Diagnosis
  126. Twitching eyes for a week
  127. My ADHD Treatment + Diagnosis
  128. Hi I'm new
  129. How do I know if my meds are working?
  130. Lexapro and Strattera
  131. Results are in...
  132. ADD Dr. Recommendation In Houston
  133. Appointment on Monday
  134. I think I may have ADD in mid 30s...
  135. Newbie to this forum. Undiagnosed and looking for help.
  136. New Medication and choices
  137. I think I have severe ADD
  138. ADHD Screening and such...
  139. College Son possibly has ADHD
  140. ADD inanattentive / ADHD / combined what med works best for whom?
  141. Huge troubles finding a new doc to continue treatment
  142. Dr said I have ADD but thought too smart to really need help
  143. New and confused
  144. Scared-ADD screening at Kaiser Permanente
  145. Disadvantages of Getting Diagnosed
  146. ADD/ADHD and seizure disorders
  147. My experience with ADHD
  148. Odd situation, don't how to come at doc.
  149. diagnosis coming up if I'm not mistaken.
  150. My new psychiatrist has me...PSYCHED!
  151. Life just isn't working right now...
  152. What symptoms DON'T you have
  153. I really don't think he has ADHD but...
  154. ADHD-PI or Depression
  155. Adult treatment and school
  156. ADHD or Bipolar?
  157. Going to the doctor on Tuesday.
  158. Who better?
  159. Report links ambidextrousness and ADHD
  160. Are there symptoms that meds take care of easier?
  161. Problem getting diagnosed
  162. Went to the doctor today
  163. Strange symptoms related to ADHD??
  164. Does exercising the Grey muscle help?
  165. Test of memory, working memory, focus and attention
  166. Worried about Psychiatrist not going in depth
  167. AD/HD and my new Health Plan
  168. Spilling my guts about my problems & hoping to find help diagnosing and treating them
  169. How to talk to a doctor?
  170. Is diagnosis worth it?
  171. Going to get full test done Thurs--what 2 expect?
  172. Why is it so complicated to get diagnosed?
  173. Do i have ADD/ADHD ?
  174. How many psychologists/psychiatrists did you talk to for a diagnosis?
  175. Never heard of this symptom...
  176. New here and questions about your symptoms/experiences
  177. CES Device settings (Cranial Electro shock)
  178. meltdown at work - seeking adult add diagnosis
  179. Now it's my turn
  180. Is it worth pursuing a Diagnosis?
  181. Hi everyone new on here...
  182. "Newbie" question
  183. Yet another "have I got ADD post?"!
  184. Ways of dealing with side effects
  185. How much did a diagnosis cost you?
  186. Do I have ADHD or Anxiety???
  187. What can make symptons Worse?
  188. new member, newly diagnosed, wondering about treatment
  189. WAIS test in Diagnosis
  190. Official Diagnosis
  191. I Don't Know If I Should Take Stims Or Not
  192. Finally getting an evaluation!
  193. Adding my story
  194. Why do they make you take an IQ test?
  195. strattera vs stimulants
  196. Hug avoidance and fragile x
  197. Took my first dose today and have questions
  198. ADD likely - Seeking general advice
  199. They all seem to work for awhile then stop..
  200. Do you ever doubt your diagnosis?
  201. Wondering if my issue is temporary?
  202. New with many problems. . . helpp!!!
  203. WHat can trigger ADHD?
  204. do i have add/adhd?
  205. Got my diagnosis today. ADD-Inattentive
  206. Too old for the medication?
  207. ADHD, no insurance, how much $ am I looking at per month?
  208. I'm new, really need support :(
  209. University Evaluation?
  210. Newly diagonsed, shd I get second opinion ?
  211. So I Passed the Test
  212. Non-stimulant options..and some randomness
  213. So do I have ADHD?
  214. Another diagnosis thread
  215. Differences between CorePharma 20mg and 30mg tablets?!
  216. Ritalin + Acetyl Carnitine (ALCAR) Good stack for energy and focus for ADD !
  217. New member dextrostat alternative?
  218. ADD Diagnosis advice/question
  219. Do I have ADD?
  220. new here, diagnosed on friday, and not sure I beleive it.
  221. Does ADD make you tired all the time?
  222. Apparently I have ADD
  223. I am pretty damn sure i have ADD
  224. Sad, tired, angry
  225. Second Opinion advice
  226. Need some advice, please
  227. Diagnosed, meds are out, now what?
  228. How did you ask for an increase on med?
  229. ADD or Aspergers?
  230. T.o.v.a. - Test of variables of attention
  231. Drawbacks to being diagnosed?
  232. How do I approach my doctor?
  233. Not sure where to go from here...
  234. nervous about trying a stimulant
  235. Getting tested this Friday
  236. Could I have ADHD or is it something else?
  237. When I am on/off meds(supplements)...
  238. Dr -patient confidentiality
  239. Has anyone had this happen to them?
  240. Off to a GP today....
  241. General medication question: is my goal unreasonable?
  242. Talking to a psychiatrist for the first time
  243. Maybe I don't even have ADD?
  244. Need advice from BTDT adults concerning my teen son.
  245. Going to Talk to MD for 1st Time - My Concern
  246. 18-year-old getting a diagnosis.
  247. Northern Virginia
  248. How the diagnosis process works (confusing meeting with psychiatrist)
  249. Psychiatrist in Georgia, any suggestions?
  250. Help Interpreting WAIS-IV Scores - Is my IQ too high to have ADHD?