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  1. My psychiatrist doesnt know anything about Adult ADHD he says
  2. Stalled in Therapy
  3. question for the uh..more mature members
  4. Got a referral from my GP
  5. AS or ADHD-I: an investigation
  6. How do I provide proofs of childhood ADD in later life?
  7. question about my medication?
  8. Something doesn't seem right...Can you tell me what it might be?
  9. Inattentive subtype - What helps?
  10. Are Pharmacies required to help you
  11. not sure to take up meds again
  12. Supplements that synergize with ADHD meds
  13. Addult ADD Friendly GP in Reading, Berkshire
  14. first appt tomorrow, need advice?
  15. A legal question about prescriptions in california......
  16. My Symptoms Journal
  17. Sandoz Generic Adderall in NJ - where to buy???
  18. So, What do you reckon??
  19. Questions
  20. Psychiatrist doesn't think I have ADHD...
  21. Mentioning possible ADD to my doctor for the first time
  22. 1st post: LONG!! 12 years on stims - thinking about desoxyn?
  23. Biofeedback(neurofeedback) for treating ADHD?
  24. Do i have ADD?
  25. Blood Sugar
  26. I hope this health care bill does something about ADHD meds/insurance
  27. Can't ADD be improved by just Meditation?
  28. Brand new diagnosis, but alway knew.. Meds? (Longish)
  29. So... Now what?
  30. how long did it take to find the meds that worked for you? just feeling frustrated
  31. Dr. Decided Medication was useless for me?
  32. ADD or ADHD?
  33. Etiology of ADHD
  34. Med Switch, need help!
  35. Getting a diagnosis when you are a 'unique' case...
  36. More then ADHD?
  37. Desperate in Alabama!
  38. Convergence Insufficiency and ADHD
  39. My dad has ADD, can you help me get him to the doctor?
  40. I recently discovered I suffer from Adult ADD
  41. What kind of ADD do I have? Any ideas? Or is it ADD anyway?
  42. I'm 35, how exactly is some computer test supposed to diagnose me?
  43. Oh My God!!
  44. No ADD/ADHD Meds?
  45. Some insight please
  46. What am I looking for in treatment
  47. What symptom(s) made you seek a diagnosis?
  48. How Do You Tell A Friend He Has ADD
  49. Is this normal doc behavior?
  50. What to Expect?
  51. Does Doctor will try to diagnose other LD
  52. Suspected ADHD but likely to be refused treatment
  53. medication issues
  54. What happens if somebody is wrongly diagnosed
  55. Just starting medication - not sure...
  56. ADHD Meds- some questions
  57. Getting Diagnosed. How honest should I be!
  58. *sigh* Finally ready to admit my ADHD is a problem...
  59. Is This ADHD?
  60. Language difficulties and recent dx
  61. Misdiagnosis??
  62. ADD, possibly?
  63. ADD/ADHD versus anxiety
  64. Thank God! I am starting CBT!
  65. Unsure
  66. IQ too high for ADHD diagnosis
  67. Which is the best online diagnosis test available?
  68. Is Day Dreaming a symptom?
  69. Going to see a doc tommorow
  70. Diagnosed Today. GP tomorrow. Questions..
  71. Does a DX ever go away? Should I get reevaluated?
  72. Insurance Question
  73. I am finally diagnosed!!
  74. Can you help me with what to take to the doctor?
  75. Do you think taking the phone away is a good idea?
  76. Confused about different ADD types...
  77. Suggestons for meds
  78. What are the other Disorders mimicking AD/HD?
  79. What do I say to get diagnosed?
  80. Just Diagnosed-But do I really have it??
  81. New here, haven't been diagnosed but...
  82. Newly diagnosed, nervous about meds
  83. Made my appointment what to expect?
  84. Sending out an SOS: Graduate Student - Complete Outline of My Life with Potential ADD
  85. I can't afford neuropsych testing - is there any other way to do this?
  86. A Long "whatever-the-opposite-of-rant-is" about my Doc and Pharm
  87. Diagnosed Today!
  88. is neurocognitive testing + qEEG accurate?
  89. Does it really get better?
  90. Anyone try living without meds? Do meds help?
  91. Found my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade report cards
  92. 5 days until evaluation
  93. Could I have ADD?
  94. Diagnosed yesterday, Wish it was sooner.
  95. Just got diagnosed with inattentive ADD, not sure what to do
  96. I just need to know if I have ADD
  97. Who I should see if I don't have mental health insurance?
  98. Kaiser there hope?
  99. 'Reliable' testing
  100. Brain Training Programs: Are they helpful?
  101. Can't handle side effects?
  102. Seeing a GP in two days! Argh!
  103. i don't know how to start
  104. Acupuncture for ADHD
  105. Just had appointment with my psychiatrist
  106. A question about medication
  107. just found out i may have adhd
  108. Appointment next week
  109. Diagnostic techniques
  110. Undiagnosed ADD/ADHD 18 years old- what to do?
  111. Non-Stimulant medications
  112. Should I go to the doctor to check if I have ADD?
  113. Self - Monitoring
  114. So do I have it or what???
  115. Palpitations with Ritalin
  116. Newly diagnosed with ADHD and now worried my kids have it?
  117. Is there such thing as being too skinny for meds?
  118. Question About a New Script
  119. Questions about ADHD Symptoms
  120. Executive Dysfuntion....
  121. Introducing myself rant......and plea.
  122. Should I bring up at my next appointment with my family doctor about ADHD symptoms?
  123. Combining Medications?
  124. I don't know how to get help - anyone here living in Canada?
  125. what do you think?
  126. Went and got a 2nd opinion
  127. Adderall and Prozac Experience(s)? Strange side effects.
  128. Would you say I have ADD?
  129. Adult ADHD diagnosis - trial and error
  130. Adderall crash?
  131. Psychiatrist Doubts
  132. 1st-time ADHD diagnosis--is this normal?
  133. help
  134. Off Wellbutring and feeling great!
  135. ADD and narcissistic tendencies?
  136. Is this ADD/ADHD
  137. From very talkative to social anxiety??
  138. Trying to get help
  139. MRI and keeping still
  140. Who do I talk to?
  141. Article: Mind over Meds
  142. i have hyperthyroidism... advice?
  143. seeing a pdoc in two days, what should I say?
  144. Why is getting a diagnosis so hard?
  145. Do I tell the truth?
  146. Dr. Appt.
  147. I'm any of you experience these symptoms???
  148. Treatment help?
  149. The Appointment Thread
  150. Best Medication-Inattentive ADHD
  151. coping mechanisms so ingrained, hinder diagnosis/treatment
  152. Day 2...
  153. don't normally post...but here goes...uni-polar
  154. Bad Doctor. Any advice?
  155. Questions to ask office when searching for new doctors.
  156. Saw the doc, still confused...
  157. Still no diagnosis, no treatment, no money.
  158. well I've decided to see a therapist...
  159. First appointment tonight - nervous
  160. Tics and anxiety with ADD?
  161. Upper Cervical Spine_ Atlas subluxation:follow up.
  162. ADD & restless leg syndrome
  163. Developmentally 'fast' as a child?
  164. Trying to understand
  165. zoloft...
  166. Got diagnosis & medication - still struggling
  167. and the diagnosis is...ADD? now? at age 41?
  168. Self-Diagnosed?
  169. Brain's log: "chemistry experiment", Day 3
  170. I need help! answers! anything.
  171. Questions about treatment
  172. innatentive???
  173. Starting a support group....
  174. Nervous About Psychiatrist Visit
  175. Finally decided to go see a doctor
  176. Not diagnosed but feel pretty darn good
  177. Should I talk to my doctor about adult ADD?
  178. Why can I be losing weight?
  179. Newly diagnosed and having wierd side effect
  180. Diagnosis based on TOVA...
  181. Newly diagnosed and a little perplexed
  182. Going crazy help!
  183. ADHD & Autism Clinic appointment
  184. Doctor Diagnosis and Advice
  185. Woodcock Johnson III - What do these scores mean???
  186. A weird question someone asked me...
  187. Would like some advice on Meds to treat my ADHD-I
  188. Newly diagnosed with ADHD, Drug advise from experience please
  189. Any thoughts on Bio Feedback?
  190. add, gluten, lack of vitamins : in need of informations
  191. Need help before tomorrow. Please
  192. Diagnosed today. Many Questions.
  193. Off label Meds
  194. Adhd + ??
  195. adhd/bipolar?
  196. Found a temporary cure for myself, but....
  197. Managing ADHD without Medication
  198. Drugs/Meds? Yay or Nay? You Say!
  199. Dread thread--trying not to back out of appt.
  200. Could I possibly have ADHD?
  201. Looking for a specialist in Denmark
  202. Getting used to Adderall, not working as well anymore?
  203. I think i had ADD?
  204. How do I know if I have ADD?
  205. Am I Hyperactive
  206. would really really like to get your help, please.
  207. Made an appointment - what to expect?
  208. Anyone else?
  209. Should I seek a new Doctor....
  210. Strattera & Effexor
  211. Is the right dose of Adderall XR for countering ADHD related to the euphoria feeling?
  212. Help with diagnosi.adhd or maybe somthin else
  213. Best Med for Adult with High Blood Pressure?
  214. Need some input about switching ADHD meds...
  215. Is it ADD/ADHD if it is caused by emotional problems?
  216. ADD help in Pittsburgh, PA???
  217. Scores hi on online quizzes, but doesn't need meds?
  218. Worried about ADHD Diagnosis
  219. My doc. Retired. And my new one cut me cold turkey. Now what?
  220. ADHD do I have it?
  221. Success!
  222. Side effects of meds are scaring me away from using them!
  223. First 4 days on Vyvanse
  224. ADHD or GAD? Or both?
  225. Is it normal?
  226. Cognitive Test? Bad Appointment.
  227. Attention and Achievement Center
  228. Do I have ADD or something else?
  229. Just signed up...
  230. Upping Concerta
  231. Executive function- separate diagnosis?
  232. My experience with switching psychiatrists
  233. Test to help my diagnose
  234. Checkin out old report cards....
  235. desperate,think I have ADHD.have questions
  236. Should I get diagnosed?
  237. Dear, NHS (rant)
  238. What can I take to help me remeber things and stop losing things
  239. Social Issued With Concerta
  240. Dosage - ADHD Pri-Inattentive
  241. Not sure about diagnosis now...
  242. I need a test/quiz to give to my friends for completions
  243. New To The Forums!
  244. Test 102. 70 & up is adult ADD
  245. ADD/ADHD Diagnosis?
  246. Neurocog, qEEG and mTBI/concussion as a cause for ADHD diagnosis
  247. Gaf?
  248. Has your life improved or not?
  249. in need of advice
  250. newly diagnosed and medicine issue