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  1. My 1st attempt at ADHD diagnosis - Epic fail
  2. ADHD subtype diagnosis?
  3. I need to pay attention but I don't need to lose a lot of weight.
  4. My Doc was curious about my ADHD ?
  5. how to get a diagnosis?
  6. How to get diagnosed?
  7. Treatment: Anxiety getting in the way?
  8. Step by Step to Get Prescribed?
  9. Finally diagnosed...questions about starting meds: What's best to try first?
  10. What exactly is ADD? Should I care?
  11. Help/Advise
  12. Still waiting for treatment since april 2009!
  13. Finding another Psychatrist
  14. CPT 2 - What Does it Mean?
  15. PTSD Masking ADD
  16. Steps to get Assessed for ADHD
  17. Does my husband have AD/HD?
  18. Cried for the past 2 hours..need opinions please
  19. Desired Stimulant Treatment
  20. Not sure if I should see some type of mental health professional
  21. I've decided that I need help with my ADD
  22. Ritalin or Concerta Question/Concern!
  23. did my doctor diagnose me with adhd and just not tell me?
  24. Confused about ADHD mimics...Please help
  25. Is there an ADHD medication that works around the clock?
  26. why wont my doctor believe me?
  27. May have ADD and very confused. Please Help!
  28. Do I have ADD??
  29. Still new: More Direct Question
  30. Appointment soon - doubts start to kick in
  31. help wanted on how to contact PCT
  32. help finding Psychiatrist in NJ that treats ADULT ADHD?
  33. Misdiagnosis?
  34. Please Help! Do you think I should see a psych.
  35. the ups and downs of being diagonsed here in Brisbane Australia
  36. Anyone had experience with a psychiatric nurse?
  37. who diagnosed you?/ gap between psychology and neurology (at least here in the NL!)
  38. Advice for a 20 year old
  39. pregenenolone
  40. I am in a bit of a bind.
  41. 38 y/o with GAD and recent ADD diag
  42. New to forum but have some questions
  43. Is it even worth it for me to get a diagnosis now?
  44. ADHD-PI, probably about to be formerly diagnosed
  45. Button Pressing and 700 Question Test
  46. Hey, a new member could use your help
  47. I think I have ADD, except for this one symptom...
  48. Vyvanse dose??
  49. Certain I have ADHD..
  50. Werl's testing results
  51. If I'd been DX'd as a kid I swear my family would understand more!
  52. What do you think?
  53. Getting Diagnosed in Sweden (newbie)
  54. Phenylalanine?
  55. 1 month of no insurance.. O.o
  56. Can ADHD be the cause of my social anxiety??
  57. Worried that I won't be diagnosed
  58. 1980's Kid with ADD - Not Diagnosed
  59. Quick diagnosis?
  60. Need some advice
  61. weird different feel of headache from eating concerta 54mg
  62. New to the list, need Dr. recommendation
  63. My Add Analogy
  64. Is this a form of hyperfocusing?
  65. Neuropsychological Testing
  66. So, just was diagnosed
  67. Help for someone I love, who refuses to believe they have AD/HD.
  68. Are some people just not "candidates" for stimulants?
  69. How to speed up metabolism after getting off adderall?
  70. I just sat and stared before writing this...
  71. Need some help, doc app. Thursday...
  72. So, how does this diagnosis thing work, anyway?
  73. Diagnosis - GP - Sydney - Fear of idiots...
  74. First appointment with psych dr. - need opinions
  75. Seeking Encouragement to see Doctor
  76. The Steps -1-2-3 ???
  77. Confused & would like some advice
  78. ADHD/Anxiety Kinda long Story... Sorry...
  79. Diagnosed at 36
  80. Very anxious over ADHD tests tomorrow morning
  81. What made you think you might be ADHD?
  82. 20 yr old just found out he has ADD (help)
  83. I Think I Have ADD
  84. Grrr Stupid mental health clinic!
  85. aditional medication
  86. Psychaitrist waisted my time, "I don't think you need dexedrene"
  87. I might get re-assessed.
  88. Allergy causing ADHD and mygraine
  89. Please read. I am looking for advice.
  90. Question regarding my diagnosis
  91. Rapid Pulse. Trying to figure out which meds to take.
  92. A good doctor
  93. What Medication works best for YOUR ADD?
  94. Hi..I'm new to this forum...just diagnosed!
  95. A week on Concerta and I'm concerned.
  96. Officially Diagnosed But...
  97. What test are given by psychologist?
  98. Not happy with my Psychiatrist. Have you felt the same?
  99. What do you think of my Dr
  100. Assessment holding up treatment
  101. Please help... lifelong sufferer, seeking help
  102. Doc Says, "you can read a book, you don't have add"
  103. Tests on medication vs. off medication - and will they believe me????
  104. Metadate cd effects question
  105. ADD: Itís Not Just for Children or Boys
  106. "When you were a child" on Questionnaires. But I'm 17 and I can't remember!
  107. Question about prescriptions
  108. ADHD treatment and drug testing
  109. Lacking the joy of life : do i have ADD or is it something else?
  110. DON'T Doubt why you're here!
  111. What happens if you have conflicting diagnoses?
  112. Just Diagnosed with ADD - question
  113. how can I correct my ADD?
  114. Guidance, input, experience
  115. 'Focused talk therapy helps adults with ADHD'
  116. First appt with psychiatrist-suggestions
  117. 10mg didn't work what now?
  118. Caffeine - Anxiety / ADD
  119. Just diagnosed
  120. What Should I Tell My Doctor?
  121. How did you feel to be diagnosed?
  122. Hello everyone. Just was given a script for Concerta
  123. Have I been misdiagnosed???!!!!?????
  124. How do you feel when you take too much of your medication?
  125. Bad experience... wasn't believed
  126. Doctor took me off the Concerta
  127. adderall xr vs IR......cost issue
  128. New to Add forums
  129. Feeling a little lost and out of place
  130. Saw my MD today...
  131. ADHD Fakers
  132. What medication will work...need advice!
  133. Symptoms of ADD, finding treatment
  134. Just diagnosed
  135. Can someone recommend a doctor?
  136. Reservations about going through with treatment
  137. I am a Medicine Wimp!
  138. IF's But's
  139. Need med help!
  140. Do you imagine how yourself and others do things all the time?
  141. Waiting for a referral
  142. Is it because of my ADD
  143. can impulsivity get treated, and should it?
  144. To switch Psychiatrists or not..?
  145. Nervous About Appt Tomorrow!
  146. Need help - seeing pdoc today
  147. I have recorded myself - I must be ADD
  148. Should I be irritated???
  149. Pdoc moving too slow, how persistant should I be?
  150. Starting the process
  151. 17 year old, taking Adderall Unprescribed, Should I try to get a prescription?
  152. Should my parents/doctor say no?
  153. Hii Everybody
  154. Do I have ADHD? Please help.:)
  155. Differences in medication
  156. I feel like I'm getting ripped off
  157. Reading Russle Barkley Book is depressing.
  158. diagnosis in 10 days - My life is ruined anyway
  159. FDA(U.S.) approved stimulants for Adult ADHD?
  160. Same old question - could it be ADD/HD?
  161. I still don't understand this disorder or if I really have it...
  162. Waiting for Prescription. How long does it take?
  163. You are lucky in North America.
  164. How do Neurologist diagnose ADD?
  165. To the Doctors after many many years.
  166. How did you feel when you got diagnosed
  167. A question about getting diagnosed that may not have been asked already...
  168. Why so hard to find a knowledgable doctor?
  169. Another doctor unwilling to even talk about it.
  170. Severity of Side-Effects
  171. New to adderall
  172. I think my GP has written me off already...
  173. under dose on vyvanse
  174. hello need some help here
  175. Approaching GP help..
  176. going through diagnosis / self doubt
  177. Cannot find dependable Psychiatrist/DR and out of meds!!!
  178. I Don't Know Where to Start!
  179. Hi, I'm Josh. I'm confused and could please use some help/advice..thank you
  180. Looking for a recommended place in UK for private adult ADD assessment
  181. I have been diagnosed with ADHD today
  182. When did you first get diagnosed?
  183. New & Unsure
  184. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  185. How can I tell if I took Extra Vyvanse?
  186. How Long
  187. Help?
  188. What ADHD medications are available in different countries?
  189. ADHD and Classical Music
  190. How long noramly between dx and treatment?
  191. ADD or dyspraxia?
  192. Can ADD get worse?
  193. ADHD & Meth addiction
  194. ADHD medication and sensitive stomach
  195. Switching medication, how long to wait in between?
  196. Male 25 Not Diagnosed Intro, with footnotes
  197. Motivational Medication- Suggestions and Experiences?
  198. Psych wants immediate full psychological work up???
  199. is it normal for a psych to make me feel this way?
  200. Do I really have adhd!!?
  201. Clinic in Toronto offering both counselling and adjustment of medications?
  202. No insurance.. how can I find a GOOD local psych?
  203. Stressed out
  204. ADHD and Sleep Apnea in Adults
  205. I got an apology from the doctor!
  206. Allegra-D 24 + vyvanse
  207. Is this just ADHD?
  208. Your favorite ADHD medication and why
  209. Is there something better for me?
  210. Some ADHD questions from a new girl! (and a little back ground info)
  211. Doctors doing a bad job, medication wise. Why IR is Better.
  212. ADHD or Social Anxiety Disorder ?
  213. Can I have ADHD without being hyperactive?
  214. Afraid of getting treated.. and not getting treated.
  215. Stressing about several things! VENT!
  216. New to Meds?
  217. Hello!
  218. Do you have ADD without Hyperactivity?
  219. Insurance company screwing me
  220. So... what do I have? Is it possible?
  221. Add Medications
  222. Alternative Opinions
  223. What's the procedure for getting diagnosed?
  224. hello-new here
  225. Vyvanse 30mg to 60mg
  226. day 2 of Adderall
  227. Frustrated and impatient about diagnosis process!
  228. looking for treatment options in NYC
  229. Insomnia relief, what works best & wild imagination at night
  230. Holy Prescriptions Batman!
  231. Vyvanse 60mg - preoccupied with line of thought
  232. Start Meds Tomorrow
  233. EGG & MRI? What are they looking for?
  234. Sliding Scale Fees at psychologist?
  235. "good" hours versus not effective times of day
  236. help me out please with diagnosis
  237. Always had some anxiety
  238. Lost all emotions?
  239. Side effects on ADD meds?
  240. Are you getting treatment as alternative or in addition to meds?
  241. Can meds "pave the way" for neural pathway changes?
  242. Any medicines that dont cause twitching?
  243. I'm diagnosed, now my Mom is next I think
  244. Thought I had ADHD but new doctor says ADHD/Mild Aspergers
  245. Anyone else with Grave's and ADHD
  246. Totally New to This . . .
  247. Please help me understand my diagnosis?
  248. Help new here just need to talk adivice
  249. Is this how I'm supposed to feel??
  250. Psychiatrist appointment, some questions