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  1. Homework from the therapist--aaaa!!!
  2. Over-diagnosis
  3. Prescription Advice.
  4. Knowing if your improving...
  5. Recommended Resources?
  6. got diagnosed today
  7. ADD Meds and Rapid Heart Rate
  8. Question: ADHD and migraine medication
  9. No Cure, but can I get better?
  10. strange effect of insomnia
  11. Proper diagnosis
  12. vitamin C and vyvanse
  13. vyvanse - split dosage
  14. ADD or bipolar? How can you tell?
  15. Ever have a Psychologist/Doctor that doesn't really care?
  16. How much fish oil?
  17. How often do you see a psychiatrist/therapist?
  18. Me? ADD? Really?
  19. Newly diagnosied and petrified
  20. So, what do you want to work on this week?
  21. Need Help!
  22. Feeling Manic
  23. Adderall XR vs IR with no insurance
  24. My 8 year old son dx ADHD. Me also???
  25. I think I have ADD, need help seeking help..
  26. Are you seeing a psychiatrist & if so, how it going? Please post here...
  27. Wanting to get diagnosed
  28. What points to a misdiagnosis?
  29. Long term stimulant use
  30. Advice on changing to a new med
  31. Singapore : Recommend a qualified psychiatrist for adult ADHD
  32. need advice on trying a new attention med
  33. Any ideas?
  34. How long does it take you to feel comfortable with a new Dr?
  35. No Insurance Coverage - Least Expensive Meds?
  36. Looking for Adult Add support groups in Toronto
  37. Questions about other symptoms
  38. A little confused...psychiatrist and therapy?
  39. Doc started me on 5 mg dexedrine 2 X a day...
  40. Would anybody recommend Mental Exercises?
  41. What is an accurate diagnosis?
  42. Frequency of doctor visits?
  43. Is this something other ADHD'ers do?
  44. Going back on meds
  45. Diagnostic methods for determining drug efficacy
  46. The holy grail of diagnosis tests
  47. Manic episode? currently on effexor XR, adderall XR, Intuniv, caffeine
  48. Bad smell, I have to stop med :(
  49. Barkley's 9 Point ADHD Test
  50. Just diagnosed... hopeful, confused, worried
  51. I Hate Side Effects
  52. Going through the whole gammit!
  53. How to get back on medication?
  54. Anyone ever get zapped?
  55. Should I change doctor? I feel that he isnt that clued up
  56. Finally I get good ADD treatment that allows me to step out of this brain fog
  57. Confused and need advice talking to a parent
  58. Meds and International Travel
  59. Psych: let's try Prozac first. Grrrrr....
  60. Was your treatment effective at first? If not, how long did it take?
  61. Medication, what signs should I look for?
  62. "Did I take my meds??"
  63. Starter Vyvance......
  64. Question about my Doctor.
  65. I see the symptoms, I fit the symptoms, or is it just College?
  66. Appointment next week..expecting to be diagnosed
  67. Is this a med change issue or possible mania?
  68. From high dose meds to minimal any ideas?
  69. Second day on meds.
  70. *sigh* New Diagnosis
  71. This indigestion is driving me nuts
  72. Alcohol Cravings on Meds
  73. Are there any online tests for ADHD & other disorders?
  74. Anxious about medication
  75. Federal dosing guidelines?
  76. What to do? New Doctor or stick with the old school one
  77. Effexor & ADD meds?
  78. adderall prescription? college psychiatrist
  79. Canadian Online Pharmacy?
  80. Diagnosis from Doctor/Psychiatrist
  81. What type of doctor can diagnose ADD
  82. So im not crazy. On the way to diagnosis
  83. Update on Appointment Today
  84. Strange Schedule: When with what if ever?
  85. My dr is having me stop my ADHD meds...
  86. Need help with ADD/ADHD
  87. Quick question on EKGs?
  88. Just a cynical observation
  89. Family doctors and add/adhd
  90. Neurofeedback/ couples counceling
  91. MD Today, Psych on Monday
  92. trouble finding appropriate help - I always forget what I want to address at appts.
  93. Need help, didn't know where to post this
  94. Lab Tests: what did your doc order?
  95. How long to find best treatment for you??
  96. Should I tell doctor I have taken Adderall and it works?
  97. Certain meds for specific conditions?
  98. Well I was what?
  99. Does this sound like ADD?
  100. addicted to meth with add
  101. Impulsivity versus Inattention??
  102. Why Do I Need Such High Doses?
  103. Perception of Time, Newly Diagnosed 21
  104. Psych:Prozac 1st BUT I want an ADD med-HELP!
  105. Just got told that Adult ADHD doesn't exist!!!
  106. Recently Diagnosed with ADD and starting Adderall today...
  107. Hello, recently diagnosed with Adult ADHD
  108. Is there a medication that helps exclusively with MEMORY?
  109. Mood swings
  110. Uncertainty - Indecision - is this executive function?
  111. Help Plz
  112. Thinking of switching meds
  113. Basic questions and observations...
  114. Will my psychiatrist even give me ritalin?
  115. Am I crazy or...
  116. Older and suspect I may have adhd
  117. Adderall Experiment
  118. First visit to therapist, this can't be normal?
  119. The Emotional Rollercoaster of Diagnosis
  120. New here and have some questions, please help!
  121. How long does it take to be diagnosed with ADHD?
  122. Psych upped Prozac from 20mg to 40mg...!!!
  123. Just diagnosed and angry/confused!
  124. Med change...
  125. ADD symptoms
  126. Seeing Psychiatrist for first time in a month! Nervous!
  127. So easy a cavaman can do it: invalidating ppl with suspected MI
  128. I lost my prescription on the way to the pharmacy
  129. Can you take moclobemide with ritalin?
  130. Finally diagnosed
  131. I think I have ADD; seeking others with similar problems.
  132. How often do you see your doctor?
  133. Dr. Won't Prescribe Me Stimulants...Very Frustrated
  134. A few questions
  135. Newly diagnosed, some questions
  136. Psychologist, Psychiatrist, PCP....?
  137. Asking to switch medication
  138. Dr won't write for cheaper meds. Looking for advice (newbie)
  139. I need your help with my diagnosis
  140. Pristiq and Dexedrine
  141. Still trying to get stims! Grrrrrrr.......
  142. Is this the "static" they mention?
  143. I think I have AADD/AADHD
  144. Is it ADHD or am I just lazy?!
  145. Follow-up- Concerta!!
  146. strattera question
  147. Vyvanse not working?
  148. New to Adderall
  149. University of Penn Adult ADHD Center?
  150. husband lost dr
  151. norepinephrine and dopamine?
  152. What should I say?
  153. Unable to find ADHD specialist anywhere close
  154. Feeling like I'm going to snap waiting for diagnosis
  155. adhd vs bipolar and stims/mood stabilizers
  156. acceptable way to ask my psychiatrist to increase my dosage?
  157. Is this ADD? Please read/respond
  158. need opinions please!
  159. How do you know if it's really ADD?
  160. Exrteme tiredness- help
  161. Withdrawl? what wrong with me???
  162. All I know is Adderall
  163. was just diagnosed, scripted adderall
  164. Diagnosis
  165. Not sure about being add
  166. husband with suspected ADD / Narsissistic personality disorder
  167. Alright... um did my doctor give me the increase dosage or did the pharm screw up?
  168. Progress for myself :)
  169. How/when did you get diagnosed for adhd?
  170. Dr. Amen
  171. What happens during and ADD evaluation?
  172. Do I have ADD?
  173. CBT in Toronto, covered by OHIP?
  174. Impairment in life
  175. Medication: Please Help
  176. Dosing for people with long days or a job and college?
  177. New to forum and thinking I have ADHD
  178. Do I have Adult ADD?
  179. Dex and Zoloft
  180. med student w/ ADHD?
  181. psychiatrist blew me off...
  182. Discount Online Pharmacy?
  183. Accepting (the possibility of) ADHD (and other stuff)
  184. Psychologist ADD/ADHD Testing?
  185. Opinions Needed Please
  186. Adderall XR 10MG 2 Refills but "REFILLS AUTHORIZATION NEEDED"???
  187. What kind of questions will they ask?
  188. *FRIEND HAS LOST MIND!*Do psychologists know about hormones and neurotransmitters?
  189. Diagnosis without insurance
  190. ADHD assessment without going to the doc
  191. Is it too late?
  192. attenace/modofinil/provigil
  193. How did you start to find out?
  194. Long Term Drug use for ADHD
  195. Hoping for a diagnosis... fearing brick walls...
  196. Various Herpes Treatment Options
  197. DSM-IV-TR question
  198. DSM-IV-TR question
  199. New Insurance = meds?
  200. Specific Medication for Hyperactive-impulsive types?
  201. Neurologist anyone??
  202. I finally had the guts to make an appointment..
  203. Diagnostic test result!!! Psych says comorbidity
  204. ANY opinion will help me not sure what it is
  205. diagnose my learning disabilities
  206. From Adderall XR to Dexedrine and a Pillow
  207. 38 Years Old Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired
  208. ADD or a Victim of Gen-Y Digital Overload?
  209. Advice for management, I don't think I can cope anymore
  210. Which ADHD type do I sound more like?
  211. Not Sure About ADD
  212. Diagnosed with ADHD, doc WON'T treat!
  213. BPD and Provigil?
  214. Wierd side effect...anyone else?
  215. It's official! I'm ADHD-I!
  216. I've met success!
  217. Done with stimulants
  218. Thinking about going back on meds...
  219. What's the next step? How do I know the meds are working?
  220. What's missing for help and support?
  221. Diagnosis Resource Info
  222. ?? ADHD and comorbid atypical Aspergers
  223. Help!! I'm at the end of my rope!!
  224. Erotic transference or just ADHD hyper-focussing?
  225. Doctor appointment on Wednesday
  226. Started taking meds today
  227. The final result
  228. Now it's on paper and official
  229. Does your ADHD medication make you feel serious?
  230. Diagnosed with ADHD and was wondering if I might have bipolar disorder as well?
  231. ADD - 5 months, 4 drugs and no luck yet...
  232. Don't have "official" diagnosis..but Im getting treated
  233. Finally...may have an answer
  234. Appointment in February
  235. I think the meds are helping.
  236. What is treatment, really?
  237. Are there days when your meds unexplainably don't work?
  238. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Neurotherapy for ADHD in Toronto area?
  239. I know it's not just ADHD....
  240. 45 minute evaluation ????
  241. Tomorrow's the big day
  242. quick question
  243. 24 year-old-virgin with ADD. So close, yet so far. Please take time to read.
  244. Getting a second opion?
  245. Undiagnosed and curious...
  246. How long for medication change with Kaiser?
  247. Question about effects of ritalin on potensial ADD, your advice is appriciated!!!!
  248. Exited... Should I be?
  249. How long does it take for focalin xr to kick in for an adult?
  250. ADD, panic disorder, or both?