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  1. Lexapro and feeling forced to accept meds
  2. Taking it all in
  3. Assessment appointment next week
  4. Treating ADD without medication?
  5. Tendency to rush when playing Piano
  6. Hopefully someone can help?
  7. My thoughts to the ADD possibility.
  8. ADD-Inattentive or self-serving excuses?
  9. Diet and supplements for ADHD?
  10. Still jumping through the Kaiser required hoops….
  11. My therapist knows me too well. . .
  12. What's the order of mental illnesses?
  13. Switching from Adderall to Dexedrine to.... ??
  14. Age of Diagnosis/Appearance of ADHD
  15. Undiagnosed but put on Wellbutrin xl Advice please
  16. Bipolar or ADHD or both
  17. I Need Help! I don't Know What to do!
  18. New to ADD, new to Vyvanse
  19. So I started therapy
  20. What has your experience with meds been like so far?
  21. I don’t know what to think, a read is greatly appreciated
  22. Advice on "just doing it"
  23. Coaching
  24. Problem with Therapy.
  25. New to Forums.. oh and Concerta.
  26. first psychiatrist appt
  27. No man's land
  28. Doctor cancelled because of the cold!
  29. describe your add symptoms..I dont knwo if I have it
  30. Desperate need of advice.
  31. I desperately need a psychiatric Dr House - for diagnostic differential
  32. I think I need some help
  33. Can Autism(not AS) be confused with ADHD?
  34. do i have add or am i just lazy and stupid??
  35. There's maybe some hope
  36. First appt with psychiatrist on thursday and questions i should ask ?
  37. Anyone without a family history of ADHD?
  38. ADHD-PI: Current Regimen
  39. "Holistic approach"... Should I be worried?
  40. Dexamphetamine - makes me anxious!
  41. New Law Student... Whats the first step?
  42. Feeling fatalistic
  43. Moving and finding a new Dr.....
  44. Need more tests!
  45. In the air deciding if I'm really ADD/ADHD.
  46. IVA+ Plus Test
  47. In need of good advice
  48. Not happy with psychiatrist
  49. Frusteration...please help
  50. I'm not sure what to call this...
  51. Switching Doctors ADHD; Please Advise
  52. Doc says it looks like Bipolar and not ADHD
  53. 1st Appt- made with Psychologist...Should I cancel and make it with a Psychiatrist?
  54. beyond the meds
  55. Can a Heatstroke Cause Manic Symptoms
  56. so...
  57. Getting diagnosed
  58. Out of the ADD closet & NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE!
  59. Help with access to meds in Europe
  60. I am excited, anxious, and nervous!
  61. Did your doctor
  62. Finding a Psych. to continue Adderall treatment?
  63. Just been diagnosed with ADHD, help?
  64. My Appointment is Tomorrow and Now I'm Nervous?
  65. Help with Adderall cost????
  66. The doctor wants to send me to 'The ADHD people'... who are the ADHD people?
  67. Don't know where to start a little help please!!
  68. Diagnosed in November - A Few Questions...
  69. Just tried Ritalin...
  70. My doctor doesn't trust me.
  71. To the doctor, said the spider to the pig...
  72. Confused about diagnosis
  73. methylphenidate
  74. Started Vyvanse today and...
  75. Liver function test and TSH test????
  76. ADHD-P.I with possible Hypomania
  77. new ones
  78. ADHD and good at school?
  79. Possibly have ADD, im not sure what to do
  80. undiagnosed and confused
  81. I know what I need...but can i get it?
  82. Time to Find New ADHD Specialists?
  83. Making complaint about the NHS/PCT
  84. How one mans bad advice made my downfall ( My ADHD & drug abuse )
  85. Seeing GP tomorrow - wish me luck!
  86. How many ADHD DSM criteria do you have?
  87. ADHD or Fetal alcohol effects??
  88. What's your definition of fidgety?
  89. Doc insists I'm Bipolar, but I think i'm ADHD after trying Adderall
  90. I'll give it another go
  91. Questions about new meds
  92. Boston, MA Physician Recommendations
  93. Help! Undiagnosed ADD or Bi Polar?
  94. ADHD newbie, with a dosage question
  95. New girl who needs some comfort/ words of wisdom and someone to understand.
  96. Meds as a diagnostic procedure?
  97. Am I a classic adhd case?!
  98. Will regularly taking baking soda increase your tolerance?
  99. I'm new
  100. New.. Do I have ADHD?
  101. My first Pdoc visit about ADHD
  102. Diagnostic Progress
  103. Is this ADD
  104. Did diagnosis and treatment change your life?
  105. Starting to think my dr is a quack
  106. Tired on methylphenidate?
  107. Anxiety with calling the pdoc...oh the irony.
  108. Should I push for "definite" diagnosis?
  109. What does it sound like I have? I have to talk to people...
  110. Newbie & Meds ?
  111. Seeking information on getting evaluated
  112. Would you trust a psychiatrist who has a list of accomplishments?
  113. Going to the Shrink today
  114. Psychologist thinks I don't have ADHD. Help!
  115. Suspected lifelong ADD, evaluated soon
  116. New to dex
  117. Now what?
  118. Can't focus or complete a task
  119. Overwhelmed newbie
  120. Please HELP!
  121. Southern California Doctor HELLLLP! :)
  122. getting tested/finding a psychiatrist
  123. Newbie looking for help ....
  124. diagnosed as non adhd, and later diagnosed
  125. Hi, im new. What is my major malfunction?
  126. What made you realize you had ADHD?
  127. How do you know??
  128. Should I Get a Second Opinion?
  129. Well, I haven't discussed ADD in 20 years, but I need to.
  130. Is it absolutely necessary...
  131. Dx and Medication trial FINALLY...
  132. Not sure what is wrong with me
  133. "the wall"
  134. Going to a GP/family doctor about ADHD
  135. No Meds!
  136. School reports don't give much away?
  137. Nothing happening with adderall
  138. Self-Diagnosis
  139. Scared about my new reality HELP
  140. 48 year old adult woman-new ADD-Ritalin
  141. feelings while waiting to start meds?
  142. Addicted to Meds
  143. Want to start diagnosis - Help?
  144. My diagnosis and medication
  145. please help with diagnosis
  146. I refuse to accept that I have I just in denial
  147. Do I have ADD?
  148. A civil conversation about an angry topic?
  149. Do you have to be extra careful?
  150. New here...hello all. I am going to vent...
  151. Neuropsych Question
  152. Going to the psychiatrist tommarow finally. One question.
  153. Creativity, Personality and Medication
  154. Might have ADHD . .
  155. Higher doses for children?!
  156. Do I mention it?
  157. Med Holiday tips please!
  158. ADHD believers/non-believers?
  159. The Fog...
  160. MD diagnosed me, not psy
  161. 48 year old female- no drugs yet seem to work.
  162. ADHD Med with least amount of Side Effects?
  163. eeding advice on adult ADD
  164. Suspicious doctor and Ritalin...
  165. Another Med Question!
  166. New & have a few questions.
  167. New to this... Is Adderall xr 10mg not enough???
  168. College Classes are Unbearable
  169. Diagnosed twice - still doubting
  170. Waiting - in between testing and results
  171. Seeking Diagnosis - Age 22 - Please Advise
  172. Has anyone been on Strattera combined with a stimulant?
  173. Hello- looking for some advice on diagnosis
  174. Funemployed wondering what to do
  175. newly diagnosed
  176. 3 weeks and $1000 later, I find out I don't have ADHD
  177. Should I seek a 2nd opinion?
  178. 72mg concerta not working...other options?
  179. Is this test Accurate?
  180. A short one ...I think :-)
  181. Questions about ADD
  182. Diagnosis questionnaires in the sun
  183. Got my diagnosis.
  184. I'm very worried...
  185. Adderral too strong ... other options
  186. Ritalin makes me quiet and withdrawn
  187. Advice Please!
  188. Borderline v.s. AD/HD?
  189. doctor suggestion for those of you in nj
  190. What types of treatment are you getting?
  191. Depakote?! Total miscalculation....
  192. prescription dosage change
  193. Methylphenidate SR vs Concerta
  194. Misdiagnosed?
  195. How I self treated my adhd before I got my adderall
  196. I think I have add but I dont know! HELP!
  197. "ADD Combined Type"
  198. Possible ADHD, awaiting appointment, need support!
  199. Newly prescribed drug
  200. Going to a Psychiatrist - kinda nervous
  201. Question about my recent evaluation - long
  202. Dexedrine-Long Term Usage Heart Damage?
  203. First day on Adderall, some questions
  204. I went to see a psychiatrist
  205. Teen possible ADD? help??
  206. Diagnosed with ADD, but starting to think it is a symptom of something else?
  207. Meds. fine on workdays, but on weekends..
  208. Ritalin SR--not sure it's working
  209. Am I too old to be diagnosed?
  210. Newly diagnosed, concerns about Focalin XR LONG POST
  211. I feel stupid and depressed.
  212. Mindfullness?
  213. Do I really have ADD? Help!
  214. just diagnosed and starting on Dexies, doesnt quite feel right‽‽ newby needs advice
  215. Getting Started; questions
  216. Possible Alternative Treatment
  217. ADD + High INtelligence?
  218. How often do you take breaks from meds?
  219. Psychiatrist, then a Neurologist, now what?!
  220. Doctor will not re-write a lost prescription
  221. Ritalin + caffeine...
  222. Do you think this could be ADHD? (kinda long)
  223. Some coping stratergies?
  224. How does ADHD change throughout a lifetime?
  225. Initial consult this AM
  226. Holy expensive visits Batman!
  227. Wow doc, another drug?
  228. Don't touch anything new for a year.
  229. Pdoc Appointment - long
  230. Good News!
  231. Can Focalin Xr worsen depression?
  232. Am I qualified? Dexedrine?
  233. peculiar side effect
  234. Extended release really worth it
  235. Just got diagnosed yesterday
  236. Medication increase/change-??
  237. Could I be suffering from ADD-PI? Please read my story and share your thoughts.
  238. I'm taking the first steps toward getting diagnosed. Input, please?
  239. I've become Paranoid of ADHD meds and my Heart.
  240. Going to the DR for a diagnosis - where to start?
  241. Where to start? My story and opinions.
  242. Adult ADHD doesn't exist!!
  243. Psychiatrist requested urine drug test on first visit??
  244. Feeling socially withdrawn, how does your stim med make you feel?
  245. Moving right along with Diagnosis
  246. Has anyone found their way out of the "fog"?
  247. Fish oil prescriptions in the UK?
  248. Diagnosed but I am not sure.
  249. It's official:
  250. My appointment was today!