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  1. Who can diagnose and treat attention deficit disorder ?
  2. Attention Deficit Disorder 101: What every beginner in ADD needs to know
  3. My intake appointment yesterday - adult with ADD
  4. Opinions on Dr. Daniel Amen's technique for adults with ADD?
  5. I'ts official! My ADD has been diagnosed.
  6. New ad/hd Diagnosed...Feel like I ruined my whole life
  7. Just been Diagnosed with ADD
  8. Adult with ADD - Diagnosis in fifteen minutes?
  9. AD/HD Diagnosis
  10. When you were diagnosed did you ...
  11. I need help getting diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder
  12. Bipolar vs. Adult ADD
  13. $1500 For an Adult ADHD Diagnosis? Advice Needed.
  14. Personality Type and ADHD Diagnosis. Could some wrong Dx be made?
  15. getting diagnosed - Adult ADD, is it confidential?
  16. ADHD and the Diagnosis Threat
  17. Diagnosed with Adult ADD at 22
  18. Questions, questions, questions about Attention Deficit Disorder and diagnosis
  19. Have you been diagnosed?
  20. Just Diagnosed and Feeling Hopeless
  21. Brainscan and adhd diagnosis
  22. Newly diagnosed with ADD
  23. Went to a psychologist about my problems.. (long)
  24. Newly Diagnosed - Thanks for the previous help.
  25. I don't know if I have add please read.
  26. diagnosis question
  27. Note on the DSM-IV and Diagnosis
  28. 5-min diagnosis?
  29. Newly diagnosed......
  30. Anyone want to share their experiences with getting Diagnosed?
  31. I just got diagnosed!
  32. evidence? from my childhood
  33. Do i have ADD? (please read it took a while to write)
  34. Combined type? Inattentive?
  35. Diagnosis help!!!
  36. Do I? Don't I? (Diagnosis)
  37. Is This A Symptom Of Add?
  38. ADHD or Just Plain NORMAL!
  39. What made you get diagnosed?
  40. Possible ADHD, but no sequencing problems?
  41. I think my son has ADD! Help!
  42. So, like, how do you know you actually have ADD?
  43. Got diagnosed yesterday
  44. Is this ADD/HD ?
  45. ADD or Anxiety?
  46. Diagnostic Criteria for ADHD
  47. Completely opposing ratings from parents?
  48. does my son have adhd?
  49. Uhm, should I be diagnosed?
  50. should i even get diagnosed?
  51. Diagnosis taking waaay too long?
  52. ADD and academic performance (among other things)
  53. what do you think
  54. help pls
  55. ADHD or Bipolar? PLEASE HELP ME!
  56. Hey
  57. Hello! I'm new & I have a question...
  58. TOVA Scores...What do they mean?
  59. Is It ADHD or Something Else?
  60. Yet another failiure from the NHS
  61. Should I get diagnosed at 38?
  62. Very Organized - Can I still have ADD?
  63. 43 and ADD
  64. How to find a doctor that recognizes stimulants in "older Patients"
  65. Sounding off
  66. please help me find a doctor!
  67. I think I have do I bring this up to doc?
  68. I've taken the first step to help!!!
  69. Question about ADD symptoms
  70. Question about diagnosis
  71. New- How do I get help?
  72. Doubting diagnosis after talking to my mom...
  73. Could there be more to it?
  74. self-esteem lull since diagnosis
  75. Might I have AD(H)D?
  76. Do I Have ADD?
  77. What kind of doc..Need help!
  78. Results from my assessments! (WCJ Achievement & Cognitive Abilites)
  79. Want to get DX but need advise
  80. Do I have ADHD????
  81. Do I have ADD (bet you haven't seen this kinda topic before)
  82. What's been the most dissapointing thing after your diagnosis
  83. confusion loves company
  84. Is it ADD?
  85. Might I have ADD (inattentive only?)
  86. Ugh, how do you get past the fear of even talking to a professional?
  87. where to turn next
  88. ADD? please tell me what you think
  89. Correct evaluation?
  90. is it add or adhd
  91. can anyone help me?
  92. I have never had to deal with this before
  93. Diagnosis of ADHD
  94. I Need Help
  95. What's the next step?
  96. when did your hyperfocus start?
  97. ADDer Denies Symptoms - Needs Advice
  98. Psych doesn't believe in ADD/ADHD, second opinion?
  99. Life at Uni
  100. Somebody LEVEL WITH ME! Do you have this symptom?
  101. Diagnosed at 30--still havent' allowed myself to cope
  102. Tick Tick Tick Tick
  103. 50 conditions that mimic ADHD, PART I
  104. Where to start?
  105. Trying to Figure Out What's Wrong with Me
  106. Did anyone else procrastinate on completing the questionaires?
  107. Ever been misdiagnosed as being bipolar?
  108. Second visit with non-believer psych in 2 hours
  109. Im afraid my doctor won't beleive that Im ADD
  110. Diagnosis question
  111. Aaahrgh!!!! - I must be nuts....
  112. Help - Need a kick in the pants
  113. Dr. Amen Clinics, been there?
  114. Do i have ADD
  115. Not sure what to do about suspected Adult ADD.
  116. Can't get an official diagnosis because of insurance
  117. Law school got me diagnosed with AADD!
  118. 1st Appt. w/ Shrink SO NERVOUS HELP!!!!
  119. Do I possibly suffer from ADD ?
  120. Question
  121. It is someone feel as bad as I do
  122. Many times I feel I donīt belong to anyone or anywhere
  123. HELP! Are these symptoms of ADHD? What can I do?
  124. New here need some advice
  125. Well it's official!
  126. need help please
  127. Uh, is total lack on inhibition a sign of ADD?
  128. What do you think I have?
  129. May Have ADD...Need Advice
  130. Depression, ADD or Both?
  131. It's official!
  132. Gold Standard
  133. May have ADD, but have no insurance
  134. Omg Could This Be It?
  135. looking for help in Clearwater
  136. Referrals! Australia.
  137. Unsure if i have ADD. Please help?
  138. Symptoms of ADD? or just poor self-discipline?
  139. Thankyou!
  140. Age When ADHD is Diagnosed
  141. Not sure if I have ADD or not...
  142. Who to turn to for diagnosis
  143. Going to do intake at mental health clinic today
  144. Some Questions
  145. Testing for add with an iq test?
  146. New here, Possibly Adult ADD? (kinda long)
  147. Help . . . . Please
  148. I think I may have add..
  149. unofficial adhd symptons
  150. adhd questions for your parents
  151. I can't keep myself talked into seeking treatment
  152. Stages of Coping with Diagnosis
  153. Just doesnt make sense, AM I or ARENT I?
  154. Frustrated
  155. $350 - For 45 minute consultation?
  156. 6 Month Wait
  157. Children and ADD
  158. Posssible Misdiagnosis?
  159. the verge of something...?
  160. Need dx help!--Caution--long
  161. ADHD? Need opinion
  162. in need of help!
  163. Neuropsychological Testing -- what is it, what's it cost?
  164. If you suspect other family members have ADHD
  165. path to diagnosis
  166. Finally ready to address this problem
  167. Finally Getting Help - Advice
  168. Does this sound like ADD?
  169. First Post - symptoms of my 40 yr old son
  170. info on hyperactivity
  171. Similar to ADD... but not ADD?
  172. My son has ADHD, i think i have ADD. Advice plz?
  173. Going to get diagnosed
  174. Do i have ADD?
  175. Biggest Problem?
  176. What to do about ADD...
  177. just got back from psych - manic?
  178. Do I have ADD? both of my kids have been diagnosed
  179. From a very confused teen...can someone help?
  180. Possible sufferer but need help.
  181. My undiagnosed ADD story. (first post)
  182. Adult ADD - Question about treatment. Plz help.
  183. Where to get diagnosis?
  184. Diagnosis by SPECT scans! Reliable?
  185. That computer test with the flashing letters...
  186. result from DD's ADHD testing Help me decipher?
  187. Muchly confused!
  188. a bit nervous and confused before some testing
  189. Hey its Vhan again..haveing some isshues...
  190. Some advice, do i have ADD?
  191. I think I may have ADD
  192. I need some professional help
  193. If I could just break the cycle long enough...
  194. Is it ADDH? here is my story
  195. Abysmal Counseler Session... Anyone can relate?
  196. Costs of Diagnosis and Treatment (+Intro)
  197. ADHD a conceptual handicap?
  198. Treatments and Medication.
  199. Possibly ADD? My Story..
  200. Could I have ADD?
  201. Ok, parent is takeing me to see docter...and I'm a little scared about meds...
  202. Hey guys
  203. is testing different for adults and children?
  204. Neurologist Diagnosis? ( a little long)
  205. Newbie looking for advice about doctors!
  206. Help! Positive I have adult ADD... but psychologist disagrees cause I got good grades
  207. Pre-diagonistic Problem
  208. subtypes?
  209. Where Can I Find a Health Care Professional?
  210. In limbo...again.
  211. How did you feel when you got your diagnosis?
  212. Might I Have ADD?
  213. at wits end
  214. add and eating disorders?
  215. i'm so excited
  216. Any Advice?
  217. - Great Centre for ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment
  218. Diagnosed Today
  219. Good overview of diagnosis, treatment, confused and associated conditions etc?
  220. My son has just been diagnosed, I am very afraid...
  221. Could I have ADD (inattentive type)? Anyone know a good doctor?
  222. Do I have ADD/ADHD
  223. whats wrong with me?please i need support?
  224. OMG my first visit with a psychiatrist
  225. Should I get tested?
  226. I met a psych for ADD and they prescribed lexapro
  227. Newbie in General Struggle with Life - ADD?
  228. Can I have ADD or am I just crazy?
  229. Who does the testing?
  230. Road to diagnosis, frustrating, wish i knew what to do
  231. Cost and by whom?
  232. Add?
  233. Do I have AD/HD?
  234. Hi new here
  235. What kind of test to they use for adults?
  236. My diagnosis, and what has brought me here
  237. Newly diagnosed check in; how are you doing?
  238. What was I saying again....
  239. New and stunned....
  240. If you haven't taken this online ADD evaluation--do it now!
  241. So I'm not just a HELP me!
  242. looking for advice after 1st psch visit
  243. Am I normal...well, you know what I mean!
  244. ADHD/Bipolar?
  245. Academic Acheivement and ADD
  246. Going to another doctor for diagnosis?
  247. Help getting diagnosed!
  248. I have ADD symptoms, and just weird symptoms
  249. Feeling sad after being diagnosed?
  250. Bipolar, ADHD and boderline Mistaken diagnosis