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  4. Concerta
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  7. Dosage
  8. Water, Water, Water!
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  10. jaw and hand clenching - 36mg
  11. concerta issue
  12. what to expect switching from adderall/vyvanse?
  13. I have Whaaaaat?
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  16. Concerta increasing my obsessivenss, making it hard to sleep
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  18. Is the sleep problem because of concerta?
  19. Concerta come down effect at night
  20. new to ADHD and Concerta
  21. Is It Fatigue or Concerta Side Effects?
  22. Inattentive ADHD - 18 mg vs. 36 mg
  23. fair to compare?
  24. How to tell if 54 mg of Concerta is working?
  25. just prescribed Concerta, concerns
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  27. Dose too high?
  28. how to communicate with new doctor?
  29. How does WEllbutrin compare to Concerta?
  30. Concerta making me BORING
  31. 36mg, week one
  32. New and Worried
  33. Help desperately needed!
  34. Discontinuing Concerta: !PLEASE! suggest some possible replacements!!
  35. Works for hyper but not attention span?
  36. Concerned about costs...
  37. Is Concerta too often prescribed to low at first?
  38. concerta advice
  39. Side Effects or Allergies? Which One?
  40. Tics. Again.
  41. concerta + pristiq
  42. try concerta for FREE with a 30-day supply!
  43. My concerta experience
  44. starting out with 54mg
  45. Concerta with depression/mood swings
  46. Dosage & Side Effects
  47. Drugs and Late Afternoon Issues
  48. How long does Concerta work for you?
  49. My take on concerta! Love it so far..
  50. two weeks into concerta and looking for alternatives!!
  51. why is this med making me sleepy a few hours in?
  52. Concerta, dizzy?
  53. Concerta + Oversleeping + Sleep deprivation
  54. should I have noticed something yet???
  55. concerta + pristiq
  56. Concerta vs. Focalin for Inattentive Add
  57. A question for the pros
  58. Concerta/tle/ocd
  59. Exercise and Concerta
  60. Problems with concerta, need advice
  61. Problems with Concerta, need advice
  62. Anyone try Focalin XR after Concerta?
  63. Is this usual?
  64. Waking up in the morning is TOUGH!
  65. tics
  66. when will this start to work?
  67. Have flu-like symptoms at night and eyes hurt to move!
  68. I'm all spun up on Concerta
  69. How many mg of Concerta equals 100 mg of Ritalin?
  70. Switching from Ritalin IR to Concerta
  71. Ineffectiveness over time?
  72. Appetite has vanished on Concerta
  73. Concerta and hair loss
  74. Male hair loss
  75. Dosage Question
  76. Opinion please concerta
  77. this question is for a ritalin expert
  78. I think I'll be ok on this
  79. is this medicine working or not?
  80. last night scared me with this med
  81. tried putting pill under tongue sublingually
  82. Increased heart rate on Concerta?
  83. Best breakfast before taking Concerta?
  84. Hungry and tired - isn't this backwards?
  85. Will the headaches go away?
  86. Nightmares?
  87. Feeling the difference between Concerta and Adderall
  88. Concerta and Sports
  89. "Slow" feeling on my first day of Concerta - is this normal?
  90. First day on Concerta. Follow me as I (hope) to manage my ADHD
  91. Concerta making me sleepy, slow, and less productive?
  92. Rapid tolerance, short-lived effects
  93. Is this normal, and should I go up on my dose?
  94. Concerta and Reflux Medicine
  95. New Guy Blogging
  96. Adderall XR to Concerta for inattentive - experiences?
  97. "Boring Tasks"
  98. Anybody lifting?
  99. here's how it goes
  100. Just started Concerta
  101. New to Concerta
  102. A few questions...
  103. Having a weird reaction from Concerta after months of use.
  104. How I got rid of the tiredness and reduced other sides
  105. Concerta and Humidity?
  106. does concerta have to build up?
  107. Concerta and Hives?
  108. Side effect differences
  109. Starting Concerta Tomorrow
  110. Too high dosage? Racing Heart Beat, Shortness of Breath
  111. 10 days in, no good effects?
  112. My results after 1 month
  113. Questions for my boyfriend
  114. meds update
  115. Dosage increase
  116. Smell?
  117. heart issues?
  118. Is it necessary to take Concerta right after waking up?
  119. Paranoia / shyness on Concerta...
  120. Need A Quick Answer - Concerta & My Friend
  121. Interruption: why isn't it working anymore?
  122. Should I try a higher dose?
  123. Extremely tired in the mornings until I take Concerta?
  124. Concerta - Another First Timer
  125. Theory about Concerta mood swings...
  126. Highdose niacinamide (Vit B3) fully eliminates methylphenidat comedown effects for me
  127. Help/Suggestions w/Concerta
  128. The problem with a Schedule II Med
  129. just started concerta today.
  130. What to do?!
  131. Meds run out by the time I start studying at night
  132. Concerta side effects: loss of libido
  133. Heart Rate Increase
  134. Starting 2 moro :).....How was your first day ?
  135. Which Concerta is this?
  136. Few Questions about Concerta ER 18mg
  137. Sex and Concerta
  138. Concerta makes me want to exercise
  139. Switching to Concerta
  140. Concerta - Anxiety and Agitation
  141. Why is my doctor not raising my dosage?/Is Concerta exacerbating my ADHD?
  142. Ritalin to Concerta conversion
  143. First day of Concerta ER 18mg
  144. Two days on Concerta.. and is it strange my shrink said this?
  145. the case for concerta
  146. Is Concerta does too high?
  147. Effectiveness of 36mg in inattentive adults?
  148. Concerta Loosing Effectiveness?
  149. Concerta released differently between pills?
  150. concerta & social phobia
  151. Male Problems on Concerta!
  152. Not cool...
  153. Lowering dose and adding Tyrosine
  154. Question about side effects and Concerta/methylphenidates
  155. Success!!
  156. for those that do well on concerta ritalin
  157. concerta and non allergic rhinitus
  158. concerta can focus but only passively
  159. Feeling of withdrawl without my meds?
  160. Recurring nausea while on Concerta
  161. First day on Concerta. Not seeing much change.
  162. Advice please: Concerta=Sugar pills
  163. HEADACHES!!! Concerta Crash?!?
  164. Ritalin/Concerta - Dex comparison - 3 months of experience
  165. Concerta, 54mg, side effects? :/
  166. Too low dosage? how to take? need help
  167. groggy, foggy, blurry, tired, dizzy, can't think
  168. Destroying myself...
  169. Bad mood/upset when meds wear off
  170. Just diagnosed any advice 9yr old and concerta??
  171. constriction question
  172. Conserta didn't work - worth trying ritalin?
  173. Well I'm baaack....
  174. Concerta Concerns
  175. Is it working?
  176. Concerta and Supplements
  177. avoiding tolerance
  178. How long until tolerance builds to the cardiovascular effects of concerta?
  179. Concerta vs. Adderall?
  180. Pulling all nighter: okay to take in succession?
  181. combine converta with ritalin la20?
  182. Jitters, sleep, and alcohol
  183. I increased from 36mg Bid to 54mg qd W/ 10 mg ritalin in evening, sim side effect?
  184. POLL: what is your daily dosage of methylphenidate...
  185. Anyone happy with Concerta duration after taking Amphetamines?
  186. Concerta doesn't seem to do anything! Even on 54mg!
  187. Wondering about concerta...
  188. Cutting open the Conerta pill (for a good reason), but for digestion?
  189. Adjusting to medication....
  190. concerta
  191. Concerta side effects
  192. how do you feel about taking medication?
  193. advice please/question/ideas? help
  194. New side effects are scary!?! Should I worry?
  195. Concerta/Child/Side effects
  196. How many hours does Concerta work for you?
  197. sudden heart palpitations side effect
  198. The "Hangover"
  199. Concerta 54mg/day - help please!
  200. Building a tolerance
  201. First day on Concerta. What to expect ?
  202. What is the difference....
  203. Concerta and GERD
  204. Concerta So Far
  205. Concerta First Weekend
  206. Concerta SOS
  207. No more side effects
  208. Dry mouth
  209. Sleeping problem
  210. Do people who use ADHD medication use it always?
  211. I dont feel any different.
  212. Concerta and using Speaker Phone at work ?
  213. Question-Concerta Plus Adderall IR
  214. Generic Concerta is now Canada
  215. When ultra-focused all I want to do is sleep.
  216. Sweating problem
  217. Lowering the dose: Are these side effects normal?
  218. Ritalin LA vs. Concerta
  219. add meds and depression
  220. GAH No Meds 24 hours+ SLEEP + Hyper!
  221. Do you take a "booster" in the late afternoon/evening?
  222. Can stimulants improve vision?
  223. Concerta - Can you skip days?
  224. Sexual arousal on concerta?
  225. Concerta Newbie... (confused)
  226. trial and error trail and success stories?
  227. Concerta not agreeing with me
  228. Concerta, Vyvanse dosing equivalents?
  229. taking concerta twice to "over-compensate" (NO O.D)
  230. New Side Effects :(
  231. Concerta and Exercise / Heart Rate Question
  232. Fatigue mid-afternoon
  233. Around first month treatment, now onto Vyvanse, help please!
  234. 1st day of concerta
  235. Concerta duration of effect
  236. Concerta side effect???????
  237. Concerta - ingredients? vegetarian?
  238. Just started taking Concerta - how long should I wait before I decide if it's working
  239. Concerta with Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP)
  240. Do you find that you are Angry when the meds wear off?
  241. On and off concerta... lingering effects?
  242. Concerta making things worse!
  243. First time on any meds, started with concerta
  244. Will a Higher dose help?
  245. So I am taking Concerta
  246. Fatigue/Sleep all day on day without concerta
  247. Concerta to adderall advice...
  248. Concerta helping with energy and motivation?
  249. how do you determine you've found the right med?
  250. Concerta is great for me