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  1. what is normal?
  2. Is it true that Concerta is for Heperactives and Addreall , Vyvanse for Inattentives
  3. My Daughter on Concerta and Intuniv, need help
  4. After 5 days on Concerta...
  5. concerta chest tightness
  6. Canada Teva Generic Concerta experiences?
  7. Concerta and depression?
  8. Concerta dose too low?
  9. Day 3 on Concerta
  10. Silly question...
  11. Medication question
  12. Unsure . . . need some guidance.
  13. I've broken out into a rash!
  14. Generic Concerta may be available in the US sooner than we thought
  15. Dosage for Concerta
  16. Why am I so scared to take this drug!
  17. HELP!!! Concerta is working. What do I do? Is this normal?
  18. Just started taking concerta for attention/sa; what to expect?
  19. Crashing on Concerta-will it get better?
  20. Concerta question. 12 year old son
  21. Soar Throat with Concerta
  22. Am I taking too much Concerta or not enough?
  23. Concerta slowing down thoughts?
  24. concerta seems to be wearing off: why?
  25. going off concerta!
  26. How Long have you taken Concerta, and how has it effected your creativity?
  27. Take concerta when you pull an allnighter?
  28. Concerta and shiftwork
  29. My son became more hyper after using Concerta
  30. Should I switch from Adderall to Concerta?
  31. Concerta causing anxiety?
  32. concerta 2x36 or 18+54?
  33. headache, sinus pressure and concerta
  34. Nightmare/terror side effects
  35. New to all of this... UGH!
  36. Desperately need advice!
  37. IR to Concerta
  38. Don't like concerta...
  39. Exercise and Concerta
  40. heartrate
  41. Concerta?
  42. 2 Weeks on. Need input.
  43. Concerta making me depressed/emotionless
  44. New user of Concerta
  45. Fast/pounding heart rate at 36mg
  46. Concerta : 18mg x 3 different from 54mg x 1?
  47. Facing sleeping problems: Release the dosage faster by cutting the pill?
  48. Concerta is Awesome! Switch from Adderall
  49. concerta time span
  50. Going to the doc friday to talk about switching from concert
  51. Two 18mg per day.
  52. Supplements to prevent crashing
  53. Carrying your meds outside your home
  54. New to Concerta starting tomorrow
  55. Free Concerta Trial?
  56. Need a FREE no NOT the Pharm Co. one of CONCERTA 18 or 36 mg?
  57. what can help my irritability on concerta 36mg?
  58. are the stims really the right thing for me?
  59. Accentuate the Positives or Concerta=good!
  60. I am a zombie on and off concerta, help!
  61. Problems with Concerta?
  62. Ritalin or Concerta Question/Concern!
  63. I'm suppose to start Concerta...But I'm so scare! :-(
  64. 38 y/o with GAD and recent ADD diag
  65. Concerta should I even be on this?
  66. Concerta 36mg
  67. Sleeping better on Concerta?
  68. First day on Concerta
  69. Do I need a boost of Concerta?
  70. is there a best generic for concerta?
  71. Concerta + Strattera
  72. Methylphenidate anxiety
  73. Do certain/food drink w/ Concerta mess you up?
  74. concerta er 18 mg makes me SLEEPY
  75. Massive anxiety -- Concerta related?
  76. concerta 18mg not enough?
  77. Fast Heart Rate
  78. Concerta starting dose
  79. Need pharmacy help
  80. Concerta "come-down"?
  81. Numb feeling on right side of head
  82. a few concerta questions....
  83. Wow!
  84. Two 18 mg concerta = 36 mg Concerta?
  85. 27mg vs 36 mg
  86. Stopping Concerta
  87. how to quit concerta
  88. Water while taking ADHD Med
  89. Conserta has a special place in hell -.-
  90. Please help me and my son
  91. Synthroid and Concerta together???
  92. is metadate similar to concerta
  93. Concerta/Ritalin dulls my thinking
  94. Does Ritalin cause memory loss?
  95. Concerts inconsistent from day to day
  96. Will insurance pay for staggered dose?
  97. Insomnia
  98. starting concerta what should I expect?
  99. Bye, Bye, Vyvanse, Hello Concerta!
  100. Concerta (Methylphenidate 36 mg)
  101. concerta day 2
  102. concerta and irritability?
  103. concerta vs metadate..and the winner is...
  104. A WARNING to those taking Concerta
  105. Concerta not working
  106. Dosage issue
  107. concerta + clonidine anyone?
  108. Weird experience with concerta
  109. Side effects - are these usual - how long will they last?
  110. How do you deal with the crash?
  111. Will my appetite come back?
  112. Missed a dosage, slept for 13 hours ,I'm addicted
  113. Thoughts after day 1
  114. 2nd Day of Concerta
  115. Concerta and bruising
  116. need input please..
  117. concerta and coffee (72mg?)
  118. started concerta today...
  119. Day 3 18mg - Advice welcomed...
  120. side effect
  121. How long does it take for Concerta to start working
  122. I'm sooooo Tired....
  123. Hyperfocusing.... then spacing out
  124. Please please advise
  125. Methylphenidate IR better than Concerta?
  126. Long term data for Concerta and male adults?
  127. Considering switching to Concerta
  128. Question about time release
  129. Help pls!!!
  130. Concerta Questions (long term users please respond)
  131. Does Concerta have a "shelf life"?
  132. Concerta Dosing
  133. new to concerta - so far so good?
  134. Why do I feel tired after taking Concerta??
  135. When others thing your meds are not working......
  136. Switched from Vyvanse to Concerta
  137. Long term Concerta Use
  138. Tension / Anxiety
  139. Tomorrow will be my first day on Concerta...
  140. Concetnra 27ER
  141. concerta not working as well
  142. Concerta Not Working At All
  143. going to give Concerta another shot...
  144. concerta dosage question
  145. Day 5 on concerta side effects
  146. Side effect question
  147. Concerta Leaves Me Feeling Blank - Is this normal?
  148. Concerta vs Generic
  149. Concerta ER 18mg
  150. What is normal????
  151. Concerta pills taken together or separately/stopped working on me
  152. First few days of Concerta
  153. USA Concerta generic available May 1, 2011
  154. 36mg concerta causing increased heart rate
  155. Just started Concerta....not tired at night?
  156. concerta/Vit B/ L-Pheny/ L-Tyrosine combos
  157. alcohol and concerta
  158. Zinc and Concerta, Your Thoughts
  159. Concerta users..
  160. Help with the ADHD drug Concerta
  161. Hi all!
  162. Absolutely Terrified
  163. Stopped working...What to do next?
  164. Concerta while sleeping - help!
  165. Concerta turning me into ADHD?
  166. 32yo, Concerta is my first ADD medicine
  167. Experiences - first week on Concerta?
  168. Trying to Sleep
  169. Just came back from Dr's appointment: Concerta 36mg
  170. Concerta
  171. Just got script for Concerta 18 mg
  172. 1st day at 18mg.
  173. Concerta 36mg First Day - I Am More Hyper Than Usual - Is This Normal?
  174. Experience on Concerta: from help to hurt
  175. How can you get off of Concerta?
  176. Taking Concerta & Adderall XR on same day, once?
  177. NewB here - why am I only good for 3-4 days ?? Need advice and help please
  178. Are these normal effects of Concerta????
  179. Taking Concerta on holiday
  180. Taking Concerta twice a day?
  181. Phentermine vs Concerta
  182. Can concerta increase your libido??? (having viagra like effects)?
  183. Not sure if concerta is working or not.
  184. New dose is too high, and I can't get the lower dose until Friday. Need advice!
  185. What's the usual dose of Concerta for a 115 lb female?
  186. Concerta not working anymore...please HELP
  187. Hallucinations with Concerta?
  188. Eyesight issues...
  189. I can't stay awake-your thoughts :)
  190. First Day on Concerta 36 MG
  191. Sometimes I don't feel like I'm getting a "kick" from Concerta
  192. Concerta is making me foggy!
  193. Concerta Vs Ritalin Side effects
  194. My progress so far on Concerta
  195. My progress so far on Concerta
  196. Do I need to withdrawl from Concerta!?
  197. How long does Concerta take?
  198. Acidic beverages / Vitamin C.. is it a bad to take w/ Concerta?
  199. How can you tell if Concerta is working?
  200. 60mg of Ritalin to ??mg of Concerta? question about dose amount?
  201. Increasing effectiveness of Concerta (Diet, time taken, etc...)
  202. It stopped working?
  203. Concerta for inattentive ADD
  204. Concerta
  205. 7 year old swallowing pills (Adderall XR vs Concerta)
  206. Concerta no longer working?
  207. 1 a day?
  208. Pros-Cons of taking a Drug Holiday?
  209. peaks and valleys of concerta and effect
  210. Concerta misery...advice needed.
  211. Concerta and DARK urine
  212. concerta not working... what else could i use?!
  213. Concerta and High BPM
  214. 36mg
  215. From Vyvanse to Aderrall to Concerta
  216. no side effects?
  217. i have no idea what im doing
  218. want to talk to seasoned concerta user
  219. Paranoia while on concerta?
  220. Please help!
  221. Concerta and Prozac
  222. The worst side effect ~
  223. Erectile Dysfunction
  224. Concerta and Food
  225. concerta and time release?
  226. Why is my medication different?
  227. Does anyone "crash on concerta"
  228. Is Concerta still set to go generic on May 1, 2011?
  229. Concerta Versus Adderall-which is better?
  230. What's the difference between Ritalin and concerta
  231. Today was my first time trying adhd meds
  232. New to Concerta advice would be appreciated
  233. side effect question
  234. Concerta cause weight loss?
  235. Ginseng with Concerta
  236. Concerta 27 mg...Only loss of appetite
  237. Anyone take Concerta who has arrhythmia history??
  238. Jaw clenching, tongue fidgeting
  239. Does it really last 10 hours?
  240. has concetra or ritalin helped you?
  241. Insomnia on Concerta?
  242. First day on concerta and not sure what I feel?
  243. Positive post about Concerta/Lexapro combo
  244. Concerta not working?
  245. Ritalin, Concerta - Tolerance in 1 day?dose too small for concerta? 18mg?
  246. Helpful/Unharmful Advice and a question (Concerta)
  247. Pre-Employment Drug Screen
  248. First time taking Stim drug ever - was prescribed highest dosage
  249. Can't Sleep new to Concerta, Suggestions?
  250. Concerta - Side Effect Help