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  8. Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea,
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  14. Amino acid therapy, anyone have any input?
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  22. Old, tired, and confussed
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  30. First time on Concerta
  31. Pharmacy closed before trip..
  32. Worried about withdrawal. Can anybody advise PLEASE?
  33. let me ask a question for those on ritalin
  34. Experience with Concerta. Many words. Please reply
  35. Questions about medication
  36. hungry
  37. Get the best out of concerta!
  38. Postgrad on concerta?
  39. Concerta failure - what now?
  40. Should I be getting high off adhd meds if I don't have adhd?
  41. Hard to calm down
  42. What happened ?
  43. Tics from Concerta
  44. Caffeine works better than Concerta?
  45. I'm confused..anyone know?
  46. Dosage Question
  47. Concerta and Night Shift
  48. Chest tightness and Concerta
  49. XR meds not lasting as long as they should?
  50. My friend has weird effects the firsts days
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  52. Osmotic-controlled Release Oral delivery System (OROS)
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  55. Should i stay or should i go? 27 to 54
  56. Concerta causing anxiety at the end of the day.
  57. Is there a Concerta IR?
  58. Concerta
  59. Napping on meds
  60. Taking Concerta, add Wellbutrin or IR MPH or something else?
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  62. Concerta versus focalin xr
  63. Trouble after med vacation
  64. Concerta side effects are getting worse?
  65. Prescribed Concerta - Afraid to Take it
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  68. Scared *please read the whole thing*
  69. Hair loss on concerta but not on ritalin?
  70. Concerta and Food.
  71. What is best for me?
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  73. Isn't Concerta Supposed to Last? Maybe my Body is Different?
  74. Can't Tell if Concerta is Actually Working
  75. ADHD and Caffeine/Headache
  76. Prescription Question
  77. Just started...
  78. Where to go from here?
  79. Incredibly odd experience...
  80. Concerta alternative
  81. Ferocious angry migraine in my head...
  82. advice for concerta tolerance
  83. Multiple Questions Regarding Concerta
  84. Concerta Rebound/ 'Come Down'/ Withdrawal
  85. Switched from 40mg Vyvanse for 36mg Concerta, not feeling any positives?
  86. Increased involuntary muscle twitches
  87. I thought I had found the right medication...
  88. New to medication (Concerta)
  89. Do you "feel" it?
  90. Merging to Concerta from Dexamphetamine
  91. Concerta Medication Help
  92. Concerta Medication Concerns
  93. Concerta - Not taking on weekend problems
  94. Lack of Motivation Even on Concerta
  95. College student with adhd
  96. Concerta giving me horrible panic attacks & anxiety !!!!!!
  97. irritable..?
  98. Taking concerta 18mb, wondering if should be increased
  99. Duration
  100. Does Concerta or medication in general kill daydreaming?
  101. Concerta - Alcohol
  102. Concerta, SSRIs, and Zombie effect
  103. I'm back with a few concerns
  104. Concerta
  105. Do I need a higher dosage?
  106. Avoid caffiene with Concerta
  107. New to medication, have some questions
  108. Now what? need some feedback ... i beg
  109. 4th day on Concerta. Need advice!!!!
  110. Two weeks on Concerta - Side effects/No improvement
  111. just started taking concerta and i feel so nervous!! will this wear off?
  112. Son started Concerta yesterday... nothing different?
  113. is it possible that a dose that once worked is not sufficient anymore?
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  115. Re: Problems with getting Concerta?
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  118. Getting a booster
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  121. How does Concerta remain in you gut?
  122. Concerta - Boring
  123. my heart is racing!
  124. I hate Concerta !!
  125. Ritalin SR break? How long?
  126. First month - still can't focus
  127. Concerta & Strattera
  128. Feeling foggy, high, dissociated while on Concerta. 4th day of medication.
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  130. My son is starting concerta tomorrow
  131. Starting Concerta very soon
  132. I feel ANGRY on concerta!
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  136. Help! Starting dose question
  137. Concerta Expense- in trouble
  138. Concerta Sex/Masterbate , Please don't
  139. 4th on CONCERTA 18mg... very very good...
  140. is it just me or is it when on Concerta and anything you
  141. CONCERTA A++ , Great !
  142. HELP,! When ever i think about concerta or other stimlaunts i almost get a panic atta
  143. Some doubts and worries
  144. The right effect from meds - Energy or slow???
  145. Concerta - Getting anxiety ~8hrs after dose
  146. Alot of Flem on Concerta?.
  147. Crying when on Concerta..
  148. ritalin vs concerta.. im sorry im sorry but why the
  149. Concerta Effect: -> Where am I?.... lost.....
  150. Too old for Concerta?
  151. what can you do when concerta is no longer effective
  152. 72mg of concerta safe?
  153. how much concerta I should take daily?
  154. Rate CONCERTA ?/10 And give your reason !
  155. concerta and nose bleeds?
  156. Concerta-- nothing?
  157. Too Good To Be True? Problematic Blood Work Results
  158. concerta not working?
  159. Concerta Question
  160. Can food/drink consumption affect release of medication
  161. I . Feel . Amazing. Wow Wow Wow.
  162. Guys, its 5:47am , I have work in a couple of hours... Can I mix coffee with concerta
  163. Post your GOOD Concerta stoires here...
  164. URGENT ! Please help me , Heart attack ?, Concerta
  165. concerta withdrawal after one day off...
  166. concerta help
  167. Concerta, what is it? V2.0
  168. Concerta giving a "spaced" , "dreamy" effect, (also not knowing where i am)
  169. First day on Concerta... Wow.
  170. May I ask to people on Concerta/ Have tired Concerta, for the first couple of weeks
  171. Diagnosed wih ADD...COncerta ok?
  172. Concerta makes me depressed and restless
  173. Concerta lasting for 16 hours??????
  174. no effects 54mg
  175. Concerta 54mg & Jack3d - Dangerous Combination?
  176. Concerta 18mg -> To Concerta 36mg
  177. I need help understanding my Concerta and how it works
  178. Orgasms lasting for about 7-15 seconds longer when on Concerta ! woot woot!
  179. How long should you wait before knowing Concerta isn't right?
  180. Adderall to Concerta and I am BPD
  181. coping with the concerta comedown.... ommmmmgg, i feeelllllllll awful, HELPpp
  182. Sleep Depreivation Combined with Concerta. Possible Losing Combination?
  183. safe to drink a coffee?
  184. Ritalin to concerta
  185. Concerta is working A++, better than it should infact, but it makes me really tired
  186. Concerta side effects
  187. How to know if concerta is working?
  188. How to know if I should stay on concerta or try another medication? Adderall/Concerta
  189. Threw Up
  190. Concertra severe aggression
  191. Permanent Loss of Consciousness/ Possible Side Effect?
  192. Stopping Concerta
  193. Fatigue and Drowsiness... Is this long term?
  194. Concerta takes away everything
  195. Panic Attacks
  196. Does Methylphenidate effect serotonin in ANY way?
  197. Concerta
  198. Taking Concerta through customs
  199. Safe to take two Concerta 18mg pills tormmow?, because ....
  200. conserta and trying to loss weight
  201. Concerta
  202. I think I have Sinus infection (HELP PLS)
  203. Concerta and food
  204. [MUST READ if your starting Concerta] -> Concerta Starting TIP
  205. You don't know what you have til it's gone sometimes...
  206. Why do my pupils become huge in from the evening time
  207. Inconsistent Effects with Concerta
  208. Concerta + Cold = BAD !
  209. I'm so neat with concerta ...
  210. New legislature in Illinois disallowing 90 prescription?!
  211. Concerta side effects Normal or Not?
  212. NoOne with AD/HD knows what the correct dose of concerta feels like
  213. when concerta works bad (today) ;(
  214. Concerta 142mg-250mg
  215. i dont understand :[ , why concerta is only working sometimes when ritalin
  216. Cheap Insurance? Concerta Costs alot
  217. Concerta brand/verses generic
  218. in need of help
  219. Meds Ajustment, Need Advice!
  220. Concerta making me feel spaced out
  221. Concerta and difficulty sleeping?
  222. Concerta or Ritalin?
  223. Concerta-Little bit nervous
  224. Concerta wearing off?
  225. coming up on concerta
  226. should i double up?
  227. Anyone else hungry all the time on Concerta?
  228. All nighter, then taking Concerta?
  229. Moving up to Concerta 54mg from 36mg.
  230. cold remedies whilst using methylphenidates
  231. Moving up from 36 mg to 54mg? will i feel a difference?
  232. Concerta , Chest tightness.
  233. First dose
  234. New anxiety/panic attacks after Concerta wears off?
  235. Insomnia
  236. vitamins & concerta
  237. Concerta have no effects & side effects
  238. Concerta have no effects & side effects
  239. why are my pupils so small now?
  240. Why do I keep thinking about bad things?:(
  241. Concerta just not working :(
  242. Switching from concerta to something els, (What tell docotr?)
  243. Generic concerta to brand name
  244. Concerta has messed up the front of mah lips :S
  245. Why does a cup of coffee make me feel gooder/better than concerta 18mg,36mg,52mg?
  246. No rapid heart beat at 108 mlg?
  247. Heart rate while sitting in chair close to 100 BPM
  248. I feel that Higher dose of concerta is not working as well as lower dose?
  249. Problems with Concerta
  250. Concerta isn't working well?