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  1. First day of Concerta, already calmer?
  2. Does Concerta give me nausea?
  3. How long does concerta really last for?
  4. Anyone feel anxious/irritated/angry on Concerta?
  5. Can Concerta be Causing My Headaches? (though ive been on it for months)
  6. Concerta problems
  7. horrible side effects
  8. Switching away from Concerta
  9. List your CONCERTA comedown side effects/effects.
  10. concerta giving totally different effect from ritalin
  11. I can't remember ANYTHING
  12. Concerta, ADD, and My Situation (Generally Depressed)
  13. Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Program
  14. Ok I'm confused
  15. Concerta, Why does it effect me like:
  16. Just increased my concerta dose but feel really jittery..what can I do to calm down?
  17. 27mg of Concerta makes me depressed and tired
  18. Concerta 2 18mg tablets vs 1 36mg
  19. Urinary Incontinence and Concerta
  20. Concerta - obsession when people laughs around me
  21. Concerta: Just not working good, but ritalin did.
  22. Should I Take 2 18mg Now?
  23. Concerta -> No motivation really...
  24. Concerta and sleep
  25. Concerta and Emotional Numbness
  26. need some advice
  27. Concerta or Vyvanse?
  28. Can 18mg of Concerta affect sleep for 3 nights?
  29. Initial symptoms and dosage?
  30. Don't do when on CONCERTA.
  31. Concerta Withdrawal
  32. Concerta and Chest Pain
  33. Concerta Help!
  34. Medication
  35. Increased hearing?
  36. blah.
  37. Concerta and Kids
  38. itchy..
  39. 2 concerta questions.
  40. 7 year old son and Concerta
  41. Switching meds, ritalin to concerta
  42. What is your daily concerta dose?
  43. What's the long term succes rate for concerta?
  44. Food Aversion/ Appetite and Concerta - Your Experience?
  45. Stomach/Eating Problems
  46. Just Started Taking Concerta
  47. Concerta generic?
  48. Question about Concerta
  49. Taking concerta twice a day?
  50. After a few weeks concerta doesn't really help anymore, should I increase the dose?
  51. Guanfacine expectations from Concerta users?
  52. This normal when starting out on concerta
  53. Tics-Has anyone else developed one?
  54. Concerta Dose Question
  55. How long should I expect side effects to go away?
  56. Switching Meds Adderall XR to Concerta
  57. concerta dosing/timing sleeping
  58. I am concerned about my medication. Please help.
  59. concerta and alcohol
  60. Generic Concerta
  61. Overwhelmingly tired as soon as Concerta kicks in?
  62. What did you feel with dose increases?
  63. 72 mg concerta = working?
  64. Change in Concerta side effects after a year?!
  65. Long distance running & Concerta??
  66. My doctor wants me to try Concerta
  67. Focus for some things but not others?
  68. Weird Side Effects (Medication help)
  69. Concerta has brought me into the present :0)
  70. Concerta and Piracetam (Nootropil)
  71. concerta nothing like speed as some odd people say..
  72. a possible funny side effect or just a coincidence?
  73. In two minds about Concerta...
  74. Methylphenidate SR 20mg to Concerta... What strength?
  75. concerta, 18mg sometimes better than 54mg.
  76. Should I go up to 72mg?
  77. Will not having sex/orgasm help concerta the next day?
  78. Concerta causing depression??
  79. 54mg dose for a few weeks; contraindications with some nootropics I take?
  80. without concerta I feel like i'm on meth, so for all you anti-medication out there
  81. Concerta and Anxiety
  82. Do some people just do better on Methylphenidate-based meds?
  83. grapefruit / oranges / high vit c
  84. Feeling Hot
  85. How has concerta helped you?
  86. Concerta causing sweet tooth?
  87. New to Concerta: I feel like the best effect is that it keeps me awake.
  88. Sedadet by concerta 18 mg
  89. concerta and sinus infection?
  90. 2 months using Concerta. Game changer
  91. Chest Pains, Soreness, some stabbing pain, Anxiety
  92. Extremely Horny
  93. sleep troubles
  94. Taking two pills? RSVP
  95. Should I wait it out or call doctor to up intake?
  96. Concerta Medication Guide
  97. I am so tired all the time
  98. Going from 36mg to 54 in a week and a half?
  99. Concerta just not doing much for me
  100. been off concerta for almost 2 weeks...
  101. Does it mean do i need high dosage or ?
  102. Sleepiness off of Concerta?
  103. Finding the right dose of Concerta
  104. Concerta and Supplements Advice
  105. Just got prescribed Concerta XL... experiences/thoughts?
  106. Why is it not working?!?!?!?!
  107. Is Concerta potentially suited for me?
  108. Any Ideas?
  109. Day 5 on Concerta - Lost it..
  110. should I up my dose?
  111. After or before the meal (54 mg )
  112. Help Please?
  113. Ideas please re concerta.
  114. Higher doses of Concerta
  115. Concerta (Generic) 54mg Quesions
  116. A theory as to why many people don't respond to Concerta
  117. concerta self esteem issues?
  118. Heart rate and Concerta
  119. Blurry vision
  120. The Beginner's Guide to Concerta
  121. Concerta Questions
  122. Concerta dosage
  123. Concerta 36 mg first time taking
  124. Concerta as possible medication option?
  125. Can concerta work as SSRII?
  126. Concerta and increased sex drive
  127. Possible Switching from Aderrall to Concerta. Any Experience?
  128. Just started Concerta; side effects?
  129. New and on Concerta
  130. I need something to get me through the night
  131. This isn't working and it's discouraging.
  132. Brand Concerta is turning me into a zombie
  133. New to taking Concerta -- My Report after first dose
  134. Do your meds make you sleepy not long after taking it?
  135. How Concerta affects my mood
  136. Zombie for first 5 days. Will that go away?
  137. Too high dose ? or not ADHD ?
  138. Concerta- are these side effects or allergic reaction?
  139. CONCERTA users, please come in!
  140. I want to quit concerta :(
  141. Long term usage of concerta
  142. Concerta and fainting
  143. 90 mg of Concerta and it stops working after a few days??
  144. Mallinckrodt Launches Generic Concerta in U.S.
  145. Burst Blood Vessel in Eye Caused by Concerta??
  146. Anyone changed from Focalin to Concerta?
  147. From Ritalin to Concerta
  148. medication really not worth it for long time in my opinion
  149. When Does Concerta Work?
  150. Switching from Strattera to Concerta tomorrow. What to expect?
  151. Need advice on whether to give Concerta longer before switching
  152. Concerta XL side effects?
  153. New concerta user wants to share experience and ask for advice!
  154. Resting Heart Rate - Will it go back down?
  155. 72 mg Concerta - do they still make it
  156. double dose
  157. Newbie to Concerta with a few questions.
  158. Possible allergic reaction?? Help?
  159. Concerta XL Success Stories
  160. Long-term effects of Concerta overdose
  161. Dizziness and balance issues?
  162. New to ADD and Concerta question
  163. Heart Racing
  164. Concerta problems
  165. I used Ritalin for 4years and Concerta for annother 4 in early childhood.
  166. Need help adjusting dosage.
  167. Concerta Dosage
  168. How can I make Concerta last shorter?
  169. 22yr Old Male on 72mg of concerta
  170. Concerta nervousness
  171. Concerta 27MG
  172. For those with ADHD-PI, I have a question about the right concerta dose
  173. Concerta xl 72mg
  174. As a mother i should of done more
  175. 7 yr old with abdominal pains
  176. Rhodiola rosea (moi?)
  177. General conversation about taking concerta
  178. Concerta Cold Turkey !
  179. Normal to START getting side effects after a month of use?
  180. How long does concerta last?
  181. Trying Concerta 36mg for the first time
  182. Concerta & side effects
  183. Concerta at 72 mg does not effect me after taking vyvanse?
  184. Switching to Concertra
  185. Starting Concerta 27mg
  186. First ADD medication, Concerta sucks!
  187. What is considered "working well" / bad for MPH medication?
  188. Concerta worked as an anti-depressant? 2-3 times
  189. Physically acting out a dream 3rd night of concerta
  190. Quite confused
  191. Concerta + alcohol- aftereffect
  192. I need some help, please! 1 year on Concerta - suddenly things go south
  193. Concerta Inconsistencies?
  194. I think Concerta is helping me in school
  195. improved focus on Concerta than ritalin?
  196. Concerta not working
  197. Concerta release mechanism - looking for experiences
  198. Really Bad Mood Swings
  199. Concerta
  200. Concerta Medication
  201. Concerta Dehydration. Help
  202. Concerta - Hardcore ADD Med?
  203. Looking for a Concerta alternative
  204. Long term effects for being over medicated?
  205. Opinions? Concerns with Concerta.
  206. Concerta, Overdosage, and Tolerance
  207. Problems getting concerta
  208. Concerta and Hallucinations, please help
  209. Dose Equivalency
  210. Help relieving some bothersome side-effects i got form Concerta
  211. Concerta migraines?
  212. Concerta 54MG...
  213. Concerta 10mg
  214. Generic Concerta effects
  215. First day on concerta - is this normal?
  216. stomach gas and abdominal pain
  217. concerta and hair loss
  218. My Time on Concerta
  219. Concerta - import - online -overses - customs - Prices - Australia
  220. Concerta and spontaneity
  221. Normal
  222. starting dose of 36mg concerta?
  223. Concerta 18MG log
  224. Concerta is counterproductive
  225. Concerta and my ears?
  226. Feeling the heat
  227. Concerta possibly ruined my life
  228. Concerta tolerance? Even after a 3 month break?
  229. Just started with concerta 18mg have some questions about the timing!
  230. Too low a dosage? 18mg Concerta
  231. Should i cut to use concerta?
  232. Just switched from Adderall...
  233. From ritalin to concerta
  234. painful tongue but drooling mouth?
  235. Dosage
  236. Cost of Generic Concerta (US)
  237. 72 mg weaker than 10mg X2?
  238. 18 mg concerta
  239. My doctor is sick, so I need some feedback on my concerta?
  240. Worries about halting Concerta usage
  241. gaining weight = Concerta not effective?
  242. Drug interactions
  243. Concerta Issues
  244. Concerta - first day
  245. Just switched to Concerta from Adderall...
  246. I think I'm all done!
  247. No More Concerta for me!
  248. Is Conerta worth it ?
  249. Feel good in morning, then bad around lunchtime, then good again. Any ideas Why?
  250. Concerta Dosage, concerta vs methylphenidate IR