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  1. ADHD and Seeking Medication
  2. been off concerta for a while, and ive noticed these attributes. anybody get it too?
  3. Not working?
  4. need help/advice!
  5. Rebound anxiety booster?
  6. Concerta not working
  7. Stomach pain with Concerta
  8. Methylphenidate and Managing Cardiovascular Health Tips?! Share, Please
  9. Stepped up to 36mg and feel like crap!
  10. Just switched need advice!
  11. Just started concerta 18mg
  12. when to take IR with concerta / staggering concerta?
  13. Stepped up to 54 mg. Lost! Please help!
  14. Combating Side Effects from Taking Concerta
  15. Need Help Pls! Began Concerta again, no one to talk to. :(
  16. Suicidal with every dose. What gives?
  17. Concerta and anxiety
  18. New Adhd/Concerta Problems
  19. Concerta causing fears and phobias?
  20. anything to help stomach pains with concerta
  21. Recently started taking concerta and I'm really emotional.
  22. Concerta with nuvigil?
  23. Concerta and Shortness of Breath
  24. Wellbutrin + Concerta.... WHY? Any good stories?
  25. What is you daily dose of Concerta?
  26. High heart rate with low doses?
  27. Concerta 54 and panic disorder.
  28. Will this dosing problem progress with time?
  29. Switching from Adderall XR due to appetite suppression
  30. Is this normal?
  31. Concerta has actually been making me MORE tired
  32. 54mg Concerta, shift work and side effects
  33. What can you do to improve concerta's consistency?
  34. This is embarrassing... Erection issues.
  35. Concerta not Helping Physical Hyperactivity
  36. Confused about dosage change
  37. Concerta dosage too low
  38. From Concerta to Strattera
  39. Concerta and weight loss
  40. New to concerta-- feedback?
  41. Why do I only find negative reviews or bad experiences with stimulants like Concerta?
  42. Concerta + Coffee = 190/130 BP!
  43. First phase "rush" durance
  44. Chasing the high? Or are their two highs?
  45. Effects of Concerta 27 mg on ADHD-Inattentive?
  46. Cap on Amount of Pills?
  47. Concerta causes earache?
  48. Adult ADHD-Inattentive starting Concerta - adjustment period?
  49. Concerta nearly made me collapse
  50. Dispensed wrong type of medicine? (Regular vs extended release)
  51. Terribly unfocused/impatient when it wears off
  52. Quite curious about my interactions with concerta 36mg?
  53. Urine tests
  54. concerta and lexapro?
  55. Concerta causing cigarette cravings?
  56. 1 week in, back in hell
  57. Anyone taking less than 10mg slow release?
  58. Facial ; smiling ?
  59. New Generic Concerta BAD STUFF!
  60. First time concerta user, need advice!
  61. new to concerta- trying to figure out if it works?
  62. Long term Concerta use, all a sudden side effects
  63. Concerta
  64. Consistently sleeping 1 to 1.5 hours less with concerta?
  65. Extremely tired...
  66. Concerta and alprazolam?
  67. How to cease stimulant medication
  68. First Concerta dosage question?
  69. Concerta and appetite loss tips
  70. Considering Switching From Concerta to Something Else
  71. Concerta tolerance?
  72. Concerta users!! Help!!!
  73. Update on my treatment
  74. First week on Concerta and it's starting to wear off?
  75. SAT test and Concerta
  76. Is concerta dose too high?
  77. Concerta: NO Coffee (Caffeine)
  78. Does Concerta last all day?
  79. Coming from Vyvanse 30 to Concentra 18 - Any Advice?
  80. Social anxiety/depressed symptoms ?
  81. Greetings, Improving Concerta on another side.
  82. Get bored when I take Concerta
  83. Concerta: Activites (Brain Stimulation)
  84. Different brands (side effects)
  85. Why I'm going to stop taking Concerta XL
  86. Concerta / Anxiety / Cravings
  87. 3 days 36 mg/2 days 54mg/back to 36mg HELP!!
  88. Should I start Concerta?
  89. Concerta .... + Vitamin D.... Tired?
  90. New to ADD and Concerta
  91. Low blood pressure
  92. concerta after trying ritalin
  93. Concerta Tolerance?
  94. Side effects / evening doses
  95. Brand or generic?
  96. Concerta and Slower Mental Processing
  97. HELP!!! Concerta does it effect an irregular heart beat in a bad way???
  98. Concerta not working as well as Adderal
  99. Diarrhea?
  100. Might be heart-attack. Might not be
  101. Concerta is making me depressed?
  102. feeling of something stuck in my throat
  103. Methylphenidate SR scared!
  104. 'comedown' period
  105. Concerta evening = Tired, when it wears off = Not tired.
  106. Concerta XL 45mg (Pill)
  107. My Medication Journal: Concerta
  108. Allergic Reaction to Concerta?
  109. [Vote] Ritalin IR / Ritalin LA vs Concerta
  110. Methylphenidate SR
  111. New to medication and terrified
  112. Concerta XL - My dairy
  113. Worth the jump from 36 to 54mg?
  114. How soon to see a difference?
  115. concerta causing the feeling like I have a cold?
  116. Concerta does not do anything for me..
  117. [Mega Thread] Ritalin -> Concerta (Your experience)
  118. Shortness of breath, throat pain and tiredness on Concerta.
  119. Caffeine / Taurine Reactions with Conerta?
  120. Change Med or Change Dosage?
  121. Need help with Concerta
  122. TSH and Concerta
  123. First Dose; Worst Feeling Ever. What Now?
  124. Desensitised to methylphenidate?
  125. Concerta dosage, mixed ....
  126. Concerta + remeron
  127. Concerta: Design your own Box/Package (* Fun * Creative ) *
  128. Overwhelmed mid-day
  129. Side effect questions
  130. Generic Concerta added to the FDA watch list
  131. Concerta
  132. Concerta rollercoaster
  133. Do you need to get used to the same dose?
  134. New Concerta Generics & Withdrawal - Like Symptoms
  135. Mixing Concerta with Alcohol
  136. Concerta 18mg wearing off by 1 pm ish
  137. Concerta XL
  138. Just diagnosed, questions about Concerta
  139. Do dosages continue to increase with long term use?
  140. Concerta twice a day?
  141. Not taking what I thought I was taking
  142. Patent on Concerta's Delivery System makes it hard for Generic Brands to Duplicate
  143. Concerta not working? Check your generic!
  144. Switched from Adderall XR to Concerta... Starting to regret it.
  145. Side effects penis and Concerta
  146. Switching from Vyvanse to Concerta?
  147. My doctor doesn't want to try concerta after ritalin failed !!
  148. Erection Problems
  149. Just diagnosed - used Concerta 27mg today
  150. Concerta :: Thank You, Concerta.
  151. Side-effects. Common or not?
  152. Concerta makes my ADHD worse?
  153. Concerta :::: The ultimate fix to Concerta.
  154. ADHD and the physical symptoms?
  155. Nothing is happening or making things worse
  156. Concerta 54 mg - are these symptoms normal?
  157. Concerta and the Generics?
  158. Concerta 54 mg side effects?
  159. Second Does of Methylphenidate
  160. accidently took double dose
  161. FYI Best Price I've found on Concerta 36mg
  162. Concerta :: Ways to fix concerta
  163. vyvanse to concerta?
  164. Advice on Concerta
  165. Consistancy = diet?
  166. Ravenous
  167. medication question
  168. From 20mg Adderall XR to 18mg Concerta.
  169. Stopped taking concerta - feeling really weird
  170. Withdrawal long??
  171. 22% of Concerta = Sleepy/Causes side effects maybe?
  172. Side effects? Then try these quick and easy tricks.
  173. Concerta 54mg Duration of Effect question
  174. Concerta Side Effects
  175. Concerta - hit by bus!
  176. Chest tightness and pain: Concerta or athletic training?
  177. Are generic brands as effective as name brand?
  178. Food sounds gross, but I'm hungry.
  179. Staying healthy on Concerta
  180. Concerta 99 mg starting, Too much?
  181. HELP!! Really starting to hate this...
  182. Too subtle
  183. Long-term sustainability of being on Concerta
  184. Concerta anxiety?
  185. What is going on with my new dose?
  186. Full of rage when on Concerta! Help!
  187. Concerta- interactions with medication my cardiologist prescribed
  188. new with the topic
  189. how long is adjustment period in concerta?
  190. Concerta and ACNE
  191. Concerta (methylphenidate) for TBI
  192. They keep adjusting my medicine and can't find the right thing- HELP!
  193. side effects on Concerta
  194. Scared of the Tolerance.. (Concerta)
  195. What should I expect?
  196. Back on Concerta after a holiday
  197. Memantine for Concerta tolerance?
  198. Will Concerta help me get my work done?
  199. What time you take yours?
  200. Odd Concert Side Effect- Please Read
  201. trouble with my concerta
  202. Non prescription alternatives?
  203. Is there a difference (pic)?
  204. Concerta/MPH in Sweden
  205. Concerta - half life and sleep
  206. Anyone had any faulty Concerta XL tablets?
  207. I keep experiencing side effects from first dosage when dosage increased
  208. Starting Concerta - Concerned about treatment vs side effects
  209. Nerve/Muscle Twitching with Methylphenidate. Is this normal?
  210. Concerta and muscle pain
  211. not taking Concerta everyday
  212. Increasing from 63mg of Concerta
  213. FDA: some generic Concerta may *not* be equivalent.
  214. Caffeinated feel on Concerta
  215. I'm starting concerta
  216. Newly diagnosed and starting concerta tomorrow
  217. Concerta is not as effective in the morning
  218. Rage and anxiety on Concerta
  219. Share your success stories
  220. Concerta having the opposite effect I was hoping for
  221. Do you want to see how concerta works?
  222. GI issues
  223. Need to increase my dose
  224. How to keep up weight when on Concerta
  225. Anyone take two doses at different times of the day?
  226. Feed back needed from others regarding their experiences!
  227. 24 Hour Lasting Concerta?
  228. Concerta day 5...
  229. Concerta and Insurance
  230. Nationwide Concerta shortage!!
  231. Anyone do worse on Alza?
  232. Anyone take an IR after concerta wears off?
  233. Does anyone sleep longer and/or wake up in the early AM on concerta?
  234. 36mg to 54mg. Pros/Cons??
  235. When to take them...
  236. Article on effectiveness of generic concerta
  237. Feeling "inward"
  238. One Week In!
  239. Suddenly feeling sleepy?
  240. My Medication Break - Worthwhile?
  241. advice and tips for concerta noob
  242. Concerta too low, wearing off early?
  243. The Concerta Poster Girl
  244. Not Feeling Anything on 27mg
  245. Done with Adderall, switched to Concerta!
  246. Concerta, should i stop
  247. Can you take something small with concerta?
  248. Discussing dosage with doctor?
  249. Help!! Just started Concerta, ****ed off at everything!
  250. is Concerta working fine for just 3 days ?