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  1. Can I have advice please? Just started Concerta.
  2. Issues Filling RX
  3. What the heck is happening to me?
  4. How do I know if my dosage is correct?
  5. Any luck pairing a social anxiety med with Concerta?
  6. Medication Issues
  7. new concerta user
  8. Female hormones and Concerta
  9. Anxiety and elevated blood pressure
  10. Visual stimulation?
  11. i Have A Real Big Problem With Concerta Please take a look
  12. Side effects of Concerta
  13. How much medication is too much, is it bad for me if I need a lot
  14. Concerta propranolol and lexapro
  15. dosage of concerta
  16. Been on Concerta more than half my life. Want to quit.
  17. concerta is killing me
  18. Sickness after taking Concerta
  19. Concerta Day 9 - I'm all over the place.
  20. Lying to my psychiatrist
  21. Any Advice Please.
  22. forgetfulness and unmotivated allday
  23. Concerta
  24. Concerta and sleeping
  25. Effects on hyperactivity and attention
  26. concerta and passion flower
  27. 1st day on concerta, feel like I ate a big pot brownie!
  28. Gaining weight on Concerta?
  29. Concerta too high?
  30. switched from adderall to concerta...trying to find equivalent dose...
  31. college exam day and concerta
  32. Working out on Concerta+Caffine
  33. Can I double up on my Concerta to get to my dose?
  34. Concerta Side-Affects Not Right?
  35. Best tips
  36. Is concerta dosage too low or just wrong completely
  37. How long does Concerta stay effective over the years?
  38. Vyvanse mistaken for Concerta?
  39. i want to quit
  40. concerta didn't work for me
  41. Advice on Increasing Effectiveness
  42. New to concerta :)
  43. How do I know it's working?
  44. First Day On Concerta: Sleepiness? Happiness?
  45. recently diagnosed- Adderall --> Concerta
  46. When did your appetite come back?
  47. 18 mg might not be enough.
  48. Concerta night binging
  49. Long acting ritalin question
  50. Concerta Appears to Be Less Effective?
  51. Concerta over vyvanse?
  52. Concerta Help?
  53. Concerta/Focalin XR and Dexedrine XR all stopped working - solution needed!
  54. weight loss in concerta 27mg
  55. Concerta and hormonal contraceptives...
  56. Concerta 54mg helps me focused but makes me so tired I can barely keep eyes open.
  57. Severe dizziness - what is the science??
  58. Rare side effect?
  59. Started Concerta 18mg, wondering about foods I should restrict.
  60. Weight loss
  61. Concerta with 200 mgs theanine stack
  62. Concerta 27mgs
  63. Side effects with ADHD medication. What are the options we have?
  64. Help please I have an issue with my Concerta.
  65. 16year old needs help with concerta dilemma
  66. Weaning off of Concerta 27 mgs and flu
  67. 10 hour migraine
  68. Going cold turkey!!!
  69. Conerta inefficient when taken with anti-depressant
  70. Supplements for Autism & ADHD teen
  71. Is concerta right for me? Am I really ADD?
  72. Seem to have gained a long term tolerance to stimulants.
  73. PLEASE HELP!!! Is Concerta Working Correctly/Right For Me!?!?
  74. Is Concerta Better with Sertraline?
  75. WTH is happening?
  76. Any help would be appreciated
  77. help, is this possible?
  78. Anxiety on Methylphenidate
  79. switching from 36+18mg concerta to 54mg
  80. Concerta 27mgs and stopping,please help
  81. Anxiety/Uncomfortable Feelings 54mg
  82. Excessive sweating even on days that Concerta isn't taken.
  83. Any help would be brilliant
  84. Meds wear off too quickly
  85. Anyone Else on Max Dose?
  86. Hello, new here... questions about Concerta
  87. Concerta and left arm.numbness and burning/tingling
  88. Newly diagnosed- Concerta 18mg causing drowsiness?
  89. hi! new here and diagnosed adhd - on concerta 27mg
  90. New Pharmacy different medication
  91. Are these side effects of Concerta ER 36mg? Who else experienced these? Feeling blank
  92. Due to start Concerta. Should I be scared?
  93. What changes in personality should I expect?
  94. Just started on Concerta
  95. Long time Concerta user - recently heart palpitations
  96. Concerta 27mgs
  97. Concerta 27mg issues
  98. concerta made heart problem
  99. Getting re-prescribed concerta after psychosis?
  100. Can't concentrate and Adderall and Straterra failed...
  101. I just started Concerta, I would appreciate a review of my notes
  102. Concerta is great - and it totally sucks
  103. I am more distracted than before: Day 5 of Concerta
  104. Avoid concerta on weekends
  105. Concerta timing - what works for me...
  106. Day 3, extremely tired and anxious
  107. concerta and loss of appetite.
  108. feeling too sleepy at night
  109. New Generic Concerta
  110. switching from Adderall XR, not titrating
  111. Been off Concerta for 9 days since it made my head hurt, but my head still hurts?
  112. about my Concerta usage
  113. faster heart rate when I sleep after Concerta
  114. Concerta 36 started last week. Sooo sleepy. But it wasn't like that before
  115. Does anyone else feel weird the morning after taking Concerta?
  116. concerta and dizziness and feeling of being off Balance
  117. Does citrus fruit really interact with Concerta?
  118. Concerta only works for me when taking breaks
  119. Concerta and stopping and weight gain
  120. How will I know if Concerta is working?
  121. New to Concerta - Do crashes get easier or go away?
  122. Started taking Concerta 18 mg
  123. What are your side effects-concerta 36mg's
  124. concerta XL health implications
  125. First Concerta pill taken today after almost 2 months of Ritalin - Some questions
  126. Concerta causing some sort of depression?
  127. concerta and strattera best timings
  128. Just started Teva-Methylphenidate ER-C
  129. Does Concerta cause anxiety?
  130. Running and energy gels and concerta
  131. First time taking Concerta - anxiety
  132. Concerta causing anxiety
  133. 2 months on Concerta, seeing some side effects.
  134. Can't exercise on Concerta - does this effect go away?
  135. Trying Concerta but can't tell if it's working
  136. going back on Concerta after 3 month break
  137. Add medication and weight loss problem
  138. Concerta plus Adderall
  139. Concerta Plus Medikinet, any suggestion , experiences etc.
  140. Not sure if going up a dosage was a good idea?
  141. Is Concerta dangerous?
  142. Concerta AND Asacol AND Colitis (CU)
  143. Poor experience with Adderall/Vyvanse and looking for opinions on Concerta
  144. How Should Concerta Affect?
  145. Concerta tolerance
  146. Is this normal on Concerta?
  147. Switching to Concerta?
  148. Does Excessive Sweating Go Away?
  149. Trouble after increased dosage
  150. Built a tolerance to Concerta - can I go back?
  151. Is this something to take regularly to take effect?
  152. Concerta Trigen
  153. Methylphenidate bad for exams?
  154. 108 mg of Concerta. Tolerance is a factor.
  155. Concerta and anxiety/panic
  156. Stimulants purpose -- Concerta and Matoride side effects
  157. Concerta, the doctor started me at 27mg and I felt like I was dying
  158. 18/27mg Concerta trial
  159. Took Zoloft instead of Concerta help?
  160. Extreme Heart rate and anxiety with concerta
  161. Sorrow/Apathy from Concerta
  162. Got my Meds (Concerta 18mg) But Im terrified to take them! HELP
  163. Sudden onset stuttering as side-effect (Age 25), never stuttered before
  164. Upped dose, having doubts, depression-like
  165. For those who started out on Trigen, did it work okay?
  166. Zombie
  167. Ugh...Is this stuff working??
  168. Concerta Not Covered - Options/Thoughts?
  169. how long does concerta take to build up in your blood?
  170. Concerta evening slump
  171. How to know if I need to up my dose?
  172. help on concerta
  173. concerta combo
  174. Newly diagnosed adhd inattentive type .. trouble with concerta
  175. How unhealthy is it to take concerta daily?
  176. Concerta Equivalent Doses to Adderall XR?
  177. Looking at Nothing on Meds.
  178. One Month - I am Homeless - Thank You ADHD!
  179. Instant Ritalin boosters with Concerta
  180. 54mg concerta
  181. concerta making me really tired
  182. 1st try Concerta
  183. taken 18mg for 5 days already, no effect
  184. Taking a break
  185. Gaining weight
  186. Returning to Concerta and dosage to return on
  187. Concerta.
  188. Self doseing
  189. Concerta update!
  190. Xenidate vs Concerta
  191. Concerta+Strattera
  192. Am i on correct dose?