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  1. 10 Things Parents Wish ...
  2. What are the best books to buy to help a teacher with a student that has adhd
  3. Questions from me: ADDer and future SpEd teacher
  4. All Kinds of Minds
  5. A Teacher's Top Seven for Teachers (TS)
  6. Teachers taught fifty years ago without Ritalin
  7. How to teach an ADHD child
  8. Assertive Discipline Plan
  9. 12 Things High School Students With ADD/ADHD Would Like Their Teachers To Know
  10. Attention Deficit in the Elementary School Classroom: Presenting Your Lessons
  11. How Schools Can Help
  12. Teach and Reach Students With Attention Deficit Disorders
  13. Learning Disabilities and ADHD Books
  14. Opening a Special Ed Class Grades 1-8
  15. List of Ideas: Currirulum Mods for Special Needs K-12
  16. The Gifted Student with ADD: Between Two Worlds
  17. Bipolar Students: Suggestions for Teachers
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  19. Homeschoolers
  20. Back To School
  21. Calming Down
  22. ADD teachers
  23. Inflatable Chair Cushions
  24. Homeschool co-ops/support groups
  25. Education
  26. inconsistent meds -- help
  27. Out of control class
  28. Has anyone heard of or used Responsive Classrooms?
  29. Teaching REading Methods that work:
  30. Multiple Intelligence
  31. How do we think/learn things?
  32. I am not the only one
  33. Books and Useful Resources for Teachers with ADD/ADHD/LD
  34. Your Favorite Teacherisms
  35. Add/Adhd Sounding Analogies and Metaphors
  36. Teacher looking for a resource
  37. Activity Based Mathematics/ Language use in Mathematics (be alarmed... I am!)
  38. Coaching a 7 year old with ADHD
  39. I Am So Scared
  40. Applied for Teaching Position today
  41. The Life of a Substitute
  42. Thinking of teaching as a career and looking for advice
  43. Funny/Wise Things Students Say
  44. Evaluating medication effectiveness in class
  45. Why is public school always the answer? *rant*
  46. Band director doesn't understand me
  47. Just a note for teachers...
  48. How do I write a transcription?
  49. Comprehension and Organisation problems
  50. Effective Phrases?
  51. Leg thumping/Standing on Knees in chair( I don't get it)
  52. What things frustrate you the most; what do you do about them? (Assignment Question!)
  53. What is the best seat for these special students?
  54. Teacher Humor
  55. This child is far beyond the category of "at risk" in mathematics...
  56. Speed reading for ADD
  57. help
  58. person first language please! :)
  59. Tapping Pencils=no talking?
  60. teaching certification i need help
  61. Leadership Skills
  62. UGGGGH!! The semester began!
  63. TEACHERS READ THIS! from someone who's a T.A. and ADHDer
  64. Substitute needs advice from teachers.
  65. Teaching the unruly ones...without strangling them
  66. Some ideas on a.d.d. and teaching
  67. New to forum: Teaching and ADD (sorry so long)
  68. Alternative math instruction?
  69. Calling All High School Teachers with ADHD
  70. should this be kept a secret?
  71. Try Being a Resource Room Teacher with ADD
  72. Frustrations
  73. In Need of Organizational Strategies n Structure
  74. Over protective Band director
  75. texting
  76. ADHD Children's Interpersonal Intuition Gift
  77. First Year Teacher in a Pre-K to 2 Public School
  78. About to begin tutoring ADHD student for the first time. Need advice.
  79. I miss my band director right now
  80. What kind of love do teachers have for their students?
  81. New at teaching
  82. Second day teaching and i am a little scared
  83. Time to get organized...
  84. How was your first day(s) back?
  85. Teacher's Private Forum
  86. Fidgeting
  87. Standardized Reading Tests Misery
  88. Looking for Tips for ADHD teachers
  89. I Quit, I Think (A Teacher Speaks Out)
  90. Food for thought
  91. Any ADD teachers out there?
  92. Reading Strategies
  93. How do you know teaching is the profession for you?
  94. I have to teach kids to be repsonsible.
  95. E-ducation/online learning
  96. Dreams I have had about school starting (so far)...
  97. ADHD Teachers a Pilot Project: RESEARCH
  98. My first teaching practical
  99. Teacher with ADHD
  100. Substitute Teaching, Quite a Bit
  101. How NOT to teach ADD Students!
  102. An Article that Reminds Us How Valuable Teachers Are
  103. Teachers with ADHD out there?
  104. Non-traditional teachers
  105. Elementary teachers with ADD
  106. 7 Things Teachers Would Like Their Students with ADD/ADHD (and their parents) to Know
  107. Question about teaching student with ADHD
  108. Starting practicum this winter, student teaching next fall! with adhd!
  109. Flexible seating in classrooms!!??