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  1. Is this medical negligence (warning a bit graphic)
  2. Ground-low libido
  3. Epilepsy and ADHD Meds
  4. ADHD and Lyme Disease?
  5. ADHD & Dementia
  6. radical acceptance is such a beautiful idea
  7. Adhd vs Schizophrenia
  8. Hypogonadism
  9. Chest pains
  10. Allergies, Asthma, and Diet
  11. TMJ and ADHD
  12. Battling Low Self-Esteem
  13. weighing on me: how to reemerge and what next?
  14. Very sensitive to sunlight
  15. Epilepsy and Flashing Lights (split from "legislating mediocrity" thread)
  16. Annoying Twitch/Tic
  17. What's the difference between these two?
  18. Need to lose weight - very, very quickly!!!
  19. TMJ pain - need ideas to help it
  20. Random Tingling in Extremities
  21. hand trembling
  22. Does ADHD affect you with high blood pressure?
  23. Info about Mono?
  24. Adrenal Fatigue or HPA Axis Dysregulation ?
  25. Attention Deficit Stomach
  26. inflammation
  27. Joint hypermobility syndrome~ Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility Type
  28. Anyone familiar with HSP?
  29. "How Stress Affects Your Body" (4:42 TedEd Video)
  30. Epilepsy and ADHD
  31. Persistent dizziness. Cause?
  32. Struggling w/ inflammation
  33. MRI AND X-Ray ?
  34. Adderall and Synthroid
  35. co-existing designers, artists, creatives disorders
  36. venting about struggling
  37. ADD and iron deficiency??
  38. tinnitus, tmj, misophonia
  39. mysterious injuries
  40. Do you consider your self a sociopath
  41. Raynauds, stimulants and winter
  42. I fear I might be going backwards mentally again
  43. Paranoia
  44. How do we know reality?
  45. Cognitive behaviourable therapy
  46. Post traumatic stress
  47. Anyone have ADHD and also fatty liver?
  48. the elephant in the room
  49. Self hatred
  50. Do you have digestion problems?
  51. Hearing voices?
  52. Eczema and Allergies
  53. New research on intrusive thoughts
  54. and so it begins, though really it's just never ending
  55. Pathological Gambling and Adderall ?
  56. I need a reality check please
  57. Tendency to use brute force when performing tasks
  58. ADHD and Migraines
  59. Unwell
  60. How do you know if its a sinus infection?
  61. Safety
  62. Does anyone see a pain management doctor?
  63. Anyone have joint replacement surgery in their right hand at the base of the thumb?
  64. i've spent more of my adult life unstable than stable at this point
  65. Blepharospasms/tardive dyskinesia
  66. WRAP plan!
  67. Reactions to self harm?
  68. Hospital
  69. the breakthrough i need to have