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  1. Problem with messing with my adhd fingernails
  2. Confabulation, and other issues
  3. Convergence Insuffiency?
  4. ocd,bdd,anxiety,touretts
  5. Doctor Issue?
  6. Attachment Disorder
  7. Do You Have Symptoms Of Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome?
  8. psychosis help?
  9. Basal Ganglia (sp)
  10. New to board.. question about ADHD in Childern associated with neck and back pain???
  11. I believe treating ADD properly helps dx and treat co-exisiting properl
  12. Fragile X Syndrome
  13. executive function disorder?
  14. environmental dependency syndrome...
  15. Afraid to share opnion
  16. have no idea what my child has
  17. ADD and Chronic Pain
  18. Lost on the Forum
  19. Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension) and ADD
  20. ADHD Vs Autism
  21. blockage in the heart...
  22. Mitral-Valve Prolapse
  23. I'm terrified of going to the dentist!
  24. Scalp Psoriasis
  25. Sinus, Ear, and Allergy Problems-Caused by ADD Meds?
  26. Does ADD make me literally "Hot blooded"?
  27. Allergies
  28. "pseudo" ADHD - list of other possibilties
  29. Has anyone use this??
  30. Question about my skin
  31. Allergies/Asthma/IBS
  32. Gastritis-Ulcers-Treatment & ADD Meds
  33. What symptom is this for? Please help!! before it gets worse...
  34. Links to Studies, Current and Upcoming
  35. ADD + allergies => sucks
  36. Anyone with schizophrenia?
  37. Seasonal Affective Disorder -- Is this you?
  38. Auto Immune Disorders
  39. What condition besides ADD?!
  40. More on Auto Immune Disorders
  41. Article about RLS mentions possible connection with ADHD
  42. Attachment Disorders
  43. Pyroluria
  44. venting
  45. neurologist
  46. Interesting Information
  47. Tips for going and surviving medication free before medical tests
  48. Ear, Nose, Throat - Co-existing Conditions
  49. scabs on scalp
  50. what does it mean when people grind there teeth and they grind them so low
  51. Needed suggestions from Social Workers.
  52. Mood Stabilizers
  53. Does Anyone Else Feel Like A Weirdo?
  54. wellbutrin anxiety
  55. Article: Nonstimulant Medication Is A Safe And Effective Alternative For ADHD Treatme
  56. Balance Disorder - Testing
  57. Psychiatric Service Dogs
  58. Restless Leg Syndrome
  59. Allergy Problems?
  60. Joy in Procrastination = psychological addiction?
  61. 9 yr. old son to start DDAVP.........??
  62. Ativan and my mother with Alzhiemers
  63. GI issues with ADHD/ASD, anyone?
  64. I'm not sure what to think now
  65. Adhd Symptoms in Persons With Celiac
  66. what disorder is it when people dont take good to changes
  67. Schizophrenia, dimentia and ADD/ADHD
  68. Stalking/Limerence?
  69. ADHD and Constipation
  70. I'm Not Add after all
  71. Inattentive ADHD + Paranoid thoughts?
  72. Apparently, it's not all that uncommon. ( Pain & ADD)
  73. What causes people to want to take on.....
  74. Weird symptoms you see alongside ADD?
  75. Unilateral deafness
  76. have you ever hallucinated?
  77. Associated Disorders?
  78. Why am I so Vulnerable to a common cold?
  79. Are these signs of a cold? or something worse?
  80. Thyroid issues....
  81. Sleeping disorder does Melatonin help?
  82. Back pain in absence of injury?
  83. Ruptured artery in hand
  84. What can I do for mild akathisia (inner restlessness) non-pharmacologically?
  85. Angry teen
  86. Dyslexia and ADD
  87. first time poster
  88. Nausea when looking down?
  89. Dysphagia
  90. bad, stressful, hand writing... dystonia
  91. Testosterone Deficiency
  92. Not very well.
  93. Thyroid causing symptoms?
  94. your worth
  95. autoimmune disorders and ADHD
  96. Anyone else SI?
  97. Odd
  98. What on earth...? Am I crazy? Scared...
  99. ADD + happiness?
  100. Neuropathy?
  101. Support?
  102. Anyone have info on - Auditory Processing Disorder
  103. Why no forum for chronic pain ????
  104. Serotonin Toxicity
  105. I want...
  106. Eye twitching...
  107. Anyone with POTS/Dysautonomia?
  108. Nail Patella Syndrome
  109. A new dx for me.
  110. Why is my hair falling out??? Im only 20
  111. Dyslexia and ADD
  112. Ramsey hunts sundrome please help me out as soon as possible
  113. Has anyone tried Vinpocetine for chronic pain?
  114. Paranoia
  115. Body Dysmorphic Disorder and ADD / OCD / ASP
  116. Chronic Glaucoma
  117. Experiences with parents with Borderline Personality Disorder and AD/HD
  118. Possible Product of the Narcissistic Family...
  119. Schizophrenia & Schizoaffective Disorder (poll)
  120. Benign Intracranial Hypertension
  121. You may have been poisoned!
  122. Migraines
  123. HELP ME PLEASE - balance and vision problems
  124. Maybe a systemic issue,deficiency or what?
  125. Not a "cure" but a HUGE HELP in combatting Inattentive/SCT ADD.
  126. "Complex Emotional Disorder"
  127. Dammit.
  128. hoarding
  129. Idiopathic Hypersomnia
  130. Addisons disease.
  131. Overly Detailed Speech
  132. paraphilias
  133. DDNOS, or, I'm a 9 year old.
  134. ADHD and DESR anyone?
  135. Co-Existing PHYSICAL conditions
  136. No voices or hullicinations,but diagnosed schizophenic in an hour session
  137. Anger
  138. Who are you doing?
  139. What is going on!?!?
  140. Dissociation and ADHD?
  141. Concussions/TBI and ADHD
  142. pyromania
  143. Thyroid Conditions...
  144. Neuromyotonia, Cramp Fasciculation, Benign Fasciculation syndrome, or Stiff Person
  145. How can we fight illnesses we cannot see?
  146. i'm tired of feeling like ****
  147. Idiopathic Hypersomnia
  148. Head injuries discussion
  149. Really frustrated, feel like an old man
  150. Lumpy feeling in right side of throat
  151. peripheral nerve hyperexcitability
  152. Medically unexplained physical symptoms
  153. What other diseases go hand in hand with ADD?
  154. Skin picking and trichotillomania
  155. Questions about Attachment (RAD?)
  156. Psoriasis,Alopecia, and other physical Gauges for adhd.
  157. Aging and ADD
  158. Allergies and anxiety?
  159. Washington Post Article About Controversial Proposed DSM Updates
  160. I don't even know where to post this... Holy ****
  161. I don't even know where to post this... Holy ****
  162. Pain management
  163. Paraphilia
  164. ADDF clinical research!!
  165. Does anyone know about Schizophrenia? Minus hallucinations and Delusions?
  166. Not DID, but Having Other Personalities
  167. Incidence of Cluster Headache
  168. Anyone Else Diagnosed with Congenital Toxoplamosis -and- ADHD?
  169. Random weird late night episodes
  170. Delusions and hallucinations
  171. Gluten Sensitivity Anyone?
  172. Migraine related disorientation and confusion mixed with adhd
  173. Positive and Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia
  174. How can you tell if you lack dopamine or NE?
  175. Is every joint pain arthritis?
  176. just what constitutes mentally ill or unfit?
  177. Waardenburg, anyone? Link with Aspergers or ADHD...
  178. Trigeminal, Temporal or Occipital Neuralgia
  179. Thyroid meds: jesus I screwed them up...
  180. Headaches and ADHD (Cluster? Migraine?)
  181. Are allergies genetic?
  182. My back - an update (anybody have serious back issues - not herniated disc?)
  183. Need to vent!!!!!
  184. Allergy Shots
  185. Dull pressure on the head, scared
  186. Chronic Pain and how to recuperate?
  187. So I have just schizophrenia and bipolar, NOT ADD in me
  188. my illness makes it so hard for Drs to help
  189. warning - respectful resignation of hope - abandon ship unless u can ...?
  190. Lyme disease aka Chronic Tickborne Disease and the battle in the medical community
  191. tingling in spine - cracks n pops - burning -
  192. Anybody here with ADHD & Migraines,Parkinson's, Essential tremor,etc
  193. I have Parkinson's disease
  194. TBI - Traumatic Brain Injury and ADD
  195. Chronic migraines (chronic dehydration?)
  196. Getting off pain meds, SSRI change, and work.
  197. Oh God Nooo!Degenerative disease of the Nervous System(Unspecified)
  198. Schizophrenia links
  199. Does anybody have experience fighting short term disability denials?
  200. PTSD from childhood and infancy
  201. Disorders of the Animal Sphere
  202. Anyone here have a condition thats why adhd or add can not be diagnosis ?
  203. Stray Prenatal Gene Network Suspected in Schizophrenia
  204. Problems with memory.
  205. Study: Genetic overlap_major psychiatric disorders
  206. Alternative Medications for Schizophrenia
  207. Another genetic find, this time for epilepsy
  208. So many things fit--how do you work it out?
  209. Rotator Cuff Tear, Tendinitis and/or Bone Spur Inquiry
  210. Narcolepsy
  211. External Impressions ( mood )
  212. ADHD & Epilepsy
  213. ***Potential Trigger*** I need some encouragement please lovely peoples
  214. HELP! Coorelation between ADHD and Passive Aggressive Behavior
  215. Hypothyroid/ADD
  216. what does it mean?
  217. Premenstrual dysphoric disorder
  218. Coughs & Colds
  219. ADHD & IBS - Meds & Work Rights
  220. WTF is this?
  221. wtf is wrong with my brain
  222. new Alzheimer's treatment
  223. anyone done cognitive remediation (*not* CBT)
  224. Anyone else who has visual snow?
  225. Seeking help for a friend
  226. Developmental Coordination Disorder
  227. For any ADHDer's with Co-morbid Parkinson disease or a family member afflicted by it
  228. Can you get shingles from someone just vaccinated?
  229. Need some advice.Could Parkinson's disease aggravate Attention deficit disorder?
  230. Anyone else with low testosterone?
  231. can I just get a @#$%^ break please? a NEW diagnosis
  232. Allergies & Cognitive Impairment
  233. B12 Injections?
  234. Skin conditions
  235. Chronic pain
  236. Not diagnosed with CAPD, but...
  237. Celiac disease?
  238. ok this is kinda funny but drives me crazy
  239. What is this?
  240. Compulsion to (REALLY) strike yourself?
  241. Thyroid Nodule
  242. UTIs and Behavioral Changes
  243. thumb movements?
  244. ADHD meds don't cause Parkinson disease!
  245. Vitamin B12 Deficiency - Non-Vile Sublingual or Liquid Supplements?
  246. Low ferritin result. Damn it!
  247. Extreme Thirst, very hungry
  248. A year ago i began having extreme difficulty writing certain characters
  249. Munchausen's by Internet
  250. Is this medical negligence (warning a bit graphic)