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  7. Dexampthetamine is like jekyll and hyde
  8. PLEASE HELP!! I've been on Dexedrine and I've never had a problem "performing".
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  10. I'm new too and totally lost atm
  11. dex's effects becoming too potent
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  16. West Australian Prescribing Law Changes???
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  20. Dextroamphetimine Sulfate Tablets, 20 or 30mg. Has anyone actually seen one?
  21. Adderall IR to Dextroamphetamine
  22. Moved from the US to Australia and switching to Dexedrine - A couple questions
  23. Problems.
  24. Vyvanse didn't help, dex DOES, but... dosage & titrarion issues.
  25. Unsure about dexedrine, is it still good for me?
  26. Insurance declined Vyanase. Question about Dextroamphetamine
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  28. Have been on 5mg of dex. for trial period. What dosage is right for me?
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  30. Dex dosage question for my schedule.
  31. dextroamphetamine (generic) + acne, ritalin (generic)
  32. Is Mallinkroft the same as Zenzedi?
  33. Tips on Finding Barr Dex
  34. Insurance says Dex isn't FDA approved and won't pay for meds...
  35. Anyone find resistance when asking for dexedrine?
  36. Was told I would get corepharma Dex er; got mallinckrodt er instead?
  37. Adderall made my pulse high, but Dex is making me tired and no symptom relief...
  38. Dex IR vs. ER/CR
  39. High heart rate on 40mg of Dex.
  40. Amedra = brand Dexedrine or generic Dexedrine?
  41. 4X10mg spansule plus 2x5mg ir help!
  42. Is it strange that i take 80 mg of Dexamphetimine a day and sleep all night?
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  50. Dexedrine combination(s)
  51. Possible addiction ?
  52. Wondering about switching back .....
  53. Less effective when sick / stressed
  54. Dexamphetamine causing side pain?
  55. Dexamphetamine + Exercise
  56. Dextroaphetamine 15mg 3 times a day no focus
  57. New to Dex and ADD
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  60. Tired of trying and about to settle....
  61. Weight gain
  62. Is dexamphetamine same as dextroamphetamine
  63. Blood pressure medication with Dexamphetamine
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  66. My issues with dexamphetamine
  67. Travelling: In which European country might I get a Dexedrine script?
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  74. Tommorow is my first dose
  75. Dex : Does it work better with or without food?
  76. Looking for plasma profile graphs on IR d-amphetamine
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  78. Can't Find Mallinkrodt Dexedrine At Walgreens In SoCal
  79. Drinking alcohol—yes or no?
  80. Dexamphetamine side effects - possibly while quitting caffeine?
  81. "Do not fill before ...."/31 days
  82. WHAT IS GOING ON!? New to Dex! Dex making me sleepy and sluggish!?!?!
  83. just started dex IR over a week ago. Overthinking/deap thought? is this psychosis?
  84. isn't 10 mg the initial dose for adults?
  85. Adderall IR vs. Zenzedi (brand), what is a comparable dose?
  86. What to Eat for Breakfast on Dexedrine?
  87. Dextroamphetamine Extended Release with or without food
  88. IR Dex Generics Updated
  89. Sleepy??
  90. First few days on Dex - thoughts??
  91. Possible serotonin syndrome?
  92. Canada Generic Dexedrine - apo-dextroamphetamine Vs. Brand Name
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  94. Side Effects; & What to expect first time on dexedrine?
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  97. Anyone taking very LOW DOSES Of DEXEDRINE IR WITH SUCCES ?
  98. Need advice regarding anxiety med in combination with Dexedrine IR
  99. Dexedrine & Exercise Timing
  100. My medication is taunting me
  101. What to expect?
  102. Dexedrine ER...why not in my country?...
  103. Headaches developed after 3 months of use?
  104. Medication trials
  105. 4 weeks in, a little advice
  106. Dexamphetamine - Urinal Retention?
  107. Medications help curb sleepines/flat on dex?
  108. nervous system can't handle dexamphetamine
  109. anyone here tried the generic from KVK Tech?
  110. Did I just send up a “red flag”?!?!
  111. Anyone had to raise dexamphetamine strengh after quitting caffeine?
  112. Ordering a Specific Brand
  113. Dexedrine prescription in South Florida?
  114. Dextroamphetamine stopped working
  115. 1-2 grams of Tyrosine with dex
  116. Been having bad nausea/stomach acid when taking dextroamphetamine when not saturated
  117. Pre-workout drinks are acidic which makes it impossible to combine with med! Sucks!
  118. Headaches caused by Dex.
  119. Dex and Stress
  120. Does this sound ok?
  121. Very Bad Experience with KVK Tech Dextroamphetamine
  122. Anyone prescribed Dexedrine and adderall ?
  123. Dexamphetamine and Alcohol
  124. Availability of Dexedrine Spansule. I cannot find it anywhere.
  125. Mallinckrodt Dex Now Manufactured by SPECGX LLC
  126. Dose too high?
  127. Anyone On Dexedrine And Bisoprolol?
  128. Psychiatrist switching me to XR after 5yrs..
  129. can I choose what brand I get?
  130. Anyone here find their optimum dosage to be in the low, i.e. 5mg range?
  131. Current Dex Spansules Users
  132. Has anyone tried the generic Actavis dexedrine?
  133. My doctor is away
  134. sleepy and blank
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  138. Zenzedi / Dexedrine Prescription duration
  139. Negative Dextroamphetamine Side Effects- Nausea and Insomnia
  140. HELP! dexamphetamine makes me feel worse... been taking for 2 months
  141. Dex ER
  142. How long does the dextroamphetamine come-down last for you?
  143. Switched to Dex, go through my daily doses during the day, nights suck.
  144. Experiences w/different Generics and Brand Name availability of Dexedrine Spansule
  145. Cost of Dexamfetamine