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  1. a ceiling for tolerance
  2. Generic version drama
  3. getting generic, help!
  4. Abdominal Cramps -- how quickly did they go away
  5. Brand>generic>scary
  6. once a day dex?
  7. what happens when u stop
  8. Methyl- Dextro- Amphetamine?
  9. Dexedrine drowsiness?
  10. Thinking about switching over
  11. Different kinds of Dexedrine, need help asap
  12. What's your dose?
  13. Withdrawl problems on Adderall - how about Dexedrine?
  14. A Safe Stimulant?
  15. eye twitching on dexedrine
  16. How to work out the ‘right dose’?
  17. Cheek Chewing Continues Without Dex. Why?
  18. Spansules - actual delivery system?
  19. concentration + bad eye sight
  20. Shorter acting Dex/method?
  21. Where to find MALL generics?
  22. Rectal administration: serious question
  23. I just moved over from Adderall
  24. How Amphetmines effect ADD -Im running outta ideas- need some advice feel kinda bad..
  25. The stones did a song about dexedrine?
  26. Mallinckrodt brand irony...
  27. 6 days into 5mg/3.5hrs Dexedrine - intense side effects
  28. Dexedrine Question(s)
  29. From Adderall to Dex, new SE's?
  30. Is 30mg of dexedrine twice a day safe?
  31. BARR!.. yes Barr Dex..90 days worth
  32. Taking Dex '10 hrs before bedtime'
  33. No More GSK Dexedrine
  34. mallinkrodt no longer manufactured?
  35. Medication making me "hyper"
  36. Effexor + Dexedrine = no motivation. Add Ritalin, Provigil maybe?
  37. Alchohol?
  38. Advice needed, Wanting to switch meds... what to say?
  39. Keeping quiet about the pills
  40. Increased worrying?
  41. Wow! The house is turning spotless!
  42. do you PREFFER XR over IR?
  43. Irritable, Moody and Tired
  44. Dex and an Anti-Depressant
  45. Dex for only half of the day
  46. barrrrr.... ughhh
  47. Doctors tells me to experiment
  48. Difference between a Methamphetamine and a Amphetamine
  49. question about advil & dex
  50. dexedrine & humming
  51. Going lower than 5 mg at a time...
  52. New to Dex! Cost, effectiveness, dose, brand, advice, etc....
  53. Doc switched me to DEX, My experiences so far..
  54. Is this possible?
  55. Adios Dexedrine or Of Cortisol And Loathing
  56. Switching from Adderall to Dex - Dosage/Brand/Prescribing Questions
  57. Who can we claim to be?
  58. My Dexedrine Journey Begins!
  59. Start On Dexedrine Today
  60. Using dexadrine to study for an exam?
  61. Re-Adjusting Dex Tolerance
  62. Re-Adjusting Dex Tolerance
  63. Brand Dexedrine discontinued
  64. How long have you been taking dexedrine?
  65. pharmacies other than walgreens?
  66. how long does it take and side effects?
  67. Is dexedrine commonly prescribed?
  68. time to up dose
  69. Dex & Caffeine
  70. Night Terrors
  71. Since brand dexedrine was discontinued... what have you done? Mallinckrodt?
  72. generic dex, availability/inactive ingredients/side effects
  73. How exactly does extended release work?
  74. Dexedrine IR....My Experiences
  75. Dex, and throat lump?
  76. staying on Dex while sick?
  77. how to space out dexedrine spansules.
  78. Dex switch?
  79. Dexamphetamine 80mgs daily?
  80. Mallinckrodt Dexedrine
  81. does add med dexiamphetimine cause weight loss
  82. Dexedrine and sleeping pattern change?
  83. short tempered on dex?
  84. Need help:Recently prescribed generic Barr D-Amphetamine combo 5mg tabs
  85. Question for teachers/instructors
  86. problems getting to sleep
  87. Dexedrine Dosage?
  88. Dexedrine Generic vs. Brand name?
  89. My First Day on Dexedrine
  90. dexedine dosage and brand questions
  91. has this happened to anyone else?
  92. Why do doctors stress specifically not to smoke with medication?
  93. avoiding addiction?
  94. Skipping Sleep
  95. do doctors ever perscribe benzo medication for the anxiety dex can create?
  96. Thinking about trying dex next, pros/cons/comparisons?
  97. Share your Dexadrine/Dextrostat success stories
  98. dexedrine halflife.
  99. Dexedrine Generic Differences Real?
  100. My status report on 10mg BARR Dextroamphetamine...also some questions
  101. Dexadrine For my "Aspie-ness"...
  102. Sleeping Pills make Dex Better?
  103. Too much medication?
  104. 2+ Years on Dex
  105. Dexedrine?
  106. Anyone here "older" and taking Stimulants?
  107. Three Weeks on Dexedrine
  108. When does dex start to 'plateau'?
  109. Frightened of addiction
  110. Triplicate prescriptions
  111. dextrostat
  112. Prescribing Dex
  113. Just got back from the doctor
  114. Obsessiveness
  115. Ginseng on Stimulants?
  116. 5mg or 7.5 mg doses
  117. Dex = Terrible With Women??
  118. dexadrine prices in canada?
  119. Compounding DAmph Sulf Patch?
  120. 5mg Dex vs 10mg Ritalin
  121. Personality Changes from Dex
  122. Dexedrine and problem with my DR adjusting my dose
  123. From Adderall XR to Dex ER
  124. "dextroamphetamine ER 15 mg"
  125. Dexedrine Brand Name
  126. Dex & an Antidepressant
  127. Help, where to buy?
  128. Dex Spansules- first day
  129. Headaches-ughhh! What to do?
  130. Took Dose Bit Too Soon
  131. Generics Debate: Getting to the bottom of it
  132. Dexedrine and Ritalin together, anyone?
  133. Dex question
  134. How much dextroamphetamine sulfate do you take a day?
  135. New script for Dex today....
  136. Dextroamphetamine ... putting me to sleep?
  137. Dextrostat
  138. dex vs. adderall?
  139. Starting dextrostat
  140. Numbness
  141. dextrostat > adderall for me
  142. Dextrostat
  143. How do you handle coming down?
  144. how long does ir dex last
  145. withdrawing in the switch?
  146. Dexamphetamine-- not working after 2 weeks?
  147. looking for doctor-targeted info on spansules/SR/XR/ER dextroamphetamine
  148. dizziness
  149. Switched from IR Adderall (40mg's/day) to DextroStat (30mg's/day): Need advice please
  150. Brand to go with now that Dexedrine is Gone??
  151. dexedrine vs adderall
  152. Going to see my doctor tomorrow..
  153. can dex cause depression?
  154. dex positive effects gone after three weeks? (supplements to help?)
  155. reverse tollarance
  156. high fat diet.....
  157. Switching from ritalin to dex...starting dosage?
  158. Is This Really Me?
  159. Can you buy it in Mexico?
  160. Dexedrine is it available
  161. Just got prescribed dextroamphetamine
  162. dexamphetamine and Zoloft
  163. Whats the difference between
  164. dexamphetamine how do u deal with
  165. Incompetent pharmacists
  166. Vyvanse
  167. Dexedrine.. anxious/dizzy
  168. Dexedrine IR available????
  169. Strange side effects on dexamphetamine
  170. is add covered under the disability act
  171. When the dex wears off I feel like
  172. Dexedrine "I was in the pool!" Syndrome
  173. Is 20 mg Dexedrine a really low dose?
  174. Dexedrine Spansules Zzzzipp
  175. Dextrostat still available
  176. How Do I Know It's Working?
  177. Hallucination or something else..
  178. Anosmia
  179. Barr Brand of Dex
  180. 1st day on Dex after Adderall...your thoughts please
  181. alcohol and the effect on dex
  182. Dexedrine Spansule 10mg Day One
  183. How Many Days is your Precription for?
  184. Cutting/Splitting Dex
  185. Dex IR: Needing it more often?
  186. having some issues
  187. Just started on Dexedrine spansules
  188. Adderall to Dexedrine and back..
  189. Dexedrine Side Effects...
  190. Dexedrine Spansule Rage...
  191. My Dex story so far -- need advice from experienced users
  192. Dex switch
  193. help! am i immune? advice please :/
  194. dr's dexedrine stigma
  195. Does Dexedrine (or any amphetamine) raise stress (cortisol) levels?
  196. length of time
  197. Finding The Right Dosage
  198. hungry
  199. For those who take dextroamphetamine IR for ADHD, what's your daily dose?
  200. im starting to think its a lost cause
  201. Dexedrine Doseage Reduced
  202. Barr Labs
  203. I vomited several times last night
  204. Started Taking Dex 1 week Ago
  205. Can Dexedrine Cause Meth Mouth?
  206. After taking Dexedrine, I feel like lifting weights (upper body)
  207. Dexedrine stopped working? Or maybe because of switch to sustained release spansules
  208. How much do you pay for generic Dex?
  209. Dexedrine Spansel v Vyvanse
  210. Another first timer on Dex
  211. Dosage too high?
  212. Switched to Dex from Adderall. Is this dosage correct??
  213. Does anyone prefer BARR over Mallinckrodt?
  214. Tired?
  215. Is there a "Dosing Window"?
  216. First timer...
  217. Severe dry mouth
  218. More Potent?
  219. Switched Adderall XR to Dexedrine Spansules Good Choice!!
  220. Mallinckrodt Dex IR: 10mg? 5mg? hmmm...
  221. Cycles of usage, tingling sensation
  222. Sweating while on Dex?? anyone else get this?? help plz :(
  223. I Miss Sleep!
  224. Such thing as a positive rebound?
  225. still confused about citric acids...
  226. smoking, and other things.
  227. Random question about Dex Spansules...
  228. Too much?
  229. newly dx...could my dosage be too low?
  230. Every day? Or only as needed?
  231. tired on dex?
  232. Dry eyes
  233. Dex spansules available in Canada?
  234. Newbie on DEX
  235. First time on Dex
  236. I went really insane from dexedrine (not the usual thread about abuse)
  237. A little help? Doc bordering on clueless
  238. Barr Observation
  239. spansules vs. instant release
  240. iq test and meds
  241. New here from Adderall
  242. Stuttering?
  243. cold on dex?
  244. mixing up words
  245. Sleep: Dex better than Adderall?
  246. New User of Dexedrine
  247. tolerance +health issues
  248. Melatonin
  249. Adderall XR to Dexedrine Spansules
  250. ladies...have you noticed any changes in your periods or cycle?